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Good news from #Brussels
The leaked @EU_Commission non-paper on Emergency Electricity Mkt Interventions addresses the root sources of the 10-fold electricity price increase:
➡️Excessive profits of inframarginal technologies (nuclear, hydro, renewables)
➡️Gas scarcity

🧵 Thread
The proposals imply a big step #forward in our understanding of how #electricity markets should be designed
And watch out 🔊 because emergency measures pave the way to #structural reform!

Some key reasons & thoughts...
1/ Acknowledging that not all technologies should be paid at the cost of gas-fired generation is equivalent to acknowledging that:
📢 a single *technology-neutral* *energy-only* market design is not adequate – under emergencies & beyond
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*विस्मरणात चाललेले ग्रामीण मराठी शब्द*

मराठी भाषेला समृध्द करणारे ग्रामीण भागातील दैनंदिन जीवनात सहजपणे वापरले जाणारे व काळाच्या ओघात काहिसे विस्मृतीत गेलेल्या शब्दांचा, संकल्पनांचा मागोवा...
जसजसे शेतीबाडीचं यांत्रिकीकरण होऊ लागलं, गावगाड्याला नागरीकरणानं भरकटून टाकल. गावाकडचं घर बदललं आणि ‘बंगलो स्किम’ आली.- मग ओटा,
धुराडे-धारे वासं-आडं,
कडी कोंडी,
हे शब्द विस्मरणात गेले.

बैलगाडी जाऊन ट्रॅक्टर-यांत्रिकी अवजारं आल्यानं
कासरा (लांब दोर),
दावं (लहान दोरखंड),
चराट (बारीक दोरी)
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The messaging on this is terrible; causing unnecessary outrage.

#AndrewYang is not trying to run #3rdParty, or rejecting #Democrats, or asking anyone else to, he will just endorse/support any candidate who aligns with his (atm, mostly #Democratic) policies.
#Yang has said multiple times that he knows #Independents can't win the presidential and almost never win Congressional races, EXCEPT where there's open, #RCV elections, like #Alaska, and he's not encouraging anyone to register as Independent.
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#AndrewYang and #KrystalBall have long conversation, on #YangSpeaks (now #Forward) about his new party (arguably NOT a party), what it will do, and why.

#YangGang have been waiting for definitive answers. Well, your wait is... not really over😵‍💫
What do I mean by that? Well...

@AndrewYang said he IS starting a new party...
BUT he "answered" the question of whether the Forward party would run candidates by saying it will back #Democrats and #Republicans who align with Forward policy...…
He said he is forming a new party because he doesn't believe changing #election rules in favor of more parties is likely to happen from within the #duopoly...

BUT, they're going to back duopoly candidates, and didn't mention running their own...
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WOW! The #WisDems2021 #BadgerBounceback convention last weekend was terrific. If you want to re-experience the excitement, or if you missed it and want to catch up in just 90 seconds, don’t miss our gavel-to-gavel speed-run video! 1/
SO MUCH happened. The biggest and most exciting news came courtesy of @GovEvers, who officially launched his reelection campaign from our virtual convention main stage!…
Also on Saturday night, we had a powerhouse lineup of Dem leaders—including local electeds from across WI, a keynote from @JulianCastro, & speeches from Baldwin, Kind, Moore, Pocan, Kaul, Barnes… and President @JoeBiden! See our livetweet thread here:
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आज एक पोस्ट करतोय. पण पोस्ट विचार करायला लावणारी आहे. सध्या कोरोनामुळे सगळीकडे जो गदारोळ उठलाय त्यावर हि पोस्ट आहे. सध्या लोकं वैद्यकीय क्षेत्रावर चारही बाजूंनी टीका करत आहेत. इथे ट्विटरवरसुद्धा वैद्यकीय क्षेत्रातील लोक आहेत. त्यांना समर्पित आहे हि पोस्ट वाचा आणि विचार करा.(१/१६)
गेल्या वर्षी डाॅक्टरांवर फुलं उधळणं-टाळ्या वाजवणं वगैरे भंपक प्रकार झाले तेव्हाच आजचा दिवस उगवेल असा अंदाज होता यावर #गोष्टछोटीडोंगराएवढी ही पोस्टही लिहिली होती.. कोरोनायोद्धा-कोविड वाॅरियर-देव भरपूर चावाचावी चालली होती..मलाही अनेकांनी प्रमाणपत्रं पाठवली होती(२/१६)
‘मानवी स्वभाव’ माहित असल्यानं जी मी क्षणात डिलिट केली होती.. आज या दुसऱ्या लाटेमुळं वातावरण भयंकर तणावपूर्ण आहे.. सर्वसामान्य लोकं प्रचंड आणि जेन्युईन अडचणीत आहेत त्यामुळं त्यांचा सगळा राग वैद्यकिय क्षेत्रावर निघतोय.. ‘व्हायरल’ झालेले एकेक व्हिडिओ बघतो...(३/१६)
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#WA #forward @PraveenIFShere

*Corona Virus Submitted its ‘Annual Performance Appraisal ’ for 2020 for promotion, it reads like this:

1. Responsible for Global Digital Transformation and fast-tracking

2.Reduction of Global CO2 emission

3.Five million jobs "restructuring"
4.Global Hygiene initiatives:
Ensured 100% compliance on washing hands... leading to collateral reduction of other communicable diseases.

