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As you know, Michael Burry recently sold 98% of his #investment portfolio. Remember that in 2008 he predicted the #collapse of the financial #markets. As always, he cites facts based on fundamental analytics. Will there be a big #crash?
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1⃣ Elon Musk sold 75% of $BTC;
2⃣ Ray Dalio had taken a short for $10B;
3⃣ Ambiguous movement on the $MSTR #btc wallet and the subsequent resignation of Saylor from the post of CEO;
4⃣ Sales of #MTGox are scheduled for the end of this month.

And much more.
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#Bitcoin has become a clone of the S&P 500 Index, and all #altcoins follow $BTC, so it is essential to understand what is happening in the global #economy.
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Let's talk about #Tether - THREAD

Start with ew fun facts from their rules for using the #Tether services 🤡

Thread 🧵⬇️

In Tether's terms of service we can find information that #Tether doesn't have to buy back $USDT tokens, should anyone wish to exchange them back into $USD, if it does not want to.
The terms state that Tether reserves the right to delay the redemption of tokens at a time if such a delay is necessary due to lack of #liquidity, unavailability, or loss of any reserves held by Tether to support USDT Tokens.
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if dont know where the yield come from, then you are the yield.
@CelsiusNetwork 这次暴雷是大环境下必然的偶然。这个估值曾高达 $ 4.1b 的公司从传闻到暴雷不过几天时间,影响之大只有不久前的 @terra_money 能相提并论。
首先,什么是 @CelsiusNetwork ?这是一个中心化的借贷平台,允许用户存入资产并获得高达超过20%的年化。为了保持高收益,celsius采取了相当激进的投资策略。其中包括针对 $ust 的投资和在 @BadgerDAO 上进行流动性挖矿。两者都因平台爆雷而造成损失,而 $ust 的爆雷最终引爆了这次大危机。。。🧵
5月底的机构报告称 @CelsiusNetwork 是luna爆雷中遭受损失的7大巨鲸之一,进而引起市场信心动摇,开始不断有用户要求取出本金。
这时问题开始出现,因为celsius有相当部分的用户的 #eth 存款被用于购买了 #stETH,从而获得收益以支付承诺用户的利息。。。🧵
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Para los interesados en saber sobre el #bitcoin desde su inicio, acá les dejo un resumen con los eventos más importantes, ¿por qué ha tenido tanto éxito, pero todavía muchos los rechazan? ¿Cuáles son sus bondades?
Cuando termines de leer, seguro querrás saber más. Hilo 🧵👇
18/08/2008: Es registrado a nombre de AnonymousSpeechLLC el dominio, se cree que el pagó fue en efectivo o a través de E-Gold para evitar rastreo, al parecer funcionó porque Satoshi Nakamoto sigue anónimo y públicamente no se sabe con precisión quien pagó.
31/10/2008: El nacimiento de #bitcoin, el libro blanco (whitepaper) es publicado por el hasta ahora desconocido #SatoshiNakamoto en la página de distribución de correos electrónicos de criptografia #Metzdowd, sitio donde todavía sigue disponible el email:…
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Few major headlines recently seem to be connected;

- #Greensill #Cameron #Softbank #Wirecard #Fintech
- #Bitcoin #Coinbase #Crypto #NFTs
- #Ant #JackMa #China #BeltandRoad
- New opportunities & Race to 'be first' in the new era
🇺🇸💪🇨🇳 💰🌏🌎🌍
- #GeoPolitics
- #disruption
While lockdown has been slow for some, it's certainly not been for others who have smelt the winds of change!

#SPACs are bypassing Direct Listings & IPO's in a race to market - Sucking up all that 💰 hunting for returns 📈

#Fintech joining 'Democratise & Digitalise everything'
#China seem poised to become the worlds leading power - #US are on guard! 🧐

Little bit like their former communist friends (Russia) the leadership are getting their Oligarchs/Titans in-line & on-message before their potential big push.

Everything seems to be changing around us
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There are a lot of people currently afraid of the impending regulatory clarity from @USOCC Brian Brooks and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). #cryptocurrency = wild west since 2009, we've witnessed extraordinary growth, and extraordinary amounts of fraud.
#Cryptsy #MtGox exchanges closed down, stole individuals account balances, and employees fled countries only for the individuals to have little recourse under local and international laws. 11 years later, many individuals losing it all we're getting clarity, and that is exciting.
You see like many people I've talked Crypto to family, friends, colleagues, and strangers since 2009. Every year brought exciting innovation #Ethereum, #Bitcoin #SegWit, #XRP, #Ripple. It also brought fraud #PinCoin #iFan #Bitconnect, and moral impediments #SilkRoad stopping any
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Another place where #bitcoin tends to show up in litigation is in divorce, when married couples divvy up assets. In DeSouza v. DeSouza, a spouse was held to violate his fiduciary duty to his spouse by concealing #bitcoin. /1 ImageImageImageImage
Here, the divorcing spouse had some #bitcoin tied up in #MtGox and some held on private wallets. One spouse did not disclose the holdings until after the divorce, and the other spouse immediately sought an award of 1/2 and attorney's fees. Court agreed, noting that divorcing /2
Spouses owe statutory fiduciary duties, & failure to disclose the existence of the #bitcoin, payments to Mt. Gox, some bitcoin's ties to #MtGox & the forks of #bitcoincash and #bitcoingold amounted to breaches of duty; Court disagreed that capital appreciation mitigated /3 ImageImageImage
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Think we'll ever find out who Vinnik was actually working for?

Laundering money in the #Ukraine???

Will he be dead of "suicide", 2 shots to the head🙄 before making it to the US?

Will the #MtGox #BTC hack have ties 2 the corrupt Ukraine govt or ...

🧐Eyes On!👇
2/ Accused Ukranian BTC-e exchange money launderer, Alexander Vinnik was extradited secretly from Greece to France and hospitalized after a 45 day hunger strike- Judge has ruled France first, then US (then Russia)...…
No, I have no idea of any links to #JoeBiden or the democratic party, but it sure would be interesting to follow this story given all the money laundering that was going on in the Ukraine during 2011 onward...
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1/ Thus far, 2018 has been a rougher year for #bitcoin than 2014, which was the last prolonged bear market we had.
2/ While negative #PBOC commentary threw off #bitcoin at the end of 2013, it was news of the #MtGox hack in Feb 2014 that broke the market's back.
3/ Interestingly, just as negative state commentary first unsettled the #crypto market in 2013 (China), so too did negative state commentary first unsettle the market in 2017 (South Korea).
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