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On @Channel4News tonight: Food charities and industry tell government “Stop passing the buck” on responsibility for ensuring vulnerable people can get the food they need in a #NoDeal Brexit food crisis.” Pensioners, children in low-income families, people who are ill or disabled.
Government’s Yellowhammer #NoDeal Briefing says food prices could go up, serious delays and disruption to food supply. With 8.4m people in this country already food insecure, “What happens if demand for emergency food aid goes up? Whose job is it to step in?” asks @Channel4News
Serious concerns over food supply for vulnerable people in a #NoDeal Brexit shared by @UKSustain @FareShareUK @provtrade @FWDwholesale @IFAN_UK @CityHarvest_LDN - with no-deal price hikes and disruption now imminent @DWP must allocate hardship fund- long heralded, never confirmed
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Day 3 of the #ProrogationCase hearing at the UK Supreme Court. Previous threads can be found here (follow the nested link for Day 1): THREAD 1/
This morning, we have 4 "oral interventions". These are written statements, read out by QCs. Each written statement is read out by a different QC. Neither the Public Law Project nor Shami Chakrabati's written statements are on the timetable. 2/
First up, a "short statement" on justiciability by Mure QC on behalf of the Scottish Govt; "Court has competence to protect the constitution as much as it can protect individual rights." "Authority for closer ("anxious") scrutiny where constitutional principles at stake." 3/
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The import /export #nodeal flowcharts published yesterday/today are very important information.
But if you are already trading there is very little new info there (if any),
And if you aren't, there is very little you can do with the flowcharts /1
If you're a new importer/exporter the flowcharts can demystify the process but you will still need to understand what #customs info you need to provide and how to get it. /2
You will still need a customs broker/agent or a freight forwarder to help you /3
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Afternoon session starting on day 2 of the #ProrogationCase. My morning commentary can be found here: THREAD 1/
O'Neill QC starts with a riff on how he's the only unennobled QC present at the Supreme Court hearing. Now arguing that distance confers difference perspectives & quoting Rabbie Burns. This could be more entertaining for a lay audience if he carries on like this. 2/
Sidenote: O'Neill families historically claim descent from the Kings of Ailech. Back in the Supreme Court, more Burns quotes. Entertaining the Justices with references to 1066 & 1966 + WW2 being only dates that matter to English. He's awa doon a rabbithole with this. 3/
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As of this morning it seems that the expected tweaks to #nodeal #tariffs will be in line with what biz requested. Gov responding to initial reactions of some industries.…
If the #nodeal #tariffs ever enter into force - raising them after the initial 12 months will be a complete nightmare for the Gov.
With the majority of tariffs at 0% questions around UK's ability to sign meaningful and beneficial FTAs and the point of #freepoints remain.
Any increase will cause a massive stir
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Day 2 of the Supreme Court hearing on prorogation of Parliament. Yesterday's threads can be found here: THREAD 1/
This morning, the QC for the Government's case will be submitting his skeleton argument (a summary which is supported by evidence, case law, affidavits etc in folders known as bundles). This afternoon, it's the turn of the QC representing the 78 Parliamentarians in Cherry case 2/
Yesterday, we heard from the teams that *lost* the cases that are being appealed to the Supreme Court. That's because in appeals, those doing the appeal go first. Pannick spoke for the Miller case, which lost in High Court; Keen argued for Govt which lost Scottish case. /3
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Where/when is our #nodeal "dress rehearsal" taking place please? /1…
Also notice how easy it is to say "we're ready but we remain a bit concerned".

