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I'm getting my undergrads to make tiny RPG/storytelling games in the style of the @200WordRPG challenge, and to prep, we're looking at (and playing some) in class. A small thread for those interested in teaching games!
#teaching #gamedesign
@gshowitt's Mechanical Oryx. One of the more dice-heavy games in the challenge. A soft intro since we've played @john_harper's Lasers & Feelings. It'll show them the use of different dice, and how a few, choice prompts can create a weird world…
Andrew Millar's "Route Clearance" is next in line. How to use common game pieces like playing cards in roleplaying games. Serious, contemporary themes, and war & violence beyond action-hero-glorification.…
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[Day4: Strengths & Limits of #SciComm forms, media, & spaces]
It's theory vs practice day!

There are loads of resources out there for #BestPractices. Today, let's discuss the strengths & limitations YOU've found in trying #STEM #storytelling, #comedy, #SciArt, #digital, & more!
I'll start w/ my favorite resources: @edbeltane & @OliverEscobar's "Public Dialogue & Delibration" & #WendyFaulkner's "Dialogue in #PublicEngagement" handbooks.

How do participant #communication styles impede/help your purpose, eg. #dialogue vs #debate?…
These have been crucial in my understanding of #experiencedesign when creating events or experiences for diverse #scicomm audiences & participants.

There's a purpose for panels and debates. But also a reason why they fail in "changing minds" or creating power-balanced convos.
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[Day3: Creating & Sustaining Spaces of Practice]
Q: Have you created or been part of initiatives for #Science #STEM #STEAM #SciComm practice? Are you considering creating one yourself?

Today we'll discuss "safe spaces to fail" and scaffolded experiences to build up your skills!
Why do I care?
As a former academic & now in my work to spread adaptable skills in #scicomm through #comedy, it strikes me how little prep we get to teach or give strategic talks as we make the shift from undergrad to grad levels

How many bad habits do we accumulate b/c of this?
What are some bad communication habits in #Science #STEM you've seen, experienced, or are still working to overcome?

Here's where I used to struggle:
- preparing talks the night before
- going over time
- imagining the audience wasn't even there
- bad PPTs
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Key learnings frm my Toastmasters club session today
~ Conquer your emotions via public speaking
~ Story, Message, Gain (SMG) is a successful archetype for speeches
~ You get nervous thinking abt ur fears & failures
~ Use silence while talking as a weapon
Toastmasters club thread

‘Ability to give and absorb feedback is an art, and has to be done in a structured manner. You can easily lose the plot if the feedback isn’t appended with the observation, action & pointers for future’
Toastmasters Club thread:

My prepared speech on impact of cultural immersion on my leadership identity

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J'ai envie de mettre ma casquette de communicante et jeter un oeil à la petite histoire du storytelling de la #PitieSalpetriere. #1ermai #Paris

Morale de l'histoire : quand on en fait trop, ça finit par se voir. ⤵️
On connaît la technique des effets d'annonces depuis quelques semaines. On vous vend du "2000 #BLACKBLOCS DE TOUTE L'EUROPE VONT DEBARQUER ET TOUT SACCAGER EN VILLE !! " sur des bases de renseignement et autres infos top-secrètes de la police. La France a peur !!
Pratique. Si la manif suivant se passe mal, on pourra dire "on vous avait prévenu, ce sont des sauvages". Si ça se passe bien, on vous dira : "merci les FDO qui nous protègent" et avec on sous-entend que l'hystérie sécuritaire du gouvernement est la bonne réponse à apporter.
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Auf der Konferenz #writingforchange hat @Umweltredakteur eine flammende Keynote Rede gehalten. Long story short: Die Welt braucht mehr gute Klima-Journalist*innen.

Noch waten wir zu sehr im Sumpf. Wie Storytelling uns da rausholt und andere fun facts: im [thread] 👇
Die größten Probleme bei der Berichterstattung über den Klimawandel sind: Climate Change ist nicht sexy, nicht leicht verständlich, hat kaum Stars, oft keinen aktuellen Aufhänger. @Umweltreporter rät deshalb:
(1) werdet kreativ
(2) schafft Infrastruktur
(3) bildet Banden
(1) Be creative🔅
Warum immer von Wirtschaft oder Technik ausgehen? Alternative Frameworks für den Klimawandel sind Kunst & Kultur, Alltag, Gesundheit...

