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Creating #Compelling #Storytelling: How to Make Your #Brand Story Memorable Image
1. Creating a memorable brand story starts with understanding your audience. Who are they, what are their needs and desires, and how can your brand fulfill those needs? Your brand story should be tailored to resonate with your target audience.
2. Once you understand your audience, it's important to develop a clear and concise brand message. Your brand message should be easy to understand, memorable & align with your brand's values and purpose.
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Top 7 AI Tools For Twitter Influencers?

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1/ As a Twitter influencer, it's important to stay on top of trends and conversations in your niche. That's where @trendinalia comes in - it uses AI to analyze Twitter data and identify trending topics and hashtags in real-time. #Trending #trend Trendinalia
2/ @hootsuite is another great tool for Twitter influencers. It uses AI to help you schedule your tweets for maximum engagement, as well as analyze your performance on the platform so you can optimize your content strategy. #AI #tools Hootsuit
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The one thing but the most important we have lost and destroyed in our community is Trust! Trust in ourselves, relationships, organizations, government or even on humanity has been shaken to its core.
I believe lack of trust at all levels has caused us friction, hidden agendas, conflicts, rivalries, win-lose thinking, defensive communications which later led to the unprecedented crisis we are in.
However if trust is to be restored, developed and leveraged, it’s the one thing that has the potential to create unparalleled success and wellbeing in every dimension of our lives.
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"Grammatical error VS Digital Making"
( ⚠ Warning! - This is an Interesting Read)

Just like you wondered what that subject was all about, the same way prospective clients find it hard to understand your #Sales content when you make typographical and grammatical blunders while..
crafting your #content. Without further ado, let's dig into the impact of grammatical errors on digital marketing.
These errors can have a significant impact on the #success of #digitalmarketing efforts. Hence, attention to detail is more important than ever before.

Consumers expect professional, high-quality content that engages and informs. Therefore, errors can quickly turn them off.
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Crisis management and communications
Thread to those companies that are still operating in Russia. 1/24
I write this because we now have a perfect example of a company that is operating inside Russia, a company that falls under the humanitarian clause exception of sanctions.
I am, of course, talking about @Bonduelle_Group. 2/24
There are three types of companies that still operate in Russia.
A company; that is operating against sanctions.
A company; that is operating in an area that is outside of sanctions.
A company; that is operating in an area that is under humanitarian clauses. 3/24
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40 Deep #SEO Insights for 2023:

-In 2022, I told to focus on Natural Language Generation, and it happened.
-In 2023, F-O-C-U-S on "Information Density, Richness, and Unique Added Value" with Microsemantics.

I call the collection of these, "Information Responsiveness".

1/40 🧵.
1. PageRank Increases its Prominence for Weighting Sources

Reason: #AI and automation will bloat the web, and the real authority signals will come from PageRank, and Exogenous Factors.

The expert-like AI content and real expertise are differentiated with historical consistency.
2. Indexing and relevance thresholds will increase.

Reason: A bloated web creates the need for unique value to be added to the web with real-world expertise and organizational signals. The knowledge domain terms, or #PageRank, will be important in the future of a web source.
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New research from Meta highlights the importance of long term advertising effects. Econometric analysis of over 3,500 campaigns reveals that 60% of the payback comes from long term effects, and only 40% from the short term.

This means that short term measurement measurement systems (which include most digital attribution models) probably underestimate ROI by a factor of ~2.5.
Short term measurement approaches tend to favour direct response channels, but this study shows that brand-building channels actually generate more sales in the long term.
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@lolitataub Super grateful for the ask, @lolitataub!🤗

Hi everyone, we're hosting a virtual #preseed #startup competition in Q1 2023, powered by

👉 All eligible participants will get USD $25,000 worth of #AWScredits & 3 months free @roiquant Pro Plan subscription roiquant virtual preseed startup competition 2023Over USD $126,000 worth of equity-free cash and in-kind prizRegister now 👉 schedule: important dates
@lolitataub @roiquant Over 3 months (qualifying to semi-final rounds), participants will research, refine, build, #validate, & improve their conceptual ideas, #business plans, MVPs, & #pitch decks, then they'll #demo & pitch their business & solution offering to a panel of judges at the final round. Join our data-driven virtual preseed startup competitionDemo and pitch to top investors and gain opportunities to at
@lolitataub @roiquant We're looking for Community/University Partners:

👉 a #university considering to promote #business building with scientific and data-driven approaches

👉 an #organization looking to exhibit your products & position your #brand

👉 Partnership Prospectus:… We're looking for Community & University Partners to collabo
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Motivate your customers with lucrative loyalty programs and rewards for coming back. Offer special promotions, discounts, and more that'll be specific to your #brand 's needs. 🧵
✨ If you have a loyal customer base, then your brand has the opportunity to grow.
🔗 Make sure you have the resources to incentivize customers to buy more because more customers mean more success for you.
♻️ Offering a solid loyalty program is a great way to get customers coming back for more!

