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Every day my son, a doctor treating #Covid_19 patients at a major hospital in a large NE city, calls & tells us about his patients. And it’s not pretty. This is a wreckless, random, horrifying disease. It kills and it also cripples. Many who survive have lingering & maybe
...and maybe lifelong damage. Lung scarring. Blood clots. Stroke. Kidney damage. I lost an uncle, a former colleague, friends. One friend got sick in March and is still on O2. Another friend in a FL hospital for a month & lungs are still so bad he won’t be out for weeks &
...& will be on O2 for 6 months. Patients’ fingers, toes & limbs die and if they don’t fall off are amputated — or the patient dies. Drs, nurses, aides are living a nightmare. They want it to end. So when they see crowds partying & ppl refusing to wear masks &
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1. News: President Trump: We want to get stimulus money to the people, Democrats view it as a political issue - Thread 8.1.20 @realDonaldTrump #Relief #Democrats #Stimulus
2. Dr #Fauci faces criticism for #COVID outbreak response: Daughter's a Twitter software engineer.

This comes as Silicon Valley increasingly cracks down on so-called misinformation about virus from people who don't automatically accept what experts say…
3. News: Dr. Fauci reluctant to specifically criticize protests/ riots in relationship to spread of #COVID-19 (coronavirus disease):

“I didn’t say protests do anything,” #Fauci said.

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DESinformação sobre o Covid 19

O site #Breitbart é um desses veículos de desinformação, cujo objetivo é político-cultural. Teve papel ativo na eleição de #Trump e se notabiliza por disseminar #teoriasconspiratórias. Cresceu muito, mas perdeu espaço com o movimento de+
desmonetização (“defund”), #SleepingGiants (tem a versão brasileira, o #SleepingGiantsBrasil). Recentemente, voltou à tona, a teoria de que o #Covid19 teria sido criado em laboratórios, com macacos. Até aí, normal, "normalmente bizarro", para os nossos tempos, mas quando uma+
do porte da #Fox dá voz a um desses conspiracionistas, uma mensagem no #Facebook tem 14.000.000 de visualizações e o presidente Trump compartilha uma delas, é porque estamos perdendo uma guerra pela informação.
Peço que compartilhem todas as mensagens desmistificadoras de boatos+
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April 8, 2020.

"Why did WHO make several strong recommendation NOT TO impose a travel ban?

Why did select [D] govs ban the use of hydroxychloroquine [key]?

Why does FAKE NEWS push anti-hydroxychloroquine [fear tactics re: use]?"
April 9, 2020.

"Difficult to imagine media [D party] wanting public to remain in fear [re COVID-19] up until the election?

Difficult to imagine media [D party] willing to sacrifice lives in order to regain power?


Barr: "media on a 'jihad' against HCQ"
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100+ IMPORTANT articles & videos from a perspective corporate media won’t show you in Thursday’s @ProgNewsDaily. Topics include how the Rs tried to rig the #2020census, Dems allow expanding surveillance powers…

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the Senate’s vote against cutting military spending by 10%, #FoxNews #SexualHarassment lawsuit, sewage indicating #Yosemite may have infected visitors with #COVID19 & many more! Click to see them all!…

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Thursday’s Top Articles:

* White the vote - @JuddLegum, Popular Information
#2020Census #Census2020 #Census #gerrymandering #redistricting #RepublicansAreTheProblem #citizenship…

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@StateDept @FoxNews #WhiteHouse #foxnews #amd09vault #amd09threads #amd09videodeptofstate

Secretary Pompeo Delivers a Speech at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library - 4:40 p.m. 7/23/20

@StateDept @FoxNews #WhiteHouse #foxnews @SecPompeo #amd09vault #amd09threads @MBNRox #amd09videodeptofstate

President Trump Holds a News Conference.

@StateDept @FoxNews #WhiteHouse #foxnews @SecPompeo #amd09vault #amd09threads @MBNRox #amd09videodeptofstate

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#Foxnews was right, nonstop mayhem in the @cityofportland right now!#undersiege
1️⃣ Antifa weeds, just growing wherever they want!
2️⃣ This woman and her little dog on a bike together were so adorable it should be illegal!
3️⃣ This dude's muscles and tan are both dialed in..HUBBA
4️⃣ only 692 cyclists today across the Hawthorne bridge, an outrage! Only a block away from the justice center.
5️⃣ These people only paid for one scooter but they are ROMANTICALLY SHARING it. This is blatant theft! Where are the @portlandpolice? They must be #antifa #portland #foxnews
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Meadows signals imminent indictments in Durham probe: 'It's time for people to go to jail' #FoxNews
Before getting into the Fox News article, itself, here's the DoJ/FBI release for reference. 2/
Back to the Fox News article:

