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The pain of a #DEX trader = frontrunning BOTs that steal you of great value trades, slippage and swap fees.

The value for money and ease of trade trading on #Binance or #Coinbase is missed on a DEX.

Until @KromatikaFi .. shutterstock,com person showing empty wallet
Limit trades have been missing from #DEX protocols. They are a staple in traditional finance, also appearing on #CEX like #Binance or #coinbase.
Range orders on #uniswap are not the same as limit trades.

Limit orders on #1inch are slow to get filled.

Until @KromatikaFi .. Motley Fool image explaining market orders vs limit orders
This is what prompted the devs of @KromatikaFi to create a product that tackles every one of these problems with ease.

Now you get BOT protection, no slippage, no swap fees and the orders are filled quickly via @chainlink keepers and utilizing @uniswap liquidity. ten-steps-to-developing-your-big-idea_1036354855
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#reddit is not your friend. A 4/20 study by London School of Business economists discovered #wallstreetbets $GME retail traders lost $5.27 billion trading options during the 2021 stock market bull run. 🧵@stillgray @acrossthespread /1…
LSB analyzed a combination of small-contract trades and SLAN-coded trades to isolate the activity of amateur retail speculation between November of 2019 and present. /2
The team found ordinary people lost:

$1.14 billion on directly failed options trades

$4.13 billion in aggregate trading costs, including a bid-ask spread that at times almost 30%.

By comparison, the performance of the overall options market was a positive $5.48 billion. /3
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1/ Hal's $MOVR recap for Apr 2nd - Apr 8th!
Big news for @MoonsamaNFT!
The recap contains:
- Last recap
- Deployments & incomings
- Onchain events & announcements
- Figures & facts
Thanks to @CryptoswirlR for this great video!
2/ The $MOVR team did a mysterious announcement Apr 7th in form of a 5 days countdown.
Today they somehow spilled the beans a bit with the hashtag #TheMoonriverNFT.
But it is yet unclear what we can expect...
3/ @MantaNetwork announced the planned upcoming integration of @CalamariNetwork $KMA with $MOVR via XCM asset $xcKMA
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Open Source Intelligence (#osint) is based on the use of hundreds of open source tools. In my experience, the main problem of good #opensource tools is extremely LOW number of users.

In this thread I will tell how independent developers find their audience (free)🧵🧵⬇️ (1/14)
(2/14) Check how your product runs outside your computer.

For starters, try opening your Github repository at (it's free online #Ubuntu).

This will show what the user will need to install to run
Ex: the Python modules to include in requirements.txt
(3/14) Test your product on different operating systems

Ideally, you should install several virtual machines on your computer. VM images can be found here:

Linux -

Windows (legal, free 90 days) -…

MacOS -…
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28.01.2022 - One year has passed since the financial industry decided to betray retail investors.

This is the best day to release my updated ShortData & FTD sets for 2009 to 2021! 😺

For everyone - for free - for every stock - because fk HF!👇🧵…
I want to provide this data to every retail investor because we don't have easy access to this kind of data. It took me more than half a year to find these files and I hope that retails can use it to do better DDs. No matter what stock you are interested in! This is for everyone!
Below you can find the following informations:
1. How the files look like
2. What is inside
3. How to extract the data for the ticker you like
4. Virus Scan
5. Sources

A tutorial on how to visualise this data will follow up together with a master sheet when I got some time.
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The largest #comics social media page on the net,

r/comics on Reddit banned @BloodyRedBaron & his new pro-cop superhero comic for racism & misinformation,

They also banned the @FDRLST citing my article for Baron's ban

Hat tip to @BleedingFool & @BoundingComics
In addition, Facebook has made it all but impossible for Baron & others for ads on Facebook for the Thin Blue Line @Indiegogo campaign,

