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1/ #medtwitter if you care about #metoostem #meded #equity #burnout please follow along. Gender violence is pervasive in medical training.

#sciencetoo #meded #medtwitter #medtoo #timesup #beethical #heforshe #timesup
2/ “…we may hear and intimately know the experiences of gender violence, but we are unable to share. Our voices are trapped and silenced, exacerbated by the hierarchical and apprentice-based training environment.."
3/ Over 50% of medical students experience sexual harassment from faculty and staff. The people who are entrusted to teach us how to be physicians.
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Governments of major countries have indisputable evidence of the crimes of the Luciferian Illuminati which involve mass-murder of babies/adults in hospitals around the world, human trafficking in organs and body fluid, mind control and a plethora of other #crimesagainsthumanity
Illuminati #crimesagainsthumanity are too egregious for most non-European world leaders to stomach, and they want them to end.
The game of the Luciferian Illuminati controlled U.S. has been, for decades, to hide the truth from the masses through intimidation nationally and internationally, and through threat of war.
Hold tight patriots
#TimesUp for #theCabal/Cult
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What I want to know is why did she refuse to comment on R. Kelly when Dream Hampton asked her to?

Remember—John Legend was the ONLY celeb that agreed to denounce him in the docuseries. If G*ga is truly sorry—Idk—then why was that not an opportunity that she seized?
It just seems...mad convenient. And is missing the specificity that an apology deserves and requires. If I’m going to get into #TimesUp & #MeToo and their asses and this “WOC” nonsense, then I’m going to get into G*ga’s too.

R. Kelly was able to do what he did with IMPUNITY because his targets were primarily Black girls. That’s it.

You can’t “politically correct” your way out of saying that and I don’t fucking trust you if you do. Or attempt to.
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#SurvivingRKelly Thoughts:
1) It is OFFICIALLY a full on cancel/mute R. Kelly. Absolutely do not stream him, support him, play his music in sets or on radio. NOTHING.
2) His team, his employees, etc. are ALL complicit in any crimes he has committed, or is currently committing.
3) The @FBI needs to immediately launch an investigation into @rkelly.
4) Shame on the @Chicago_Police, @Atlanta_Police for not doing everything possible to stop this and bring @rkelly to justice.
5) The laws & current system is broken. Police are not trained for these situations, and there needs to be more they can do to help potential victims regardless of age.
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It’s time for #SurvivingRKelly NOW on @lifetimetv. Retweet if you’re watching!
Shouts to @johnlegend @TaranaBurke @JamilahLemieux @Karnythia @thewayoftheid @nelsongeorge @Toure and, most importantly, all of the survivors for taking part in the #SurvivingRKelly docuseries. It’s on NOW on @lifetimetv!
What I appreciate about this @lifetimetv docuseries is that they’re not coming hard at R Kelly from jump. They’re really providing context, including that the Kelly brothers were abused as children. #SurvingRKelly
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I need to say a couple of things while I have been retweeting all this, But first I need to thank .@MarkAmesExiled , @yashalevine , @mtracey and .@TheWarNerd and somewhat give props to Amy Martin of Empire Files, for exposing the lies we have seen for the last several years.
The next thing I want to say is I am for the Military. I have many friends who have who have served, and will continue to serve. I pray for them, and their safe return home with their families and loved ones.
And I want to make this very clear. Before i continue - before I say another word. There is such a thing and still is a thing called White Supremacy. Period. There is no such thing as White Privilege. There was such a thing as a "Patriarchal" structure but that has weakened.
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Real quick. So some super pervert paid out $400k to settle a sexual harassment claim and that transaction took place under our Attorney General @AGBecerra and then @KamalaHarris hired him and that’s cool with #metoo?
This State is so corrupt. @latimes
This guy made women crawl on the floor and @KamalaHarris brought him to Washington.…
Bull s**t you didn’t know Kamala you were the ATTORNEY GENERAL.
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It seems like some of you aren’t fully aware of R. Kelly’s disturbing history of sexual abuse and pedophilia. Let’s fix that.

(Trigger warning.)
• 1994: Marries 15 y/o Aaliyah at age 27.
• 1996: Sued for raping a 15 y/o at age 24. Settles.
• 2001: Multiple sex tapes leaked with victims as young as 14.
• 2001: Sued for raping 17 y/o. Made a deal.
• 2002: Sued for raping 16 y/o and forcing her to abort. Settles.
• 2002: Charged with 21 counts of making child pornography involving intercourse, oral sex, urination and other sexual acts.
• 2002-2004: Charged with 12 more counts of making child pornography in Florida. Charges dropped over legal technicality regarding discovery of evidence.
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Wonderful women, reclaiming public spaces, shattering patriarchy, one voice at a time. Going to list down some statements from the #MeToo meet up in Cross Maidan, Mumbai today.
"I thought I was overreacting, maybe I imagined that it happened to me. Now I know I was not and I have nothing to be ashamed of."
"I went through years of abuse as a child and #MeToo has been cathartic for me."
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Circling back to the AdWorld's #MeToo after a while.
A grand total of 13 Men were accused, some anonymously, some openly.
Subsequent posts will examine what happened (or didn't) with them, and with the ad world in general. #TimesUp #Advertising #MeToo

After the usual "shocked" "outraged" etc. reactions - mostly from men (sidenote: seriously, though, was this truly any surprise??), the big networks distanced themselves from the perpetrators. DAN went first, with the following…
Followed quickly by Publicis.