It doesnt all have to be so black and white as it currently is in the UK! /2
France's Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin "said British preparations were a source of concern." "You don't re-create a border that hasn't existed for several years... in just a few hours," he said.
Yep /end
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2/ 'Poison Dwarf Speaker Bercow Jumps Before He Is Pushed...'…
3/ Bercow wrote a personal guide to luring women into bed......'If you want to pull a drunk girl, offer to take her home and name her breasts. To get her to leave after sex, suggest she might be accidentally infected with Aids.'…
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2/ 'John Bercow says he will stand down as House of Commons Speaker at next UK general election or on 31 October, whichever comes first....' ..Good riddance!! #DrainTheSwamp 🇬🇧👍
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My latest @telegraph comment: This may well be the EU’s last chance to avoid a no-deal Brexit. But will they take it?…
Thread ->
Boris Johnson's future as PM may hinge on whether he can avoid having to request a three-month extension on 18 October.
Brussels may now be strategising on the basis that, if they grant an extension, a @UKLabour government, intent on stopping a no deal #Brexit, could well come to power - and such a situation may work to Brussels' advantage.
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2/ “In 2017 ..this is a pledge that I intend to keep - if House votes for early election my tenure will end, if the House doesn't I have concluded that least disruptive course of action would be for me to stand down for close of business on October 31.”
3/ Bullying allegation investigation...…
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2/ Tony Blair - former leader of the Labour Party & MP for Sedgefield. PM from 1997 - 2007. Strong supporter - US president George W Bush. Joined - War on Terror, sending British troops to Afghanistan & Iraq. Succeeded as Labour leader by Gordon Brown.
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As hard #NoDeal Brexit goes on back foot, thanks to sterling work of our elected MPs, now the soft Leavers are here arguing for the "EEA option". What follows is a short thread to remind ourselves of the key pros and cons of the Norway model...
Pros of EEA option. 1) reduces economic disruption of Brexit. 2) provides partial solution to Irish border problem. 3) helps shield UK against US economic predation. 4) would make it much easier to rejoin EU as fast as possible thanks to continued regulatory alignment
Now the cons of EEA. A) It would be quite simply bonkers for the UK to transform itself from a leading power within the EU to a passive recipient of the EU's rules. The "rule taker, not rule maker" point is totally true. Norwegians call it "fax democracy". Take back control?!
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@VP Pence assured @LeoVaradkar the US “will continue to encourage the UK & IRL, to ensure that any #Brexit respects the #GoodFridayAgreement.”

This challenge is a live one.
And it’s going to remain so.

NI civic & business groups urge 🇺🇸 Congress to uphold this commitment.
@VP @LeoVaradkar In a letter to 🇺🇸 @SpeakerPelosi they summarise conditions for #peace which must be protected through & after #Brexit:

* Normalisation of security arrangements
* Economic stability & investment
* Equal rights & non-discrimination of citizens here
* Cross-border cooperation

@VP @LeoVaradkar @SpeakerPelosi They note “the growing sense of danger in N.Ireland
& our diminishing capacity to avert it.”

NI is set to suffer worst effects of a #NoDeal or ‘hard’ #Brexit.…

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Worth outlining in full Lady Sylvia Hermon's Q to the PM in @HouseofCommons this afternoon (16:59).

And his response, which doesn’t answer the Q & which presents as a ‘simple fact’ something easily provable as untrue & which only serves to fuel the fears of unionists in NI.

@HouseofCommons Lady Hermon says she thinks the PM “owes the people of N.Ireland some explanation as to why he and his govt have treated for treating the @BelfastAgmt with such a careless & cavalier manner.

That Agreement has kept stability & #peace in NI since it was signed 21 years ago.”

@HouseofCommons @BelfastAgmt “It is reported that the Crown Solicitor’s Office has advised the govt that a #NoDeal #Brexit would be in contravention of the 1998 Agmt."
Hermon calls on PM "to publish today in full -& he owes it to the people of NI & to the House- any legal advice he has received" on this.
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And let's get today's #Brexit thread started

#Letwin is expected to make an application for an emergency debate sometime after 17:30 which, if successful, will result in an emergency debate on Brexit sometime around 18:00

In the meantime the real stuff is still going on...

behind the scenes

Senior Tory rebels have been in to see Johnson and have basically come back out describing the meeting as being crap, and the Johnson is still sticking to the claim that the whip will be withdrawn from any Tory MP that votes against the government

All the current rumblings from Labour still seem to indicate that they won't back a vote calling for a General Election unless legislation is in place to stop a No Deal Brexit on 31 October, but that's still a case of wait and see

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What #ParliamentShutDown is about.
A thread on strategy and tactics.

