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😡 “CoinMarketCap's dirty secret of manipulating rankings to benefit @binance!”

Once again, #CoinMarketCap surprises us with its transparency and honesty 🤣

Let's see how @HEXcrypto was affected by this manipulation and why you can be the next one.

🧵 ⬇️ Image
@CoinMarketCap has a history of manipulating its rankings to benefit Binance.

For example, in May 2020, they changed their methodology to rank exchanges based on web traffic by default, a metric that put Binance in the top spot.

Shocked? Read the rest ⬇️
It's not just the exchanges that are affected by CMC's manipulation.

The same goes for crypto assets like #HEX. Indeed in September 2021, a group of HEX investors launched a class action against #CMC for ranking manipulation. Image
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1/ $PVCT’s Modernized #SmallMolecule #RoseBengal: A #DrugSubstance, and #ActivePharmaceuticalIngredient for 21st Century #DrugDevelopment. A THREAD.
2/ “Everyone” seems to know or understand #RoseBengal, but do they (you) really?
3/ #RoseBengal is a small molecule (i.e., <1,000 Daltons*), but a “heavy” one at 973.67 Da or g/mol. It is heavy because of its four iodides, which comprise 52% of its molecular weight.
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Tra i partner #PontesulloStretto c'è il #CMC col 13%...una Coop Muratori e Cementisti Arl che nel 2012 ottiene un appalto col #Pentagono per 16+ milioni$ ma poi finisce in concordato preventivo nel 2019..ha un debito di 2 miliardi EUR di cui 1/3 legato a 2 bond con varie #badbank
#Kenya Le autorità chiesero mandati d arresto internazionale per #CMC, l'appaltatore in bancarotta assunto per costruire 2 dighe #Arror-#Kimwarer
Nulla era stato fatto nonostante avesse vinto l'appalto 5 anni prima e 19 miliardi scellini pagati dal Tesoro…
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[#CMC 2023 #crypto Playbook] - According to CMC 🚀

Using interesting findings from our data with collaborations from other research entities, we analyze what happened in 2022, and what the #crypto key theses are going into 2023.💪

1⃣ #DeFi

Some themes to follow for the next year from @Uniswap & @TrustWallet

🔹How DeFi UX/UI improves to bring more new #crypto users into the sector
🔹How both education and infrastructure will grow
🔹Whether #DEXs can eat significantly into #CEXs market share.

2⃣ #NFTs & #GameFi

@Sfermion_ & @naavik_co look at what we can expect
from NFTs and GameFi in 2023.

For NFTs in particular, there is a movement towards greater adoption of #Layer2 ,as well as expectations of new integrations between AI and NFTs.

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💥Mint Free Rekt WTF #NFTs💥

💸This NFT can give decent profit for Free💰

🤔How you can Mint it ? 👇
To Mint this NFT, Need to collect 7000 Sparks⚡️Points, these points is same as #CMC Diamonds💎 or #Coingecko Candies 🍬

1⃣ Signup on Coinstats & Login:…

2⃣You can collect these points via Completing the Quests:
3⃣ Complete Quest task and collect Sparks ⚡️Points, as soon as you reached 7000 points, you can mint the NFT✅

📌NOTE: You can earn more points via referring Others as well..
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@TheRealDrDre2 @ElliotMurphy91 @GaryMarcus @EvelinaLeivada @john_e_laird It is a great paper for two reasons.
1. It is a systematic analysis of what DALL-E does, its strengths and weaknesses. I find that a lot of #LLM 'papers' are descriptions of the engineering with very little analysis.
@TheRealDrDre2 @ElliotMurphy91 @GaryMarcus @EvelinaLeivada @john_e_laird 2. It highlights what a language model will need when it is used for communication between intelligent agents.

Language for communication is a different computational problem than language for information retrieval. Most modern #NLP is the latter.
@TheRealDrDre2 @ElliotMurphy91 @GaryMarcus @EvelinaLeivada @john_e_laird We @PARCinc are exploring the former - We use the Common Model of Cognition #CMC as an agent architecture and instantiate language comprehension in a complex agent.
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There's this little old token called $Cheq


It's very well hidden down the bottom of #CMC, and also not captured the full attention of the #Cosmos #CosmosEcosystem yet. @cosmos @CosmosClub_ @cosmoshub @cosmosibc.