Blocking ads under the "sensitive social issues that could influence public opinion" rubric
#comics #nerd #kickstarter #politics #conservatives
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Moment grave attendu au Parlement 🇪🇺 ce jeudi : les députés doivent se prononcer s/ la régulation #contenus déversés par les #plateformes. La Commission IMCO du Parlement a privilégié le dit économique plutôt que le contrôle du respect des valeurs démocratiques.
2/ Une centaine d’amendements sur la nécessité desquels @iDFRights a attiré l’attention ont été déposés pr examen en plénière ce jeudi matin. A ce sujet retrouvez noyte position - commune à celle de l’ONG @respectzone_org ⬇️…
3/ La plénière aura-t-elle le courage d’imposer une régulation plus stricte ou les débordements (haine, pedopornographie, négationnismes et autres ) trouveront ils droit de cité dans l’Union? Moment crucial.
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A year ago I made ~$600K on 2 trades in 36 hours

Hitting two back to back stocks with 3.5x ($EXPR) and 2.3x ($NAKD) is like getting hit by lightning twice.

Why did I choose those and almost walked with $2M profit in just 36 hours? (a thread👇)
First, I should note that I’m a pretty conservative investor when it comes to equities. Barely trade, holding $SPY since 2009, but not afraid to go big on dips to buy and hold great positions. So these meme trades are very unlike me. And when I do buy, there is research involved.
Since COVID started I've traded almost everything with a friend. One day in October 2020 he tells me about GameStop. It was one of the rare trades I passed but he goes in at $10.
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Ein paar Meinungen von #ungeimpften von #reddit.
Denke es wäre wichtig dass Regierungen sich entscheiden, entweder eine #Impfpflicht einzuführen, oder dann denen die die Impfung ablehnen eine Perspektive zu geben, auch wenn diese warten heißt.


#Ungeimpfte sind die Mehrheit die dann am Ende mit schwerem Verlauf in der ITS landen, wenn ihr Immunsystem es nicht hinkriegt. In dem Beitrag auf Reddit liest man auch von vielen Ungeimpften die aus Angst vorm Spritzen, oder gar die Whg zu verlassen nicht zur Impfung gehen.
Leute deren Eltern oder andere Angehörige es verbieten oder ablehnen. Und auch Leute die Gründe aufzählen warum bisher nicht, die aber vor haben es bald zu tun. Wenn wir aber immer alle in eine Gruppe stecken, ist es einfach falsch, weil eher die Trotzigen…
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I’m a life long tech enthusiast, and I’ve worked in the tech industry for over a decade. I’m a massive #blockchain / #crypto / #web3 / #decentralisation cynic and skeptic. Please, convince me otherwise. A thread… 1/
Full disclosure: I’m a #crypto investor. Because right now I believe in the positive effect of non-cynics on artificially inflating the value of something, and the effect that has on getting other people to jump on the bandwagon. Not because I believe in the tech itself. 2/
Also, I may be wrong. #Blockchain certainly isn’t going away, I just don’t think it’s going to take off and replace everything, or anything much really.
There’s likely aspects I don’t fully understand, or assumptions that may be wrong. If I’ve made mistakes, then let me know! 3/
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Science publishing at its worst: Toxicology Reports is suffering from journal-level fraud. It is promoting COVID click-bait articles, authored by the editor-in-chief, without reasonable independent peer review.
My rundown:…
Initially I thought this was an article-level problem – an anti-vax polemic by the author, Ronald Kostoff, that had somehow slipped through review by using the language and format of sincere research.
Kostoff worked at @USNavyResearch & Georgia Tech @sppgatech, w/ a long academic history. The journal is widely cited, w/ a solid editor team.

I thought perhaps, as w/ Harald Walach's COVID fraud in JAMA Ped & MDPI Vaccines, this was just an oversight.

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What technologies should every #OSINT professional know? Python? Basic Linux terminal skills? Maltego?

Lots of things...

But I think it's definitely worth actively using advanced search operators at ALL STAGES of work.

7 types of advanced search operators. Thread🧵
Let's start with productivity issues.

Type 1

Search operators for mailbox
(#Gmail, #Outlook, #Yahoo, #Yandex)

for quick filtering emails by date, recipient name, attachment type and size, filename and other parameters.

