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🧵Draadje 108e OMT advies (en andere stukken)🧵

Waarin het OMT het krankzinnig vindt om nu te versoepelen en de zorg nóg verder te overbelasten én nog geen Fieldlab-fan is.

Presentatie Van Dissel daar-->…
Stukken 2e Kamer daar -->…
Gedrag en verspreiding liggen dicht bij elkaar. Dus eerst het beroemde uitstapje. Ditmaal naar het advies van de RIVM gedragsunit.

Ze zeggen: maak duidelijk wélke "criteria" je gebruikt om te versoepelen en noem vooral géén "datums".

Kabinet: "Hier zijn datums!"
Ook Putters van het Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau schrijft in zijn brief naar het kabinet dat het noemen van datums "helderheid en perspectief" geeft. Máár als op die datums niet word versoepeld, dit kan leiden tot "teleurstellingen".
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My look at the bureau’s evolving strategy to identify suspects in the U.S. Capitol attack.

#CapitolRiots #SeditionHunters #BOLO #YOLO…
You Won’t Believe What The FBI Is Doing To Get Their Capitol Insurrectionists Photos On Your Timeline…
The FBI’s Capitol Attack “Seeking Information” Page Doesn’t Look Like THIS Anymore.…
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Lo prometido es deuda, cuñaos. Dentro #CuñaoHilo 🧵explicando mi tesis de por qué va a haber una #Altseason pronto...y de las gordas. Nada de lo que veais aquí constituye una recomendación de compra. Coged un refrigerio y espero que guste⬇️
Antes de nada, por aclarar conceptos: una #altseason es un periodo de tiempo que normalmente dura unos meses en los que las #altcoins tienen un precio muy alto. Un rally tremendo, para entendernos, en el que hay MUCHA volatilidad.
Para todos aquellos que no están metidos en el mundillo de las criptomonedas, las altcoins son todas aquellas criptos que NO son #Bitcoin, como Ethereum #ETH Cardano #ADA y tantas otras. Hay, literalmente, miles de ellas.
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The dominant narrative around the $gme story is that some weirdos in their mom’s basement are manipulating the stock market.

That’s is so, so wrong.

A prominent user of the #wallstreetbets community has been publicly posting about their position and positive outlook on $GME since September 2019. #YOLO

They didn’t pick the stock randomly. There are reasons to like GameStop. Google “Ryan Cohen” for more on that.

So, many on #wallstreetbets already liked $GME since late 2019.

Then, someone realized that there was a lot of money shorting that stock, essentially betting that the stock would go down.

And, I mean A LOT of money!

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The biggest #bubble of our lives:
- Retail makes prices at the margin by buying OTM calls on sh1t #stonks
- #Tether prints USD backed with #bitcoin and loans & it’s fine
- “It’s a software co” EV maker is larger than almost all #software companies
- Digital images sell for >$300k
- People now make videos explaining they don’t need to work jobs because they buy stonks when they go up
- $ETH is undervalued on basis of cashflows for transactions that token holders have zero claim on
- #Ripple dumping on you is fine because they have $XRP fans in Japan
- #Restaurants & Small #businesses go bankrupt because of #lockdown and slow gov’t help but it’s fine
- $HTZ tries to do a cap increase out of chapter 11 because #robinhood
- A Company does reverse stock split and people brag about gains on per stock price basis on social media
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THREAD: On why eliminating the unlimited capital gains exemption on primary residence is common sense right now & what happens when a country decides to go all in, changing a 'place where you live' into a special asset class #ToRE #VanRE
Fundamentals whack: Despite a record shock to aggregate demand, unemployment and plummeting immigration Canadian housing is bananas. As @StephenPunwasi pointed out, this is what happens when you make money free and lock people in their houses.
Socialized losses, privatized gains: for last 20yrs central bank policy has been kicking the can down the road (tech '00, GFC, COVID) which has overly benefited one cohort above all (boomers). Also known as moral hazard. In Canada, this has especially manifested in RE prices.
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Galera, vamos lá, na boa!!!

Diversas festas de bacana rolando em toda parte e todo mundo revoltado, dada a situação pandêmica.

Ok, Ok, é compreensível tal revolta, pois principalmente parte destes bacanas são da galerinha iluminada do 'fica em casa'.

Só que, sinceramente...
Vocês acham que isso é anormal?

Hipocrisias à parte daqueles que pregam pelo isolamento TOTAL, esse fica em casa, além de algo mega elitista, não está rolando em PARTE NENHUMA.

É simples, fala pro cara que precisa fazer o dia a dia (realidade da MAIORIA dos brasileiros) que...
...ele precisa ficar em casa, com 600, 300, 200 ou mesmo 1000 por mês.

Em rincões afastados do Brasil, OkDok, dá até pra se virar com isso, mas nos centros urbanos?

