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Is this Tw A#&÷^ planning on getting/not getting Pregnant?

What do they mean they don't Menstruate! I thought whole basis of #TransRights is that #TranswomenAreWomen & All Women are now to be called '#Menstruators' bcos #Transwomen bleed too & it's #Transphobic to say otherwise!
In a Female Menstrual Cycle - Uterus Lining Thickens with Blood Cells then if No Pregnancy the Lining starts Thinning hence Menstruation (Period/Bleeding)

What's bleeding 7 Days Cycle in Transwomen? Did Anal Sex (Rectum) & NeoVagina (Fakegina) tear few muscles inside? An Ulcer?
Transwoman with NeoVagina (Fakegina) - Which part causes Menstruation & Why?
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If Hogwarts Houses triggers you then you need therapy for mental health.

Females don't get triggered by Fictional School Logos.

Women don't get triggered by Fictional School Logos.

Males/Men don't get triggerred by Fictional School Logos

Transwomen (Males/Men) get triggerred.
@oceansofnovels Respect my right to put whatever I want in my bio.

I bet mine triggers alot of people but unless a PTSD/Victim of Crime sufferer requests it - Not changing for Delusional Misogynistic Males (or Females).
Blocked by 👆 who said I am a creep for using their screenshot but then who are these Trans'women' that she supports and wants to protect from getting triggered if Not Creep?

Transwomen👇#TransDayOfVisibility #TransIsBeautiful #TransAlly #TransWomenareWomen #Trans #Transgender
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1- I am not a transgender,
I could never, no matter how emphatic I think I am, ever understand what a transgender person goes through, the same goes for homosexuals or any other type of gender or sexual orientation that is not mine.
2- That being said, I’ve seen, heard, and read stories about those topics and as has been pointed countless times, people start developing or manifesting those feelings as children, before puberty, some even as young as toddlers.
3- Am I to believe that children are choosing to be different? To be something that society rejects? That causes them emotional trauma? Drives them into depression? Causes them to be ostracized. Have people lost all sense of perspective?
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Today, March 31st, is the #transgenderdayofvisibility, my first since coming out and letting the whole world see who I really am...

I have been blessed by support and acceptance in my #transition, but I know that this experience is not universal. (1/x)
Far too many of my #transgender and non-binary brethren are shunned, cast out, or attacked, simply for trying to live as who they are. Even now, in some parts of the world considered the most advanced and civilized, this community of mine is under direct attack. (2/x) ...
... Attacks that seek to legislate us right out of existence. It is no wonder that we are community that is struggling with fear.

Despite this, trans people are showing how strong we can be; we are showing ourselves as the beautiful people we are, inside & out, showing (3/x) ...
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If you only do one thing for #TransDayOfVisibility RT this.

Trans children in the United States are under unprecedented attack right now.
If you live in one of THESE states, bills to criminalize trans existence are moving through your state NOW.
Info to help in reply: A United States map with the following states highlighted in
HERE you can find info on what bills are a threat, how far they are in the legislative process, and who to contact about them. Contact your reps and advocate for trans existence. It is life or death for trans kids right now. Please.
All performative allyship in the world won’t save lives. This simple action could.

Please RT and contact your representatives. Please.

#ProtectTransLives #ProtectTransYouth #ProtectTransWomen #ProtectTransKids #TransDayOfVisibility #TransWomenareWomen #TransWeekOfVisibility
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Tw eugenics, queer phobia, violence, medical abuse

The curious thing about anti-queer eugenics is that they will never actually work; being queer is not heritable or contagious. Anti-queer eugenics attempts operate on the false belief that we can be eliminated.
These crusades never succeed at eliminating queer people (it’s not possible, we will always be born into every population); but they do succeed at driving us into hiding. For the perpetrators of these actions, that is often good enough.
They often argue that this is “proof” that they’ve eliminated the “evil influence” or that queer people chose to be queer all along.
You can’t eliminate us. You can only make us suffer from your cruelty.
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Hey idk which cis “ally” needs to hear this, but it is literally never acceptable to out someone as trans without their consent.
Also outing someone as trans to “prove” how progressive you are, no matter who they are, is selfish and dangerous. It is not allyship in any capacity.
Also telling anyone a trans person’s deadname without their explicit consent, for any reason, is an act of transphobia. No exceptions.
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172 @GOP House Republicans voted AGAINST the Violence Against Women Act. Why?

The VAWA measure would extend gun buying restrictions to boyfriends "who have been convicted of stalking, assaulting a dating partner or who had a restraining order issued"…
8 women were murdered by a hateful man with a gun in Georgia. But 172 @GOP Republicans voted against the Violence Against Women Act because "they agree with the NRA's opposition to a proposed provision in the law that would close what is known as the 'boyfriend loophole.'" #VAW
"Given that FBI data indicates that a boyfriend is nearly as likely as a husband to kill an intimate partner, closing this loophole could save lives."

172 @GOP Republicans thought it more important for men to have guns than to save women's lives.

#VAW #ViolenceAgainstWomen
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#TransWomenareWomen so here's a thread of badass trans women to learn about and celebrate on #InternationalWomensDay

Let's start with Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a veteran of the Stonewall uprising, AIDS activist, prison abolitionist, feminist, and trans liberation organizer. Image
Now on to Wendy Carlos, trans woman musician who helped invent the popular Moog synthesizer. She composed the scores for A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and Tron, as well as "Switched on Bach." An absolute legend and godmother of electronic music. Image
Marsha P. Johnson. Activist. Performer. Drag queen. Stonewall veteran. Sex worker. Founding member of the Gay Liberation Front and co-founder of Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (S.T.A.R.) Later an AIDS activist with Act-Up. Consistently fought for the most vulnerable. Image
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I'm sure even though I have literally thousands of TERFs blocked this will get me hate, but it's important to remember on #InternationalWomensDay that all women are women, including trans women. Women of all types are amazing.

