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Pourquoi ne pas tout mettre sur ton #Ledger ⁉️

J'ai eu pas mal de remarques là dessus...
Je vous donne mes raisons & mes réflexions⬇️

#THREAD & Débat ouvert✅

Il n'y a aucun doutes là dessus. Oui, tout mettre dans un #coldwallet, c'est la méthode la plus sûre.🔐

C'est clairement le meilleur conseil qu'on puisse donner à quelqu'un qui souhaite investir dans les cryptos🏆

Mais alors pourquoi je ne le fais pas à 100% ⁉️
Déjà, parce que je suis un utilisateur de la #DeFi qui aime l'expérimentation ‼️

(Attendez de lire la suite avant de sauter au plafond)

Une partie de mes #cryptos travaille dans différents protocoles, avec différents rendements et différents niveaux de risques⚠️ Image
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How did we speculate on the market based on information appearing on the anonymous #web3 platform?

We check if the information in #bigshortbets is reliable!


It was a very high-profile case, for several months we were talking about the potential demise of LUNA in many media, even @dokwon engaged in insulting @rafal_zaorski.
We started in January, there are some baits about.…
[2/x] During the #depeg at the beginning of the year, we warned the community about #Terra problems and the high yields needed to capsize the project. They called us FUDsters then.

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[#Thread & Confession] Après un certain temps afin de digérer une mésaventure #crypto, j'ai décidé de vous en parler et vous faire un récapitulatif à titre éducatif.

Enorme coup dur à titre perso et toujours très difficile à encaisser.

Commençons par planter le décors 🧵👇🏻 Image
Nous sommes le 12 Décembre 2021, je créer un #wallet sur MetaMask comme pour pratiquement chacune de mes opérations on-chain.

Pourquoi ? Pour éviter de me faire siphonner des fonds en cas de fausse manip ou si je fais un approval et que j'oublie de le révoquer. Image
Le wallet étant créé, je dépose dessus des $BUSD puis les convertit en $UST en utilisant @acryptosx, une plateforme qui me permet de swap les stablecoins à coût plutôt réduit.

Les $UST sont ensuite envoyés via le bridge Terra vers un wallet Terra station. Image
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Real world analogy of what happened to #LUNA...

1/ Once upon a time, someone came along, let's call him Do.. and he said "Let me start a new country". I shall call it #TERRA because my country will have digital land

And he did.
2/ But like any country, Do needed a currency. Since the whole world (off chain) used USD, he said. Let me make my own currency, #UST. It will be worth 1:1 to USD and therefore he pegged to this currency and #UST was born
3/ But #UST was worthless because his country had no value. It was just a fake land sitting in the Internet. So Do said "I shall raise money for my country". And to do that I will issue a token called #LUNA and tell people they're all going to the moon with me
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ok perchè $LUNA sta salendo di nuovo? Post FACILE per crypto investitori di ogni stato mentale (io confusionale causa diminuzione caffeina giornaliera). Statemi a seguire: La proposta 1164 ha lo scopo di riportare $UST peggata al valore di $1 (fantastico vero?) /1
Come ho evidenziato in altro post, c'è stato un grosso prelievo su Anchor di UST del valore di quasi 8 milioni e mezzo di dollari in meno di 48 ore. /2

. Più di $8B $UST sono stati prelevati da #Anchor in meno di 2 giorni🤯
Questo per come è concepita l'architettura del sistema, ha portato LUNA ad una marketcap inferiore di Terror...scusate...Terra USD. Questa cosa è alquanto ironica se ci pensate che TUSD nasce dall'ecosistema TERRA con token nativo LUNA.. /3
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1/ While working @metaplex I created a few tools to make working with #Solana more fun and productive.

I'll introduce them in this thread. 🧵 Image
2/ First up, connects with a locally running #solana validator, tracks recent transactions, labels accounts, and deserializes account data to help you diagnosing issues and understanding how your transactions execute. ImageImage
3/ In order to allow testing NFT uploads in your local environment, amman includes a mock storage server.

The locally uploaded NFTs even show up in your wallet. Image
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𝐒𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐮𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 $𝟏𝟐𝟓𝐦𝐥𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐁𝐢𝐭𝐜𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐤, 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝𝐧'𝐭 𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐭.