Let's learn a little about its position in #identity👇 Image
Let's begin with the Co-creators of @cheqd_io $Cheq, @evernym (now @Avast)

"We’re the creators of #Hyperledger #Indy and the #Sovrin Network, a co-creator of the #cheqd Network, and a primary contributor to Hyperledger #Aries and #Ursa"
Some more on @evernym,

We’re a co-editor of the Verifiable Credential spec at the @w3c, which was approved as an official recommendation in 2019 .. also a co-author and co-editor of the Decentralized Identifier spec .. a co-chair of W3C’s DID and VC WGs
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1/ ⛓️ Gateway to Interoperability ⛓️

$BTC 📈 → $QNT goes 🆙
$BTC 📉 → $QNT goes 🆙

→ 400K+ customers
→ 550+ banks
→ 70k Holders (#early)

Please welcome 🥁 $QNT

The sleeping giant EVERYONE needs to hear about 🧵 Image
2/ TD;LR 🎙️

$QNT is @quant_network 's official token

It allows to create finacial programs that exploit features of different blockchains ⛓️

By "different" I mean ANY:ANY interoperability 🤯

Imagine #BTC's security, but with:

→ $XLM speed ⚡
→ $SOL fees 🥜 Image
@quant_network 3/ Token overview:

➜ Price: $135$
➜ Circulating Supply: 13.4m $QNT
➜ Total Supply: 14.6m $QNT
➜ MC: $1.6m
➜ ATH: $383

Launched in 2018 with an ICO around $1, has no intention of stopping here
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#CMC x @glassnode: Analysis of the #Ethereum Beacon Chain before the Merge 🔥

With the coming #ETHMerge, this report looks at the Beacon Chain performance, and introduces a suite of new metrics to help understand the #ETH #PoS system 👇…

In this report, we will take a look at the #Ethereum network through these aspects:

🔹 Block Production & Participation
🔹 Validators Replace Miners
🔹 Validator Performance & Review

<2/5> Image
Some key takeaways:

🔸 Validators on the Beacon Chain are consistently online and producing blocks when allocated a slot.

🔸The total volume of ETH staked on the Beacon Chain has now surpassed 13.409M ETH, which is equivalent to 11.22% of the circulating supply.

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What if, you can track data beyond price movements? 👀

Here’s a sneak peek of CMC’s new upcoming Alpha-Feature #DexScan 🔥

<1/6> Image
With #CMC's upcoming “DexScan” Alpha-Feature, users can also follow:
🔹 Accurate on-chain DEX data
🔹 Price data for long tail tokens & their users
🔹 Search function on token, contracts, pairs, etc

Data in #DexScan Feature will be featured with:

🔸 Candlestick Charts
🔸 Alerts
🔸 Notifications
🔸 Watchlists

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From #CMC x @glassnode Report #1:

During this de-leveraging process, many investors sought safety in #stablecoins.

This is the first time in history, the aggregate value of these stablecoins has now flipped #Ethereum.

🔸 $USDT circulating supply declined by an incredible -$17.24 Billion since 11 May.
🔸 $USDC supplies have risen by $7.3B over the same period of time.
🔸 $BUSD supplies have also grown by $0.7B.
🔸 $DAI supplies have contracted by $1.6B.

Competition is rising, and market preference appears to be structurally shifting.

The result of these supply shifts is a notable shift in dominance between the top 4 stablecoins.

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Kripto Piyasasında olan herkese fayda sağlayacak ve stratejinizi kendinizin de belirleyebileceği hale gelmenizi sağlayacak web sitelerini sizler için derledik. Hadi başlıyalım.💫
#Bitcoin #AVAX #LUNA #lunaterra #kriptopara
1.Piyasada olan projelerin kontrat adreslerini bulunduğu, anlık olarak değer takibini yapabileceğimiz, kendi portföyümüzü oluşturabileceğimiz, kripto paralar için kendi kategoriye ayıran geniş kapsamlı sitemiz:
2. Site içerisinde kendi portföyümüzü oluşturup takibini kolayca sağladığımız coinlerin geçmiş verilerinin hangi borsalarda listeli olduğunu gösteren, #coingecko ile benzer bir site olan @CoinMarketCap
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1. People always tell you to do your own research, but you don't know where to start? This is a thread on how I conduct #DYOR on #cryptocurrency projects; hope it can serve as inspiration for you to dive deeper into #Blockchain.
2. First thing's first, I use excel to keep track of all of my findings. The main benefits:
-I don't waste time looking up something I've already looked up before
-I can easily compare metrics across projects
-I can conduct calculations and quantitative analysis
3. The first place I go is the website of the project. Here I look for the following:
-Project overview: does it solve a real problem / offer a unique solution
-Team: are they doxxed & do they have prior experience
-Roadmap: is there a clear timeline & has the team met milestones
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Yesterday @SpyWolfNetwork had an #AMA with @PoorQuack. It turned out to be a session full of valuable information, which deserves to be spread further around.