📈 By giving them something in return for staying with your brand, they'll feel like they're getting a good deal and know that they can come back time and time again.
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என்னோட இதுவரை எழுதப்பட்ட அனைத்து மார்க்கெட்டிங் திரட்டையும் இணைச்சு ஒரே திரட்டா இங்க Pin பண்றேன் வேணுங்கிறவங்க உபயோகப்படுத்திக்கவும். உங்களோட சந்தேகங்கள், கேள்விகளை தயவு செஞ்சு இந்த I'dல கேட்கவும். நான் பழைய உபயோகப்படுத்துறது கிடையாது. Image
இதெல்லாம் என் அறிவுக்கெட்டி எழுதுன விஷயம்தான் ஏதாவது தவறு இருந்தால் மன்னிக்கவும் 🙏.
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10 qualities that make a #doctor popular (among #patients)
Surprisingly, it is not the #NEETPG score, reputation of medical college, gold medals received in medical college or number of research papers published. After 30 yrs as a practicing doctor, I present my observations here
1. Ability to #listen: You will be #popular if you let your patients speak without interrupting them. You should start only after patients have finished saying what they have to. Also, they like it, if you don't interrupt or cut them short, while they are speaking.
2. #Smile: Patients love it, if you smile while receiving them. A serious face puts them off. If you get angry (even if it is their fault such as if they arrived late, or they have not followed your instructions), your popularity as a doctor would diminish. Smile relaxes them.
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We relate to brands the way we relate to people. Learn this and your entire outlook on sales will change.


#branding #brand #marketing #business #sales Image
Brand loyalty is massively studied in human behavior and psychology. Numerous studies have shown a near identical product is perceived differently depending on the branding.
Influence of brands on our subconscious is HUGE. Without noticing, we identify with a brand, in a very tribal mindset.

A good marketing sells a product. A great marketing creates an army.
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L'art de L'Achat Revente Vinted.

- Comment créer la meilleure annonce -
Salut les gars, toujours dans la série de l'art de l'a/r vinted.

Aujourd'hui je t'apprend à créer l'annonce parfaite !

Si tu as loupé la première partie :

Une bonne annonce se distingue par 2 choses : ses photos et sa description.

C’est grâce à ses deux aspects que tu vas pouvoir te différencier de tes concurrents.
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There are many other things though intangibles that can distinguish you from your competitors. ....

#environment #hotel #hospital #restaurant #nigeria Image
Some of these include your parking space, ambience of your office or environment and possibly the cleanliness of your environment.

#brand #experience #security
If you have a restaurant and people find it difficult to park or they have to park on the main road at the risk of being caught by law enforcement agents, then you may be losing clients without knowing.
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#Brand am #Kronprinzessinnenweg in #Nikolassee. Aktuell brennt es im Grunewald und es kommt zu Explosionen. Die ersten Einsatzkräfte haben den Brand bestätigt und großzügig nachalarmiert. Die @Berliner_Fw ist mit über 100 Kräften vor Ort.
Update folgt…
Update: 15.000 qm Waldfläche brennen. Auch der Sprengplatz Grunewald ist betroffen. Es kommt zu Explosionen. Ein Sperrradius von 1000m wurde festgelegt, die BAB_A_115 ist komplett gesperrt, der angrenzende Bahnverkehr ist komplett eingestellt.
⚠️betreten Sie nicht das Waldgebiet
Update: großvolumige Wasserversorgung über lange Wegstrecken und Riegelstellung am Sperrkreis sind aufgebaut. Unterstützung aus der Luft erfolgt durch einen Polizeihubschrauber und einer Drohne. Ein Löschhubschrauber und gepanzerte Fahrzeuge der Bundeswehr wurden angefordert.
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#NFT ticketing has all the ingredients necessary to create an overnight boom for mainstream NFT adoption.

Here’s how 🧵👇
In business, there are two types of services:

💊 Vitamins - Add benefits to a customer’s life

💉 Pain Killers - Remove a problem that the customer cannot stand dealing with

The best services, companies or technology use cases do both.

🧵 (1/17)
☠️ Let’s start with the PAIN: Fake Tickets ☠️

To illustrate the scale of this problem, let’s look at a near #riot that broke out as a result of fake tickets just 2 months ago.

