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41. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria
#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼
21 to 40. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼
By @iraqschristians
#SyrianChristians ring church bells to celebrate Syrian military victory over jihadists in the province of #Hama. Christians in this area have been brutally targeted by jihadists for years. We celebrate with the🇸🇾on this great victory🙏
@iraqschristians The #SyrianArmy foiled a #terrorist offensive in S Idlib on Tuesday after a short battle along the Tal Maraq axis.
Led by Rouse the Believers, the #terrorists attempted to break through the #SyrianArmy’s lines at Tal Maraq on two separate occasions.
"The #terrorist attacks were foiled by the #SyrianArmy after several #terrorists were killed & 3 armored vehicles were seized. While the #terrorists attempt to retake some lost territories, the #SyrianArmy is amassing their troops for the next phase..."
"The #SyrianArmy is amassing troops at two different fronts in NW Syria: Al-Ghaab & Ta’manah. The Al-Ghaab attack is expected to be the bigger of the two operations, as it will coincide with the offensive at the key town of Kabani in NE Latakia."
“The overall number of #Daesh members & their affiliates in #Syria amounts to approximately 3,000 people.Furthermore in #Syria,there is a multitude of other #terrorist groups that are present, the most combat-ready of which is still Jabhat al Nusra”-Kuzmin
"The #Russian & #Syrian air forces carried out more than 15 airstrikes over the Hama & Idlib regions on Wednesday, striking several sites belonging to the #terrorists of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham & the Turkish-backed National Liberation Army."
"At one point, a #Russian or #Syrian jet struck the #Turkish observation post in the town of Sheir Magher. The airstrike only hit the walls of the observation post, but it was enough to raise the #TurkishMilitary’s security level in the Sheir Magher area."
"No one was wounded or killed as a result of this strike. #Turkey has warned the #Syrian Govt about targeting their forces in #Syria; however, Damascus has demanded #Ankara remove its troops from #Syria, as it is a #violation of their #sovereignty."
"The #Russian special forces were recently photographed in the western region of the Aleppo Governorate, following an attack by the #terroristss on the Al-Zahra’a Quarter.
"The #Russian special forces are still active in the Aleppo Governorate, despite the fact most of the #SyrianArmy’s operations have been shifted to the Idlib and Hama governorates."
"The #IsraeliAirForce carried out a powerful attack over the SW region of #Syria last Saturday night. This attack resulted in the destruction of an alleged #Hezbollah compound. At least 5 #Hezbollah military personnel were killed."
"While #Israel managed to hit one of its main targets, a #Russian publication reported that the #IsraeliAirForce was forced out of #Syrian airspace as it was preparing for a second wave of strikes.
"#A Russian Su-35 jet took off from the Hmeimim Airbase & made their way towards the Mediterranean as the #IsraeliAirForce was preparing a second attack. As a result of this move by the #Russian, the #Israeli was unable to complete their second attack."
"A new commando unit from the #SyrianDemocraticForces has recently completed a #USA-sponsored training program in N #Syria. The new unit, which is called the 4th Commandos, were filmed during their graduation ceremony in an undisclosed area in N #Syria."
"The #RussianAirForce carried out several airstrikes over the NE region of the Latakia Governorate on Wednesday.Using both their attack choppers & jets,the #RussianAirForce heavily targeted the tunnels built by the #terroristss near the key town of Kabani"
"The #RussianAirForce carried out over 20 separate attacks near the town of Kabani; this was followed by a number of missile strikes by the #SyrianArmy’s 4th Division."
"At the same time, more #SyrianArmy reinforcements are pouring into the #Latakia countryside, as they prepare to launch a major assault to capture #Kabani from Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham & the Turkestan Islamic Party, #terrorists groups."
"The battle for Ta’manah has begun this evening as the #SyrianArmy & its allies attempt to take hold of this key town in theS region of the Idlib Governorate."
"Led by the #TigerForces & #RepublicanGuard, the #SyrianArmy began their assault by storming Ta’manah & the nearby town of Khuwayn Al-Kabir."
