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@HennaVirkkunen @Kokoomusmepit cc: @ EvaKBartlett
Another tragic day for the people of the #Donbass. More #Ukrainian #warcrimes, #slaughtering 9 #civilians in Donetsk yesterday, including 1 #child, and #injuring at least 16 more when Ukraine rained munitions down on #residential areas,
@HennaVirkkunen @Kokoomusmepit cc: @ WoodyW00dlegger
"-Ostin älykkyyttä lisääviä pillereitä, haluatko kokeilla?"
"-No mikä ettei", kaveri otti ja nielaisi.
"-Ei kyllä tunnu yhtään älykkäämmältä"
"-Jos ei heti tehoa, ota lisää". Kaveri napsi toisen ja kolmannen.
@HennaVirkkunen @Kokoomusmepit The fate of #NATO membership | 8 Mar, 2023
- The #Hungarian delegation that visited #Finland on Wed hopes that Finland will show more #respect for Hungary. @TyttiTup @EeroHeinaluoma @TuomiojaErkki @HennaVirkkunen @jyrkikatainen
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1) The #Hungarian #Pengo has experienced the most serious #hyperinflation in the history of #currencies. This note is a 1 billion-billion Pengo note that became worthless in the matter of weeks. While it seems like history, hyperinflation is real and possible today. 👇 Image
2) The Hungarian economy could only be stabilized by the introduction of a new currency, and therefore, on 1 August 1946, the Forint was reintroduced at a rate of 400 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 (400 octillion) = 4×10^29 Pengo, dropping 29 zeros from the old currency. 👇
3) The daily daily inflation rate in Hungary has been increasing since 1938 and in between 1945 and 1946 the daily inflation was over 200 percent! See cost of living index & exchange rate of the pengő with the U.S. dollar(log scale). The cost of living spiraled out of control!👇 Image
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Possible #Russian Breakthrough North of #Bakhmut | Avdiivka Front Update | -2h,1 2/03/2023
#Russian Soldiers Pushed Into #Bakhmut City, Destroyed New #Nazi #Monuments | March 11, 2023… Image
Blind To #HumanitarianCrises, #Israel Strikes #Syria And #Lebanon | Mar 10
- On Mar 5 Israeli soldiers breached the #BlueLine, which was set by the #UnitedNations for the #withdrawal of the #Israeli forces from Lebanon in 2000.
Vid… Image
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Today was the 24th time Viktor #Orbán gave his traditional „state of the nation” speech. From the Ukrainian war to inflation and gender, here is a quick recap of what the #Hungarian PM had to say. 👇 Image
2/6 Orbán is convinced the war between Russia and Ukraine could last for years, and everyone in the NATO and the EU, except Hungarians, is on the side of war.
3/6 The only “morally right thing to do” is to stay out of the war. The war in Ukraine showed that Russia would not stand a chance against NATO, and it is therefore wrong to think that Russia poses a threat to Hungary's security, Orbán added.
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#Putin received a message from #Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor #Orban. Orban asked Putin not to go too far. This is his response to Putin's demands to step up opposition to "anti-#Russian" decisions in all structures of the #EU.
1/4 Image
#Orban said that he was doing everything possible and impossible, but there was a limit to everything. The Prime Minister of #Hungary assured that he remained a devoted friend of the President of #Russia and would defend the interests of the Russian leadership in the #EU.
2/4 Image
However, within reasonable boundaries. #Orban asked not to threaten him anymore with the disclosure of info that the #Kremlin has about his (Orban's) corrupt ties with representatives of organized criminal communities that are affiliated with the #Russian special services.
3/4 Image
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Today #ECOFIN postponed all four #Hungary related agenda items without decision as #Hungary made it clear that continues rejecting the EUR 18bn aid package to #Ukraine
#ECOFIN asked @EU_Commission to prepare an alternative legal/financial modality not requiring #unanimity
🧵 1/10
Looking for alternative, #intergovernmental borrowing modalities would have been the sober and diligent approach - as many, including the author of this post suggested - couple of month ago.
Asking it now is an emergency measure demonstrating how little understanding Member States have about the challenge posed by #Hungary's #autocratizing regime to the #EU.
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The @EU_Commission presented its latest assessment about the #Hungarian Potemkin #AntiCorruption package on November 30. #Germany, #France & #Italy asking the #Commission a couple of days later to do the same again is a slap in the face of the Commission, @Europarl_EN
the German @Bundestag, which asked the #Bundesregierung to take a hard stance in this matter, and the #RuleOfLaw in general.…
Escalating the issue to the #EUCO is also a wrong move.
The decision under the #ConditionalityRegulation about the suspension of EUR 7.5bn #CohesionFunds & the approval of the #Hungarian recovery plan should be solved in #ECOFIN with #QMV.
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SitRep - 27/11 - #Bakhmut holds the line

An overview of the daily events in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Almost a week after Russia's last major rocket attack, basic services have been restored in large parts of Ukraine. But danger of new attacks is lurking...