A thread 🧵 on why Do Kwon is buying #Bitcoin and the impact it has on the crypto ecosystem.

Buckle up!
1/ Before getting into the juice some background information on Do Kwon and the #Terra ecosystem.

Do Kwon is the founder of #Terra. You can find him on Twitter under the handle @stablekwon where he tweets about his fascination for decentralized money and ... Lego 🤣? Image
2/ #Terra is a smart contract network, similar to #Ethereum. Its open-source nature allows anyone to build on top of it and create DeFi projects, NFTs, etc.

The $LUNA token secures the ecosystem and is used as gas to pay for transactions.
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Anchor's Yield is changing.

Moving from a stable to a dynamic rate.

Here's what you need to know on everything impacting #Terra , explained simply.

Part 1: Understanding Anchor

Anchor Protocol is a DeFi protocol that allows users to enjoy a financial system of loans based on stablecoins.

The idea is simple: a lender deposits their $UST in #Anchor and that $UST is used to make collateralized loans for interest accrual.

#Anchorprotocol, the decentralized money market built on the Terra blockchain, will dynamically adjust interest rates each month following a community vote that passed on Thursday.

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🎊🎊🎊 ITS HERE 🎊🎊🎊

Web3 / Blockchain / Smart Contract Developers...

🔵The Spring 2022 @chainlink Hackathon is Here!


Register and read here to see the event you don't want to miss... 👇🧵
@chainlink Register here:

⚽️ It kicks off April 22nd with an opening ceremony then followed by the BEST content the web3 space has to offer.

🥳 These are MUST attend workshops, NO MATTER YOUR EXPERIENCE. To engage and ask questions with the best!
@chainlink 👶🏾 Brand new to web3?
This is the hackathon for you.

👷Experience Engineer?
This is the hackathon for you.

🧙🏿‍♂️Wizard of Web3?
Yep. You guessed it. This is it.

With over $300k in prizes and the best coding material in the industry for every walk of life.
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1/ A tweet thread on Kash DeFi updates for EU. As a publicly traded company (ticker: KASHF), we take pride in transparency. For our financials. Our product. And our vision. #TweetThreadTuesdays
2/ But first, we’re LIVE in the US with pull ACH capability via #Plaid! Over 5000 people will have access to on-ramping to #Anchor directly from over 11,000 banks in the US next week. Create an account now and get an invite by April 1st, no joke!
3/ BREAKING NEWS for our US beta testers, we also have push ACH now - go to your online bank account and send funds to your #Kash account.
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#Amazon a dévoilé mardi « Amp » @OnAmp_ sa plateforme #audio live, concurrente d'un #Clubhouse ou d'un @Spotify GreenRoom, mais plus orientée pour des animateurs DJ qui souhaiteraient créer leurs propres émissions de #radio. @amazon accélère encore ds l'audio après les #podcasts Image
ds son application de #AmazonMusic ou #Audible, le rachat de #Wondery, de #Twich... Amp permettra aux utilisateurs de lancer leur propre émission en direct, à laquelle des auditeurs pourront se joindre et prendre éventuellement la parole.
Les animateurs pourront intégrer et mixer de la musique en temps réel avec leur public, ainsi que planifier et programmer leurs propres émissions. Les programmateurs pourront choisir leurs titres musicaux parmi une bibliothèque de millions de chansons sous licence d'Amazon !
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【Cipholio Opinions】#DeFi 变化趋势?
1/7. 2021年,DeFi项目总体处于上涨趋势中,总TVL在11月到达峰值,约2560亿美元。进入2022年之后,受到整个市场行情走低的影响,TVL出现明显下跌,相对于峰值已下降约20%,用户的参与热情也明显降低。
3/7. 以TVL前十位公链为例,不同的公链生态出现分化。大多数公链的TVL在2021年11月前后达到峰值,然后受市场影响出现回撤。但 #Cronos#Osmosis 等新的DeFi生态逆势增长。Osmosis的主要交易池的年化收益率在50%以上,相对较高的收益率吸引了更多用户参与。
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@anchorlang 0.21.0 is out! And there are quite a few new, as well as breaking changes. So, make sure you read the CHANGELOG before updating 🤓

Here's a couple of changes I've been looking forward to, 👇
In previous versions, if you wanted to pass in a PDA derived from another program, you would've had to manually check the account key as shown below,
Now with @anchorlang 0.21.0, all you need to do is add a new Account Constraint! It looks something like this,
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$LUNA has added more than 13,800% to its value over the past 12 months, and predicted to grow 350% by the end of 2022.