"According to a source from the #RepublicanGuard, their troops captured at least three quarters of Khuwayn Al-Kabir, leaving only a small portion of the town left under the control of the #terrorists."
"At the same time, the #TigerForces are steadily advancing at the Ta’manah front, as they push north from the strategic hilltop of Tal Tari, which was captured shortly after Khan Sheikhoun last week."
"The #SyrianArmy is seeking to capture both Khuwayn and Ta’manah in a bid to secure the northern axis of Hama and the roads east of Khan Sheikhoun."
"The #SyrianArmy has scored their first advance in nearly a week after launching a new attack in the S countryside of the Idlib Governorate this evening."
"The #SyrianRepublicanGuard captured the town of Khuwayn Al-Kabir after a fierce battle with the #terrorists.
At the same time,the #TigerForces scored their own advance near the town of Ta’manah, as their troops announced the capture of the Ta’manah farms"
"The key town of Ta’manah should be captured by the #SyrianArmedForces in the coming hours because the #terrorists defensive line has already collapsed."
#Kurdish YPG Forces Withdraw From# Syria-#Turkey Border
Group cedes border posts to local fighters
Deutsche Welle: Leaders of #Russia and #Turkey agreed on steps to "normalize" the situation in jihadi-dominated (sic) #Idlib, where #Syrian troops are advancing with Russian air support, #Putin has said. #Erdogan hinted at buying Russian fighter jets.
By @smmsyria
Residents of #SDF-held areas of #DeirEzzor province took to the streets to protest against #USA-backed forces
@smmsyria By @smmsyria
Legendary English musician & #PinkFloyd founder @rogerwaters blamed notorious #WhiteHelmets in propaganda
Then mass media began to attack Roger trying to silence him & filmmaker Ronan L Tynan has finally prepared Doomsday musical weapon😬
@smmsyria @rogerwaters Drone footage of al-Hawl camp by @RojavaSiyamend. More than 70.000 people [including #ISIS fighters and their families] are currently in the camp. Population of the camp is 7 times bigger than the population of town of al-Hawl itself.
@smmsyria @rogerwaters @RojavaSiyamend #USA regime Sends Massive Military Equipment to Hasaka, Raqqa to Support #Kurdish Militias
@smmsyria @rogerwaters @RojavaSiyamend 'Like Policeman with Baton': #Syrian Presidential Aide Slams #USA over Threats to #Damascus Fair Participants
@smmsyria @rogerwaters @RojavaSiyamend #USA regime Building Military Base in Hasaka to Block #Turkey’s Possible Attack on #Kurds
@smmsyria @rogerwaters @RojavaSiyamend 🗣️📢@realDonaldTrump @RTErdogan @CENTCOM @StateDept if you want to create a "safe zone", do it in #Turkish territory!
🗣️📢In #Syria it's the #Syrian govt that rules!
🤬#USA & #Turkey are illegal forces in #Syria!
🤬 #USA & #Turkey MF, Out of #Syria Now!
@smmsyria @rogerwaters @RojavaSiyamend @realDonaldTrump @RTErdogan @CENTCOM @StateDept "The #Syrianmilitary’s elite #TigerForces have been renamed (Division 25 Special Mission Forces) & placed under the command of the army’s central command.
The new division will retain their commander Major General Suheil Al-Hassan & their other officers."
"Some of the #TigerForces notable operations include lifting the sieges on the Aleppo Central Prison and Deir Ezzor city, along with retaking East Ghouta, Khan Sheikhoun, east Aleppo, Palmyra, and Al-Sukhneh."
"As of now, the Division 25 Special Mission Forces are on the offensive at the key town of Ta’manah in southern Idlib."
"The #RussianAirForce unleashed a massive wave of airstrikes over the #terrorists-held areas in the Idlib Governorate on Thursday."