So here we go! Slightly edited here and there to save some space. Enjoy the ride!

$POOR #PoorQuack #CryptoNews
Intro by Gyro Gearloose, [9-3-2022 19:08]:
@PoorQuack is all in one #Ecosystem where we are attempting to make it easier for #investors to #research crypto projects and avoid #scams whilst allowing holders to earn via #DeFi.

$POOR #PoorQuack #cryptocurrency #Web3 #Metaverse
We also have entered the #NFT space with our own #NFTcollection and all of these will have #utility within our own #Ecosystem.

The #NFTmarketplace V2 will be released soon and this will allow third party #NFTs like the #OpenSeaMarket.

$POOR #PoorQuack
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Vous êtes vous déjà dit : "J'ai acheté trop tard" ou "J'ai vendu trop tôt"! 

Rationalisez votre stratégie d'investissement grâce à la plateforme

Venez découvrir cet outil d'aide à l'investissement et rendez vos positions lucratives sans stress Image

Les méthodes et #outils présentés dans ce #thread ne constituent pas un conseil en #investissement.

Par ailleurs, s'appuyer sur cet outil ne vous dispense pas de réaliser des recherches sur les fondamentaux des projets. Image

Investir dans les #cryptos, c'est être prêt à y passer du temps et à vivre du stress au quotidien.

La volatilité, les rebondissements sur le marché chaque semaine, les nouveaux #projets prometteurs.

Tous ces facteurs demandent un investissement personnel important. Image
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💵 Aujourd'hui le bon plan est sur @CoinMarketCap avec la partie Diamonds. 💎💎💎

▶️ Qu'est ce que c'est ?
▶️ Est-ce que ça rapporte ?
▶️ Combien de temps ça prend ?
▶️ Quelle sont les différents type de rewards ?

C'est ce que je vais vous expliquer dans le thread ci-dessous ⬇️
Pour débuter, tout se passe sur le site web officiel de @CoinMarketCap.

Il vous suffit de créer votre compte et de vous logger sur l'interface du site (en haut à droite).

Entrons sans plus attendre dans le vif du sujet.
Qu'est ce donc ce système de Diamonds ?

Ce système mis en place par #CMC est en quelques sortes un système de fidélité.

Le but est de #gagner des récompenses comme des #NFT en accomplissant diverses tâches sur le site Web de CoinMarketCap chaque jours.
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Read this book at the time of #CAMS #IPO.
A brilliant read to know about the #growth trajectory of the #company & why it's only starting.

@YMehta_ @finthusiasts @nid_rockz @manurishiguptha @MadrasMobile @MarketScientist
@AnyBodyCanFly @ipo_mantra

Thread coming.👇 Image
Foreword by- Mr. Deepak Parekh, Chairman @HomeLoansByHDFC

He writes about India's #economy post #Liberalization & how #companies that have come up have one thing in common- #knowledge.

#CAMS began as a #software development & #computer education firm, moved to share registry services handling #IPO's, later became a Registrar & Transfer Agent (#RTA). It now also handles documentation requirements in #banking, #insurance & #microfinance.

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#XiJinping orders #Chinese Military to scale up Combat Readiness

7 Points
1. First Order of Central Military Commission (CMC) in 2021 Signed by #XiJingping
2. ORDERED his Army to be READY to 'ACT at any Second', stressing 'Full-Time Combat Readiness'…
2. Enhance TRAINING in REAL COMBAT conditions
3. Should remain on 'FULL-TIME combat readiness
4. Must 'resolutely implement' the orders from #CMC & #CPC, to mark 100th Anniversary of Party's founding on July 1 with 'Excellent Performances'.
5. Suggested a 'Substantial Increase' in the use of Technology.
6. #PLA must increase INTEGRATION of new equipment, new forces & new combat realms into Training & Combat systems
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All those who think #PLA is a sovereign force of #China🇨🇳 are wrong. #PLA is not the member of the sovereign state of #China but an armed component of #CCP #Mafia.
Founded in 1927, more than 2 decade before the founding of People's Republic of #China 🇨🇳, #PLA came into existence before the state.
#China's 🇨🇳 Ministry of National Defense which is a state organ does not exercise command control over the #PLA. It only serves as a liaison between the #PLA and foreign militaries. Command and control of #PLA is exercised by the #CCP's #CentralMilitaryCommission.
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