(All links to the docs are at the end of the thread)
Type 2

Search operators for cloud storages

Help quickly navigate through files and sort them by owner name, type, creation date, words in title etc.
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[Aus #Kulturwissenschaft und #Sozialwissenschaften Sendung - Deutschlandfunk] Aus Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften 29.07.2021 - komplette Sendung #ausKulturUndSozialwissenschaftenSendungDeutschlandfunk… via @PodcastAddict
ab min32 - bin am suchen nach dem einzrag dieses beitrags... kurz vor investigativer recherche (so?)
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.@harmonyprotocol - An open and fast #blockchain for assets, collectibles, identity, governance! Some of the highlights of the great AMA @ #cryptocurrency #reddit w/ 3.2M users! $ONE #ONE4ALL Image
These three areas which are fundamentally important for @harmonyprotocol $ONE long term success! Image
ETA of $ONE $BTC bridge! Image
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1. Holders
Go to etherscan and put in address. On the page you just opened, look at the "Holders" list. The biggest holders of a coin should always be the liquidity pool which is usually identified as "Uniswap: COIN NAME" and the dead coins’ wallet, usually...
usually identified as "0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead". Why is this important? It reduces the possibility of a #rugpull to almost zero, especially if the dead coins’ wallet is over 50%.
Also watch out if there are too many whales 🐳
For example, 10 wallets each holding 3% of total coins is a huge red flag. Abort immediately. A healthy new coin should also have at least 200-300 holders. If it doesn't, also abort immediately. ❌
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Jordan Sather and Robert David Steele
November 29th 2017

"I'm very familiar with #Q"
RDS gives a shoutout to #StevePieczenik and how he was the first one to talk about #WhiteHats
Also mentions #BenjaminFulford
#Qanon #coverup3301 #UNRIG
November 30th, 2017

Jordan Sather talks about #Qanon #8chan migration and how #OriginalQ stop posting on November 25th, 2017.
Also questions the validity of #Meganon
Jordan Sather promotes his first interview in #GAIA
July 27th, 2017

The first time #JordanSather talks about an "Anon" in this case #WHanon has appeared on #Reddit mentioning how #Pizzagate is going to break open
Jordan Sather also mentions #GeorgeWebb and the #AwanBrothers
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #OCGN #SOS - below is your ortex information for the morning: Here is the Cost to Borrow as we go into regular trading hours: Daily Max is listed first then daily avg:

AMC: 259.81%, 133.41%
GME: 5.44, 1.89
TSLA: 4.48%, 0.65%
OCGN: 9.60%, 6.49%
SOS: 25.2%, 14.83
Ocugen is below...
My thoughts as we go into the morning: I hope and entrust you all have had a wonderful morning. I also hope that you all enjoyed that little after hours bump yesterday. It was pretty nice to watch. Now I know many of you who are holders of AMC are also worried about other stocks.
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Part II of the $CRSP $SGMO comparison will hopefully be a bit less dry now that Part I updates are in place. This thread will focus more on valuation, outlook and why the valuation cycle should matter to investors.
Let's start with the concept of #Disruptive technologies. The originator of disruptive innovation theory, Clayton Christensen worked with HBR in 2015 to revisit the past 20 years.
#GenomicMedicine is disrupting Big Pharma who has begun to respond by spinning off old product lines and jumping into #GeneTherapy.
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📌 Los fantasmas de una nueva crisis acechan a América Latina ante el alza de los mercados financieros

El apetito de Wall Street por la región depende de que no haya cambios de política monetaria

🖋 @Isabella_CS

HILO [1/11] ⤵…
2. En el mejor de los casos, los mercados responden de manera ordenada. En el peor, países en América Latina tienen las de perder. Los fantasmas de la inflación, la desigualdad y la fuga de capitales acechan en el fondo

3. Mientras la región es señalada como la más dañada por la pandemia y espera una recuperación lenta en comparación con el resto del mundo, los inversores corren a prestarles dinero, el cual solo podrán pagar si se recuperan en tiempo y forma