"Backed by the #SyrianAirForce, the #Russian jets launched several airstrikes over the southern region of Idlib, hitting a number of sites inside the towns of Ma’arat Al-Nu’man, Al-Tah, Maar Shamshmeh, Deir Sharqi & Jarjanaz."
"The #Russian jets focused on the Ma’arat Al-Nu’man front, the #SyrianAirForce mostly concentrated their strikes on the Al-Ta’manah front."
"At the same time, the #SyrianArmy is storming the town of Al-Ta’manah after seizing several points from the #terrorists last night. Among the sites captured by the #SyrianArmy last night include the town of Khuwayn Al-Kabir & the Al-Ta’manah Farms.
The #SyrianArmy has entered the strategic town of Al-Ta’manah, following a fierce battle with the #terrorists in the area.
"Led by the 25th Division Special Mission Forces (formerly the “#Tiger Forces”), the #SyrianArmy began their assault on Al-Ta’manah last night, when their troops began storming the town’s surroundings."
"Shortly after launching the attack, the #SyrianArmy managed to score their first advances, as their troops captured the Ta’amanah Farms & the town of Khuwayn Al-Kabir."
"On Thursday morning, the #SyrianArmy began their attack on the town itself; they would face heavy resistance from the #terrorists that were protecting Al-Ta’amanah.
"However, the main line of defense for the #terrorists would ultimately fold, paving the way for the #TigerForces to enter the town this afternoon."
⚡️#SAA #TigerForces reportedly completely captured important #Idlib towns Ard al Zurzur, Khuwayn al Kabir, Soukaiyate, al Tamani'a
💥📹Footage of the #jihadists' vehicle destruction with precious guided missile in S.Idlib
📹#Kurdish forces shelled al Filat street of #Aleppo's #Afrin city last night
📹One more footage shows consequences of the #Kurdish units attack on #Afrin city
📹#Russians reportedly hit #HTS checkpoint and warehouse located in the East of #Idlib city
📷More photos demonstrate #RuAF airstrikes on #HTS warehouse and checkpoint in #Idlib city
"The #terrorists have launched a counter-offensive in S Idlib, on August 29, after suffering some losses at the hands of the #SyrianArmy at the Ta’manah front."
"The #terrorists began their counter-assault by launching a suicide attack on the #SyrianArmy’s positions at the S axis of Ta’manah. The #terroristss stormed the #SyrianArmy’s defenses shortly after the suicide attack; this resulted in a fierce firefight."
"Earlier in the day, the #SyrianArmy was able to enter the S part of Ta’manah after breaking through the enemy’s first line of defense."
"Prior to this advance, the #SyrianArmy had captured a number of sites from the #terrorists, including the Ta’manah Farms & the town of Khuwayn Al-Kabir."
"The #SyrianArmy has scored another major advance in S Idlib as their troops managed to capture the key town of Al-Ta'manah from the #terrorists."
"Led by the 25th Division Special Mission Forces (formerly #TigerForces), the #SyrianArmy summarized their attack on Al-Ta'manah on the night of August 29, following a failed counter-offensive by the Terrorists of Hay'at Tahrir Al- Sham."
"The #SyrianArmy quickly took advantage of the weak #terrorists defenses in S Al-Ta'manah, seizing several points before announcing the full capture of the town in the morning, August 30."
"In addition to capturing Al-Ta'manah, the #SyrianArmy also captured several sites around the town, further securing the area in a case of a #terrorists counter-attack."
Frontline footage of Syrian troops attempting to advance in northeast Latakia
Syrian Army keeps advancing north in Idlib, new sites captured aml.ink/xu9UB
New aerial footage shows Turkish military post completely isolated in northern Hama aml.ink/APg2g
Ceasefire announced in northern Syria after Syrian Army captures new town in Idlib aml.ink/3zX-R
Syrian Army reinforcements pour into west Aleppo amid reports of new offensive aml.ink/k47UY
Breaking: US bombs jihadist group near Idlib city, dozens killed aml.ink/RbQSS
"The bodies of a number of military personnel who had been martyred years ago while fighting terrorists and buried in Khan Sheikhoun in Idleb’s southern countryside were recovered on Saturday."
