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If you've heard about a global #Nuclear #energy resurgence⤴️⚛️👂🐦 driving demand for #Uranium that's in a deep supply deficit⤵️⛏️ and wonder how U can invest💵🤔 in this tiny #mining #stocks sector famous for spectacular gains🎆💰😃 here's a🧵 on the various ways U can play.🤠👇 Image
To build your own #Uranium #mining #stocks portfolio📂 of #U3O8 equities traded in #Canada, #USA, #Australia & #UK🛒 U could choose from the holdings of 100% pure-play '@Sprott Uranium Miners ETF' $URNM 🇺🇸🇦🇺🇬🇧🛒⚛️⛏️🤠🐂 #Nuclear #investing #NetZero #ESG🏄‍♂️… ImageImage
Lowest risk #Uranium #investing option🦺 is a Fund that stacks raw #Nuclear fuel #U3O8🏦⚛️ providing direct 1-to-1 exposure to U3O8 Spot price.📈👯 In North America that's @Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (TSX: $U.UN $U.U OTC: $SRUUF)🇺🇸🇨🇦 & in #UK Yellow Cake plc (AIM: $YCA)🇬🇧🛒⛏️ ImageImage
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The last time wrote about how you can
earn 900% APR with just $50 ETH with...

An LSD narrative protocol.

The innovative team has some update for you.

Let's See what's new today


#Lsderivatives #LSD #ASX
@asymetrix_eth is a decentralized
non-custodial mechanism for distributing asymmetric yields obtained through staking.

Based on Ethereum it provides a fair and transparent way for users to earn rewards for staking assets.
Incase you are wondering

📍What Asymetrix is
📍How it works
📍How you can earn 900% on your $5O

Read this👇

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Exchanges have distinct rules on disclosure, w/some being more strict than others. The #TSX #TSXv & #ASX are recognized as leaders, while other exchanges such as the #AIM #LSE #OTC #NASDAQ have poor disclosure requirements, & companies may choose not to release information 🧵
The #TSX requires companies to produce an independent technical report that is available in full to investors, while the #ASX only requires companies to publish highlights from these reports. For producers, the ASX has more rigorous quarterly reporting requirements.
Various US-listed #lithium companies do not disclose prod. or cost figures. #ASX equities must only use Measured & Indicated resources to calculate mine life in their PFS & FS, Inferred resources are not allowed. This can affect bottom-up stock modelling.
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The #LSD narratives wave is here, and new voices are emerging.

Let's highlight some promising newcomers I discovered.

Here's a thread, feel free to RT and share with others: 🧵👇 Image
What I'll be covering today

- How i works
- Process
- Tokenomics
- What to expect
- Asymetrix goal
@asymetrix_eth is a decentralized, non-custodial mechanism for distributing asymmetric yields obtained through staking.

Based on Ethereum, it provides a fair and transparent way for users to earn rewards for staking assets. #LSD #ASX
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To build your own #Uranium #mining #stocks portfolio📂 of #U3O8 equities traded in #Canada, #USA, #Australia & #UK🛒 U could choose from the holdings of 100% pure-play '@Sprott Uranium Miners ETF' $URNM 🇺🇸🇦🇺🇬🇧🛒⚛️⛏️🤠🐂 #Nuclear #investing #NetZero #ESG🏄‍♂️…
Lowest risk #Uranium #investing option🦺 is a Fund that stacks raw #Nuclear fuel #U3O8🏦⚛️ providing direct 1-to-1 exposure to U3O8 Spot price.📈👯 In North America that's @Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (TSX: $U.UN $U.U OTC: $SRUUF)🇺🇸🇨🇦 & in #UK Yellow Cake plc (AIM: $YCA)🇬🇧🛒⛏️
If U prefer ETF baskets of #stocks for 1-trade in & out U sector exposure:🧺 on NYSE🇺🇸 LSE🇬🇧 ASX🇦🇺 is 100% pure-play @Sprott Uranium Miners ETF $URNM; 100% pure-play Horizons Global #Uranium Index ETF $HURA on TSX 🇨🇦; Global X Uranium(70%)/#Nuclear ETF $URA 🇺🇸 $URNU 🇬🇧 $ATOM 🇦🇺🤠
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Over the last years, we have actively speculated in #exploration sector.