Ist der #Brexit gut fürs Klima? Wieviel kostet der Temperaturanstieg die Krankenkassen? Welche #Instagram Formate kommen an?
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Stell Dir vor es ist Klimawandel, und keiner geht hin... Was für eine Intro zum Workshop "Writing for Change" an der LMU! Danke für die Einladung @haztravrcc

Follow this THREAD for insights into our discussion about environmental journalism then and now 🌿🌎👇#writingforchange
Following in the footsteps of Rachel Carson #writingforchange

How can we stop #climatechange? Can journalism help? What made past media campaigns successful? How many reports can readers take before becoming indifferent? What is the right mixture of emotional & rational appeal?
@mrneuzil traces back the history of environmental journalism all the way to the Bible: "The earth is also polluted by its inhabitants, for they transgressed laws..." (Isaiah 24:5)

🙄 #bibleprophecy #plasticplanet #writingforchange
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Eita, vamos entrar no lance.
Para cada 1 curtida 1 perfil de Mulher Podcaster ou podcast feito por #mulherespodcasters
Começando pelo @OlharesPodcast este podcast que vos fala. Um podcast #feminista sobre #mulheres, #movimentossociais e #direitoshumanos #mulherespodcasters criadoras da ação #ativismonaweb pelo fim da #violência
Tem o @Programa_PontoG , um programa feito por mulheres, para todos os gêneros; um podcast sobre #mulheres que marcaram a história e criadoras da iniciativa #mulherespodcasters
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THE JOURNEY OF #AfricaTweetChat

1. ATC, @AfricaTweetChat, was launched on 1st February 2018 by @janetmachuka_ & the co-founder, @barryonyango as a platform to bring African individual brands and start-ups to one #digitalmarketing learning space.
2. The second chat was led by @Ugaman01 on 8th February on "How can #Startups leverage on #socialmedia to cost effective #marketing." The chat was successful drawing in a new audience from Uganda. #AfricaTweetChat
3. Name: @Komana_MN from Zambia. She is a charming heart and as pretty as she is, she is a Digital Marketing specialist and founder of @IdeaBizDM. She handled the topic: "Why Building a #brand needs #Content."

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STORYTIME!!: how I lost my virginity and regretted it. 🙄 #StoryTime #Thread #threadstorytime #threadstorytimes #threadstories #storytelling
Soooo I lost my virginity to my off&on ex G (refer to my other storytime.) this was in August & it happened multiple times.. the first was August 10th.🙄 first of all I was scared & i was mad because i went straight to his damn house after they stank ass football practice.
So we went to his house we was kissin or whatever in his room while his brother was in the front & he started fingering me & sucking my titties & shit. After awhile he was like are you ready im like hell nah, i was hella scared and not ready.
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Fishing boats to small stores, @amazon will stop at nothing to win in India #DesigningTomorrows #design #hcd #retailfutures #Retail #localization #india
#Trends #Retail A large Indian FMCG company, #Marico using #MachineLearning & #Analytics to grow not only their own business but helping their distributors grow simultaneously #DesigningTomorrows #RetailFutures #AI #ML…
#Trends #Retail Brick & mortar retail is having a moment. @Fahrenheit212 What can we learn from the successes and make it a movement. written by @#DesigningTomorrows #RetailFutures #Storytelling…
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1/ Happy Monday Twitter. ⚠️ #tweetstorm 🌪️ #alert ⚠️

My #LegalGeek #FOMO peaked when I missed @nwaisb talk on #AI #hype which is still ALL OVER MY TWITTER FEED. Plus now I have #ACCAM18 #FOMO so here's a bunch of 🤔re #AI, #MachineLearning, #EmergingTech #hype, and #marketing.
2/ As @ZachAbramowitz thinks there's no fun in agreeing: no, I don't think @nwaisb / @KiraSystems & others have benefited (on net) from the AI hype. I'd say hype hurts us all, bc it trades short term gainz to a few players for long-term pain shared by all.
3/ New entrants can feel the need to build #buzz for brand awareness + brand lift. I wouldn't exactly disagree this may help new offerings generate leads + fill their pipeline. Piggybacking on an existing trend with #hype is a shortcut to buzz, BUT with many pitfalls ⚠️
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It was october, again, and the monsters were on the loose. The woman on the cover of the newspaper had a poisonous smile. Everybody was talking about her kidnapping. #Inktober #Inktober2018 #storytelling #noir
"She's a witch. You know that, right? A famous medium." Lillie said, her voice tranquil, while she was working through the papers in the office. #Inktober #Inktober2018 #storytelling #noir
"I asked roasted beef for lunch, boss", Lillie continued. "We could use a client like her. They say she's very rich". #Inktober #Inktober2018 #storytelling #noir
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Carole asks Luke: when did Trump cross your radar?

Luke: summer 2016. When Manafort became campaign manager whom Luke had met in Ukraine who was consultant transforming Yavchenko. What was he doing in Soviet Empire?? He was best connected political lobbist in area. Pre-Steele!
.@lukeharding1968 was investigating Deutsch Bank. DB kept lending even after Trump sued DB for losses arising from #FinCrisis. Dec 2016 Luke met Christopher Steele who said, Follow the Money, Follow the Sex #BylineFest @BylineFest
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October ends and, as promised, here comes the whole story on a thread.
An #Inktober original: UNDER THE SURFACE
#storytelling #Inktober2017
She walked swiftly into my office. It was the first day of October, the month of monsters.
#Inktober #Inktober2017
"I know, detective, that your heart is divided. But I need you to take this case."
#Inktober #Inktober2017
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