"The bodies of military personnel have been uncovered near al-Salam checkpoint at the entrance of Khan Sheikhoun, & the bodies were transported to the military hospital in preparation for turning them over to their families & giving them a proper burial."
SANA’s camera tours liberated towns of al-Khuwain and al-Tamania in Idleb’s southeastern countryside – photos sana.sy/en/?p=172477
"Six civilians, from one family, including a woman and children, were injured in a landmine blast left behind by #terrorist organizations in the area between Tasil & Adwan towns in Daraa NW countryside."
"3 civilians were martyred, 2 others were injured on Saturday in IED explosion left behind by the #terrorists in farmlands in surroundings of Souran town in Hama countryside."
Opening ceremony of Damascus International Fair sana.sy/en/?p=172256
Aerial footage of Damascus International Fair sana.sy/en/?p=172545
Hundreds of Syrians displaced in Lebanon arrive at border crossings of Dabboussya, Zamrani and Jdeidet Yabous sana.sy/en/?p=172329
Russian and European media delegation visits makeshift center for displaced people from Rukban camp sana.sy/en/?p=172332
Sabbagh: Syria fights terrorism on behalf of the world sana.sy/en/?p=172335
100,000 visitors to Damascus International Fair on its second day sana.sy/en/?p=172355
Mrs. Asma al-Assad receives winners of Syrian Science Olympiad in the International Olympic Competitions sana.sy/en/?p=172345
Large turnout for Damascus International Fair on its third day sana.sy/en/?p=172375
A ceasefire in de-escalation zone of Idleb as of Saturday morning sana.sy/en/?p=172437
#Syrian Official: Khan Sheikhoun Liberation Turning Point in Failure of #Ankara Plots
Idlib: #SyrianArmy Continued Advances, Liberates Strategic Town
#Terrorists Destroys Infrastructures of Northern #Syria to Prevent #syrianArmy’s Advances
#SyrianArmy Declares Ceasefire in #Idlib After Conquering Vast Strategic Regions
@Primal_Digest "Several countries are participating in the 61st #Damascus International Fair, sending a message of solidarity with #Syria & its people, in addition to showcasing their culture, industries, & investment opportunities."
"Ambassador of #Cuba Miguel Porto Parga said his country’s participation in the Fair expresses it support for #Syria, noting that the wide-scale participation represents a defiance of the sanctions imposed by the #USA."
"The Third Secretary at the #Armenian Embassy Roben Sogoyan noted that #Armenia has participated in the last three editions of the Fair,hoping that the Fair will have a positive impact on #Syrian economy & that it will contribute to attracting+investments"
"Ambassador of #Indonesia Wajid Fauzi:#Indonesia is keen on participating in various fairs in #Syria, underlining the strong friendly relations between the 2 countries, & the Fair is a chance for enhancing trade exchange & introducing Syrians to🇮🇩 culture"
"Meanwhile, Farooq Mashoor from the #Pakistani Embassy said the #Pakistani pavilion features handcrafted carpets, surgical & dental equipment, sports equipment, rice, & spices, noting that the Embassy remained open throughout the crisis in #Syria."
"Chargé d’affaires at the Embassy of #SouthAfrica Solomzi Mhlana said his country and #Syria have a long history of distinguished relations, and that #SouthAfrica’s participation in the Fair expresses its support for the #Syrian people and government."
"In turn, Ramoncito Mendoza from the Embassy of the #Philippines said this is his country’s first participation in the Fair, hoping that contracts will be signed for exporting food items to #Syria."
"Choi Kang Chol from the Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of #Korea (DPRK)said his country’s participation in the Fair involves showcasing products that include ginseng which is beneficial to improving immunity & memory & protection from cancer"
"For her part, director of the North #Macedonia pavilion Raghad Khalil said the goal of participating in the Fair is to encourage investments in #Macedonia which provides many facilitations, particularly for imports & exports."
