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G'day, Mates!

We saw a U.S. SEC #FOIA request floating around regarding Jason Kowalik's @jasonbondpicks proving an active #SEC investigation, and thought we would kick the tyres. Here's a copy of the request submitted by yours truly. Notice that word #investigations 1/x
Sure as fuck, @JasonBondPicks is under #investigation by the Security and Exchange Commision. Mates, real talk. Giving your money to an unlicensed con artist who's under investigation by the federal government of the United States seems like a pretty dumb fucking idea, ya? 2/x
But, holy FUCK, Mates! it gets waaaaay better! The whole lot of these fake fucking #yolo sheilas are under investigation: Jeff Gallant aka Jeff Bishop, @Taylor8xeno8, @bensturgill, @JasonBondPicks, @ThePennyPro 3/x
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1/ As someone trading small positions in ETH, BTC derivatives, I've been fascinated by @SetProtocol + @tokensets.

Today, I finally went into beast mode to fully understand this #DeFi magic!

I am convinced most do not understand Set. So here's my dumb explanation in a thread.
2/ Despite all the brilliant peeps building on #Ethereum, most never do more than HODL ETH. While many dollar-cost-average into ETH, they fail to put their ETH to work.

The most obvious example of "money put to work" is using
@compoundfinance to earn interest, lending ETH, DAI
3/ Now, if you've never traded, all you need to know is less than 1% of FT traders are profitable. If you trust that common stat, you only need to know that many successful traders use bots.

Something like 70-80% of daily trade volume in crypto markets is estimated to be bots.
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Who's ready for a thread on #library, #KO, and #LCSH history?

Let's examine a moment in American history where academic libraries were in transition to @librarycongress classification. #critcat #critlib #histlibrary
Though LCC started around 1900, major libraries took time to move over to the "new" system. By 1927 @ALALibrary knew they needed to figure out what was happening, and commissioned Margaret Mann to research and write a book on the use and classification of books in LCC.
@ALALibrary of course, not to be off brand from the 1920's referred to Mann in the patriarchal sense as "Miss Mann", despite, y'know, the fact that she was an associate professor @usmi
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I like to consider myself one of the 1%. Not the one percent of the rich in financial terms but onepercent of the people over 65 Who didn’t act, think , or behave in the stereotypical manner of my age group!

Yet my “age” has afforded me an opportunity to learn few have enjoyed.
For example I encourage investment in 2 things:

1/ your mind! Learning is important for a plethora of reasons: a) the physical health of your brain thus helping stave off dementia; b) we can lose our wealth, family, friends etc but no one can take our knowledge from us.
2/ put you money no matter how little/small into things that’ll appreciate &/or earn more money AND to do it as early as possible in your life. Even at my age a penny saved is a penny earned! Put you money in things that inconvenience you or take time to get to - curb impulses.
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The question for the #ethereum community is, how do we do #defi without creating another ICO boom and bust like #YOLO situation... IMO the main cause of current eth/btc price being out of whack with the immense technical progress in and around eth over the last two years.
#bitcoin is overpriced because there's been very little technological progress. But finance isn't just about technology. It's also about trust. #bitcoin is overpriced vs better tech including #ethereum BECAUSE nothing changes, same as the UK and US high street banks.
Finance isn't the best space to move fast and break things. Alright it isn't health care or space flights and #innovation is never risk free but its important for the community to call out things that don't make sense…?
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Ce 28 septembre 1918, le général Louis Franchet d’Espèrey, commandant en chef du corps expéditionnaire français de Salonique, est inquiet : ça fait déjà plusieurs jours qu’il n’a plus aucune nouvelles de sa cavalerie. #Thread
Pourtant, jusqu’ici, tout se passait merveilleusement bien. Quelques jours plus tôt, le 15, les forces françaises et serbes ont réussi à percer le front germano-bulgare à Dobro Polje et remontent vers le nord par Bilota (Monastir) et Prilep.
La manœuvre, soit dit en passant, était brillante : en passant par les montagnes, Franchet d’Espèrey a ciblé le point faible des défenses de l’axe et s’épargne la remontée de la vallée du Vardar, laquelle est non seulement défendue mais aussi facile à défendre.
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This #EarthDay, I want to talk about my journey toward finding my voice in the environmental/climate movement. Cause, in the words of Langston Hughes, it ain’t been no crystal stair.
Ever since I got involved in the environmental space 5 years ago, it became real clear real fast why the movement was so anemic. Simply put, the movement was telling itself an incomplete story that rendered people—esp. people of color—to the margins.
People of color are largely invisible in this color-blind movement. And I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about that. But I know how I do feel: dismissed, silenced, erased. But also motherfucking determined to make you see me.
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Olrait olrait OLRAIT!!! ¿Quién está ready para más PEÑA GUAY y más CIENCIA???? ¡Nosotros definitivamente SÍ!