A galera tá muito centrada nas Suíças brasileiras em que mora e esquece q o Brasil tá no Ratinho, no Datena...
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Clip recap of today's student protest that is now a physical occupation of the Vice Chancellors office, and still ongoing.
Organiser @opinionatedleft is calling themselves #occupyf23
No police response. #auspol #nswpol
1/ Students march to the Vice Chancellery building
2/ Protestors reach the building and begin banging on the doors and windows that require security passes, or security to let them in.
3/ Students storm the Vice Chancellery building, having been passed in.
Security overwhelmed and impotent.
No police response, one unit a quarter mile away, PO&R already left.
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Rumbo a las elecciones de EEUU en 2020, para mí no hay estado más fascinante que Texas.

Ningún demócrata ha ganado una presidencial ahí desde que Jimmy Carter derrotó a Gerald Ford en 1976: hace 44 años. ¿Por qué se habla entonces tanto del estado en 2020?

Primero: contexto.
#Texas es el estado más grande de EEUU después de Alaska. Es más grande que Francia y equivale a un tercio (sí, dije un tercio) de México.

• No SIEMPRE fue republicano. El ascenso del “Great Old Party” (GOP) vino tras los 60s: Derechos Civiles y Vietnam. Y protestas.
Primero hay que entender que antes de cualquier cosa (republicano o demócrata), Texas es texano. TX ha tenido seis banderas: la española, la mexicana, la francesa, la confederada, la de EEUU y la de la República de Texas.

Por eso Six Flags se llama así. Fue fundado en Texas.
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Fellow Nigerians!
Gather round, pick your sub and be going! 😂😂😂

Special mention to those of you who feel like high-class, intellectual citizens when you wear the FACE SHIELD without the MASK!

Continue. Noooooo. Continue! ImageImage
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel #Yolo 🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭

I promise that you will laugh and forget yourself!

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Deployed an instance of DefiDollar(fork) called Swerve-DefiDollar ($swDUSD) on @SwerveFinance.
• No TVL cap
• Built using audited DefiDollar contracts
• Earn trading fees on Swerve
• Earn SWRV - Option to votelock or claim rewards
This is a standalone experiment for now & might become a part of the official DefiDollar Protocol in the future.
We will evaluate the stability of $swDUSD before integrating it with DUSD. To reiterate DefiDollar - DUSD remains the primary focus of the team.
Why are we doing it?
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Community
Ensuring that the DefiDollar community’s interests are represented in a potential AMM peak that we integrate in the future.
The intent is to participate in governance by having skin in the game from the start. We propose to hold & votelock SWRV initially.
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I’m gonna listen to @SpookedPod. Because that’ll help. #yolo
This episode is truly something else if you’re up for a ghost story.…
If you listen to this episode please let me know what you think. It is BONKERS
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I shall award 7 internets to the first person identifying the cause of this image’s content: Image
I wish I knew the answer. I caught this a couple of years ago displaying vividly around 4am on a monitor which should have been sleeping at the time.
I've spent more time pondering the cause than is probably appropriate.
Here’s the full screen as captured on a smartphone at the time. The black border lines are the plastic bevel edge of the monitor.
If someone was exhilarating all my sekretz via luminance, this may be a mistake to share. #yolo 🙃 Image
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Nigerian Doctors and patients have a symbiotic, 'love-hate' relationship.

Watch & be blessed! 😂😂😂😂
Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel #Yolo, like, comment, share!

Cc: @aproko_doctor @olawalesmd
We hit 3000+ guys!

Thank you so much #YoloNation for the belief! Cheers to more premium content! 🥂💪

P.S:Due to popular demand,we go Nollywood style! Expect a Part 2 of #TypeOfNigerianPatients!😂
Till then, subscribe to #Yolo, like, comment & share!

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#futureneurologists, you asked & we heard! @NMatch2021

Top 10 things we love about our program:

1) “The University of Mississippi Medical Center, located in Jackson, is the state's ONLY academic health science center.”…
Pathology: Being the state’s big academic hub, our residents see such so much variety during their training, that when they 🎓 and practice in the real 🌎, they react something like this 👇
No discrimination: Our program led by Dr. Alissa Willis(@myelinmd) and Dr.@HartmutUschmann firmly believes that we don’t discriminate on the basis of race, color, region, religion, sex or orientation. We have always matched a good mix of residents - aka “A Mini United Nations”
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Fall #Tönnies: 803 Infizierte, 14 im KH, 1x Beatmung & die, die vorhin Schichtende hatten, sind trotz Quarantäne in den Discounter nebenan um einzukaufen.
Hey @ArminLaschet, ist der Discounter auch aus Rumänien und Bulgarien oder wie kann das sein? Versorgt niemand die Menschen?
In Bielefeld kümmert sich der Krisenstab darum, dass die Menschen in Quarantäne mit Lebensmitteln und co versorgt werden. Bitte warum werden die Menschen im Kreis Gütersloh sich selbst überlassen? Sind sie weniger wert, weil sie dubiose Werkverträge haben?
Nächstes Problem: laut Aussage der Lokalzeit OWL wären schon einige Arbeiter wieder in die Heimat gereist, da sie Angst hatten hier in Quarantäne zu sein und so lange kein Geld zu erhalten. Mich würde jetzt echt mal interessieren, wie die Werkverträge im Bereich Arbeitslosigkeit
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Aber @bodoramelow will ja andere Handlungsoptionen haben, wollen wir mal sammeln?