As usual we start with Russian losses reported by the Ukrainian General staff. We also include captured and damaged equipment that were caught on tape.

Men losses are rising again. Winter is literally coming.

+600 men personnel
+4 Tanks
+8 APCs
Ukrainian missilemen and artillerymen over the past day hit 2 enemy command posts, as well as 11 areas of concentration of enemy personnel, weapons and military equipment, - General Staff
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! The matters of the #Russian President #Putin in the foreign policy space have not been working out lately. For several weeks, Putin has been asking to coordinate a phone conversation with the President of #China #XiJingping.
#Putin has been receiving exclusively negative responses. The #Chinese side sees no opportunity for meaningful dialogue and suggests asking for a phone conversation with President #XiJinping after the New Year.
The possibility of a theoretical visit of the #Chinese leader to #Russia is being considered in the fall of 2023. However, the Chinese side has set a number of conditions for the Russian colleagues under which such a prospect can be realized.
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🚨Breaking 🚨

The EU Commission proposes - for the 1st time in its history - to suspend the disbursement of 65% of EU funds due to #Hungary in effort to protect #ruleoflaw (loopholes remain)

Now EU-26 must approve it at QMV (unlike under Art 7 #Poland can’t veto it)
Why does the EU suddenly threaten #Hungary with (partial) suspension of EU funds?

(Spoiler: To save everyone’s face)

1. EU leaders show to the public to remain in control vis-à-vis autocratic #Hungary

2. to then approve #Hungary recovery plan (only remaining unapproved)
Today’s EU Commission proposal to suspend EU funds to #hungary originates in #EUCO back in Dec ‘20 that broke deal re: #NextGenerationEU

That ‘deal with the Devil’ put EU into a bind : gaining the power to formally suspend funds meant to turn a blind eye to major breaches
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Today, the #Hungarian government has issued a decree which will require doctors to present women requesting an #abortion with fetal vital signs before proceeding with the procedure. 1/4 (Thread) 👇
2/4 Though the decree will be hard to put into practice, this is a clear sign that the Orban government wants to appease the far right who have requested the change for some time.
3/4 Hungary’s abortion laws are considered liberal (can be administered until the 12th week) and this is the first time they have been changed since 1992. The Fundamental Law also states “life should be protected from the time of conception”
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I had an interesting conversation on #Polish-#Hungarian relations yesterday under #ChathamHouse rule. I would like to share my key conclusion without further details. It will be highly disturbing from a #Polish perspective, but may contribute to a reflection process.
#Polish foreign & security policy talks from an intellectual and moral high ground to previously more #Russia-friendly partners, especially #Germany, because PL & the Baltic states correctly predicted Russia's aggressive behaviour,
while #German & other Western European stakeholders were reluctant to give credit for their correct analysis. As disturbing this lessoning behaviour might be from a German perspective, history demonstrated that #Poland & Baltics have a better understanding of #Russia ...
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1/7 It’s Thursday and thanks to a study published by Hungary's State Audit Office, #Hungarian women now know that their over-representation in higher education is causing demographic challenges and puts boys at a disadvantage in schools. Thread from 1892 – sorry, 2022.👇
2/7 The study is based on a questionnaire, with the answers of 700 teachers and parents. As such, it is a perfect representation of Hungarian (and Central European) social norms.
3/7 The study, reported by @nepszava , argues that girls' traits such as emotional and social maturity, diligence, listening skills, tolerance of monotony, good oral and written expression - are more important in schools than mathematical and technical skills needed for boys.
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Russian President #Putin was very angry and extremely annoyed by the news that the "special operation to force the resignation of #Draghi's #Italian government and replace it with one loyal to #Russia" approved by him is on the verge of failure.…
The details of both the preparation and conduct of the operation to break up the ruling #Draghi's coalition in #Italy will be made public soon.
Just the other day, #Putin was presented with a report on how wonderfully and fruitfully the #Russian special services are working with agents in the leadership of a number of #European countries,...
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🧵THREAD on #Hungary, ever-expanding

Impressions by a Hungarian artist living in 🇭🇺, so that you can have a glimpse of how our life is like: #photos, #videos, #music, #food, #events, #culture, #traditions, #architecture, #sports, #people, #tourism, etc.

No politics.

Enjoy! Budapest, 2022.04.26.  Koss...
A May Monday in #Hungary, 2022.05.23:
1: #Dunakanyar #DanubeBend,
2-3: #Budapest, Szt. István (St. Stephen's) Park,
4: Deák Ferenc utca (also called Fashion Street)

#Magyarország #travel ImageImageImageImage
A signature #Hungarian food to try when visiting #Hungary:
lángos (laan-gosh)

Deep-fried bread dough, often eaten with any combination of garlic, sourcream & cheese

(Not for the #health conscious, but I'd also have it occasionally)

