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#AndrewYang posted an opinion piece that says to avoid #racism, it's on us Asian-Americans to show our "American-ness". I like @andrewyang2020 but he's wrong. Asians/Asian-Americans do NOT need to show their "#American-ness".
White America historically as a whole perceive us as "the other" (and still do). Asians do not need to prove anything to anyone. White America need to change their collective behavior, not us.
The #coronavirus has been weaponized to unfairly stigmatize Chinese people such as myself. Although humans discriminate upon one another, diseases don't. If there IS a duty I feel a responsibility towards, it is to protect my fellow Asians,
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1. There is a #manbaby @1600Pennsylvania who has fomented hate, racism & xenophobia consistently. Now #AsianAmericans are suffering unnecessarily. @AGWilliamBarr needs to address these 1000s of #hatecrimes. People have died by mistakenly #selfmedicating believing false rhetoric
2. espoused by #POTUS. You are not a medical professional. Don't #BS aboit your uncle's teachings @realdonaldtrump. In NYC this week #EMTs answered 6500 calls in one day...when 4k is normally a high#. Staff has become ill or quarantined forcing others to work harder longer.
3. This speaks to the failure of our #healthcaresystem that is out of supplies, equipment, facilities and tools while the #medicalindustrialcomplex reaps profirs and you #POTUS refuse to enact #DefenseProductionAct since #corporateCEOs caution against their livelihood if you do
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It has grieved me to see the current day suffering of my Asian-American friends during the #Coronavirusoutbreak. The first thing I thought of was @the18yearplan's clarifying essay on #ThreePillarsofWhiteSupremacy. It explains it perfectly. 1/
Andrea @the18yearplan is in this Twitter-TeachIn, so all can refer to her thread for more. I'll reflect on one central point that rises to the surface for me... 2/ #evangelicals4justice #covid19 #racism
"Whiteness," as political construct, was created to determine who ordained to rule. White supremacy believes white people were created to rule and steward everything. Everyone else is cast as a threat or a commodity to white stewardship. 2/ #evangelicals4justice #covid19 #racism
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Time to go deep. Almost EVERY Black woman I know is single (except for a few). Literally. #Covid19 has highlighted the reality of our social location in a painful way. #ShelterInPlace order has had a particularly isolating impact on Black women. #evangelicals4justice #racism 1/
Many, many of us are not sheltered with family or friends. We are sheltered alone. I've found a particularly heightened level of anxiety among single Black women, because of the level of vulnerability. 2/ #evangelicals4justice #covid19 #racism
This is abt racism b/c it traces to the breaking of Black families through slavery, jim crow and poverty. Literal hierarchy of desirability moves Black men (especially evangelical) to marry non-Black women far more often. 3/ #evangelicals4justice #covid19 #racism
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“The Brahmin Kashmiri Pandit have only been reported in India.” (am I a fucking snow leopard that you spot in the mountains?)

“The Kashmiri Pandits need to hear the life-changing gospel of Christ in a way they can understand.....
“With so many now in refugee camps, they have physical needs that can be met by Christian agencies. Like all Brahmins they need to be humbled to see themselves as sinners and in need of God's remedy for sin, Jesus Christ.”
Is this for real? Unbelievable. #JoshuaProject #India #Racism
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Y’all. Trump done f—ked up. How? Why now? It was written in 1950 and we are seeing it now.

Aimé Césaire was from Martinique and wrote Discourse on Colonialism. A powerful, and short, text I highly recommend. It has become a major text in post/anti-colonial theory.

In it Césaire lays out one indictment against Adolph Hitler, our analog to Trump.

What was Hitler’s sin that raised the response and attacks? What was the thing that broke the camel ‘s back for the USA?

I’ll let Césaire say it:

What we “cannot forgive Hitler for is not crime in itself, the crime against man, it is not the humiliation of man as such, it is the crime against the white man, the humiliation of the white man...