Easy and simple explanation on why you should not underestimate the 2nd largest blockchain in #DeFi Today ! ⬇️🧵
1. The decentralized finance space is one of the biggest winners this year.
A recent report revealed that the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi #protocols rose by $100 billion in 2021. While $ETH remains the leading DeFi blockchain, Terra is the biggest winner.
2. @terra_money is an algorithmic #stablecoin platform that works on a Proof of Stake (PoS) #blockchain infrastructure.
$LUNA is the native #token of Terra and is used in the issuance of stablecoins, as a price stability mechanism, and also for staking and network governance.
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Notas sacadas de mi pseudo-diario.

Va de dolor, del dolor ese que nos gusta. Como el picante. Unas dominadas. Un sprint.

O no. O eso es lo que me gustaría que fuera.
El caso es que estudiando #Terra le puse mucha fe. Y de hecho, hay mucho pro por ahí que también se la tiene.

Pero esto va de ponerla en el asador.

El caso es que #Anchor (como un depósito de tu banco pero al 20%) me pareció muy bonito.

Así que le metí lana y le cogí confianza
Pero aquí hemos venido a jugar

Anchor también tiene la opción de poner como colateral unos activos ($Luna y $Eth de momento) y pedir prestado

Esto permite que te apalanques (eso que dicen que es muy malo). Para el que no lo entienda consiste en lo siguiente:
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A Nexus Protocol MEGA Thread

Terra’s first yield optimizer and liquidation protector vaults.

Changing DeFi as we know it.

Let's explore how... $PSI

1. @NexusProtocol ? Tell me more.

A new protocol, launched with Col-5.

Focuses on:
-Yield optimisation
-Risk management
-Working in front of anchor

Optimisation such as front running $anc protocol operations and allowing the implementation of different strategies based on risk
2. Use Cases

Two vaults (bAsset and #UST )

You can deposit $eth, instead of $lido.

#ETH holders can access services of #anchor on #Terra by depositing it directly.

#NEXUS provides an insurance. How does insurance work today?

Mainly via personable identifiable information.
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来份个人 #Terra 操作。
二,然后一些在 #Terra 上的操作。
如果你也看好 #Terra 生态,那么下面内容可参考,接受反驳,接受建议。
1,@terra_money Terra station 单币 #luna 质押 (质押总APY目前9%左右,这个质押获取空投的概率是非常大的)

2, $ANC 质押 @anchor_protocol (目前APR 15.97%,#TFL)

3,在@anchor_protocol 上抵押 #LUNA,获取 #bLUNA 然后借 #UST#anchor 算是Terra上的金库,有好几个项目,已经给过
4, $MINE 质押 @pylon_protocol (目前没收益,不过属于 #IDO 平台,后面如果有项目上线应该会给福利,目前会给 $VKR $PSI $TWD 补贴 )

5, $STT 质押 @StarTerra_io (貌似唯一一个单币质押锁五天的?APR目前 9%左右)
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En estos días tocó máximos históricos, pero hace rato viene dando que hablar. Sí, estoy hablando de $LUNA y del ecosistema de #Terra.

Sale hilo de uno de los proyectos que más me gustan del mundo cripto.

¿Qué es lo que hace a Terra especial?
Desde sus inicios Terra está 100% orientado a conectar el mundo cripto con el mundo real, ofreciendo casos de uso y soluciones concretas.

Sus fundadores la presentan como una base para el e-commerce mundial.
Terra ofrece una canasta de stablecoins atadas a distintas monedas y estabilizadas algorítmicamente gracias al token nativo de la red: $LUNA.

