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Why mechanics, garages worry about #ElectricVehicle revolution: Only 2% of India’s vehicles are EVs, but sales rose 155% in 2022-23. @kavithawrites on need to re-skill large workforce to ensure #JustTransition 

“Every third vehicle that I see is an #ElectricVehicle. It will have an impact on small informal workers like mechanics, spare parts dealers: Y Vamshi Krishna, owner of service centre in #Hyderabad. Millions wary of #electricMobility revolution’s impact on #labour. 2/4
“I am scared…We may lose our jobs as we don’t have the necessary skills.” T Sai Kumar, a technician at a car dealership in #Hyderabad. Major auto companies are currently looking at what training workers need amid transition to #ElectricVehicles. 3/4
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🇨🇳 #RosemontSenecaBohai= #CCP CO-MINGLED
🚩 #FollowTheMoney expose how COMPROMISED
+FBI verified
#Bobulinski's claims of CEFC+China ties
#Burisma $83,333.33 pmts
in co-mingled
Bank Statement⬇️… ImageImageImage
WHY Benefit #CCP 🇨🇳not 🇺🇸 ?
#HunterBiden sold US owned #COBALT Mine in Congo to #CCPChina

¬BIDEN puts 20 YEAR BAN on
Mining of US RenewableEnergy MINERALS

¬US passed #ChipsAct #Infrastructure rely ON MINED Materials…… ImageImageImageImage
🚩UnConstitional #ESJ #ESG
Uses SocialJustice

#SocialScore DigitalID:
+LIMITS EV #GeoFence
+BANS Bank loan
👋NO #2ndAm
+Reports #CarbonFootprint
Pay #PerMileTax
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Earlier today, @STS_News asked about researchers studying the history of #standardization.

That reminded me that I haven't had a chance to share some of the highlights from @LindaHall_org's latest exhibition: The #Standards That Built America!

Time for a 🧵! (1/8) #histSTM #STS
Curated by reference assistant David Crawford, this exhibition showcases a few of the 100,000+ industrial #standards in LHL's stacks.

Many of these standards were once part of the Engineering Societies Library & are hard to find anywhere else! (2/8)…
LHL's #standards are often overlooked compared to our #RareBooks & #Journals, but they tell an important #engineering story. Groups like @ansidotorg, @IEEESA & @isostandards have helped promote interoperability, safety & accessibility in a variety of technological contexts. (3/8)
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We are back here at the India Expo Mart for #AutoExpo2023 Day 2. Stay tuned and follow this thread for some exciting announcements from @MGMotorIn and @Maruti_Corp

#AutoExpoOnTV9 | @MrAhmedSays | @Nishmanya | @Nandiniwhy
A quick look at the Hydrogen fuel cell-powered Hyundai Nexo with @Nishmanya

#AutoExpo2023 | #AutoExpo | @HyundaiIndia | #AutoExpoOnTV9
We are starting the day with an important announcement at @MGMotorIn where it will unveil a hydrogen fuel cell powered MPV

#AutoExpo2023 | #AutoExpoOnTV9
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FAANG peaked a year ago as it was stupidly over valued. It’s not cheap by any means today but we will likely end up with a decent bounce into year end. Fund managers will want to bounce the market and I suspect there’s enough people looking to by the dip to help swing things
It’s been an absolutely brutal year for many sectors and a Christmas rally will likely materialize
The distortions in the market are still extreme. For example #bitcoin still holds a ~$320 bln market cap. All those moron coins do is burn energy when created. In contrast all the #uranium stocks combine for a ~$40bln cap and are needed to produce ~11% or global electricity
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I got my Prius in 2004. The car cost $30,000 but over the 17 years I owned it, it saved me $35,000 in fuel costs (compared to my prior #auto)

I was a BIG fan. Now I'm a big Toyota critic

#automotive #disruption #disruptiveinnovation #CES2023 #WEF23 #COP27 #climate #EV
From Leader to Laggard
Toyota has sold ~5M globally. Sales peaked in 2010 at 500,000 units

For the last few years Toyota has been campaigning against EVs. Why? 1) Because it's far behind in the #tech; 2) It's working to promote hybrids

#disruption #ElectricVehicle #CES2023
I've gone from being a major fan of Toyota to a major critic

Toyota has chosen to be on the wrong side of history. EVs outsold hybrids for the first time in 2021

Toyota has gone from darling to villain for environmentalists

#COP27 #EV #ClimateCrisis #climate #CES2023 #WEF23
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🚗 Electric vehicles are set to be the future of green transport - and women are driving the revolution in India.

