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I got a clear name thru the #Hivenet this morning & asked my Mom if she knew why. She said it's cuz that's who my Gma has an appt w/ in a couple days & I have to remember to get her ready on time in the a.m. This is y #QAnon telling us 2 pray is unsettling 2 me 👇
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#Documentation-Painful radiation fields shoved in2 knees&shins, stabbed, shot, choked, burned, radiation streams shot up sinuses, face, head suctioned in radiation field all night by Global 🥜⚾️transhumanist Cult biowarfare & weapons 4 forced AI & wireless comp interface & 4 #WBE
& that's only SOME. Here's more- Chest pushed 👇 tongue jaws hit plus diaphragm & yawning reflex hit 2 prevent yawning during suffocation simulation as close 2 H20 boardering as poss. Who ❤'s H20 boarding?🤔 Uterus&other body parts cramped...BY ABSOLUTELY RIDUCULOUS🥜⚾️ww CULT!
I just wonder IF THE CIA TORTURE TAXI & ALL THIS OTHER WW TORTURE GOING ON 4 DECADES HAS BEEN DONE FOR THIS 🧠 EXPERIMENTATION 4 GOAL OF WW #Neurosubjugation & Technocracy?🤔 @CIA? Y on 🌎 might u have kicked lose that disgusting Satanic Pedo Finders Cult? #GoodOlBoyCultNetwork?
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I've posted the info on CAIR being Hamas & Hamas being 🇮🇱 so they r both controlled ops. RS indicates🇮🇱 is being funded by #Transhumanists. WHAT IF 🇮🇱 WAS CREATED 2 B A GIANT🤑LAUNDERING APPARATUS 4 TRANSHUMANISTS 2 MOVE THEIR 🥜⚾️ CULT FORWARD? Researchers? Start ur engines plz?
#Documentation-- I posted this Tweet at 8:28. It is now 8:40pm and I'm being hit with a radiation weapon that is shaking the floor. Coincidence?🤔
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Economics and self-interest perspective of why people are contributing to #opensource - not because they want to but because they /need/ it! @michaelminella @bobpaulin #DevNexus
#Opensource is more than just the code! (content, tests, etc) @michaelminella @bobpaulin #opensource #DevNexus
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Writing a documentation for code is harder than writing the code.

Documentation > Code.
#Code #Documentation

Without the completion of documentation, code for the functionality is still in pending state.

Documentation fulfills the code.

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