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"An Ongoing Ethereum Adoption Megathread

Intel, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, JPMorgan, AXA, StateFarm, MetLife, EY, Fidelity, NASA, UN, Docusign, and even the world's tallest skyscraper... are building on #ETH.

When the world say blockchain, it's #Ethereum.

👇Evidence Below👇"
1/ media.consensys.net/forbes-release…

Forbes Releases ‘Top 50 Billion-Dollar Companies Exploring Blockchain’ — Over Half are Working with #Ethereum Amazon, Google, Samsung, Facebook: The race is on for the world’s leading companies to implement blockchain.
2/ medium.com/blockdata/brea…

"#Ethereum is being used for developing blockchain applications by 22 companies on the Forbes 50. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as Ethereum was designed to accommodate decentralized applications and smart contracts."
3/ provide.services/state-of-enter…

"The clear majority use #Ethereum. 62% base their blockchain projects on the protocol designed for developers—allowing them to put business logic on chain using smart contracts. A respectable 42% use the Bitcoin network."
4/ finance.yahoo.com/news/three-hug…

Three huge names that are making #Ethereum their platform of choice: #JPMorgan, #Amazon, #Microsoft
5/ bit.ly/2JkXbYn

This is an actual #AXA enterprise smart contract running on the #Ethereum main net.
6/ bit.ly/2LFUWjJ

Would you look at that, my insurance company is building on top of #Ethereum as well!
7/ bit.ly/2p66kwc

"In addition to a traditional debt security term sheet, investors in the note received a link to the underlying smart contract on the PUBLIC #Ethereum blockchain…"
8/ bit.ly/2JyoCNj

Auditor EY Unveils Nightfall, An Ambitious Bid to Bring Business to #Ethereum
9/ bit.ly/2XyyRGi

U.S. Digital Signing Giant #DocuSign Integrates #Ethereum For Smart Contract Signature Verification
10/ bit.ly/2JzDHOG

When #Google uses blockchain, #Ethereum is the first choice.
11/ bit.ly/3argieH

The World’s Largest Brewer Is Using #Ethereum to Track Ad Data
12/ bit.ly/2LFoD4A

World’s Fifth-Largest Electrical Company Is Using an #Ethereum Dapp
13/ bit.ly/2R833Ic

“In this project, the #Ethereum blockchain technology will be exploited to develop a decentralized, secure, and cognitive networking and computing infrastructure for deep space exploration...”

14/ bit.ly/3au9qNB

United Nations Sends Aid to 10,000 Syrian Refugees Using #Ethereum Blockchain
15/ bit.ly/2XvE0Ps

"The firm will partner with Lykke AG, a Switzerland-based crypto startup to build an #Ethereum based token designed to comply with the ERC-20 standard."

Ownership of world's largest building to be transferred onto the #Ethereum platform.
16/ bit.ly/2NzEswa

Societe Generale - One of France's Biggest Banks - Issued the First Covered Bond as an STO On The PUBLIC #Ethereum Blockchain
17/ bloom.bg/30gUlJt

"It was registered on the #Ethereum blockchain, a public ledger, and earned the highest credit rating from Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings."
18/ bit.ly/2S4lgFu

"The company is currently building Exergy on the PUBLIC #Ethereum blockchain and will likely issues its tokens accordingly."
19/ bit.ly/2E4wofl

Shoe manufacturer Nike just received a patent to tokenize shoes on the #Ethereum blockchain.
20/ bit.ly/2MchB60

"#IKEA Iceland has taken part in a commercial transaction on #Ethereum, using smart contracts and licensed e-money to facilitate the settlement of an order from local retailer Nordic Store."
21/ bit.ly/2RYuhQu

"Using the #Ethereum PUBLIC blockchain for the Bofrost Italia solution allows each of the players in the supply chain to record their information, without any possibility of altering the data from the outside."
22/ bit.ly/2YZzjyD

“We may be able to cut down over 80% of transactions by using blockchain for subrogation...”