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In a luncheon for new faculty @BYU this wk it was suggested that us faculty should model for our students how we live our faith... 1/ thread
This is somewhat of a struggle for me bcz I don’t wear my religion on my sleeve (as friends & colleagues outside BYU & church can attest). I prefer to let my actions reflect my faith, rather than my speech. 2/
However, since some folk at BYU & on this forum have rcntly confused my stance against racism & homophobia as “political,” allow me to share how my actions are motivated by my faith. 3/
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I often question why I am expressing opinions on social media .? I am not a politician, just an ordinary everyday person ..But, I can put my hand up for my Children & Grandchildren to say .I did my upmost to challenge, change & make this world better for you .
I resolutely refuse to be complicit to #Tory Gov Economic Murder of vulnerable people, I tried hard to keep our magnificent #NHS for your future care & safety.
It is A Labour of Love & My Duty as a Mother Grand Parent & concerned Citizen of the #UK #Britain
I know I am not alone worrying about the sheer lack of real & decent #governance. The toxic level of #greed & #Corruption & Lack of Accountability ...& worst of all the disgrace of the #Tories #Media & #Press Blaming All their woes & shortcomings on Immigrants & Refugee's
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Testimony N°1 about #ChildAbuse from Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Alam, currenty tweeting under @BarefootRaRa, looking for help of French #FarRight to harass the #whistleblower @BernardGrua, #BernardGrua.
#RamlaAktar #RmalaAalam #Hunza #Pakistan #Bullying #RassemblementNational
@BarefootRaRa @BernardGrua Testimony N°2 about #ChildAbuse from Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Alam, currenty tweeting under @BarefootRaRa, looking for help of French #FarRight to harass the #whistleblower @BernardGrua, #BernardGrua.
#RamlaAktar #RmalaAalam #Hunza #Pakistan #Bullying #RassemblementNational
@BarefootRaRa @BernardGrua Testimony N°3 about #ChildAbuse from Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Alam, currenty tweeting under @BarefootRaRa, looking for help of French #FarRight to harass the #whistleblower @BernardGrua, #BernardGrua.
#RamlaAktar #RmalaAalam #Hunza #Pakistan #Bullying #RassemblementNational
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When people use the terms #Fascist or #Fascism today,
They are usually using it in a derogatory way to refer to a group or regime or even an individual that is overly aggressive, controlling or totalitarian, but do you even know what it means? 🤷‍♂️
2. The #Resist types like to say @realDonaldTrump is a #Fascist and so are the #MAGA’s...But is it true?
Looking at this meme I’ll say “they don’t know” 😂
Almost none of what’s mentioned is an attribute of fascism but if #Trump was a Fascist you’d be in prison. 😉 #Think
3 #Fascism definition:
it depends on who you ask.
both sources give two separate definitions of what Fascism is, and both get one thing wrong #racism is not an attribute of fascism.
Mussolini did not believe in a master Race, and didn’t agree with Hitler.
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Pakistani🇵🇰 #RamlaAkhtar, aka #RmalaAalam, under twitter account @BarefootRara is now explicitly asking for the support of French #FarRight against, me, @BernardGrua, @GruaBernard, a 🇫🇷French photographer, blogger, and activist in her quest for personal revenge against #Wakhi...
@BarefootRaRa @GruaBernard ...ethnic and religious minority and against the collected testimonies of her child maltreatment. She uses the classical alt-righ & totalitarian states accusation, the one of paedophilia.
@BarefootRaRa @GruaBernard Ramla Akhtar evidenced her sentences against colonialism, white-suprematism, racism where pure hypocrisy while looking for French far right support Ramla Akhtar evidence her sentences against colonialism, white-suprematism, racism where pure hypocrisy while looking for...
Read 45 tweets… #EnoughIsEnough Together we march this Saturday from 13-16.00. @RightProtest #Brits2020 #HoldThemToAccount Do you care about #climate & #democracy & #Judiciary & #racism & #inequality & #NotInMyName & #Fascism
Enough devastating droughts,
floods and storms.
Enough of police clamping down on peaceful protesters.
Enough fires decimating wildlife and homes from the UK to the USA, Australia to Amazon & Africa.
Enough of being labelled extremists for standing up for each other.
Enough racism. Enough
Enough of the media controlling our story.
Enough government failure.

More courage.
More collaboration.
More love.

Movements, individuals, organisations, families and communities are marching together in resistance and solidarity THIS SATURDAY
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On Feb 18, 1965 there was a historic debate b/t James Baldwin & William F. Buckley Jr at Cambridge University on the question: "Is the American Dream at the expense of the American Negro?" Baldwin says yes, Buckley says no.
What followed was historic.
“I have to speak as one of the people who’ve been most attacked by...the Western or the European system of reality...white supremacy...white supremacy comes from Europe...”
James Baldwin

Baldwin vs William F. Buckley Jr at Cambridge University, 1965 #BlackHistoryMonth #History
“It comes as a great discover that the flag to which you have pledged allegiance...has not pledged allegiance to you.”

James Baldwin vs William F. Buckley Jr at Cambridge University, 1965
#BlackHistoryMonth #History #CulturalConditioning
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a female sales person ... was having difficulty finding a nanny. He yelled loudly at her, in front of a large group of employees,“It’s a f------ baby! All it does is eat and s---! It doesn’t know the difference between you and anyone else!…
“All you need is some black who doesn’t even have to speak English to rescue it from a burning building!”