⚡️ Its employment gender gap worsened across many sectors during the pandemic - except #EV manufacturing.

Meet the leaders & workers at the wheel of the industry 🧵
♀️ This is Prabhjot Kaur, co-founder and CEO of Esmito Solutions.

🔋 The Indian start-up produces batteries as well as crucial battery-swapping stations for EVs.

As she's built her business, she's often had to patiently explain her job in meetings where she was the only woman. Image
⭕️ Prabhjot credits her father for her determination.

🥋 He persuaded her to go to karate classes where she was the only teenage girl.

🗣 "It translated into me being the best student... It also taught me not to fear my surroundings and so I never feared large groups of men." Image
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#lithium carbonate breaks $510k yuan/ton which is $80k USD - almost a $10k increase in the last fortnight. A small thread on why this matters below for #electricvehicles and #lithium #mining stocks. Happy punting all.
#Spot #lithium traded as above is usually representative of tiny volumes at different districts in China. Could probably spend a whole thread describing lithium prices in different areas but that'd be a waste of time. Take away point is the volume is tiny but it's a trend.
The head price you see here is representative of what traders/chemical producers are getting for product sold typically to #cathode #producers who use the chemicals to create lithium batteries.
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Tata's Ecosystem around EVs⚡
Next big thing in India?🚙
Here's a thread 🧵👇 Image
Here are the main components requires to fully build an EV & make it accessible for the customers

1. Car Manufacturer
2. Batteries
3. Grid & Infrastructure
4. Technology & Connectivity
Now let's understand,
How Tata has built an entire Universe around the same - 🚙🚙🚙

So first we have Tata Motors for designing, sourcing, manufacturing and selling, till now they have made 2 EVs Tigor and Nexon which broke all the records of EV selling in the industry. Image
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What would you rather drive - gas or electric - in an epic traffic jam? A short thread to emphasize that running either type of car for cabin heating will use a lot of fuel, and that neither vehicle is designed for unlikely scenarios. (*napkin math warning*)🧵
To heat your gas car, you have to run the engine (your heating is actually from the wasted energy from the inefficient combustion of gas). Most Americans buy SUVs, which use roughly 1/2 gallon of gas per hour idling (I rounded up from "large sedan").…
The Honda CRV has a 14-gallon tank. If it's half full when you get stuck in an epic winter traffic jam, you've got 14 hours of heat from idling with 7 gallons of gas.
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If you can’t buy #Ola or #Tesla shares, these are six stocks to track if you are looking to play the EV revolution in India…

By @Bhaktimakwana18

#WorldEVDay #WorldEVDay2021
@Bhaktimakwana18 With the recent launch of Ola’s electric scooters, and buzz around existing #ElectricVehicle (EV) models by Tata Motors, MG Motor, Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M), Audi and others, electric vehicles are increasingly becoming the flavour of our times.

#WorldEVDay #WorldEVDay2021
@Bhaktimakwana18 On the occasion of #WorldEVDay, let us get to know about some of the companies that seem to be celebrating the #ElectricVehicle revolution.

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Notes from IDC #semiconductor market briefing by VP Mario Morales, head of semiconductors (30-year veteran) 9/2/2021 on Zoom.

Great presentation.

#IDC 1/16
#IDC 2/16

IDC forecasts the 2021 #semiconductor market will grow 17.3% to US$545.0 billion led by phones, laptops, servers, automotive, smarthome, gaming, wearables and Wi-Fi, with increased memory prices.