"The subrogation solution utilizes the permissioned, #ETHEREUM based Quorum blockchain."
23/ bit.ly/2ueKnh6

"Supply chain fintech startup #Tradeshift, which boasts two million firms on its platform, says it's slashed the cost of cross-border transactions between buyers and suppliers using the PUBLIC #Ethereum blockchain."
24/ bit.ly/2RYinG6

"...CBA is using the #ETHEREUM blockchain in this project. ETHEREUM currently has the most development activity globally, and offers the functionality we require."
25/ bit.ly/35ooeuI

"The digital certificates are 100% gold backed and guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia, which is the sole owner of the 120-year-old mint."

...compatible with the ERC-20 standard behind by many #ethereum-based tokens.
26/ bit.ly/2Xs0Uak

"It has been built using the #Ethereum blockchain by #Deloitte’s EMEA blockchain lab, a Dublin-based development hub that’s building solutions using the technology for clients."
27/ bit.ly/2RzjRZr

"Spanish banking multinational Santander has redeemed a bond worth $20 million that it issued on the PUBLIC #Ethereum blockchain in September [2019]."
28/ bit.ly/2NDL3pi

"Electronic money is fiat held and transferred digitally. The ConsenSys-backed Monerium will initially operate using the #Ethereum blockchain..."
29/ bit.ly/366rYjK

"The Austrian government is to use the #ethereum blockchain to notarize the auction of a government bond worth €1.15 billion, or around $1.3 billion."
30/ yhoo.it/2XL7vAU

Swiss bank Dukascopy developing its own #Ethereum based stablecoins
31/ bit.ly/2S2ZnGt

"Polish Bank Alior Uses PUBLIC #Ethereum Blockchain For New Document Authentication Feature"
32/ bit.ly/2NGLsaz

Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation ING contributes to #Ethereum's ZKP on #GitHub
33/ bit.ly/2YHapnA

“We are Big Believers in #Ethereum” – J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan To Tokenize Gold Bars Using Ethereum-Backed Blockchain
34/ bit.ly/2XvqY4g

Banks of Australia, Ireland, Spain, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Holland, America, Brazil, and basically any other nation makes it clear:

#Ethereum #ETH is the defacto blockchain to build upon.
35/ bit.ly/32ewko4

Bloomberg Terminal Lists #Ethereum based Debt Instrument
36/ bit.ly/2Jxbsjm

CapBridge to Use #Ethereum’s Mainnet for Equities Trading
37/ bit.ly/2JtcQ6N

Compound Launches Money Markets for #Ethereum Assets
38/ bit.ly/2xA869L

GOLDMAN SACHS AND ETHEREUM: Goldman Is Actively Exploring The Creation Of An #Ethereum Product To Offer Clients
39/ bit.ly/2YKRo3p

"Cadence, an #Ethereum powered marketplace for commercial debt, is out of its test phase."
40/ yhoo.it/3aq9sGr

"#BitPay, the largest global blockchain payments provider, today announced its customers will soon be able to safely, securely, and compliantly accept #Ethereum"
41/ bit.ly/2xIucXO

"A new trading platform for security tokens has launched with backing from Singapore Exchange (SGX), the country’s public stock market, and technical support from #Ethereum startup ConsenSys."
42/ bit.ly/3auNAd8

"The BrickMark tokens will be based on the #Ethereum blockchain based on the ERC-20 protocol"

BrickMark signs purchase agreement for the largest ever real estate transaction paid in tokens of a total volume of over CHF 130 million
43/ bit.ly/2XwR4ZC

"The deal – which was managed by French blockchain investment platform, Equisafe – was powered on the #ETHEREUM [platform], and was the latest of several worldwide efforts to bring real estate sales onto blockchain technology."
44/ bit.ly/2koqNue

"Announced Monday, the startup has created tokens on the #Ethereum blockchain representing the shares of four real estate funds worth $100 million."
45/ bit.ly/2xAVUFQ

"The fintech startup Fluidity will announce plans for the first #Ethereum powered mortgages in California and New York..."
46/ bit.ly/2XXS0TN