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Cosa è accaduto con #GameStop e #RobinHood
1) Gli investitori retail che partecipano a community come, ad esempio, #reddit WallStreetbets hanno creato un flusso in acquisto su titoli sottili quali, ad esempio, #GameStop 1/ 👇@marioricciard18 @MoryaLongo @MariangelaPira
2) Questo flusso in acquisto ha, da un lato, fatto salire i titoli; e, dall'altro, creato difficoltà agli hedge fund.
3) Gli hedge fund acquistano normali titoli, ma si difendono da eventuali perdite su quei titoli stessi vendendo allo scoperto altre azioni (GameStop) 2/ 👇
4) Gli hedge fund, che vedono il titolo su cui sono esposti al ribasso, hanno due possibilità. O chiudere la posizione short (ricomprando il titolo GameStop e contribuendo al suo rialzo); oppure tentano di resistere. Ma il fatto è che perdono un sacco di soldi 3/ 👇
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۱/احتمالا این هشتگها رو دیدین که تو این یکی دو روزه ترند شدن. GameStop اسم یک شرکت کوچک هست که محصولات آنلاین مثل بازی و فیلم و ... می فروشه و در حال افول بوده. تو این یکی دو روز یکدفعه سهام ۱۹۰ برابر شده! چرا؟
۲/داستان اینه که شرکتهای سرمایه داری می یان و سهم شرکتهایی که میدونن درحال سقوطن رو از دارندگانش قرض می گیرن (مثلا ۵ دلار) و بعد این سهم رو به مشتریان از همه جا بیخبرن می فروشن.۱ ماه دیگه سهم سقوط میکنه و قیمتش میشه مثلا ۳ دلار. حالا همون میزان سهم اولیه رو می خرن
۳/و به صاحب اصلی برمیگردونن. اینطوری ۲ دلار کاسب شدن. به این کار اصطلاحا می گن Short Selling. این شرکت GameStop از اون شرکتهایی بوده که همه صندوقهای سرمایه گذاری فکر می کردن در حال سقوطه و شروع کرده بودن به Short Selling روی این سهم. یعنی در مقادیر زیاد قرض
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‼️ Sıradan insanlar, Wall Street’e 14 milyar dolar zarar verdiler!

🇺🇸ABD finans piyasalarında tarihi bir gün yaşandı.

🎮ABD'nin köklü oyun satıcılarından biri olan #GameStop salgın döneminde zorlu bir süreçten geçiyordu

👎Her çeyrek zarar açıkladı

❌Birçok şubesini de kapattı
📰 #Reddit’in WallStreetBets (#WSB) başlığı altında yazan kişiler, şirketi ateşli bir şekilde savundu.

👉Reddit üzerinden @GameStop hisselerinin yükseleceğine dair dedikodu haberleri yayınlandı.
📊Küçük yatırımcılar bu ucuz hisselere ciddi talep gösterdi.

💯Şirket hisseleri birkaç saat içinde yüzde 100 değer kazandı.

📈3.25 dolar seviyesine kadar gerilemiş olan #GameStop hisseleri bir anda 248 dolara kadar yükseldi.
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The power of Redditors 💪

The Wall Street David v/s Goliath story👇

It all started when a Redditor noticed that a hedge fund had taken a huge amount of short trades against GameStop and posted on the popular Reddit page #wallstreetbets, which is fond of targeting short-sellers
The Redditors on the thread joined forces and bought as much GameStop stock as possible 💰

This made the price rise exponentially and hedge funds short position started to lose billions

So, the short-sellers had to buy shares to cover their losing bids

#reddit #GameStop
Tesla boss @elonmusk aka “Papa Musk” tweeted Gamestonk!!", along with a link to the Reddit page which acted as a catalyst to the whole fiasco and sent the stock price to dizzying new heights 🚀
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Oigan pues la neta que si está bien interesante el asunto de #wallstreetbets y $GME (#GameStop)
Y como andamos con Insomnio vamos a darle a un buen hilo explicando este asunto jeje 🙊
Ready!? Go‼️
Pues bien, en principio la historia ya la conocen: Un grupo de jóvenes se ha organizado a través de un grupo en la app #reddit y básicamente han formado su propia armada de más de DOS MILLONES de integrantes dispuestos a invertir de forma ORGANIZADA.
⚠️ - Ojo aquí que, como iremos viendo el tema de la cantidad, la organización y la concentración serán CLAVES para entender este fenómeno 🌏
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