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For The Record:

Everything posted is firsthand account by #Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp March 2019 - June 2019

“Lot of different things landing at Mena Arkansas, the Military was using that as well...”

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @ArmyChiefStaff
In 4th photo “too far and” should be “to foreign”
“That’s one reason charges were brought against Person G, to keep it under control because he seriously irritated Rod with that little trick. All of this was done online with your various people that Person G was accepting that money that they were offering...”
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1/5 Donald Trump, aka John Barron, aka David Dennison, is telling us "do not believe any article or story you read or see that uses “anonymous sources” having to do with trade or any other subject."

This is more than an attack on the #FreePress.

#GeeksResist #DemCast #OneVoice1
2/5 It is an attack on facts.

On reality.

And on the #whistleblower.

Trump famously spreads disinformation with phrases like "people are saying", invoking phantom polls and friends and "everybody knows" when he wants to lie.

So he has no problem with "anonymous sources."
3/5 His problem is when others use REAL anonymous sources, like the #FreePress, law enforcement, or Congress, for all of whom these sources are vital to preserving our Democratic liberties by obtaining information people would otherwise not share for fear of reprisal or censure.
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Ukrainian Oligarch Headed To US To Testify On Biden Corruption Arrested by Soros-Controlled NABU In Germany

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @ArmyChiefStaff
Ukraine Fires Prosecutor, Konstantin Kulik, Who Was Investigating #Burisma Case & Biden Family Criminal Activities, Transfers 99% of Corruption Cases To Soros-Controlled ‘National Anti-Corruption Bureau’ (NABU) Linked To #Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella▫️…
Former Ukrainian MP, Oleksandr Onyshchenko, Alleges Biden Family Received $12Million Kickback From Transaction With #Burisma Owner To Stop London Criminal Cases, Provides Details To @TheJusticeDept…
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Ukrainian Prosecutor Konstantin Kulik Was Fired From Investigating #Burisma Case & Biden Criminal Activities

All Corruption Cases Were Turned Over To Soros-Controlled “National Anti-Corruption Bureau” (NABU), Group That Assisted HRC 2016 Campaign

NABU officials met with alleged #Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella in the White House in 2016

Ukrainian Oligarch Headed To US To Testify On Biden Corruption Arrested by Soros-Controlled NABU In Germany…
Former Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Onyshchenko Alleges Biden Family Received $12Million Kickback From Transaction With #Burisma Owner to Kill London Criminal Cases, Provides Details to @TheJusticeDept…
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1/ My thread on #GOP defense of #Trump: General defense amounts to 2 arguments: 1. #Trump was genuinely concerned about #corruption in #Ukraine; 2) not enough evidence to #impeach. We have no evidence on the first & evidence to the contrary. Legally, there’s enough evidence.
2/ The strongest args #GOP makes - #Trump not caught on tape saying he was abusing his office for his personal gain. Ukraine history of corruption & publicly denied pressure. But you have to suspend reason & ignore a boatload of evidence to conclude he did nothing impeachable.
3/ #GOP on 7/25 call -#Trump didn’t reference reelection, Ukrainians happy it happened. #Volker didn’t see problem, NSC not complaining. Discounts #LtColVindman. Ignores #Pence aide thought it was “unusual” & #LauraCooper said Ukraine asked abt aid status same day after the call
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“Everyone I speak with at different levels tells me something big is being planned. Something’s coming. Things that they normally have access to are on lockdown. Other things are in motion behind the scenes...” #Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp 6/30/2019

“Everyone agrees on something big happening in the next few months prior to the run-up to the election. And that is something huge on both sides. President Trump is going to reveal quite a bit not for the election but to stick a knife in the deep state.”
“The Dems are on the ropes. They have very little that they can do. Even their financing money they stole in the last administration is being locked up and inaccessible. Lots going on behind the scenes.”
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.@POTUS Amazing resemblance between the alleged owner of #Facebook & #Rothschild. #whistleblower claims to know inside story on #Zuckerberg. We'd already suspected his alt name was "Greenberg" from other informants. Confirmed here Why does his face look a little stiff sometimes?
@POTUS .@POTUS #DontBanTerrenceKWilliams informant also says #Facebook is run as a "Black Op" (which we also already knew); and that the leader is from a different family than claimed. I wonder what family that could be?
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#BREAKING:Now #CNN reports that #Trump WAS BRIEFED about #Ukraine #Whistleblower complaint in August, took steps TO HIDE IT from Congress, and that 2 DAYS after Congress announced probe, he released the funds.Folks,..