“The ERC-1404 standard enables TokenSoft clients to place a digital representation of an asset onto the #Ethereum blockchain with the confidence that their compliance requirements are being adhered to...”
47/ bit.ly/2XCFAnD

"Announced Thursday, the companies developed this system using Quorum, the private enterprise version of #Ethereum created by JPMorgan Chase."
48/ bit.ly/2NEftYM

"#MetLife has faith that the pilot program will be a success. In fact, if proven to be effective, MetLife would be the first to formally implement #Ethereum’s network in the insurance industry."
49/ bit.ly/2JL4Hul

"An open-source implementation for the #ETHEREUM blockchain is available on #GitHub, and our paper “Decentralized & Collaborative AI on Blockchain“—co-authored by myself and Bo Waggoner, a postdoc researcher with #Microsoft at the time of the work"
50/ bit.ly/2VkrpPA

"The EEA, the consortium charged with creating standards for businesses to build applications using the #Ethereum blockchain, has created a system of reward tokens to incentivize groups of companies. The system is backed by Microsoft and Intel."
51/ bit.ly/2XxFJIC

The Enterprise #Ethereum Alliance Collaborates with #Microsoft and Others to Launch a New Token Development Initiative
52/ bit.ly/2NghlEK

"... developers will be able to use Azure Blockchain Tokens on the PUBLIC #ETHEREUM blockchain..."

"The Azure Heroes badgers were created in a number of original and unique designs which have been tokenised into a digital asset on the #Ethereum #ETH PUBLIC blockchain."
54/ bit.ly/2XtjKO9

#Deloitte Blockchain Boss Departs To Build #Ethereum Supply Chain
55/ bit.ly/2YDduop

Major #Ethereum Project Launch from #Deloitte Teased at Consensus 2019
56/ bit.ly/30m7h0K

US Election Authority Set to Approve Congressional Candidate’s Plan to Issue #Eth Token "A draft advisory opinion published July 5 and attributed to FEC chair Ellen Weintraub indicates that officials will give their blessing to the experiment..."
57/ yhoo.it/2jV0xr7

"In that paper are details of a SIM-card that will have support for #Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, and be compatible with all types of smartphone."
58/ bit.ly/2XsEV70

Internet Security Provider Cloudflare Announces an #Ethereum Gateway
59/ bit.ly/2JponUA

#eBay and #Foxconn Join the Enterprise #Ethereum Alliance
60/ bit.ly/2RzEG5b

Initially Quorum was a private-only #Ethereum network. They're realizing that just like the internet era, open PUBLIC standards are the way to go when it comes to interacting with other enterprises.
61/ bit.ly/30hEL03

Nevada Issues Almost 1,000 Marriage Certificates on #Ethereum
62/ bit.ly/2JkHfFB

"Arcade Distillery, a game developer that creates titles for PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, is gearing up to launch a new game for the PS4 built around the #Ethereum (#ETH) blockchain."
63/ bit.ly/2xBlVoo

"A Bosch spokesperson confirmed to Decrypt that the multibillion-dollar engineering giant has been running prototypes using #Ethereum, the world’s second biggest blockchain."
64/ bit.ly/35mhyxc

#Ethereum is eating the world... literally.
65/ yhoo.it/35I2BEN

"First bond being managed by a digital transfer agent operating on the #Ethereum Blockchain"
66/ bit.ly/2S7xltB

#Uber Subsidiary Grants #Ethereum Startup Access To Entire American Fleet
68/ bit.ly/2xGGPTa

SEC Gives YouNow’s #Ethereum Token ‘Props’ Reg A+ Approval
69/ bit.ly/2G5Mmat

#Samsung has released a Blockchain SDK for #Ethereum.
70/ bit.ly/2xxsLva

"The #Samsung Blockchain Wallet is currently compatible only with ether (#ETH) and #ethereum based ERC20 tokens."

Of course #Samsung would choose #Ethereum. They did their homework and it turns out that Ethereum is the defacto blockchain platform.
71/ opencerts.io

It's one of Singapore government's initiatives.

Almost all tertiary education institutions are putting the degree certificate on #Ethereum.

Thanks @Arthur_0x
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