Hoy es el turno de la unidad básica de temperatura: ¡Kelvin, saluda!
La temperatura siempre se había venido midiendo de forma relativa. Cuando decimos que algo está caliente, realmente queremos decir que está MÁS caliente que alguna otra cosa (el entorno, nuestro cuerpo, etc).
Así que cuando vino la hora de crear una escala de temperaturas, Anders Celsius hizo lo mismo. La escala Celsius no es más que decir "esto es más caliente que el agua helada pero más frío que el agua hirviendo" pero, en fin, con reglas de tres de por medio.
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Step 1: Locate odd binary being served to the public internet.
Step 2: Get curious.
Step 3: Fire up a contained, temporary, virtual environment.
Step 4: Run the binary.
[result attached]

Step 5: Forever wonder of what could have been.
And of course they are also serving up a script that gives *ultimate* trust to expired keys. THIS IS NOT OK FOR A DOD CONTRACTOR TO HAVE BEEN DOING (among other things).
But, hey, while you're at it you might as well pipe some stuff straight into bash from the internet, right? #yolo I guess.
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peut-être que je vais poster un thread de +2.8k mots sur le #Zuckhearing, le #Zuckerbergtestimony, enfin sur #Zuckerberg devant le sénat, quoi.
pour le style, c’est un live différé, amplement commenté. j’ai lu les reports américains ce matin, j’ai pris des notes, et je vous raconte en français (dans un langage racaille nerdcore, comme d’habitude.)
ça va sans doute être relou, désolée, mais j’ai toujours rêvé de pouvoir faire comme les mecs devant le foot (le problème étant que le foot, j’en ai strictement rien à foutre, évidemment.)
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Le 4 janvier 1980, Ronald Pelton, un ancien analyste fraîchement démissionné de la NSA qui a, par ailleurs, quelques grosses dettes de jeu prend contact avec l’ambassade soviétique de Washington.

Il a des trucs à leur révéler… mais discrètement. #Thread
Pour le KGB, évidemment, ça sent immédiatement la poule aux œufs d’or : ils organisent discrètement un rendez-vous avec Pelton et confient son débriefing à Vitaly Yurchenko, un de leurs officiers les plus gradés aux États-Unis.
Et ils ne vont pas le regretter.

L’histoire que Pelton raconte à Yurchenko, sans aucun document, entièrement de mémoire (le type a une mémoire quasi photographique), est une véritable bombe.
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#THREAD: I am at the #COMMA2017 content summit conference. I'll be discussing #ASEAN integration, the digital media landscape and the #millennial agenda.

What is the future of news and media in ASEAN?

Stay tuned!
#CeritalahASEAN started with Ceritalah 25 years ago in the early 90s - during the height of print media. In those days, The Economist, The Straits Times, The New York Times, were really flourishing. Much of the 80s and 90s, I met with and talked to editors across the world.
Those publications were really dynamic and powerful.

But we've seen those publications come down. WSJ stopped printing in Asia. Jakarta Globe stopped printing in 2015. KiniBiz, Volume in Thailand also stopped printing....

What has come up to replace those institutions?
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