#racism and #sexism in one quote by @MikeBloomberg
“He said to a newly-hired female Company sales person, ‘If [the clients] told you to lay down and strip naked so they could f--- you, would you do that too?’ He repeated similar words or substance at frequent intervals”
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I find it rather sad. Blacks are great being who they are, but there is always someone comes along who wants, Orwellian-style, to force them into white history & culture, where they don't belong & stick out like a sore thumb.
And with this #SoreThumb things get even more Orwellian, because it serves #BigBrother & his minions as an instrument of socio-political intimidation & control, with anyone commenting on or protesting it being accused of #HateSpeech, i.e. #RACISM.
#BigBrother & his minions have such a grip on western "democracies" now that it beggars belief. But when I try pointing this out to most people, they look at me as if it is me who is mad.

Maybe I am, but I don't think so:
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Jim's Just Sayin, one year ago today:

The midgets of the Democratic Party are lining up to (a) seek the nomination of their party for the presidency and (b) endorse the so-called "Green New Deal."
No candidate of the Democratic Party can obtain my support without opposing their party's #bloodthirst, #warmongering, #classstrife, and #racism.
Bloodthirst? Yes. Executing a person because they refuse to move out of a home where they are not welcome is a grotesque and violent act, and that is the essence of abortion. Murdering someone because of where they temporarily reside.
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African-American university student Vivian Malone entering the University of Alabama in the U.S. to register for classes as one of the first non-white students to attend the institution.
"Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance, and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another."
@realDonaldTrump 3824
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 9b417c No.8012209 📁
Feb 3 2020 13:46:57 (EST) NEW
Open your eyes to see the TRUTH.
Who are the REAL racists?
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#Seenotrettung #seawatch
#WhiteSavior #Racism

Geschlossene Häfen vs. Offene Häfen

Abfahrten Januar- September 2018: 38638

Abfahrten Januar- September 2019: 12222

Abfahrten Januar- Dezember 2018: 43.062

Abfahrten Januar- Dezember 2019: 21.982
Abfahrten Januar 2019:

Abfahrten Januar 2020:
Seit die Küstenwache rettet, sind die Todesfälle stark zurückgegangen.
Die Küstenwache rettet schon bevor die Boote in hoher See in Seenot geraten können.
Die NGOs können nicht schnell genug fahren, die Küstenwache rettet besser.
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This thread is for #white #vegans & #animalrights activists who recognize we are often the problem in the way we articulate issues having to do with the other animals. One step is to learn as much as you can about #WhiteSupremacy & #WhitePrivilege. Read! #BlackHistoryMonth2020
Do you know the history of the Civil Rights movement? You could start by reading vol 1 of "America in the King Years," "Parting the Waters" by @taylorbranch.…
@taylorbranch In 1962, the Civil Rights Commission was going to make a very strong statement about racism. Politically, it would be problematic for President Kennedy. JFK was told "It is legal for the police to use dogs." So, turn to "Afro-Dog" next.…
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THREAD: [Jimmy Kimmel] seems to be cranking up the rhetoric against @realDonaldTrump and the GOP Senators. Let’s go down memory lane.

“Those who are the loudest…..”
1) Why do you think Jimmy Kimmel got the job he did? #Pedowood
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For those who ask for #antiracist tips & recommended readings, I've compiled all previous threads with info in this meta-thread for easy access. Use as a resource. Bookmark to have them all together. Will continue to add more. #commit2change #antiracism #BlackLivesMatter
1. A thread which can be used as a resource to show misappropriation of medieval symbols. #medievaltwitter
2. Info on #whiteprivilege, how to be #antiracist and how to be a better ally. Suggested short readings, articles and videos found in this thread:
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Today my son was cornered at school by kids who wanted to “test” him for #Coronavirus just because he is half-Chinese. They chased him. Scared him. And made him cry.

I was the same age when I was bullied for being Pakistani.

It’s 2020. I thought things had changed by now... 💔
Update: my son is okay. Confused but okay. A Chinese friend and his brother were also targeted.

This morning, we talked about what racism is.

I will talk to the principal. There is hope for education, perspective and compassion. Here’s to making a better world.

Update: I spoke to the Principal.

She apologized. By then, she had learned of similar incidents in other classes. She immediately informed relevant parties and went to each class in each grade to talk about #racism, #coronavirus, and #compassion. This is leadership in action.
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1/5 I am concerned about the growing number of reports of #racism and stigmatizing comments on social media directed to people of Chinese and Asian descent related to #2019nCOV #coronavirus. #EndStigma
2/5 It is understandable that our fears increase during times like this. However, we need to remember that cohesion in our collective efforts is important.
3/5 Everyone has a part to play in preventing the spread of the virus. The Chinese community and all travellers from affected areas are a key part of these efforts. #2019nCoV #coronavirus
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Cuz #china is trying to kill me and my race it’s time they start paying all my bills and not only
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