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Referring to the fascist cryptogovernment of the WEF/UN/WHO conglomerate as an "NGO" is pitiably laughable. Who is willing to believe this tripe that Twitter is now pushing? I'm going to keep speaking the truth as long as I live, and the truth is this:
#Schwab #Gates #BidenWorstPresidentEver #TrudeauWorstPMEver #BorisJohnsonResign #MacronEstUnPsychopathe #ModiRuinedDemocracy #XiJinping have been all working together behind the scenes for many years, at least since 2010, on the very real conspiracy of the "Great Reset".
This #GreatReset utilizes the #Wuhan #COVID1984 disease to infect the world with a subset of #HIV along with weaponized #5GTechnology (see the weird blue streetlamps you see popping up everywhere) to usher it along. The world has been plunged into poor health through insane
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"Vaccination is a MUST for everybody. Being Anti-vax is just rubbish. If you are an Anti-vax, go & live on a Himalayan Peak."
WEF's Level 1 Top Executive
"Actually there is only one problem, We are nice, but we are too many;
Why don't we make a plan to reduce world population to 4.5 billion people?
If you and me disappear, this planet will flourish!"
All the religious groups that are against me because I’m talking about population. They want more souls, I want less on the planet.

— Sadhguru Image
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23 die in Norway after receiving Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: officials…

The Epoch Times: Hundreds Sent to Emergency Room After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines.…
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Quase 70 mil homicídios por ano.
Mais de 1 milhão de carros roubados em apenas 4 anos.
Mais de 65 mil mulheres são estupradas a cada ano, outras milhares executadas dentro de suas próprias casas.
Mais de 55% da população brasileira não tem acesso à coleta de esgoto...
...Mais de 40 milhões de brasileiros não têm acesso a água potável.
A fome assola milhões de outros irmãos brasileiros.
O que falar dos hospitais e maternidades brasileiras?
Milhões de brasileiros morrem na fila esperando um lugar no Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS)...
...O (SUS) que é tão aclamado pelos políticos, mas quando eles adoecem não vão para lá, vão para hospitais luxuosos como o Sírio Libanês, Albert Einstein, etc.
Muitos bebês morrem sem atendimento nas filas das maternidades, outra boa parte morrem de infecções hospitalares...
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What @DrTedros and @WHO, along with the corrupted media, will not tell you.

#ChineseVirus19 Something is wrong with this virus.

#Wuhan to #Shanghai = 629 km
#Wuhan to #Beijing = 1052 km
#Wuhan to #Milan = 8700 km
#Wuhan to #NewYork =12000 km
#Wuhan to #SaoPaulo = 17,964 km...
#Wuhan to #London = 8880 km
#Wuhan to #Paris = 8900 km
#Wuhan to #Spain = 9830 km
#Wuhan to #India = 3575 km
#Wuhan to #Iran = 6560 km

Something is wrong!😷✋

The Chinese virus originated in the city of Wuhan, #China, and has now reached all corners of the world... Image
...but this virus has not reached the capital of China: Beijing and the economic capital: Shanghai, near Wuhan. Why?

Beijing is the city where all the leaders of China live, the military leaders live there, those who control the power of China live there, and... Image
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#stockmarketcrash @POTUS @GenFlynn Trump and team are breaking up the monopolies and extracting the fiat money from our economy! All expertly planned. Have faith; there is no better business person to lead us through this transition than our fearless President!
These 11 #Globalist companies control what you buy…
These #Cabal Media companies control what you think
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