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This isn't the 1st time or the last time #FakeNews #MSM have used fake footage to spread propaganda that fits their narrative

Excellent point! This article discusses why the government passed a bill that legalises the use of propaganda on American citizens

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #MAGA #PartyofCrime #DrainTheSwamp #LockThemAllUp #TheStorm

Well done #DigitalSoldiers for calling out #FakeNews #MSM

We are winning in the informational war so keep fighting, RT & sharing the truth

#GreatAwakening #WWG1WGA

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Watching Camp Fema right now by Alex Jones. Reminds me of AOC comment Concentration Camps Cali. #CalilforniaBlackout #CaliforniaFires #CaliforniaMartialLaws.. California had the Japanese Csmps. It's happening all over Again. @realDonaldTrump
BULLSHIT!! Citizens in Detention Centers all over again along the Pacific Bay Area?? History Repeating itself.. if you think it's not boy you not awoke. #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump fix this. My in laws were in the Japanese Camps in California. No one ever gave them apology
#FemaCamps during hurricane Katrina used Graveyards to put the trailers as homes!!
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These CNN reporters have been named in the WikiLeaks to have colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle:

#ExposeCNN #GreatAwakening
Let's not forget Project Veritas Released an Unedited Video of CNN's Van Jones Saying Russia Is a 'Nothing Burger"

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What corruption or evil will the public be most angry and shocked about when it’s exposed ? I will put down one not my top pick and I would like everyone to add one or two to the list Let’s see how big this can get ?
1) Big Pharma Withholding meds and the cures
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There is a chan movement that is building called Force the Q during the week of 27 Oct - 2 Nov. On Wednesday of that week, 30 Oct , which also happens to be the eve of worship satan day 31 Oct... I would like to make the theme for BendedKnee “Pray to Force the Q”.

Pray with us!
Let's review from Q post #1

Future proves past?

Hillary Clinton Extradition #Qanon #WeAreTheNewsNow #FactsMatter #WWG1WGA #WakeUpAmerica #UnitedNotDivided #SaveAmerica #GreatAwakening
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Timestamp 12:03:
"They don't want evidence, This is the ALICE & WONDERLAND approach to impeachment: Verdict first, evidence never."

There you go, finally got an answer about what Q meant that sig, let me explain. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Timestamp 12:27 on the twitter version of this video. So "verdict first evidence never" is the meaning, lol after all that overthinking it was that simple. It makes perfect sense now, let's go back to Q's first usages and it'll be a facepalm moment.
Q posted Alice & Wonderland 29 times
25 times = sigs (upcoming event) between
Nov 2-4th 2017
Nov 4th? Al Waleed!
How did we do that? SA is a monarchy: Did they need evidence to take him down?
Other times were Q explaining it, incl that it meant SA.
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This why #californiapoweroutage #CaliforniaFires #californiablackout #martiallawcalifornia is happening! #JoeChina VP to BO sold Port of Long Beach to ChiaComs aka #China. TRUMP RIDS OF MAJOR U.S. CONTAINER PORT OF CHINESE COMMUNIST CONTROL.
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#HRC tweet 7:11 PM · Oct 11, 2019
7+1+1=9, 10, 11, 12 = 4 DAYS of Blackout in California‼️🔥
44 years = BO?
🔥 cleans very well?
Tomorrow is Oct 12 = Children's Day (Brazil) = Discovery of America by Columbus 1492 = 16 from the 9-16 = 7 days of FIRES?
Capital letters: FHB= 16
Cal =16
Gaga (meaning senile, insane or infatuated), ga-ga and variants in other languages may refer to people…
@realDonaldTrump Time: 7:11 P.M.
Is #HRC referring to the 7-11 stores? Does she giving code messages to Joe DePinto, President and CEO of @7eleven?
"In 1946, the chain's name was changed from "Tote'm" to "7Eleven" to reflect the company's new, extended hours, 7:00 to 11:00, seven days per week."
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I have been reflecting on my fury from earlier. Sexuality is a HIGHLY intimate and personal matter. I have retold a part of my "coming out" story this week only because it is relevant to the #GreatAwakening process. Many people face excruciating identity loss in the near future.
The root of my rage is when any sanctimonious person enters this intensely private arena of the erotic, and — without knowing ANYTHING of my past, struggles, traumas, misadventures, and joys — begins to covey their absolutely unwanted and unhelpful beliefs and advice.
The idea that there MUST be something wrong with me — "gays" as malformed sexual cripples — nearly did me in. It took YEARS of painstaking work to integrate myself and heal my wounds. To enter this sensitive psychic headspace, unasked, is outrageously disrespectful. How DARE you!
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Q has repeatedly stated that: everything has meaning & timestamps are important.
Looking @ POTUS' tweets & RTs today (of WH, Ivanka, Scavino) Matched them up with the corresponding Q drop.
Some are interesting, imo.