1. Keinen Nazi wählen
2. Sich enthalten
3. Auf Toilette gehen
4. Kostenloser ÖPNV (entlastet die Justiz weil es keine Leistungserschleichung mehr gibt im ÖPNV)
5. Richterwahlausschussgesetz ändern
6. Keinen Nazi wählen
7. Landtagsmandat abgeben
8. Tagesordnungspunkt vertagen lassen
9. Den Justizminister eine Lösung finden lassen
10. Mit Menschen sprechen die wissen das man keine Nazis wählt
11. Richter*innen und Staatsanwält*innen wie die letzten 1,5 Jahre befristet einstellen
12. Das @AntifaInfoBlatt oder @derrechterand lesen um zu lernen das die AfD Nazis sind und man sie nicht wählt
13. sich an die Patteibeschlüsse halten
14. sofortige Neuwahlen ansetzen
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Depuis des semaines, des collègues de primaire, collège ou lycée ne trouvant aucun soutien dans leur hiérarchie ou écho dans le presse m'envoient des témoignages sur les aberrations qu'ils vivent au quotidien. Voici un fil regroupant ce que je reçois.
Inégalités entre les candidats pour les E3C, les nouvelles épreuves du bac
"Anonymat" des candidats. Sans aller jusque là, on peut très bien corriger des élèves que nous avons eu les années précédentes...
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I created the first 'Collateral Swap': Swapping the underlying collateral in a @MakerDAO Vault/CDP with another asset, using @AaveAave 's flash loan feature and @UniswapExchange for collateral conversion, all in one transaction w/o liquidation. 😇

#DeFi #composability #ethereum
Use case: swap the underlying collateral of a debt position for a better performing asset, without needing to payback the loan / lose your DAI position(s)
Example: if ETH price ⬇️, BAT price ⏫, then it's safer to have your collateral in BAT.

There's probably an arbitrage use case as well ...🤔
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1/ As someone trading small positions in ETH, BTC derivatives, I've been fascinated by @SetProtocol + @tokensets.

Today, I finally went into beast mode to fully understand this #DeFi magic!

I am convinced most do not understand Set. So here's my dumb explanation in a thread.
2/ Despite all the brilliant peeps building on #Ethereum, most never do more than HODL ETH. While many dollar-cost-average into ETH, they fail to put their ETH to work.

The most obvious example of "money put to work" is using
@compoundfinance to earn interest, lending ETH, DAI
3/ Now, if you've never traded, all you need to know is less than 1% of FT traders are profitable. If you trust that common stat, you only need to know that many successful traders use bots.

Something like 70-80% of daily trade volume in crypto markets is estimated to be bots.
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This #EarthDay, I want to talk about my journey toward finding my voice in the environmental/climate movement. Cause, in the words of Langston Hughes, it ain’t been no crystal stair.
Ever since I got involved in the environmental space 5 years ago, it became real clear real fast why the movement was so anemic. Simply put, the movement was telling itself an incomplete story that rendered people—esp. people of color—to the margins.
People of color are largely invisible in this color-blind movement. And I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about that. But I know how I do feel: dismissed, silenced, erased. But also motherfucking determined to make you see me.
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Olrait olrait OLRAIT!!! ¿Quién está ready para más PEÑA GUAY y más CIENCIA???? ¡Nosotros definitivamente SÍ!

Hoy es el turno de la unidad básica de temperatura: ¡Kelvin, saluda!
La temperatura siempre se había venido midiendo de forma relativa. Cuando decimos que algo está caliente, realmente queremos decir que está MÁS caliente que alguna otra cosa (el entorno, nuestro cuerpo, etc).
Así que cuando vino la hora de crear una escala de temperaturas, Anders Celsius hizo lo mismo. La escala Celsius no es más que decir "esto es más caliente que el agua helada pero más frío que el agua hirviendo" pero, en fin, con reglas de tres de por medio.
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Step 1: Locate odd binary being served to the public internet.
Step 2: Get curious.
Step 3: Fire up a contained, temporary, virtual environment.
Step 4: Run the binary.
[result attached]

Step 5: Forever wonder of what could have been.
And of course they are also serving up a script that gives *ultimate* trust to expired keys. THIS IS NOT OK FOR A DOD CONTRACTOR TO HAVE BEEN DOING (among other things).
But, hey, while you're at it you might as well pipe some stuff straight into bash from the internet, right? #yolo I guess.
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