The market will grow 4% in 2022 and 0.3% in 2023 to $568.4 bln.
#IDC 3/16

Without shortages, #semiconductor market growth would have been over 20% this year, with the bullish case close to 25%.
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The establishment of China's EV industry has been shaped by over a decade of effort, after the gov recognized pollution as a growing issue that the rising middle class would exacerbate.

(📜 a thread 1/9)
In the 2010s, five cities - Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hefei and Changchun - began offering subsidies as high as 60kRMB (~9,200USD) for people buying fully electric cars. (2/9)
Meanwhile, local govts provided tax breaks + grants for EV manufacturers like @BYDcompany.

So: 💸 discounts for both makers & buyers of EV cars. (3/9)
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$DCRC ➡️ $SLDP @SolidPowerInc

1.2B EV
Closing 2H 2021
19% for $Dcrc shareholders
165m pipe
600 m cash on hand upon closing

IP link… Image
Who is @SolidPowerInc
Solid state battery manufacturer
Backed by @BMW and @Ford / $F
8 years of research and development
Entering a 500b dollar market ImageImage
Why Solid state is the future
Longer the distance
More cost effective
Longer battery life
Increased HP
Faster charging ImageImage
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$DCRN ➡️ @tritium IP highlights
Valuation at 1.4b
Free cash flow 2023
Will trade under $DCFC (DC fast charge 🧐)
24% for $DCRN share holders
No pipe
IP -… Image
The #EVrevolution
As batteries decrease in price and achieve longer range it’s now possible for electrification
Projected growth to 55 million #electricvehciles by 2040 Image
DC charging company (5-10) competitors globally
Around since 2001
Global reach with charging in 41 countries
Market share - US 15%, EU 20%, Asia pacific over 75% Image
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A Thread🧵on various #IncomeTax #Deductions.

Must read for everyone.

A simple & legitimate way to to save taxes every year!

(RT to maximize reach.)

Money Saved is Money Earned !

#IncomeTax #Tax #ELSS #TaxSaving #Investing #TaxPlanning

Images Courtesy : Internet.
When the month of March starts or is about to end suddenly everyone remembers one thing #TaxSaving ...

This is where #TaxDeductions come into picture.

Deductions allowed under #IncomeTax act help you reduce your taxable income.
People normally know a bit about Section 80C Deduction which allows a person to claim a deduction of Rs 1.5 lakh on total income.

But there are various other common deductions which anyone can claim.

This thread is about such common deductions.
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It was a big week in #energy. For the need-to-know recap, dive into this thread. 👇
Our mission is to accelerate the global #lowcarbon #energytransition by unleashing the potential of #opensource #digital tech, including the #EnergyWeb #blockchain.

In tandem, major energy companies around the world are making big pivots.
Legacy oil majors such as #EnergyWeb member @Shell are investing heavily in #digitalization and #renewables.

Electricity grid operators are becoming TRANSPORTATION companies, via #electricvehicle charging infrastructure and supplying electrons as 'fuel' to those #EVs.
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We strive to make mobility smarter and greener. XPeng owners drove 17,267,171 km cumulatively during the Lunar New Year holiday week, equivalent to:
🌎431 journeys round the equator
🔋1,086 tons of carbon emission reduced
🌲217,000 trees planted
#GoElectric #ElectricVehicles Image
Built for smart driving. XPeng vehicles planned over 30,000 long-distance charging routes for customers during the CNY holiday week. #AllElectricNow #ElectricVehicle Image
Designed for smart mobility. XPeng vehicles recuperated 882,724 kWh of energy over the CNY holiday week, enough to drive another 5.23 million km. #ElectricCar #Electromobility Image
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1/x I am logging off for 2020 including from Twitter. Reflecting on a great year for the #EV industry:

1. A global pandemic and economic shutdown couldn't stop the industry. Final numbers TBD but I bet on another year of EV #growth and #ICE decline. Will be watching @rhomotion
2/x The make-up of ownership in the #supplychain continues to change. In lithium, Pilbara/Altura and Tianqi/IGO foreshadow that there is potential for more deals across the full supply chain before prices rise. Will be watching @amiller_bmi for more…
3/x Yes, the #battery #chemicals price spikes will happen - my personal prediction is within the next 18 months. See point #1 - another year of not-enough-investment-in-supply isnt going to make demand easier to meet. Will be watching @CDMRawles for more
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Lagi ramai pemberitaan investasi #Tesla di #Indonesia. Sebenarnya, seperti apa sih rekam jejak mereka di negara - negara lain?