#travel #gastronomy
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Long THREAD on the potential #Hungarian #veto of the #SixthSanctionPackage @gmfus
As I highlighted in this previous piece of mine, it is not a surprise that #Orbán is tying the question of #RussiaSanctions to the #RuleOfLaw conditionality regulation ...…
and the suspended #RecoveryFunds.
#Orbán just repeats his strategy he pursued with success in case of the 2020 EU budget blockade.
He is aware of the fact that due to his rampage in EU politics he has lost nearly all of his persuasive and negotiation power,
hence he has to operate with coercion. This is not the first time #Hungary is taking EU decision making as hostage, and not even the last one if #Orbán once again is allowed to succeed with his #blackmailing.
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We now know what we could only have guessed: several EU governments have built surveillance states with the #Pegasus cyberweapon. /1 Image
Today, at an international press conference in the European Parliament, we showed how allegedly the #Spanish state, along with the #Polish and #Hungarian governments, are massively monitoring their own citizens without any court order or understandable reason. /2
It’s important for #Europe to be aware that #Pegasus wasn’t used in #Hungary to fight terrorism, but to monitor the political opponents of #Fidesz. It was also used to monitor government officials who were defending Hungarian national interests against the Russian government. /3
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It just occurred to me. They were in #belarus, which is quite close to #poland and just got paid. It’s obvious they could’ve bought something in Belarus for their salary. Of course propaganda media blew it into “stolen Ukrainian goods” with no proof whatsoever 😅
Why I’m saying it? Because when I was a child, during communism, similar things had place in Poland. Parents or family friends were going to NRD and bringing goods which they were reselling, or sending via post from there. My love for #hungarian paprika paste developed +
when mum got it on the local bazaar from older lady who was travelling to #Hungary from time to time and brought those heavenly goodies. Ps. Yes, after last tweet mentioning Hungary I’ve ordered some, it arrived yesterday 🥹🤤
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Poland freezes relations with Hungary because of position on #Ukraine

This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister for Security Affairs of #Poland Yaroslav Kaczynski.
“Orban needs an ophthalmologist to see #Bucha. The restoration of relations is possible only after a change in the assessments of the war in #Ukraine,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.
‼️#Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban condemns the killings in #Bucha and fully supports the international investigation aimed at identifying the perpetrators of these killings, said Orban's spokesman Bertalan Havasi.
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#Hungary’s Orban - with his anti-Western, ultra-conservative, anti-LGBTQ worldview - made no secret of his closeness to Putin

Indeed, Russia is one of his role models

But following the #Ukraine️ invasion, will this be his undoing in today’s elections?…
“We don't want #Hungary to be a diverse country. We want to be how we were 1,100 years ago”

#Orban said this in 2019, harking back with nostalgia to that golden era...known as the Dark Ages!

Like other populists, stoking culture war has been a key tactic
In 2017, Bannon invited Farage to help to create a global network of ‘populist nationalists’

He mentions Modi, Orban, Sisi, & Duterte but Trump, Bolsanaro, & @BorisJohnson were no doubt in his mind

Could an #Orban defeat mark the start of the fight back?
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⁦Effective immediately, ⁦@DB_Bahn⁩ offers refugees with a Ukrainian passport or identity card free travel on long-distance trains from Poland towards Germany/Berlin. ⁦👏⁩ #Ukraine 🇺🇦🇪🇺 ⁦…
Up to 6 Eurocity long-distance trains run daily from Poland to Germany in regular traffic, all via the Frankfurt/Oder border crossing. The long-distance trains have their starting points in Warsaw, Gdansk, Przemysl (border with Ukraine)/Crakow, Vienna/Breslau.
DB is working with partner railways in #Poland, the #Czech Republic and #Austria. 🇵🇱🇨🇿🇦🇹 @CER_railways
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Getting the message out about the #COVID19 vaccine programme remains of utmost importance.

With this in mind, #NHS workers throughout the region have recorded messages in a variety of languages. Please share with those that need to hear.

#Arabic with Dr Mai Elftise:
#Czech with Anna Jancova:
#Hindi with Dr Mohit Mandiratta:
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Great to see the growing opposition in #Israel to the acquisition of #satellite operator #Spacecom by #4iG, owned by #Orbán's strawman #LőrincMészáros.
There appears to be a growing pattern that #Orbán allies look for investment opportunities in the high-tech end of the international defence & security sector. (See the case of #AeroVodochody and its Hungarian investors)…
While acquiring lucrative foreign investments (which the seriously indebted #Spacecom is not) might be a logical strategy for a #corrupt #RentSeeking elite, like the circles of #Orbán, there is definitely more behind this story.
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On a leaked audio recording, chairman of the #Hungarian parliament #KövérLászló calls 🇭🇺opposition the most significant #NationalSecurity threat the country is facing and asks the 🇭🇺 domestic intelligence agency to mitigate this threat. (THREAD 1/5)…
#Kövér addressed the leadership of the domestic intelligence/counter-intelligence agency #AVH in February 2020.
3/5 This piece of information may shed new light on the #PegasusAffair in 🇭🇺 & raises the impression that #IntelligenceAgencies may be systematically used by the incumbent #OrbanRegime in #Hungary to conduct surveillance of the #DemocraticOpposition, independent journalists ...
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