By @iraqschristians
Majority of indigenous #Syriac Christians say #Kurdish nationalists (#YPG/#SDF) are the biggest threat to Christians in NE #Syria. Why does @DeptofDefense
@coalition continue to give this major threat training, arms, & support?
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition We’re Listening to the Wrong Voices on #Syria
by Maj. Danny Sjursen, #USA (ret.)
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition #USA Missile Strike Kills 40 al-Qaeda in Northwest #Syria
Attack targeted large gathering in #Idlib Province
#Syria #Idlib #AlQaeda
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition Via @ahmadalissa
#SYRIAN STORY: The #Syrian hero Maarouf Hassan refused to leave his wounded friend in the battlefield. He tried to save him. Both were captured and murdered by #ISIS in Huweijah, #DeirEzzor province. Picture taken by #ISIS themselves 26/08/2017. RIP Martyrs 🙏🏼.
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa #SyrianArmy 🇸🇾 & allies 🇷🇺🇮🇷🇵🇸 you are Heros👏🏼💯👌🏼
I salute you with great pride. You are the protectors of the Syrian people & the Syrian territory. You are angels. God protect you in the military operations to achieve peace in #Syria. 👌🏼✊🏼👊🏼🙏🏼❤️☮️💯🕊️💯
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa By @timand2037
Dr Bouthaina Shaaban: the #SyrianArabArmy will remove all the #Turkish 'observation posts' in #Syria, as it is clear the #Erdogan regime has been directly supporting the HTS/Nusra #terrorists. Thank you Basma Qaddour.
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 By @r_u_vid
Found in the #terrorists underground warehouses:
#USA-made TOW anti-tank guided missiles
BGM-71D variant; TOW-2A optimized to defeat reactive armor, with tandem warheads
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid By @r_u_vid
Anna News report with ENG subs
Battles for Syria | August 2019 | The Agony of the al-Lataminah Cauldron
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid By @r_u_vid
+18 | Battles for #Syria | August 2019 | More footage from jihadi counter offensive in South Idlib
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid By @telesurenglish
"There are numerous victims and damages in the populated areas affected by the #USA attack"
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid @telesurenglish "Sending no warning to #Russia or #Turkey, the #USA bombed an array of targets within Idlib, #Syria, killing numerous civilians & threatening the hard-earned truce across the province, the #Russian Defense Ministry said."
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid @telesurenglish @21WIRE By @GeromanAT
The #US coalition and the French media claimed that the #Idlib strikes killed several (40) al-Qaeda leaders in #Syria. The truth is no leader was killed. The strikes targeted a youth training camp preparing for the south of # Idlib.
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid @telesurenglish @21WIRE @GeromanAT #HTS leader Abu Mohammed al Jolani worked with the #US on the recent air bombardments in #Idlib province aiming not to allow #Turkey dissolve #HTS #terrorist group in Northern Syria.
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid @telesurenglish @21WIRE @GeromanAT By @smmsyria
📹The photo shows a failed car bomb attack on #SAA committed by #terrorists near Khuwain village of Southern #Idlib
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid @telesurenglish @21WIRE @GeromanAT @smmsyria The #USA🇺🇸 strike on #Syria’s #Idlib contributes to the unstable situation in the republic, #Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad #Zarif said on Monday during the joint press conference on the outcomes of talks w his #Russian counterpart Sergey #Lavrov
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid @telesurenglish @21WIRE @GeromanAT @smmsyria By @ahmadalissa
#SYRIA: After NINE years of a global #terrorist war against us, this is #Syria and these are our children at school: 3,7 million students start their education today at 12791 schools.
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid @telesurenglish @21WIRE @GeromanAT @smmsyria You maybe noticed new patches on some #HTS-linked #terrorists.
Opposition sources say these belong to Jaysh of Ali, Abi Bakr and Uthman groups.
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid @telesurenglish @21WIRE @GeromanAT @smmsyria A captured " #moderate #rebel" in #Idlib! These flags tell you that the so called "#Syrian opposition" is nothing but a bastard child from a hooker & many clients!