Ternyata di negara lain, mereka sampai ada bikin pengembangan "mobil murah" loh!
#ElonMusk #Musk #Elon #SpaceX #Teknologi #Nikel
📽 @cnbcindonesia
Di #Asia sendiri, sebelumnya #Tesla telah berinvestasi di dua negara dengan potensi penduduk yang banyak : #China dan #India. Mari kita bahas di kedua negara tersebut!

#investasi #teknologi #pabrik #nikel #mobillistrik #ElonMusk #elon #musk #SpaceX #SpaceXStarship
Sejak era perang dagang antara #Amerika dengan #China, #Tesla langsung berinisiatif berinvestasi sebesar $5 miliar untuk membangun pabrik di China, karena ongkosnya jauh lebih murah.

#ElonMusk #Elon #Musk #Indonesia #Investasi #Teknologi #Pabrik #Nikel #MobilListrik #Electric
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Our new study on plug-in hybrid #ElectricVehicle usage is out now (@TheICCT & @FraunhoferISI)! Data from over 100,000 PHEV from China, Europe, & the US. Key results:
1. fuel consumption and co2 emissions two to four times higher than test cycle Image
2. Real world share of electric driving (utility factor UF) is only half the value from test cycles: Image
3. PHEVs are not charged every day.
4. PHEVs show high annual mileage and many long-distance trips.
5. PHEVs electrify many kilometers per year.
6. Lower combustion engine power and higher range reduce fuel consumption & CO2 emissions.
Full study:…
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Just spent a week w/@Audi e-tron. Overall it reinforced my first drive impression from last spring that this is an excellent electric Audi in most respects. If you like the way Audis look and drive, nothing about this #electricvehicle will shock or surprise
Despite it's 5,700-pound heft, it drives lighter. As with other EVs, the low mounted battery helps with the dynamics. Sized between Q5 & Q7, it has lots of room for 5 and cargo in the back although frunk is tiny
It's quiet and mostly down the road altho the 19-in aero wheels would have a bit more compliance than the 21s. As usual, the fit and finish and materials are excellent. But Audi needs to bring back MMI knob
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Range anxiety is a real concern for changing our mindset around #ElectricVehicles.

Just how close to the left of the needle can we go?

Tomorrow I’ve got a few offsite #CSIRO meetings between #Newcastle & #Sydney, so why not come on:
“A day in the life of an #EV

Starting, NOW!
Off on the first leg of the #EV trip, leaving work for the day: I have an 8am meeting so will get a head start.

Leaving the charging point behind & starting with a ~full charge + range of 429 km.

Bring on tomorrow’s #RangeAnxiety experiment!
@TheDriven_io @AEVA_National #CSIRO
First leg of #RangeAnxiety experiment 🧪went as expected:

16 km trip from Office to Home, 15 km reduction in range.

Now to take the dog 🐕 for a bush walk & await the next experimental leg.

#CSIRO #Renewables #Australia #ElectricVehicles #EV
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The #Sony surprise is just the beginning. I expect many more surprise winners in #electricvehicle space. @Sony #CES2020 1/n
@Sony The traditional #auto behemoths with their fully depreciated plants & highly profitable operations don’t seem to have the ability or the appetite to look beyond their guzzling #ICE cars. #electricvehicles 2/n
@Sony Similar statements have emerged from #toyota and other biggies too. They don't seem to see the tsunami coming their way. #ElectricVehicles 3/n
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