Our approach has changed over time.
One of our strategies is to participate early on in discoveries.

🧵👇Tips on how to do it below.
Step #1: Stay up to date with exploration results announcements EVERY day.

For us #ASX and #TSX takes 10-20 min per day.
Success here comes down to:
• Know what you look for e.g. 20m @ 3% Cu
• Do not get distracted by noise
• You get faster over time
• Automate 😍
Step #1 cont.: Why EVERY day?

We missed the good announcements before. Most of the days nothing happens, but you do not want to miss the 200% move.

How to read announcements faster:…
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🧵The #nickel #exploration success rates by #ASX companies are better in 2022 than the commonly cited 1/1000.

We counted 53 exploration campaigns that focused on new exploration targets. No appraisal, resource drilling.

Of these, 70% were maiden exploration. Image
30% of the companies drilled historical discoveries/mines. Not suprisingly these yielded no significant results.

Maiden exploration: 15 found no mineralisation, 13 only occurence, but we also had 1 discovery. Yet to be confirmed as significant. Image
From the 53 projects only 5 drilled in the favourable tectonic setting and had quality geochemical/geophysical anomaly support.

These are the targets we should be drilling more! Results are still pending from #S2R and $ADD in this group. Image
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🧵28 significant #discovery announcements on #ASX this year so far.

Will Santa bring us more discoveries this year?

How many will turn significant over time?
2/5 If you wondering, we had no "significant discovery" announencements since the beginning of October.
3/5 How many of the announced discoveries will turn out to be really significant? We can already see from below graph that market thinks that most of the discovery announcements this year were minor discoveries.
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JM Morgan is broadly underweight equities. Expects earnings downgrades, recession in EU & UK. Goldman Sachs expects #lithium supply response will outpace demand. This is a perfect recipe for another perfect storm in global lithium stocks. Maybe a perfect storm in a tea cup ☕️ ?… Image
JM Morgan is broadly underweight equities. Expects earnings downgrades, recession in EU & UK. Goldman Sachs expects #lithium supply response will outpace demand. This is a perfect recipe for another perfect storm in global lithium stocks. 15 Nov might be 5 April 2.0. DYOR 🚨⚠️〽️… Image
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Out of 111 significant/major #discovery announcements on #ASX only 12% delivered returns greater than 200% after holding for 12 months.

Key learnings for #portfolio below ⬇️ Image
1. You need a good strategy for separating winners 🏅 from losers 💰.

2. You need to know what winners look like at an early stage. Know what size, grade, geology etc. you are looking for.

If you need help with this I run the course for non geologists.
If you are not good at above 2 points then the size of portfolio actually matters.

Check out analysis by @StrategiesQuant in the thread below ⬇️

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Overnight we published this ad about @DeutscheBank’s #coal funding in @DIEZEIT, one of Germany’s most read newspapers. Deutsche Bank must not arrange finance for Whitehaven Coal, a company that is planning THREE new or expanded coal mines. #Thread 🧵
Deutsche Bank claims to support the #ParisAgreement and #NetZero2050. Last year the @IEA concluded that #NetZero2050 means “no new coal mines or mine extensions”. More recently, the @IPCC warned yet again that limiting global warming to 1.5ºC means urgently phasing out coal.
Since 2013, Deutsche Bank has loaned to Whitehaven Coal, the largest #pureplay coal mining corporation listed on the #ASX. In February 2020, Deutsche Bank was part of a group of banks that loaned a combined $1 billion to Whitehaven.
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Today I’m turning over rocks using a popular heuristic to find hidden gems from the illiquid microcap universe to add to my watchlist.