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid @telesurenglish @21WIRE @GeromanAT @smmsyria @southfronteng @dgaytandzhieva @ArmsWatch_ "The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) has carried out a new ambush against the #SyrianArmy this week, targeting their forces inside the Daraa Governorate. ISIS carried out the ambush along the Hirak-Izraa Road; this resulted in the death of one soldier."
@iraqschristians @DeptofDefense @coalition @ahmadalissa @timand2037 @r_u_vid @telesurenglish @21WIRE @GeromanAT @smmsyria @southfronteng @dgaytandzhieva @ArmsWatch_ " A multi-billion-dollar #USA government program to feed “vulnerable” #Syrians has provided food for #terrorists in a group designated by the #USA as a #Foreign #Terrorist Organization (FTO)."
"#American taxpayers have spent a fortune on“emergency food assistance”during the #Syrian crisis that began w the 2011 Arab spring & some of it has actually gone to #terrorists..."
"In one example cited by the agency watchdog, NGO employees knowingly diverted #USAID-funded food kits to the #terrorist group by allowing the fighters to be included among program beneficiaries and submitting falsified beneficiary lists."
"In another case, 27 NGO employees operated a scheme in which #USAID-funded food kits were diverted to the same designated #terrorist organization. The #USA spent nearly $50 million on the two programs, according to the audit."
We will liberate every inch
from every son of a bitch.
"The #SyrianArmy has been engaged in a fierce battle w the #terrorists in the NE countryside of Latakia these past 10 days. Over the past 2 weeks,the #SyrianArmy has sent hundreds of reinforcements to the Kabani front to help aid in this imperative battle"
"Leading the charge to capture Kabani is the 42nd Brigade of the 4th Armored Division; they are being assisted by many units from the military, including the Republican Guard."
"On the other side of the battle, the 2 #terrorist groups, Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham & the Turkestan Islamic Party. These #terrorist groups have controlled this mountainous area near the #Turkish border for several years now."
"The #RussianMilitary will be upgrading the Hmeimim Airbase & Tartous Naval Base in the coming weeks. The military will push ahead with their efforts to improve the infrastructure at the Hmeimim Airbase & Tartous Naval Base."
“The tasks of protecting, preserving & maintaining the combat readiness of weapons & special equipment of the #RussianMilitary contingent are now in the forefront...”
-Sergei Shoigu-
#Erdogan has in a recent meeting with his #Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin vowed to dissolve Tahrir al-Sham & other affiliated #terrorist groups, including Hurras al-Din & Ansar al-Tawhid, within 8 days."
"The ceasefire declared by the #SyrianArmy on Saturday was also in line with the agreement, adding that one of the conditions demanded by #Syria was its army’s control over a vast area of Hama-Idlib international road."
"In case of #Ankara’s inability to implement its promises, the #Russian and #Syrian armies will resume their military operations towards the towns of Ma’arat al-No’eman and Saraqib on Hama-Idlib international road."
"The #SyrianArmy has declared implementation of truce in the demilitarized zone while reiterating that it will respond to any violation of ceasefire by the #terrorists."
Beginning of new school year 2019-2020 in #Syria
6th day of #Damascus International Fair
💢Fire broke out in al #Sadaqa refugee camp in al #Ball village (east of #Azaz city) where there set 35 tents for IDPs
An #explosion of the motorcycle #bomb in #Azaz town in Northern #Aleppo province caused many casualties
Via @smmsyria
Mind-blowing investigation: Secret US specops unit code named Task Force Smoking Gun deployed in Croatia since 2017 was tasked w smuggling tons of arms & ammunition from #Europe to #Syria. Leaked docs, photos,... are attached.