5. Made global industry shift to WFH - saved exposure and costs.
6. Reduction in global noise pollution by making everyone keep their mouth shut (while masked).

7. Taught cooking, vegetable shopping, housekeeping to many.

8. Highlighted the importance of governance, adaptability and long term planning, by all sectors.
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Hello Twitter fam it is me @Hegemommy coming in hot for DAY 2 of f the #RepublicanNationalConvention

Have you eaten? Hydrated? Stretched? Good because we are in for one wild ride tonight
@Hegemommy Last week the Democrats had their big party. And what a party it was! Except for that whole part where they basically ignored two of the most important and intertwined issues of this election: abortion and the courts
We know that will NOT be the case tonight. How do we know that? Well because one of tonight's featured speakers is anti-choice activist and noted parenting vlogger Abby Johnson. Maybe you don't know Abby. Here's some background
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People who think that @BernieSanders gets us closer to @AndrewYang's vision for America don't actually understand Yang's vision for America: A Thread

#YangGang #EndorseUBI
#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs

First of all, #Yang wants a unified America. One where there isn't a huge political divide and so much hate and conflict. He doesn't alienate anyone.

#Bernie is incredibly divisive and angry and will only cause tensions to rise if given the nomination or the presidency.

The #FederalJobsGuarantee goes against Yang's vision because #Yang wants to redefine work in an age where jobs are being automated away and where work that has intrinsic human value isn't being recognized by the market.

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I love @realDonaldTrump.

a thread.
I love #MAGA Trump voters. For the most part they are ideologically sound, feel very deeply, and have a sense of America-loving nationalism that is healthy and necessary to rebuild our crumbling country.
#Trump voters, unless they were voting "against" Hillary, screamed in 2016 that they were fed up with business as usual. They showed the might of American numbers. There is no suppressing that.

"They" CAN. NOT. STOP. US.
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1/11 I’m so over establishment politicians—Republican and Democrat. I want my government officials to have ONE agenda: improving citizens’ lives and making this country the best it can be. @AndrewYang has this agenda and this agenda alone. For our current...
2/11 ...politicians, the goal seems to be to always shame and destroy the other side, regardless of whether or not they have a good idea. And people actually buy into this tribal BS. Tribal republicans: you’re full of shit or just extremely ignorant if you honestly believe...
3/11 ...that Trump and the anchors at @FoxNews’ (who constantly lie and cover for him) goal is to make your lives better. Tribal democrats: you’re full of shit or just extremely ignorant if you honestly believe that Trump supporters are all evil and that establishment...
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Getiri (ve götürü:) fonksiyonu, nakit (spot) ürünlerden farklı (ve kaldıraçlı) olabilen; bilanço dışında gösterilen; dayanak varlık(lar)dan türeyen, riskleri azaltabilen veya katlayabilen finansal sözleşmelere #türev ürün denir.
Statik tanımları sevmediğimi bilirsiniz. Gerektiği kadarını cümlede kullanmak iyidir deyip, koyun pazarlığına girişelim.

Kurbana çok var ama ben köyüne gidip pazarcıdan bir kuzu beğendim. Kendim büyüteceğim. Hemen 800 TL verdim, araca yükledim = #SPOT, nakit işlem

Bakacak yerim yok. Gelecek kurban bayramında beğendiğim o kuzu büyüyünce alacağım; kilosu 30 TL'den anlaştık= #FORWARD, vadeli işlem

Kuzu hastalanabilir, riske etmek istemedim. Bayramda herhangi bir koyun alacağım. 32 TL/kg dedi, ok'ledim = #FUTURE, forward'ın standart versiyonu
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Meet #Israel's #Hasbara, which means #Propaganda, MSM Censorship Application👇🤨
This app came out about last year, and it is still on the iTunes store.
The app posts daily missions & TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO SAY
#Trolls #Palestine #Gaza #BDS #JeremyCorbyn #JC4PM
6yrs ago #Jerusalem, #IDF Rep:
"we are now located in the SAME building where the Foreign Journalists are,we have close working relationships w/ hundreds of journalists. In addition we launched media project working in many platforms,twitter in Arabic, Russian, French & English."
How #Israel-i Propaganda (#Hasbara) Works: #TheLuntzDocument
If you want to understand how the #propaganda works you need to read the Luntz document -- "The Key," Luntz says, "is the Claim that the Fight is Over Ideology, Not Land. About Terror, & Not Territory."
#Palestine #BDS
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