#TheResistance #CNN #MSNBC #Yahoo #TuesdayThoughts #FBRParty
So #Trump goes out there, FINDS OUT what he's been accused of in the #Whistleblower complaint---#QuidProQuo---MAKES SURE to mention "no quid pro quo" to #Sondland, and now that becomes his defense. CAN'T MAKE THIS👆👆STUFF UP FOLKS!!
And then the CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that's his @GOP, including @HurdOnTheHill and @RepStefanik, turn around and tell us IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL. #GTFOH!!
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@FBI Under Obama Administration Altered Documents That Provided Support For #FISA Warrant Obtained To Spy On Candidate & President Trump▫️

Kevin Clinesmith Worked With Sally Moyer For Current ICIG Michael Atkinson Who Modified #Whistleblower Forms▫️…
“& allowed hearsay @CIA leaker, was chief legal counsel for DOJ-NSD”

“Clinesmith was one of key FBI small group members of original Clinton investigation known as “mid-year exam” (MYE in text messages)”
“Moyer was FBI unit chief in Office of General Counsel (counterintelligence legal unit within FBI Office of General Counsel) & was responsible for legal compliance within FBI counterintelligence operations that generated #FISA applications”
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Buongiorno,stanotte abbiamo rivelato in esclusiva con #WikiLeaks un'email interna del #whistleblower che denuncia che il report sul presunto attacco chimico di #Douma, #Siria,è stato manipolato: è un'accusa GRAVISSIMA a cui l'#OPAC deve rispondere:…
il #whisteblower è un serissimo scienziato che faceva parte del team di ispettori inviati dall'#OPAC a #Douma,#Siria, a indagare: la sua identità per il momento rimane protetta:…
il #whistleblower NON lancia alcuna accusa politica: la sua email ai vertici dell'#OPAC, che potete leggere qui (inglese):… elenca tutte quelle che lui denuncia come manipolazioni del report #OPAC su #Douma
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@RBReich You're still worried about Russia's ability to propagandize a few computer-illiterate swing voters?
Did it bother you that #ObamaBiden supported the #MaidanCoup along with #NeoNazis who are still influencing the government in Ukraine?… #JoeBiden
@RBReich Snipers who killed scores of protestors and policemen on Kiev’s Maidan Square in February 2014, triggered a “democratic revolution” that overthrew the elected president, Yanukovych, and brought to power a virulent anti-Russian, pro-American regime.…
@RBReich When a founder of a #NeoNazi party and repackaged speaker of the Ukrainian parliament visited Washington in 2017, he was widely feted by leading American politicians, including Senator John #McCain and Representative Paul Ryan.
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(Note: If you're offended by someone refusing to cheerlead for #Pelosi and Dem leaders, I'd suggest you avoid this thread.)

Let's break it down. We've had weeks of #ImpeachmentHearings to "inquire" about what Trump FREELY admitted on October 3.

And these hearings came after months of Dem leaders refusing to #ImpeachTrump for:

Torturing migrant kids.

Violating the #EmolumentsClause.

Assaulting the First Amendment.

Obstructing justice with #Mueller.

Inciting #WhiteSupremacist terrorism.

Apparently #Pelosi's brilliant "long game" was to give Trump a pass on ALL his numerous egregious abuses of power, and to wait for a #whistleblower to magically appear.

And the ultimate offense was not kidnapping brown children, but coming for #Biden.
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A Call to Defend The Republic
Military & Police
Prayer Warriors

"I walk slowly, but I never walk backward'
-Abraham Lincoln

This Coup has tried to overthrow @POTUS
Framed @GenFlynn
Involving our intelligence agencies
& EVERY branch of Govt

My friend, and Italian Patriot, @g_occhionero spent a year in Italian Prison in the COUP against @realDonaldTrump
He was framed to plant evidence on White House Servers
He would not be silenced,
and is telling his story
My friend, and American Patriot #Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp brought information forward about
The Murder of Seth Rich by a DEA Agent
The Framing of the man that SHOULD have been our Vice President @GenFlynn
The COUP against @realDonaldTrump
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@JoyAnnReid #Ukraine is a top military arms EXPORTING nation.
Hundreds of million$ in U.S. military aid helps Ukraine sell their weaponry to China!
#Trump continually gives military aid to Ukraine to buy U.S. weapons, including #Javelins not used in #Donbas conflict.…
@JoyAnnReid Do you believe Ukraine is now fighting for its survival against an invasion of Russian soldiers with thousands of casualties?
It’s nothing like that.
#ObamaBiden denied all military aid to #Poroshenko fearing that lethal aid would provoke Moscow.… #JoeBiden
@JoyAnnReid Any time you hear the #BidenProtectionMedia wailing that #tRump denied (delayed) U.S. military aid to fight off Russia’s proxy mercenaries (not Russian soldiers) remember #Biden’s impotence when #Poroshenko begged for military aid.… #FlamingHypocrites #DNC
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@HillaryClinton program
Cival Society 2.0 was giving @georgesoros +CIA taxpayer money to overthrow governments around the world.
Started in Libya. Funded the creation of ISIS etc..
Approved by @BarackObama
#WhistleBlowerEricCiaramella soros

Link at bottom Video
This video will answer all the unanswered questions.
Start at 55 min mark

#Ukraine and what it has to do with CIA
@HillaryClinton @BarackObama missing billions @georgesoros etc.
Wirks directly w Soros

#Coup has started,
According to @MarkSZaidEsq on Jan. 30 2017.
( The #Whistleblower's Lawyer )
Step #1 in Law School
Do NOT self incriminate.