@smmsyria 🧐The strategic M5 motorway that connects the northern city of #Aleppo to the #Syrian capital #Damascus is under reconstruction ahead of being potentially reopened as shown in footage filmed on Monday near the town of #Morek in #Syria's #Hama CS
@smmsyria 💢Explosion reported near the headquarters of #Turkish-backed "Ahrar al Shaqiya" in Al Rai city
@smmsyria "The #Pentagon's 31 August air strikes in #Idlib may further escalate tensions in the region thus throwing a wrench into #Russia & #Turkey's efforts to stop the infighting & start a political settlement."
-Retired #LebaneseArmy General Amin #Hteit-
@smmsyria RIP HEROES🙏🏼
#SAA soldiers' mass grave was found in the South-East of #AlLataminah, previously controlled by the "moderate opposition" from #HTS. 12 Syrians were captured and tortured by #terrorists, 3 of them were beheaded
@smmsyria 👌🏼👏🏼💯
The official spokesman for the Democratic Union Party (#PYD), Salih Muslim, expressed their readiness to go to #Damascus & negotiate with the #Syria'n Govt. Muslim’s statements came during a speech he delivered at a meeting of the #Euphrates tribes
@smmsyria The 2nd #IED has been exploded in #Azaz today, reports say civilians are wounded
@smmsyria US: #SDF and #InternationalCoalition conducted a reconnaissance patrol near #TalAbyad to identify additional fortifications for removal to ease tensions with #Turkey
@smmsyria 🗣️Who has to decide on this issue is not the #USA or #Russia, it is the #Syrian government and the #Armenian government. #Syria and #Armenia are two sovereign countries. I was clear🤨?
@smmsyria Tahrir Al-Sham, #terrorist Group, Strengthens Positions in Deescalation Zone Despite #Ankara's Promise to Evacuate #Terrorists
@smmsyria #Kurdish Fighters Increase Provocative Moves Against #Damascus in Hasaka with #USA regime Support
@smmsyria Report: Blasts in #Syria's #Latakia as defenses intercept drones attacking airbase.
@smmsyria #US hindering efforts to set up post-war #Syrian constitutional body: @JZarif to #UN envoy
@smmsyria @JZarif "Sounds of explosions rocked an area in #Syria’s Latakia province, where #Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base is located. The base’s air defenses fended off a new suicide drone attack on the base, launched by #terrorists from nearby #Idlib."
"2 unmanned aerial vehicles were detected on course for the base on Tuesday evening. They were destroyed at a safe distance by stationary air defense systems.There were no injuries or damage at the base, which continues to operate as planned"-🇷🇺Russia MOD-
"Though the drones are often crude-looking, the #Russian Defense Ministry has previously said that the #UAVs used by #terrorits are GPS-guided and the bomblets attached to them carry potent explosives."
🗣️Al Hol camp in the Kurdos and USA controlled area.

The New York Times: "Guns, Filth and #ISIS: #Syrian Camp Is ‘Disaster in the Making"
Al Jazeera English: "#Syria's war: #Kurdish forces pull back from border"
By @mustefabali
Senior ISIS member Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad (aka Abu Ref’a) was arrested in a special operation by CT units in Deir al-Zour.The jihadist has been hiding among civilians of the region for a while.
@mustefabali 🗣️Al Hol camp in the #Kurdos and #USA controlled area.
The Washington Post: "At a sprawling tent camp in #Syria, #ISIS women impose a brutal rule"
@mustefabali 🤬📢Idlib is infested with terrorists that the #Turkish regime since 2011 has allowed to enter #Syria across its borders. In addition, the Turkish regime trained, armed & financed these terrorists. So if the Turkish regime likes them, take them to Turkey😡
@mustefabali By @southfronteng
Military Situation In #Syria On September 3, 2019 (Map Update)
@mustefabali @southfronteng By @southfronteng
#Syrian War Report – September 3, 2019: #Russia Accuses #USA Of Sabotaging #Idlib Ceasefire (📹)
@mustefabali @southfronteng By @southfronteng
'Thousands Of Troops' And 'Precision-Guided Missiles': MSM Found 'Secret #Iranian Base' In #Syria
By @southfronteng
#Idlib Ceasefire Already Dead? Militants Attack #Russian Air Base With Drones
By @southfronteng
It's Hard To Be #Turkish-backed Militant In #Syria
@southfronteng By @Muraselon
Russian air defenses repel drone attack on military base in #Syria - details
@southfronteng @Muraselon @timand2037 By @timand2037
A reminder of the Islamist insurrection in #Daraa. For honest and curious people.