Of course, it makes complete economic as well as PR sense to NOT have sexual harassment accused on payroll, for globally aligned and fairly well known companies…
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#MeToo: She got in touch saying she is under severe mental trauma. Her harasser was found guilty by an internal committee. This happened at National Institute of Nutrition. In touch with her, will keep updating this thread. She wants the accused sacked.
She said she's being pressured to withdraw her complaint.
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Had an infuriating conversation with my mum’s physio today about the #MeToo movement.
As she finished her treatment for mum, as part of her usual chats with me, she said today, “I am so tired of all this drama surrounding #Sabarimala and #MeTooIndia

@IndiaMeToo #TimesUp
Excerpts: “If something happened 25 years ago, why didn’t people speak up then? Why keep quiet? All for negative publicity now.”

Perhaps because the ostracisation that existed before isn’t as vicious today. Because finally, there are people to listen.
#MeToo #TimesUp
“As long as you are dignified in your behaviour and dressing, nothing will happen.”

I was 11 when someone first touched me the wrong way. It was at my own house, I wore a half sleeved Kurta (free-sized because I was a plump kid) and jeans.

What would you tell 11yo me?
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Lawd do we have a lot of unpacking to do, to cover all the lies @BradSherman told tonight.
#BradShermanLies #1 he told everyone that the accusations @MarkReed1776 brought up were absolute lies and all made up. Mark calmly told everyone all they had to do was Google. OOOF.
EIGHT of @BradSherman’s aides came forward about how toxic the environment was working for him after his longtime aide was accused of forcing a woman into a bathroom and masturbating. WTF? #METOO #Ibelievesurvivors…
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#HiviteTactics The villains are trying to paint themselves as victims ahead of their arrests to make it seem like they are being wronged instead of being in the wrong 100%. #FakeNews #FalseFlag Gonna blame it on a Q follower or Trump supporter, guaranteed. #TheGreatAwakening
On the other hand, in the off chance this IS someone targeting these evil traitors with a violent form of vigilante justice, let that be a warning to all in charge of #ThePlan that #WeThePeople are growing impatient & losing faith that justice will be adequately served. #TimesUp
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Um have people read the @FBI files on @SenatorMenendez because if we’re to believe all women then Menendez slept with a 16 year old girl in the Dominican Republic! This is insane the Democrats are demented. Come on New Jersey VOTE @BobHugin #Ibelievesurvivors #VoteDemsOut2018
This entire story got buried because it involved more than Menendez, many people were involved including retired officers and the FBI🙄
Who has almost $5 million dollars to pay lawyers? The one and only @SenatorMenendez was funded by big pharma to get his mistrial, with this kind of money are we really to believe a juror or two wasn’t paid off? New Jersey remains run by mobsters. Vote this fool out.
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News from me: @pamelacross541 & I have been proud to serve as co-chairs of Ontario’s Provincial Roundtable on Violence Against Women. Established in 2015, the Roundtable has provided strategic advice to government on emerging issues related to #VAW. #Onpoli
Through the Roundtable’s ongoing engagement with government and sector partners, we have achieved policy and program change, including provisions in #Bill148, the Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs Act, to provide paid leave to employees who experience domestic or sexual violence.
It’s expensive not to address gender-based violence: it has impacts from health to criminal law process to the economy. Justice Canada estimates the total economic impact of domestic violence on employers annually in Canada is about $78 million. #Onpoli #MeToo
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Long thread on one of my conversations with @Chinmayi in the recording studio.

2012, first time I try getting in touch with Chinmayi through my dad to sing a song for my debut movie (which unfortunately never took off). 18 then, I know nothing about the industry.
5 songs were completed. Leading director. Entire album had lyrics by VM sir. I wanted to see if Shankar Mahadevan and Chinmayi would be available and interested to sing on the track.
Aunty (Chinmayi’s mom) was very sweet to dad. She said she will convey the request to Chinmayi and that we didn’t have to worry. She will do a fab job.