"...Fox News has learned that senior FBI official Jennifer Boone, who the IG said was 'at Headquarters overseeing' the Page investigation, received a promotion to head the bureau's Baltimore field office last year." 3/
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Tucker: Team Biden releases its plan for America via @YouTube #Agenda21 #Agenda30 #Agenda50 #GreenNewDeal #CommunistBlocHousing
Biden bringing in 22 million immigrants pushing Americans out of their homes, he’ll stop deporting illegals making us homeless furthermore. Homelessness will rise exponentially causing disaster for renters, families, young adults & elders. Plague Disease from rats is probable.
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El único medio estadounidense que cubrió la visita de López de principio a fin fue #FoxNews. ¿Que les dice esto?

A los EUA el encuentro de dos demagogos les importa poco. El teatro fue montado para la base del #MalNaranja... 1/

Abro hilo ⬇️⬇️⬇️

#Dignidad4Trera #TUxMexico
... quien demostró que sin importar cuanto nos ofenda, cuanto nos presione o nos extersione, a su llamado el presidentito responde y hasta aplaude.

Y López hizo lo mismo. No fue a representar a México con dignidad, no fue por el T-MEC...


#LopezLeTemeATrump #SomosMexico
... fue para colar un par de fotos y de frases que su base puede celebrar y a cumplir con el bully mayor.

🎶 Es un honor ladrar por #ObraDog 🎶

Nada cambio, todo sigue igual.

A México le conviene que pierda Trump la reelección y las intermedias López y Morena.


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💥Question for Patriots💥😉
Anyone notice anything from Mt. Rushmore last night?
1st & 3rd photos vs. 2nd & 4th photos
💥Who do you see in the fireworks smoke💥😉
(left of screen)
...More 👆
Who do you see 😉
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THREAD: The Monday edition of @ProgNewsDaily features nearly 100 in-depth articles, interviews & analysis you may have missed from #independent, #corporatefree #media. Please like, follow, share, comment & subscribe!…
Top Articles:
* The #entertainment industry is speaking out in support of #BlackLivesMatter #BLM. Will they act? - @JuddLegum #PopularInfo
* 100 Degrees in #Siberia? 5 Ways the Extreme #ArcticHeatWave Follows a Disturbing Pattern - @Portsideorg

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* 'If You Like Your #Insurance, You Can Keep It'–Until You Can't - @CommonDreams
* UPDATE: #Facebook's tipping point - @JuddLegum #PopularInfo
* On “White Fragility” - @mtaibbi

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1- RE; Outrage "We’re In A Cultural Civil War."
While encouragement for conservatives to fight back is useful, applause, your article is in a pile of "lacking in how to actually do this", sigh. With hosts of blue check, alligator, all_mouth&no_ears Twit accts.
2- Encouragement into ether is not a plan. Editors & writers, such a creative bunch, should be looking for more "How" to share with their readers. ...
3- Being Alligators deflates the "influencer" status. The people will not stand for long for to have taken down one elites group, to exchange it for one that sits on the other side of the political isle. i.e. #FoxNews' left turn.
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"The intelligence finding was briefed to Trump, and the NSC discussed the problem at an interagency meeting in March ...

The @WhiteHouse has yet to authorize any step [in response]."

Russia secretly offered Afghan militants bounties to kill US troops…
"The US concluded months ago that the Russian unit, which is linked to assassination attempts & other covert operations in Europe intended to destabilize the West or take revenge on turncoats, had covertly offered rewards for successful attacks last year."

And Trump did nothing.
"The officials did not explain the @WhiteHouse delay in deciding how to respond to the intelligence about Russia.

While some of his closest advisers have counseled more hawkish policies toward Russia, Trump has adopted an accommodating stance toward Moscow." #putinspuppet Image
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Hmmm 🤔

Israel's Mossad trained Nelson Mandela in 1960s, document shows #FoxNews



DEA Agent Notices $200,000,000 in Cars Being Shipped into South Africa by Obama Admin. as Drug Money flows to American Banks and over to Iranian Banks