@southfronteng @Muraselon @timand2037 "Two #terrorists were torn into pieces by an artillery strike made by the #SyrianArmy in S Idlib in retaliation for #terrorists’ recurrent breaches for the latest ceasefire."
"The slain #terrorists were making their own video while touring the town of Al-Tah, located in the E countryside of Maarat al-Numan in S Idlib."
"The #SyrianArmy has recently extensively deployed surveillance drones to detect & track the #terrorists’ positions & hideouts in the area."
"Yesterday, #terrorist groups in Idlib have breached the agreed-on ceasefire implemented since August 30 by attacking the #Russian air base in Latakia with armed drones."
A #TurkishMilitary convoy has reportedly made it to the observation post in Morek, northern Hama, following agreement w/ the #RussianForces."
"The #TurkishMilitary convoy is laden w/ food & non-military supplies destined for the #Turkish servicemen inside the #Syrian govt-controlled town of Morek.the #Russian military police is deployed around the #Turkish observation post."
"The #SyrianArmy, supported by #Russian air force, has managed to oust j#terrorists from the entire northern Hama countryside following the recapture of Khan Shaykhoun last month."
"#Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman said: #Turkey will maintain its presence at the ninth observation post in the #Syrian town of Morek despite the #SyrianArmy regaining control over the city of Khan Sheikhoun, located in the country’s NW Idlib province."
🗣️📢@RTErdogan @KremlinRussia_E the purpose of this #Turkish military base was to create a safe corridor.
🗣️📢Now, in this area there are no more #terrorists, & it's controlled by the #SyrianArmy.
🤬This #Turkish military base must be removed from #Syria.
@RTErdogan @KremlinRussia_E "4 members of the #SyrianArmy, including an officer, were injured today when a roadside bomb exploded in S Syria.The explosive device was planted by #terrorists somewhere in the town of Zaizoun located NW of Daraa on the #Syrian-#Jordanian borders."
@RTErdogan @KremlinRussia_E A series of steps have been taken so that #Arab Medical Company “TAMICO could return to production, all production lines & laboratories damaged in the area of ​​al-Mliha due to #terrorism have been rehabilitated..."
@RTErdogan @KremlinRussia_E 🗣️📢 @eu_comission @vonderleyen @FedericaMog @AngelaMerkeICDU see this🤨👇🏼

Recep Tayyip #Erdoğan accuses #EU of not keeping promises regarding funding refugee programs
@RTErdogan @KremlinRussia_E @eu_comission @vonderleyen @FedericaMog @AngelaMerkeICDU #ISIS continues #terror war against #SAA in #Daraa: yesterday an Assad-loyalist was tortured and executed, today #Jihadis exploded a bomb in a #Zaizoun camp
Syria: #USA Trains Hundreds of #Kurdish Militias Despite #Ankara’s Warnings
By @A7_Mirza
Latest Updates on #Syria; 4 September 2019

#YPG forces are gradually handing over their bases between Ras al-Ain (Sari Kani) and Tal Abiad (Girê Spî) to the #SDF military councils in the area.
@A7_Mirza "The leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Salih Muslim, said this week, that his political group is ready to return to #Damascus to restart peace talks with the #Syrian government."
@A7_Mirza "#Israeli shock drones allegedly attacked the #Syrian military and their #Iranian allies this week near the border city of Albukamal in the Deir Ezzor Governorate, the #Russian aviation publication Avia.Pro reported."
@A7_Mirza By @southfronteng
Military Situation In #Syria On September 4, 2019 (Map Update)
@A7_Mirza @southfronteng By @southfronteng
#Russian Special Forces Conduct Another Successful Operation In Greater #Idlib
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