I'll go through my process and the three companies:
🛵V-Moto $VMT
♻️Close the Loop $CLG
🩸Cryosite $CTE

Let's turn over some rocks 👇
@iancassel recently discussed with @TreyLockerbie his strategy to microcap investing, which I am butchering here in my investment research process. Worth the listen.

His framework includes:
First, I ruled out mining and energy as I want long term compounders.

Then, I ruled in only profitable companies (PE<30) because I am focusing on those past the inflection point.

From 1,629 microcaps on the #ASX microcaps, it was reduced to 112.
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Good to see #Metgasco raising $5m to support drilling of Cervantes and the Vali gas field development. Exciting times ahead. $mel #mel #ASX #smallcaps
“The terms of the placement were: an issue price of 2.6c/share. Options are to be issued to placement participants on a 1 for 3 basis, with a strike price of 4.5c, expiring 10 December 2024, with issuance of options subject to shareholder approval.” #mel $mel
“Funds from the Placement and will be used to fund Metgasco’s Cervantes#1 oil well (targeting P50 resource of 15.3MMbls gross/4.6 MMbls net) and to strengthen corporate balance sheet for ongoing project development and new business initiatives.” #mel $mel
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Just read your article on optionsxo
I concur with your thoughts on #tomerlevi he was central to these scams
#tomerlevi was named as the owner in court filing against #toromedia #binaryoptions #scam… Image
I came across these thieves while looking at $isx customer Insightgroup OU. #isignthis was (I guess still is) seeking $1.6m damages from @ASX why? apparently #insightgroup was so infuriated by the "false" #ASX claims against #isignthis it terminated its services. @FinTelegram Image
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⚠️ Updated 4/10/21

Lessons Learnt Prologue #asx

None of this is financial advice, just my experiences I wish to share

I was a beginner in the market once and wanted to share my experiences trading

I update this once a year as it helps me define my personal trading journey
Introduction - About Me #asx

I came from a working class family that struggled to pay the bills and earned my own pocket money by starting a car wash business in my neighbourhood when I was just 10 years old.
It was tough growing up in a family where the nicest reward was a hot chocolate out once a week. During high school I worked my ass off at a night job as well as selling weed on the side which my mate ended up being jailed for.
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Genex $GNX $GNX.AX is a renewable energy developer with a focus on firming through pumped hydro and batteries. After 6yrs in the sin bin for epic delays, what's changed?

@ElephantCapita2 will also share his technical analysis to answer 'why now?'

Let’s take a deep dive.👇
1. Investment thesis: Turnaround / Asset play.

A high CAPEX company, in a growing sector, potential takeover target, progressed through multiple de-risking events, but due to failures since IPO in 2015 its priced markedly below fair value.

Potential to become a stalwart?🤷
2. Growing demand for renewables.

There’s a long tailwind of renewable energy growth, both as total consumption increases and renewables replace fossils. Wind, solar and other (inc. bioenergy) are growing, and Genex is positioning itself in that super fast growing space.
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Tassal $TGR $TGR.AX reported their FY21 results to a mute market response. So, what happened that made the share price do basically nothing when it’s the 7th most shorted (7.5% shares) company on the #ASX?

My six key takeaways 👇 Image
To recap my investment thesis I am betting that Tassal can double revenue, triple EBITDA, and quadruple cash flow / dividends from FY20 to FY30. This report has done nothing to dampen my expectations.

You can see my previous deep dives here 👇
The results for FY21 and 2H21 were weak, impacted heavily by covid headwinds. I won’t repeat the investor presentation - for those interested, it’s just a click away:… Image
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Huon $HUO $HUO.AX is the #2 salmon aquaculture business on the #ASX, and is in the midst of a takeover bid from Brazilian JBS at a 38% premium to it's recent price.

So, what does this mean for Tassal $TGR $TGR.AX, the #1 salmon aquaculture business?

