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Hey remember that sycophantic Forbes article just after the election where #Kushner was featured glowing in triumph over what he, Cambridge Analytica, and Facebook had "won" for the Trump campaign?

Because I do.
Article: Kushner's data operation "delivered the presidency" to Trump on half the budget of Clinton's.

Oh did he forget to mention to you that Russian GRU spent millions on FB & Twitter, & Manafort was delivering campaign data to Russia? Whoopsie doodle.
Russia was spending $1.25 million/month one one IRA operation alone (not counting hacking by Fancy Bear, Cozy Bear). Majority of RU FB propaganda was through not ads, but posts & fake events
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Thread by Hepzi about the #PervsOfAFeather #Trump & #Dershowitz
@AlanDersh I can DESCRIBE the Red Rooms you raped children in. In maralago, there is a dark hallway...
with six doors down a corridor. On the left and right, two rooms exist, both painted red. On the one side, there was a room that had only a few pix and
not much more. That was the room you boys began using before taking the “elite” victims to the room across the hall. Only the “special” kids went there. Two of whom are our close friends (Andrea and Robert ring any bells, perv?) you, Rudy, Roger, and Donald took turns sodomizing
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Via EUObserver via @Billbrowder and @lauferlaw Opposition MPs in Romania have introduced a #humanrights sanctions law named after late Russian activist, #Magnisky
@maddow @ACLU @HRC @amnesty @UNHumanRights @CJR @ICIJorg @OCCRP @guardian @NatashaBertrand
@Billbrowder @lauferlaw @maddow @ACLU @HRC @amnesty @UNHumanRights @CJR @ICIJorg @OCCRP @guardian @NatashaBertrand #Romanian law is to be named after #Magnitsky, a Russian #antiCorruption activist who died in prison in 2009 and in whose honour Britain, Canada, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the US have already passed similar ‘Magnitsky Acts’
@latimes @washingtonpost @sfchronicle @PolitiZoom
@Billbrowder @lauferlaw @maddow @ACLU @HRC @amnesty @UNHumanRights @CJR @ICIJorg @OCCRP @guardian @NatashaBertrand The fact #Romania, which holds the #EUpresidency until 1 July, was moving ahead on a national level would lend “symbolic support” to the EU-level action, an EU diplomat said.
@NicoHines @anneapplebaum @carolecadwalla @MaxBoot @jane__bradley @AshaRangappa_ @iyad_elbaghdadi
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This is for PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW THE REAL TRUTH. As #QAnon leaves you breadcrumbs, this thread will be loaded with clues for you to follow. TIME IS SHORT.
#Anons, #WakeUpTime, and anyone who has an open mind.. Shall we begin?
#Time to #wakeup b4 #TimesUp
This Clue comes in the form of a picture. Look at these "drops" as #puzzle pieces. Each one is important to see the WHOLE PICTURE.
Don't make assumptions.
Please take this serious as we are in check and very close to #Checkmate!
#DIVE deep on this 1
PIeCe 1:
#OpAlarmClock piece 2
Credit goes to @Frank_Anzac
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#British police confirmed a few hours after the initial arrest that #Assange was arrested for a second time on an #EDVA extradition warrant. @maddow … and if you want to stay ahead of many upcoming cases you must learn some history. SEE #FOICK defined.
@maddow @Womenworking @shaunking @davidhogg111 @MoveOn @votevets @iava @NATO @OCCRP SEE THIS @JoeMyGod @HRC @ACLU @NAACP @amnesty @maddow @NCADV @UniteWomenOrg @DCCC @iava #FOICK IS THE ENEMY NOW bankrolled by #MBS cuz Putin out of $$ after Raping Russia @Europol working #PanamaPapers cases. #MuellerKnowsItAll you should too. #Bernie2020 running to pardon TRUMP
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Have there been any #TimesUp marches or mobs banging down the doors of the LT. Governor’s office or nah? Did @Alyssa_Milano finally get a job and not have time to organize a march here or what?
It’s amazing this is just still out there. Not a single March. Not a single die-in. Nothing.
。☆ 。☆。☆
Frauds, all of them.
☆。★。 ☆ ★
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OLDIE but Goodie.. REMEMBER all these Deaths that happened right after #GundaDON TRUMP got FirstNatSec briefing? And they continue you know. MT @kelly2277: @knowledgevendor 🔥Lets review a few more suspicious Russian deaths🔥… @guardian @maddow @CREWcrew
@kelly2277 @knowledgevendor @guardian @maddow @CREWcrew WE ARE watching you BEZOS, Suppress all this RealNews for your buddy MBS. From #Khashoggi co worker. FROM @iyad_elbaghdadi on Bezos “relationship” w #MBS and vice versa. #Corruption #Journos SB following.. dontcha think? @guardian @CREWcrew @maddow
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Thread / The past week has shown me the stark reality of the discrimination that takes place in this society against women and other vulnerable groups. This is going to be a long battle. A battle worth fighting not just for me but for many like me who doesn’t even have a voice.
I spoke about the abuse I suffered because I didn’t believe such people should be elected to positions of power. It was physical abuse I suffered for more than a decade. Not one incident from 11 years ago. Physical Abuse which started when I was a young teenager.
And lasted multiple incidents over many years. That’s why people came forward to share what they saw. They were my neighbors my friends and family who knew about this.
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She's fighting to change a whole system that will literally change the lives and landscape of the future to come. Give her a hand in this to change history. For the good.