🧵 (2/17)
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Being a superpower isn’t just economical or military.
It’s a brand.
And a brand that should sell.
And history has shown that all great powers were brands that sold. And the humans of earth bought with their heaters and minds.
#superpower #world
Quite simply, now, #Russia and #China haven’t made themselves institute strong brands
The #Chinese are lately realising this. The #Russians no
They won’t
Not how they work and think
Being super BRAND power means humans of Earth wanting to be like the citizens of a superpower.
Being a super #BRAND power means your educational institutions, #lifestyle, #habitus, #culture, #language, #food, #traditions EVERYTHING is presented as the best on the planet.
And it usually is.
In the superpower game, 💩 sells some of the time. Not all.
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$50BN was wiped off the value of @netflix $NFLX this week.
To understand why I'd like to take a different perspective.

I will break down the #brand & #business failings that led to this loss.
In the simple & small thread below 🧵👇
#marketing #brand #Netflix Image

We live in an increasingly impatient world.

We live in a world where we expect everything immediately. We can buy whatever we want, with one click. We can order a taxi, instantly. And stream endless content, whenever we want.

In this increasingly impatient world, $NFLX had a great product-market fit.

-epic amounts of great content.
-content that dropped all at once, no need to wait, just binge it all straightaway.
-no distractions, 100% ad-free.
-very cheap monthly fee.
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The TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas Bundle is raising funds for a great cause. I'll do a tweet-long blurb for all 493 games included during the month it's running.

If you're interested in support Trans Rights in Texas, you can find the bundle here:… Image
1. Paradigm Adventures: The Pocket Roleplaying Game by @SeanBurtonQB
For quick RPGs and newcomers alike, this bite-sized agnostic system is meant to minimize the work that can feel overwhelming to new GMs. Only 14 pages long, yet the only limit is the players' imagination! Image
2. Pigsmoke by @potatocubed
Step into the shoes of the faculty of Pigsmoke School of Sorcery, a learning institution for the magically gifted. Combining the fun of a magical world and the obstacles of surviving a teaching job, there's certain to be mirthful laughs for everyone! Image
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A couple years ago @miketrap and I had this exchange about #B2B #brand and #marketing. Since then in my work as a fractional CMO, mentor @mitvms, and in my reading/research, I've looked into this. And now I’ve decided that he is right. 1/95 (in-depth thread)
But not all B2B marketing should be brand, of course. So what’s the right balance for optimal growth? That’s what this thread is about, and fortunately we have a lot of data to use to sort this out. But first, how did we get here? 2/
Over the past decade-plus marketing has gone off the rails. In part this is because of the explosion of martech that @chiefmartec has documented with his annual martech landscape supergraphic. 3/
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Release #digital products under #company's #brand / #website or create an individual brand for that #product?

What do you choose and why?
1/ #Company #Brand vs. Individual Brand

Large corporations tend to experience the most advantages as multiple brands work together to generate multiple revenue streams.

Small businesses may not have the capital available to start multiple brands.
2/ When the individual #brand structure is better? One of these should apply for products or services:

- serve different #audiences
- have separate #visions and #purposes
- each is strong enough to stand on its own without the endorsement of the parent #brand
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3 Steps of Growth Hacking strategy when you're building #startups or #business brand from scratch without any #digital online presence before
P.S. If you have own tips or tricks of #growth #hacking experience or #distribution, please share it into the comments
Check the thread 👇
1/ Create Twitter account for your #startup or #business brand and make some tweets with your #brand #content to start activity and show #twitter alive status. Also it would add your brand on top of #Google search as its #algorithms crawling very active twitters activity
Next 👇
2/ Make some threads in your twitter account with links on your website (could be up to 10 or more per thread) and unroll it with bots like
@threader_app DR 59
@threadreaderapp DR 75
It would provide good quality #backlinks on your #website to improve your domain ranking
Next 👇
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The rewards of investing in #UX - A thread

If your business has a digital product - website or app - and you still haven’t invested in UX, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Read on to find out why investing in UX has a high ROI for your business.
1. Reduce cost down the line

With any new digital product, ⅓ of bugs identified are actual problems; most others are simply usability issues.

These issues can be avoided by relying on #UX tools like #prototyping and #usability testing.
2. Increase conversions

Humans are impatient.

Those complex websites with intricate structures are actually driving your users away.

Designing a simple website/app with an easy-to-navigate IA and
site structure can actually enhance #userexperience and increase conversions.
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7 principles for effective #design

(A short thread)
1. Emphasis

Give emphasis in descending order from the most to the least important piece of information you’re trying to present.
2. Balance and Alignment

Every element has a weight that comes from its colour, size or texture.

Creating balanced, asymmetrical designs is a great way to bring visual interest and movement.
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