Cut to recording studio. @Chinmayi comes in. I meet her in person for the first time.
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நான் அதீத பெண்ணியவாதியோ, ஆண் வர்கத்தின் மீது வெறுப்பு கொண்டவளோ இல்லவே இல்லை. முதலில் அதை தெளிவு படுத்தி விடுகிறேன். எனது தந்தையும், என் கனவரும் உட்பட பல ஆகச் சிறந்த ஆண்மகன்களையே பெரும்பாலும் சந்தித்துள்ளேன் 😊சரி coming to the point: 1/
ஆணாக இருப்பதில் நம் சமுதாயத்தில், ஏன்,உலகில் எங்குமே,ஒரு சிறப்புரிமை அல்லது தனிச்சலுகை (privilege) உள்ளது என்பதை முதலில் புரிந்து கொள்வோம்.எ.கா.:ஒரு ஆண் கவனக்குறைவாக கார் ஓட்டினாலோ, அன்றாட வாழ்வில் ஏதொ ஒரு தவறான முடிவு எடுத்தாலோ, யாரும் அதற்கு அவரது பாலை காரணம் காட்டமாட்டனர் 😄2/
ஏதேனும் ஒரு துறையில் ஒரு ஆண் வெற்றி பெற்றாலோ, உயர் பதவி அடைந்தாலோ யாரும் அவரை, இது அவன் அழகால் மயக்கி, ஒழுக்கம் குன்றி பெற்ற வெற்றி, திறமைக்குக் கிடைத்த வெற்றி அல்ல என்று பேச வாய்ப்பில்லை. Maximum:ரெகம்ண்டேஷன், காக்காய் பிடித்தான் இப்படி ஏதாவது பேசக்கூடும் 3/
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At 4pm UK time, an independent review of @savechildrenuk will report. Here’s what @irinnews reported earlier this year.
#MeToo #AidToo #TimesUp…
In a @savechildrenuk press release, responding to one of several leaks about its handling of #MeToo, review lead Suzanne Shale (@ethicsconsult) said "past events may have caused distress to staff" and "we will listen to those accounts very carefully..."
The March statement, was in response to earlier reviews that had found problems in the NGO's "culture" and "failures" in the way it handled cases of sexual harassment and misconduct:…
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My #MeToo story is the most harrowing account of my life. I was harrased for months continuesly by @i_saurabhkumar of @FinancialXpress in 2016. I had informed FE who hired him any way. Here is my story:
I have spoken of this before and publicly as well but never in such detail. Seeing other women giving detailed accounts has given me the push I needed to to finally show each and everything this fucking vile man did to me.
I am tweeting this anonymously for various reasons which include fear of legal trouble and also just more trauma of people asking questions about it.
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It is very, very tough for women to remember accounts of when they were touched inappropriately; a ‘harmless’ hug that looks OK but makes them alone cringe.
I was 8, maybe 9. I was sleeping. My mom was supervising a recording session for her documentary. Felt a man in priestly robes feel up my privates and I woke up. Told her ‘that uncle is bad’. This was in the studio called Santhome Communications that still exists.
Maybe I was 10/11, December Music Festival, ‘respectable mama’ whose name I dont remember kept pinching my thigh throughout a concert.
I heard more gross stories of Sabha secretaries.
In retrospect, a lot of children weren’t safe around some adults.
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Dear women out there
I don't know if I can do much but I want to help.
If any woman in the jurisdiction of Bombay High Court has faced sexual harassment at the workplace and wants to sue please contact me. I will not charge my fees and appear for you in your case.
Thank you everyone who's shown such great support and encouragement! I'm more motivated than ever and I will do my best to help whoever I can.
Another thing, if you see/know of someone being harassed, do not think twice before helping that person in whatever way you can. Please!
My friends and I are working on a write up about how we, as friends, family or colleagues, in our daily lives can be sensitive, listen to and help victims of sexual harassment. We will be talking to counselors, therapists, NGO workers, lawyers and doctors. Any help is appreciated
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So let’s start at the beginning.

Kathryn and Ronaldo are at a nightclub in Vegas. She says he raped her that night after she explicitly said no several times.
She goes to the police in a shaken state and fills out a rape report. She refuses to state who did it and says “it’s a public figure”. Evidence is collected by Nevada police and they tell her to get an attorney because she’s dealing with a high profile person.
She gets an attorney who is inexperienced and he proposes a settlement instead of going to trial. At this point, she’s traumatized and just wants the whole thing to go away. So she tells her attorney to settle it for 900K.
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I’m not blacking out. Fuck you. I don’t have to black out to be ignored. I’m black and a woman and not the right kind . I’m a specific kind of ignored anywho
I’m mitigated by oodles of privilege and Yet the constant reminder I have is two things : I’m a frigging ELEMENTAL force and that’s a REQUIREMENT
We did this already. And we’ve learned nothing . We are doing rallying cries and calls to action with no discussion that 53% of white women are fighting us
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