#JangJaYeon #장자연 #장자연사건_재수사 #MeToo #JusticeForJangJayeon #YoonJiOh

Transcript of Yoon Ji Oh's speech in English based on her English sub on her IG video:

#JangJaYeon #장자연 #장자연사건_재수사 #MeToo #JusticeForJangJayeon #YoonJiOh

For the last ten years, my experiences were only a small fraction of the entire entertainment world in Korea. +
+ I'm afraid and concerned of sharing my experiences because it could affect public perception of the KPOP and Korean entertainers.

Therefore, all of citizens of Korea have the right to know about the truth behind of my 15 testimonials. I am grateful and empowered that my +
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I am fine with #BelieveHer and #TimesUp. Can't say the same for self appointed arbiters of truth, who claims to represent assault/harassment victims.
That we lack the institutions and spaces to protect and address DV, sexual harrassment are still at the heart of the problem.
It is not up to a few individual women, as brave as they are, to take the weight of the world on their shoulders. I would like to believe that the dialogue is still ongoing. That they too make judgement calls, which at times can be called into question.
I dont blame ppl concerned about victims of GBV and harassment, who feel compelled to hold ourselves to the highest standards possible, where no such thing exists.
It is hard to trust anyone when out State institutions, politicians and civic leaders are compromised.
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On the eve of #IWD2019 it is a joy to digest the groundbreaking @GlobalHlth5050 #EqualityWorks Report findings, released in #AddisAbaba earlier today

See thread below ⬇️ for summary of key findings

#GH5050 #TimesUp #BalanceforBetter
1. Gender equality. Do the Right Thing

- #Genderequality = #humanright AND prerequisite for achieving universal, sustainable social, economic & environmental progress #UHC

- Gender equality benefits everyone: men, women and gender diverse people

#GH5050 #EqualityWorks #IWD2019
2. Organisational commitment to #genderequality on the rise

- 70% (143/198) #globalhealth orgs in review publicly state commitment to gender equality in mission
- This represents improvement from 2018
- Orgs also ⬆️recognition that gender equality benefits everyone (men, trans+)
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Published AUG 2016 after #Bernie flipped and slammed Hillary … @ericgarland THREAD what we (#ProDemocracy) had been watching. America doesn’t just have a problem with #Fascist#Trumpies on Right THEY have problem at other side of political Horseshoe too
2019 Update.. SO America believed about the #Trump #Fascist #RightWingers .. enough to elect a DEM house (finally after 8 yrs) and they have gone to work for #WeThePeople as @RepCummings showed the country yesterday. At their THIRD Hearing. First was Report CHILD MURDER by TRUMP
NOW it’s up to us to expose the #AltLEFT or as we #ProDemocracy centrists call it. Just the other face of the PUTIN puppet show. Remember how #Bernie has ‘always’ been nonaligned? Then said he was DEM in 2018. Don’t believe it. He is PUTINS #FallbackGuy ASK @20committee for def
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All y’all - the world is shit in more ways than I can count, and a lot of innocent people are suffering at NO fault of their own. And yet I have never been personally happier than I am now /1
I’ve felt guilt feeling this happy bc of all the suffering that’s happening, especially here. Like ... the findings of sexual assault of kiddos under ICE makes me physically sick 2/
I relate in ways I wish I didn’t, so those stories hurt me beyond belief. I want retribution for those kiddos, for how they were savagely ripped from their parents’ arms for NO reason 3/
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It's been one year since the news broke of Dominguez's 36 YEARS of harassment. What are the consequences of letting sexual harassment go unchecked? Here are 36 of them: #TimesUp #ExternalReviewNow #MeToo