Let's take a look.👇
Huon was a turnaround / asset play. The turnaround thesis is that they could improve their operating margins and FCF on what was once a great business; the asset thesis is that you can't readily get licenses for salmon aquaculture anymore. Timing was never certain..
The bid from JBS $JBSAY unleashes all that value for Huon shareholders today - including the Bender family that owns ~53% of the stock and is behind the 'strategic review'.…
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The great thing with investing is letting your research take you to interesting and new areas. I've been looking at fish stocks (pun intended) for longer than any sane person probably should.🤪

Here's a primer on the #ASX aquaculture sub-sub-sub-industry. 👇
Aquaculture is farmed fish or seafood. It's been around for millennia (for the history buffs, check the link below).

Interestingly agriculture went through green and blue revolutions post 1970s, and aquaculture arguably is going through that now.…
The Australian fisheries as a sector isn't really expected to grow much at all according to ABARES ... Image
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Utilities are a great defensive stock in times of uncertainty. And with the renewable revolution underway, electric utilities have a multi-decade long tailwind.

But, Australian utilities have been a value trap. Is there an alternative?

Let’s take a deep dive 👇 Image
1. Investment Thesis: Investing in utility stalwarts that are stable during times of recession or equity bubbles.

Not very sexy, but can one get +10% IRR and anchor your portfolio allowing others to do the heavy lifting?

h/t @Alpaca_Capital for suggesting this post Image
2. Let’s define what we mean by utilities. Generally, they are 1) electricity & sometimes gas, 2) telecommunications, or 3) water and sewage.

Today we’re going to focus on #1: electric utilities that may have gas. Image
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Ten Ways To Say 'No!'

Recently I profiled the health sector on the #ASX taking a top-down look for compounders, and skimming all 182 listed stocks to identify candidates for further research. I found 10.

Let's take 10 shallow dives!👇

1. Saying ‘No’ is the polar opposite for clickbait on Fintwit. But I don't care.

For me it’s an important part of my research – I start top-down looking for sectors based themes using one of six investment thesis, and then hone in on the best company to play that. Image
2. Investment thesis: Quality, Value, Stalwart.

Preferably but not essential a compounder through roll-ups in a fragmented industry. I'm agnostic to market cap and sub-sector, but specifically avoiding high-risk bets on R&D outcomes (think: health tech, biopharma). Image
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Midway $MWY $MWY.AX closes it's negotiations with the Japanese and Chinese, surely today's most anticipated #ASX announcement 😉

Let's have a quick look at how our investment thesis is unfolding 👇
There was a recent announcement by Midway on their FY20 results, confirming for me that essentially the bottom of the cycle has passed.

I won't go through it again, but check out that analysis and my initial deep dive here👇

Midway this morning has released it’s Japanese and Chinese price negotiations, with increases of ~8% for FY22 on increasing volumes.

This is a 'return to normal' but not 'peak cycle' prices - to be honest, was hoping for a bit more, but the big shift still expected in FY22+
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For good reason, folks are looking for inflation-proof yield-generating real assets. Agricultural land and primary industries are definitely in the spot light, and Rural Funds $RFF.AX $RFF has been on a tear.

But did you know your dividends will be unfranked and grossed down?👇
Before we get into divvies, a quick plug to a previous post on agricultural land, inflation and real asset plays on the #ASX 👇

And here is a primer on Rural Funds and why I am bullish on their underlying assets and their income-generating funds from operations. 👇

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Sonic Health $SHL $SHL.AX is Australia’s largest listed imaging and diagnostics healthcare company that’s taken on the world. Will this stalwart continue its Covid-sponsored run?

Let’s take a deep dive! 👇 Image
1. Investment Thesis: A stalwart; with Covid and long-term tailwinds; good management; runway for organic and acquisitive growth in a still fragmented market; and historically a decent safe dividend yield. Image
2. Full disclosure, I first owned Sonic in 2010, and sold in 2015. It kept running, but not very fast. I considered in mid 2020 buying at $26, but anchor bias made me think $22 from March 2020 was better and I sat on the sidelines! Image
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