La stablecoin más conocida es $UST (USD), pero también están KRT (Corea del Sur), INT (India), JPT (Japón), entre otras.
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¿Sabías que con #Anchor podés obtener un retorno estable sobre tus stablecoins?

El protocolo ofrece casi un 20% a quienes depositen sus #UST.

Pero ¿cómo funciona?

En este hilo voy a intentar explicarlo 👇👇 Image
Se definen a sí mismos como un mercado de liquidez con dos tipos de actores:

1. Depositantes o prestamistas que prestan UST a cambio de un retorno estable.

2. Prestatarios que entregan sus activos como colateral para recibir un préstamo.
Un colateral es un activo que se deposita a modo de garantía.

El ejemplo clásico es la casa de empeño: dejás un artículo a cambio de un préstamo. Cuando devolvés el préstamo, te devuelven el activo.

El secreto es que Anchor solo permite colaterales que sirvan para hacer staking
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1/ Here's an insightful Telegram msg from @d0h0k1 this morning on $ANC $LUNA & $bLUNA, the liquid staking derivative of LUNA.


The rest of this thread is his answer to the question "Isn't bLuna strictly better than having Luna staked directly?"
2/ Not really. Keep in mind that bLuna is just a wrapping smart contract that stakes to a validator of choice on your behalf, and issues you a token proving you have assets staked.
3/ It's kind of a coatcheck experience where they give you a stub proving you have a coat checked in with the contract … to claim your Luna tokens from the contract directly, you still have to wait the 21 days … The bLuna contract has no special privileges over the base layer.
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A Deep Dive into @terra_money and
@anchor_protocol - The Reliable Savings Protocol.

@anchor_protocol is a savings vehicle built on the Terra blockchain that provides a benchmark interest rate for #DeFi…

@terra_money @Polkadot @cosmos @solana
#Anchor yield is powered by steady staking rewards from multiple #PoS blockchains, offering attractive, low-volatile interest rates on stablecoin deposits…

#ANCHOR is the reference interest rate across the universe of blockchains

The initial governance for this platform will come from the Interchain Asset Association (IAA), a newly formed organization that sees Zaki Manian of Cosmos, Jack Platts of the Web3 Foundation, and Do Kwon of Terraform Labs collectively steering the ship.…
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In difficult times such as these, listen to some positive thoughts on podcast "Inara-Ray of light" on YouTube, Anchor, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Castbox, Google Podcasts or Apple podcast. Links in the thread. #PodcastRecommendations #podcast #podcaster #coronavirus
Listen to Inara-Ray of light on YouTube channel here:…
#podcast #PodcastRecommendations
Listen to Inara-Ray of light on Anchor App here:
#podcast #PodcastRecommendations
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#Saturn being #Lagensh is #Benefic for both #Kundalis. sitting in the #BhagyaSthaan it acts as #Jaataks benefactor. Especially so for 2) as in the 9th #Bhaav of #Libra #Saturn is #Unch #Oonch #Exalted.
#Rahu is friendly to #Saturn & in both #Kundali it can be #AtiYogKaarak as its placed with it (#Rahu naturally wants to be like #Saturn, but its just a mimik of its #Depositor) in the #Trikon. So in 1) it is placed in #Virgo (#Mercury) & in 2) its placed in #Libra (#Venus).
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My current #Working #Research #Topic: "A Review of the #CommonMonetaryArea of #SouthernAfrica: Are Client Countries Better-off De-Linking from the #Anchor #Economy?". I'm using #OptimumCurrencyArea #OCA #Theory to analyse the #CMA arrangement. Draft will be ready January end..!
The #CommonMonetaryArea of #SouthernAfrica or #CMA could seem to some (mostly the technically inclined) to be a no-brainer & a clear natural #OptimumCurrencyArea given the historical links between the #anchor #SouthAfrica & the #clients (#Lesotho #Eswatini & #Namibia)...
Be that as it may, 2020 marks 46 years since the #RandMonetaryArea - #RMA agreement and 34 years since the RMA was revised to establish the #CommonMonetaryArea - #CMA between #SouthAfrica, #Lesotho, Swaziland (now, #Eswatini) and #Namibia...
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