Obama Admin Caught in Drug and Car running deal to South Africa
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In the @NYTimes piece against me they claim "that I "frequently appeared on #FoxNews to discuss the dangers of Islamic terrorism & Shariah law." Not accurate. I don't use the term "Islamic terrorism" but "Jihadism." A rebuttal @ #PittsburghPostGazette here…
I don't use the term "#Islamic" but rather the word "#Islamist." I carefully select my words based on academic research. I make sure it represents the meaning in English and #Arabic. The @NYTimes writers put words I haven't used (neither in my books or in the media) in my mouth.
Either because their assigned writers and "investigative journalists" are not trained in comparative politics, which is a problem for the once "prominent" #NYT or because they copy this narrative from the #MuslimBrotherhood and Iran playbooks against me, which by far, is worse.
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Flashback Friday: Ed Buck, Democrat donor, arrested, charged with running drug den after latest guest overdose #FoxNews #BlackLivesMatter #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica
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1) Des risques de l'enfermement exclusif de #Trump dans la bulle de filtre de son compte Twitter couplé avec les chaînes de TV au contenu éditorial conservateur (FoxNews, OANN): il accuse, sans preuve, 1 homme de 75 ans violenté par la police de Buffalo d'avoir été 1 antifa...
2) Ce qui est 1 force politique indéniable pour #Trump, mobiliser via Twitter 1 socle blanc nationaliste et conservateur en partageant et diffusant les mêmes contenus (éditoriaux de #FoxNews, OANN) et pouvoir créer 1 récit alternatif imperméable aux faits, se mue en faiblesse...
3) en période de crise nationale majeure, caractérisée par 1 prise de conscience majoritaire des discriminations raciales endurées par les Africains-Américains, affirmée dans les manifestations et les enquêtes d'opinion, #Trump se coupe d'1 mouvement massif dans le pays...
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Our friends at @mmfa put together a list of all of Tucker Carlson’s advertisers:… by @peltzmadeline


@mmfa @peltzmadeline Here’s a thread of all the advertisers who put out statements in support of the movement for Black Lives, but still advertise on Tucker Carlson’s show where he pushes white supremacist ideas and justifies the killings of unarmed Black people.


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Alors, là... c'est du jamais vu.
Le général #Mattis, le plus prestigieux des conservateurs US, général des Marines vénéré dans les troupes, qui fut secrétaire à la Défense de #Trump durant 2 ans, le dénonce comme 1 menace à la nation et à la Constitution.…
2) Ecoutez, c'est juste dingue et je suis trop fatigué pour une analyse poussée. Mais lisez le texte du général #Mattis. Cet homme est un soldat d'élite, conservateur pur jus- tout sauf de gauche- et il traite #Trump qu'il a servi au Pentagone comme LE destructeur de la nation US
3) La philippique de #Mattis contre #Trump confirme au moins 1 chose écrite plus tôt: ça a bougé parmi les hauts gradés militaires- dont Mattis est 1"saint patron" après l'usage présidentiel de la force militaire contre des manifestants pacifiques lundi.👇
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Esper le secrétaire à la Défense de #Trump déclare ne pas soutenir le recours à la loi anti-insurrection de 1807 (Insurrection Act), seul moyen pour #Trump de faire intervenir l'armée dans le pays pour rétablir l'ordre public, comme il l'a plusieurs fois menacé. Oui mais...
2) Attention de ne pas faire d'Esper le "modéré" de service, venant sauver la Constitution contre le "méchant" président #Trump. Selon le @nytimes du jour, dans la délibération sur l'usage de l'Insurrection act lundi soir, Esper était…
3)... et ne pas oublier que #Esper, secrétaire à la Défense, est l'homme- pas #Trump- qui a parlé du maintien de l'ordre public dans les rues US comme d'un "battlespace" (champ de bataille) pour encourager les gouverneurs à le…
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PURE EVIL: Police Chief Breaks Down After Describing How Richmond Leftist Rioters Torched Home with Children inside Then Blocked Fire Department (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit
Cuomo and de Blasio are refusing to face what rioting means for New York… via @nypost
NYPD Chief of Department kneels in solidarity with George Floyd protesters… via @nypmetro
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1) 12.30 aux #EtatsUnis. Face au cycle d'émeutes urbaines sans doute le plus étendu depuis 1968, le président #Trump accuse les médias d'avoir fomenté la "haine et l'anarchie". Alors que les actes de violence contre les journalistes ont été innombrables depuis 2 jours...
2)...#Trump, émeutes ou pas, creuse 1 sillon uniquement politique et partisan hostile à toute unité nationale. Les émeutes sont le produit d'"anarchistes d'extrême gauche"- les antifas- agissant avec la complicité active des médias et des maires démocrates
3) Ce récit immuable depuis 2016 et sa campagne contre le"carnage américain"-1 #Trump seul rempart de l'ordre-public et social-et de l'autorité contre 1 société en déliquescence morale rappelle immuablement le #Nixon de 1967 et son What happened to…
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