And here come the transphobes.
Straight on the block list 😂
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"Transgender" is not about stereotypes.

There are trans women who are very stereotypically masculine in terms of aesthetics, interests, personalities, etc. They're still women.

There are trans men who are very stereotypically feminine in those same ways. They're still men.
What makes a trans woman a woman isn't how she dresses or behaves. She's a woman regardless.

What makes a trans man a man isn't how he dresses or behaves. He's a man regardless.
This is something that a lot of people misunderstand.

I'm not dressing like a woman *to be* a woman. I *am* a woman. And I'm dressing this way, because, like many femme cis women, I like it.
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Here's #Anatomy (Inside Parts) of #Male/Man & #Female/#Woman Body for comparison.

I Googled Penis then Vagina - clicked on images.

I tried to find 'Lady'Dick, 'Lady'Penis & #Transwomen Anatomy (to compare) - Big mistake! (I warn you against it- R-Rated/18 crap!)

Ps - There happened to be alot of pictures of 'Women' holding/showing of Real Male Penises under Transwomen - Anybody want to guess why?

#TransWomenareWomen - False
#TranswomenAreMen - True

No such thing as 'Lady'dick/'Lady'Penis they are all Penis-havers, Prostrate-havers.
#TranswomenAreWomen - ?
#TranswomenAreMen - True
#WomensRights #Trans

Urban Dictionary - Not Oxford/Cambridge.

LadyPenis - Enlarged Clitorus of a #Female Bodybuilder (2005)
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What evidence have you seen that I harassed and a colleague? Or that I am hateful?

Misquotes and misinterpretations. (She tweeted this article...! .....She is contributing to self harm and deaths )
What evidence have you seen that JK Rowling lied about my case...?.... if people believe the lies about my case then they can believe that JK Rowling lied about it...

Do you see the "transphobic dogwhistles" people tell you her essay is full of?…
What evidence have you seen that Maria Maclachlan was the aggressor at speakers corner in 2017?

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Imagine you were born left-handed, but you were raised to think you're right-handed.

Maybe you don't need to imagine; maybe this is actually what happened to you.


Imagine that you were forced to use your right hand for everything, despite being a lefty, and maybe you didn't even know you were a lefty, because you always used your right hand. Why would it even occur to you to try your left hand, if you just always use your right?

Again, maybe you don't need to imagine; maybe this is actually what happened to you.
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Let's talk #TransRights ❤️ Let's unpack some stuff.

Some of you don’t really believe what you think you believe.

You want to believe this stuff because it gives you a reason to work your anxiety out on a group of people. (We're humans. We love doing that.)
You say that someone with male anatomy will always pose a threat to women and girls.

If that’s true, and you believe men are inherently dangerous, why don’t you believe this should exclude them from positions of authority or leadership?
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Regarding JKR’s statement: I do not think these things of you. I do not believe you are not who you are. I know you have fought a long, hard battle to become yourselves in the eyes of the world. In my eyes, you are heroic. #TransWomenareWomen #TransMenAreMen
There are plenty more like me, who believe that you have fought and earned your place in humanity. What matters is that you feel you’re in your right place. That you belong here, that those who love you and respect you know you’re in your right place.
All that matters is you won the battle to be recognized by yourself and the people who matter. Both my assistants are LGBTQ+I people. @dualwieldstudio is also run by a diverse group of LGBTQ+I people. I love you, and them, for who they are, not in spite of it.
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JK Rowling went full colonizer. Part of a long legacy of cis white women's entitlement to policing gender with disinformation. So rich & so foolish.

Transphobia is a part of white supremacy. Can't support Black lives & be transphobic.

Everyone positively tweeting #IStandWithJKRowling is transphobic.
There's a special place in hell for white women who weaponize their trauma to justify oppressing the minoritized.…
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Proud to have signed this letter in support of my trans & non binary friends and the whole community

Thank you @bloodygood__ for writing it and @michellevisage @BluHydrangea_ @crystalwillseeu @phoebe_dynevor @scottygb @camillavalerie_ for signing ❤️…
Many more excellent friends signed too, proud to be your ally and stand alongside you ❤️
If you’re wondering about the timing I hope this explains it properly:
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FAO #EddieRedmayne As a cis man you made money off trans ppl's stories. You won the best actor oscar for playing a woman. You are part of the problem. You are why ppl see trans women as men in dresses. You have a huge responsibility to call out J*Rs open transphobia.
This goes for anyone who has or plans to read a chapter of #HarryPotterAtHome
The author has made her opinions very clear, so let's hear it. Who of you will stand up to a bully? Who of you believe #TransWomenareWomen and #TransRightsAreHumanRights
Now is the time to pick a side
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Around 5 years ago I first encountered the vitriolic attacks on #women asserting their right to politically self-organise from so-called trans-rights activists in a socialist group I associated with at the time. Having been active in radical left... /1
...politics for nearly 30 years I had never encountered such appallingly sectarian, dishonest & personal attacks on the left. My first reaction was to defend #women's self-organisation on the basis that we must also support #LGBT self-organisation so ensuring... /2
...that different oppressed groups each had space & representation to better challenge that oppression. For this I was denounced as #transphobic just as the #women had been for asserting their right to self-organise had been & I first encountered the mantra... /3
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