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10/10/2019 Trump Deleted Tweet Comms
Trump deleted and then retweeted 1 minute later the exact same tweet with no changes. The tweet is addressed to the President of Brazil, giving support of Brazil beginning the process for full OECD membership
The meaning of deleting the first try and retweeting with no changes? #Symbolism i.e. forget the first try, do the exact same thing you did before it'll go through this time. Whatever issue there was is now resolved. : ) what was that issue? I have an idea. #GreatAwakening
There's this letter here that got all the fake news going - telling Brazil there would be no support. Notice it's signed by Pompeo.…
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You are watching a movie about #Fakeimpeachmenthoax 🎥🍿
Jovanovich has been despairing the office of the President of the United States-Rep Pete Sessions let Mike Pompeo know about it and the fired Ukraine ambassador Sondland will testify on Thursday and whistleblower may send in a written statement
Some @newtgingrich wisdom today 🇺🇸
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10/09/2019 Trump Deleted Tweet comms
"they were unable to fill 142 important Federal Judgeships (a record by far), handing them all to me to chose."
chose fixed to choose
Note in-between deleting error and retweeting- there's another tweet. #Qanon
The tweet in-between the fix includes:
"he did not have the right to sign DACA, that it will never hold up in court. He signed it anyway!"
So we are dealing past to future tense. signing something you don't have the right to sign. #GreatAwakening
A signal for them to sign something despite no power to do so, just as Obama did. i.e. The impeachment vote. My past decodes suggest our side wants them to commit to impeachment before the next stage, so perhaps this is a call to hurry & and force it
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NEVER forget
ALWAYS stay lit
2 resist all the HATE....

Sooooo 👇

WHERE is your focus
& WHAT do you see?
WHEN will you notice
The LOTUS you need?
Decalcify now
Close your eyes tight
& Listen 2 how
The clouds crystallize

#QAnon #GreatAwakening
Just THINK, manifest
& bless all of us
Rip OPEN your chest
& confess what you must
PAINT the sky red
White & then blue
Then DOT it with stars
About 50 will do
I THINK of Mary
ADAM & Eve
The CROSS Jesus carries
& ALL who believe
Manifesting a fam
Made out of Light
Who TRUST in the plan
& FIGHT the good fight
We LIVE 2 create
INSPIRE, ignite
Make AMERICA great
& protect all our RIGHTS!

#QAnon #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight
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RED OCTOBER The biggest confirmation yet ! Watch this video by President Trump!
In the video at exactly 411 to 412 POTUS says 1000 pieces which leads us to Q drop 952
Snowden will be freed and returned by the first and the clowns shattered into 1000 pieces
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Liddle Adam Schiff is a traitor to our country
What happened at the Standard Hotel with Liddle Adam?
These people are sick
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White House blocks EU Ambassador from testifying today -Schifty Schiff will meet press 9:30. Bye byes #FakeWhistleblower 😂🤣
Happy Tuesday-Trump administration orders ambassador not to appear at House impeachment probe deposition 😂🤣…
Schifty Schiff running to get Subpoena before talking to the press!😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
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1. Today's 🧵 is for @GenFlynn 🇺🇸🙌⚖️

First and foremost, pray with me patriots that God BLESS this #GreatAmericanHeroGeneralFlynn ✝️🙏🏼

This man has sacrificed EVERYTHING for his country, and he would do it all over again.

Let's take look at why #FreeFlynnNow is important
@GenFlynn 2. Before I continue, HIGHLY recommend @GenFlynn 's book #FieldOfFlight 👌💥🇺🇸

Read between the lines. #DoYourOwnResearch 🤔

This man is a true genius who is integral in this #GreatAwakening 👀👏🇺🇸
@GenFlynn 3. This man was set up. And he didn't commit any crime. As America was under attack by the #DeepState and all these clowns were running their rackets, @GenFlynn knew from the inside out what was going on.
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Timeline of Events
2014 BO JB help uk Pres >>Corruption 1.8 billion
2014 JB & HB fly AF2 2 China & UK > Energy= Millions
2015 UK helps CF HRC server & China > Crowdstrike
NSA Snowden Leaks
June 2015 @realDonaldTrump #Trump2016
July 2016 Blame Trump> Russia hacked elections
JC runs investigation in HRC & Clears HRC & CF
VP JB brags got UK prosecutor fired
HRC email investigation happens
@realDonaldTrump wins 2016
#MSM runs #FakeNews using @nytimes story as Credit
#DCRats try 2 sweep all crimes under Rug By Blaming Trump
Gen Flynn > Flynn Intel Group under HRC wings
CF funds> George Soros *Mastermind*#Trafficking #SexTrafficking #Israel #LexWexner #Hollywood.
Hunter Leaks to NYT he works with Ukraine Energy…
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Everyone needs to watch this powerful testimony on #ProjectMonarch #MKUltra from #GreatAwakening HERO @RealCathyOBrien

God bless you, Cathy! You really are a hero to this world. Your book is so powerful.

More info on Cathy O’Brien
@RealCathyOBrien an American hero…
Cathy O’Brien’s longer video
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11/12/2017 Full Transcription Version (hundreds of posts)


If you are ready to understand the crap going on out there then I can help. There is a lot to learn, but if you do, it will make more sense than anything you were told by the media.
2- Saudi Arabia

Why are the Saudis important?

Because this is where the swamp has its deepest depths/roots/funding and where the storm starts. SA has the most $ which have been flowing to corrupt politicians via foundations, Trump has made a deal with a younger Prince.
3- Saudi Arabia: Salman Vs Al Waleed

Muhammad Bin Salman 32 (Young new hero reformer)

Right: Al waleed 62 (Old school criminal, think 9/11, he is the leader of a large group of bad princes)


Now what really happened at Las Vegas and WHY
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Q: "Their Need For Symbolism will be their downfall."
Q: "Symbolism = END"
Blunt Answer: The bad guys rely a language that involves symbolism to hide intentions without creating evidence. Learn it & they can't hide

Thread of Nested Threads
1. Trump & SA
2. Symbolism Thread: HUNDREDS

Current End:
Comms Include colour/element/pose/animals/grammar/hair & more - most of them grow up learning it as language. Learning it as an adult is harder.
3. GOLD THREAD - Fixed
Thread got partially deleted by Twitter and thus disconnected - if you click this link and scroll up to top (pictured tweet is top) you can then read it properly (don't click the top tweet or it'll break the sequence part way)
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