@DevinNunes @POTUS @AdamSchiff @LindseyGrahamSC @DonaldJTrumpJr
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Do we have enough RAT TRAPS?
There is PANIC in DC. RATS are running everywhere. Nowhere to hide. 💥
#POTUS is draining the SWAMP since the beginning of his presidency. He fired many. To name a few- Comey, Marie Yovanovitch, Lisa Page, and her lover Peter Strzok, etc👇🏽
#POTUS tweet 15 Nov 2019 - 10:01:40 AM
[1:12] Delta
#QPosts 1001 & 112
Stay alert in main US cities (DC), sporting events, and other conservative gatherings.
@realDonaldTrump Capital letters from #POTUS tweet mentioning Marie Yovanovitch

All Of Them Are Guilty Of Their Own CrimesEG 2460 &SG 410

Time between #POTUS Tweet & #QPost [3:36] Delta
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45 Twts TS VID is 33 @realDonaldTrump
#Whistleblower I love a good riddle even if I just seem to make it up follow the titles
These were all second markers of when @RepAdamSchiff blew his whistle done were long whistles and some were short kinda like code <<< prolly nothing cuz it was a vidGif but 45 dropped it and we all know what that means. Get your shovel and umbrella and coffee w/popcorn.
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Russia is the number 1 beneficiary of ALL American Foreign Policy under Donald Trump.

Trump capriciously orders the removal of American troops from #Syria—imperiling our allies, the #Kurds, to death, displacement, and ethnic cleaninsing by #Turkey.

#Russia takes over American bases and has a strategic holding in the Middle East.

Trump extorts election interference on #JoeBiden by withholding military aid from besieged ally #Ukraine, currently at war with #Russia.

Ukraine has lost 14,000 lives in that war, and been subject to cyber attacks including blackouts of hospitals and homes.

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Day 2 of the circus #ImpeachingHearings
Mrs. Yovanovitch just testified in her opening statement that she has no first hand knowledge of the phone call between @realDonaldTrump and Zelensky. So can we adjourn this hearing?
...and here come the theatrics. What does this testimony have to do with discerning whether or not an impeachable offense occurred on the phone call?
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There is a lot of misinformation out there about what makes someone a #whistleblower - specifically in the intelligence community (not sure why, just kidding yes I do). I'm hoping to clear some of that up. A thread:
Importantly, the word whistleblower has two meanings and it's good to be clear about which one you're using. One is a legal definition, rooted in the various statutes Congress has passed, and the other is a broader definition. In this thread, I'm using the legal definition.
A whistleblower 1. makes a disclosure to specific individuals and 2. has a reasonable belief that the disclosure shows a violation of law, rule, or regulation OR mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority, or substantial and specific danger to public health or safety
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This is incredible. Joe Biden was, literally, the de facto leader of the Ukraine!
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THIS IS TRUE!👇🏼#Schiff!👇🏼

◾️#AdamSchiff Outed by #Whistleblower #LarryNichols

◾️@RepAdamSchiff Dressed as an EGYPTIAN at “SACRAFICE” Parties at #EdBuck’s drug house😳

◾️#Nichols says #Schiff & #Buck both under investigation 👇🏼…
◾️What TF would lead investigators to believe #AdamSchiff’s clothes were associated with SACRAFICE (sacrIfice?) parties?

◾️This ties to #Epstein’s temple & that sundial both for sacrificial purposes!

◾️Egyptians/Pharaohs/High Court Nobility - 1st DYNASTY killed for afterlife!
◾️Meet 💥#AdamSchiff💥

▪️Your Congressman
▪️House Intelligence Committee chairman


#StandardHotel #RachelChandler #MariahSunshineCoogan #KimberlyWatzman #NewportBeach
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Several statutes and regulations form the framework of legal protections for intelligence community #whistleblowers, not just one law.

We published some FAQs @KKCWhistleblow about these #Whistleblower rights.

Read the FAQs:

Also read the THREAD
It is the President’s duty under the intelligence community #whistleblower statute, 50 U.S.C. §3234(d), to ensure enforcement of intelligence community whistleblower protections.
Intelligence community #Whistleblower protections are provided by multiple laws & regulations, including 50 U.S.C. § 3234, the Inspector General Act, Presidential Policy Directive PPD-19 and other administrative orders and procedures.
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1) What is...the FOREIGN CORRUPT PRACTICES ACT of 1977? #ukraine #ukrainegate #whistleblower #stopthecoup
2) FCPA "as enacted for the purpose of making it unlawful for certain classes of persons and entities to make payments to foreign government officials to assist in obtaining or retaining business."…

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