Premises: Cummings is the decision maker, a rare beast who understands at least the most fundamental rules of strategy. His final aim is to consolidate power.

#Brexit is a tool, not the aim.
In a confrontation with multiple players, only a fool thinks it's possible to plot a precise route to victory. Smarter people know that the best way to increase the chances of success is to maximise one's own options and reduce the options available to the opposition.
#ParliamentShutDown does this in multiple ways.
1st: it forces honest democrats to fight back, engaging in a battle chosen by Cummings. This is bad, but not baiting is even worse! It already is a tactical cost we can't avoid paying.
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It's not as straightforward. Yes, they could have been clearer (see my thread this morning) but this particular Q requires traders to know the basics.
The expression used in the letter "deal with customs processes" is clumsy but /1
To explain who needs only UK EORI and who needs both UK and EU one you need to first explain basic customs principles: importer/exporter, special procedures, incoterms etc /2
The UK/ EU EORI issue would be best explained by a series of scenarios but even then it really is a case by case issue. Bit easier for smaller companies but still something a trader needs to assess given their current circumstances, model, future plans etc. /3
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Copy of @HMRCgovuk letter to EU-only traders sent last week. Auto-enrolment for EORI numbers.
Easy to spot why companies were confused as to who needs one in the UK and who needs an EU EORI /1…
@HMRCgovuk "Deal with customs processes of EU Member States" probably means very little to an EU-only trader. Strikingly different advice for importers and exporters ("you need to make customs declarations for your goods" in both cases) /2
@HMRCgovuk What would be useful to EU-only traders is clear info:

1) What does it mean to be an importer/ exporter?
2) How do you know you're one?
3) What is the liability and responsibilities in both cases?
4) What are import/export procedures?
5) What's an EORI/ TSP?

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📢Calling all those who live or work in the Central Border Region!!📢

Here's something you *can* do to have your voice heard on #Brexit & #NoDeal at this critical time:

Please take a few mins to complete this #survey on what it all means for you. 🖱️
Here's is a reminder of the local authority areas that are included in the Central Border Region. 👇
We welcome responses from anyone who lives or works here.

The survey closes on 23 Sept.

We'll produce an interim report of results in time for crunch decision time in Oct.
@europe_icban The survey is part of a 3rd round of @europe_icban / @QUBelfast studies on the impact of #Brexit in the Central Border Region.

The results of the previous two are here:
‘Bordering on Brexit’ 2017:
'Brexit at the Border' 2018:

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Catching up on this week’s #Brexit news- @HMRCgovuk's decision to allocate the customs ID numbers, EORI, to 88k companies is an important step forward in #NoDeal nodeal prep. This solves one of the 3 main issues around EORI numbers /1…
@HMRCgovuk Each company that imports/exports outside the EU currently already has one. But until now you didn't need one if you were only moving goods within the EU. EORI is also required to register for TSPs - Gov's D1ND simplified customs procedures /2…
@HMRCgovuk Allocating EORI numbers to all VAT registered companies that need one, was something that @britishchambers has been advocating for months. @HMRCgovuk's concerns around automatic enrolment were valid but given time left and numbers involved - it needed to be done /3
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It's now painfully clear and beyond any doubt: 1. That the sunny, cost-free, easy-access uplands, posited by the Brexit cult, are mendacious fantasy. 2. That the ever-growing costs, downsides and consequences of Brexit are very real and intellectually indisputable.
We may tire of confronting the undisputed opportunity costs* of #Brexit #CatastrophUK (c.£130bn so far, rising at c.£1.2bn weekly) but our *GDP *Currency *Property Values *Stock Market *Govt Borrowing *Ongoing #Brexodus (ref: @uk_domain_names) combine to drag the UK backwards.
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