Survivors are forced work alongside their harassers
Or, they’re burdened with finding alternative workspaces and avoiding departmental functions
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Why are all of these celebrities trying to normalize or getting caught participating in pedophillia??

In what world is this normal???
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Dearest enablers, promo:ters, & other sundry pimps:

We will find out who you are, and you will be held to account for your permissivity.
Your involvement will sink projects.

If you see something,
if you saw something,
If you hear something,
if you heard something

And if you don't - I hope you enjoy your new careers behind the deep-fryer at Burger King. No, strike that... at Carl's Jr.

'Cause the money you had, the lifestyle you enjoyed, and your time is going to run out too.

Seriously, look at this shit. Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's chief child procurer, still gets invited - not just to elite new york parties, but on panels -after Epstein's deal?

There is reason to be suspicious of anyone putting her on a guest list…
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Been struggling to find the words re: @Vanderbilt’s mistreatment of @mclneuro. #MeTooStem THREAD. 1/
Gonna recap what y’all should have already read from the @science article by @meredithwadman and additional details from the petition (which you should read in its entirety). 2/…
During her tenure process at @vanderbiltu, @mclneuro became a witness in the sexual harassment complaint against a member of her department. 3/
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You going to Health Datapalooza next month? YOU WANT TO, you do! It's never just a nerd herd, and this year you'll get #cyberwoke. Settle in, I'll spin the tale. #HDPalooza #epatient #datarights
First, you need to know that as awesome as social media is for #epatients, #research teams, #healthpolicy wonks, #datascience peeps, and other members of the #HDPalooza tribe, there IS a dark side. #cyberwoke #dataprivacy #HumanRights
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It's taken me a couple days to parse and transcribe this @CyberScoopNews interview with @georgiaweidman and @quadling via @gregotto about @DerbyCon, Illmob, and community -isms.

Everyone should read or listen.

I will release with annotations later today.
Here it is, everyone. We need to talk about the Infosec Community.…

📍Sections in yellow have clickable annotations.
📍Add your own comments, learn how below.
📍RT this for community reach.

#MeToo #TimesUp
If you add "" in front of the Github URL, you will activate the,

...which will allow you to log in with your Genius account (Twitter OAuth works) and annotate this interview yourself for public reading.

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[2015] Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex #Trafficking in the US

ABC's Diane Sawyer reports on the danger of vulnerable young women falling victim to prostitution rings

#BuildTheWall #FundTheWall

via @YouTube
should the Warok become involved with a woman, he can lose his abilities forever. To preserve their powers, Waroks employ young boys who learn to keep house, dance and anything else that's demanded of them, including providing sexual favours.
At 11 years old, they're getting pregnant': the women smashing Catholic taboos in the Philippines


via @YouTube
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1/ #medtwitter if you care about #metoostem #meded #equity #burnout please follow along. Gender violence is pervasive in medical training.

#sciencetoo #meded #medtwitter #medtoo #timesup #beethical #heforshe #timesup
2/ “…we may hear and intimately know the experiences of gender violence, but we are unable to share. Our voices are trapped and silenced, exacerbated by the hierarchical and apprentice-based training environment.."
3/ Over 50% of medical students experience sexual harassment from faculty and staff. The people who are entrusted to teach us how to be physicians.
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Governments of major countries have indisputable evidence of the crimes of the Luciferian Illuminati which involve mass-murder of babies/adults in hospitals around the world, human trafficking in organs and body fluid, mind control and a plethora of other #crimesagainsthumanity
Illuminati #crimesagainsthumanity are too egregious for most non-European world leaders to stomach, and they want them to end.
The game of the Luciferian Illuminati controlled U.S. has been, for decades, to hide the truth from the masses through intimidation nationally and internationally, and through threat of war.
Hold tight patriots
#TimesUp for #theCabal/Cult
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