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I'm here! I will be doing my best to live tweet the Hampshire County Commission meeting. I will also be presenting on adoption of @IDADarkSky ordinances in our community.
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The agenda 1/?
Here is what it looks like inside the room and arriving to the building. The seating is not very accessible for disabled folks, and meetings are held upstairs. 2/?
Present is commissioners Robert Hott, Brian Eglinger and David Cannon. The meeting has been called to order. Meetings from the last meeting were approved with unanimous consent. Commissioners are now giving reports. Brian is speaking about the CVB and putting more funding in. 3/
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'Purified Air were tasked to incorporate filtration solutions into the existing #HVAC system of the Houses of Parliament to improve the indoor air quality of the building'.
Purified Air 'achieved this by installing Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) within the existing Air Handling Units. ESPs vastly improved upon indoor air quality, ensuring that airborne viruses and bacteria were kept to an absolute minimum within the space'
HM Government does NOT seem to underestimate the threat #Covid poses - at least the incorporation of 'virus control air filtration solutions' in certain locations, appears to indicate an awareness of the science, and some common sense.…
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@prlambert @energysmartwv @curious_founder One per room is way too many. They’re not small enough and the turndown isn’t low enough for that.
@prlambert @energysmartwv @curious_founder We usually do ducted #heatpumps for the whole house in our #HVAC design projects. When people come to us wanting all #ductless units, we try to talk them into ducted for the bedrooms.
@prlambert @energysmartwv @curious_founder Here's an example from a small high-performance house we did in Virginia.

Loads (in BTU/hr)

Bedroom 1
htg = 1,944
clg = 320

Bedroom 2
htg = 1,454
clg = 511

htg = 1,665
clg = 1,063
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Long🧵on the provisions of #BuildBackBetter on all things #electricity & #grid. The act starts w/ ~3bn in loans for electric co-ops @NRECANews, incl. projects w/ #batteries. Co-ops have been very involved in @ENERGY-funded R&D & are now enabled to bring results to practice! 1/
It is funny that in my postdoc work @CMU_ECE & @NRECANews w/ @eeregov funding, we actually studied the added value of #battery to #photovoltaics for residential customers' energy cost savings:… & [1],[3], [4] here… 2/
Another ~10bn to co-ops for loans until 2031 to improve #resilience & #reliability w/ investments in #renewables & #transmission . Co-ops 'own' transmission lines & this money can motivate adjacent upgrades. Also critical that #renewables & #transmission appear together here! 3/
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The Concord project opted to go with Solar (PV) connected to an energy storage system (battery storage) in lieu of a backup generator.

This system has been designed to keep the critical loads for the home operational even if the utility power is knocked out.
This includes the backup heating and domestic hot water system (gas boiler with radiant floor heat + indirect hot water tank), the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, TV/WiFi, lighting and receptacles in strategic areas.
The Generac PwrCell provides 18 kWh of battery storage in a single cabinet, and up to 9 kW of continuous power output, enough to power the critical loads for extended periods of time. It can also be expanded to 36 kWh of battery storage in the future should it ever be needed.
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A metal ion orients SARS-CoV-2 mRNA to ensure accurate 2′-O methylation of its first nucleotide
The #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus is able to utilize the changes in metal ion concentrations to disguise itself in the human host body thus evading immune responses. Image
Efficacy of #clarithromycin on #COVID19 pneumonia without oxygen administration; protocol for multicenter, open-label, randomized-controlled, 3-armed parallel group comparison, exploratory trial #CAMECOVID
Japan Registry of Clinical Trials jRCTs071210011 Image
The influence of #HLA genotype on the severity of #COVID19 infection
A genetic link has been discovered explaining why some people catch #Covid but don't get sick. The gene is found three times as often in people who are #asymptomatic. Image
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🔝5 Concerns about #SARSCoV2 #Biology: A Call to Pause, Deliberate, and Revise Policy─This review is intended both as a basic resource and to initiate an open and critical dialog about SARS-CoV-2 biology for an independent and public call to action.…
Structural basis of ribosomal #frameshifting during translation of the #SARSCoV2 #RNA #genome
A unique feature of the SARS-CoV-2 genome controls protein synthesis and presents an "Achilles heel" of the virus. Image
Brainstem neuropathology in two cases of #COVID19: #SARSCoV2 trafficking between #brain and #lung
Neuropathologic evidence strongly suggests that the pathophysiology of COVID-19 related respiratory failure includes a neurogenic component. Image
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🔺3k workers (20-69 yrs) perished in #CdnPoli pandemic @CPHO_Canada. Hard to get good official #OSH info . Using #ONpoli @WSIB injury reports & PHU data from
@TOPublicHealth &
to estimate where fatalities might b . #TOpoli #PaidLeave #SickPlan #COVIDZero Image
#Pandemic #ONpoli work hotspots inc warehouse, transport, health, #OntEd, manu, construction, stores & offices. Adj fatalities for #excessdeath as per @MoriartyLab . #DayOfMourning @FredHahnCUPE @HarveyBischof @ETFOpresident @aefopresidence @OECTAProv @SharleenStewart @FolkDawson Image
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Il Dito E La Luna─Indossare la #mascherina all'aperto se non s'è a stretto contatto con estranei NON è indispensabile (il dito). Viceversa, predisporre opportuni impianti #HVAC con filtrazione #Heat#UVC#HEPA è IMPRESCINDIBILE (la Luna). Mind Your Head Image
Il Dito E La Luna─Indossare la #mascherina all'aperto se non s'è a stretto contatto con estranei NON è indispensabile (il dito). Viceversa, predisporre opportuni impianti #HVAC con filtrazione #Heat#UVC#HEPA è IMPRESCINDIBILE (la Luna). Mind Your Head
Il Dito E La Luna─Indossare la #mascherina all'aperto se non s'è a stretto contatto con estranei NON è indispensabile (il dito). Viceversa, predisporre opportuni impianti #HVAC con filtrazione #Heat#UVC#HEPA è IMPRESCINDIBILE (la Luna). Mind Your Head
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Whole building system metric needs to be done to improve energy efficiency, but comes with some challenges.

Dr. Bing Liu @nwalliance
Total System Performance Ratio (TSPR) evaluates the ENTIRE #HVAC system & can be calculated by:
#BuildingSystems Image
Free software is available to improve whole building analysis, thanks @eeregov !
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Clear need to increase interdisciplinary knowledge on #HVAC, #building, #smartcities &&& working across diverse groups — Adam Jacobs from Optimal Energy

#BuildingTrades #SummerStudy20 Image
Some quick thoughts:
US construction is male & white; leading to systemic & intergenerational siphoning of contracts, social relationships & $$$$

Diversity & anti-racist policies need to implemented in bidding & contractors
Existing efforts at Municipal, State, & Federal seek to do ALL the things: gender equity & racial equity --->
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/12/2020-2…

How Futurists Cope With Uncertainty | by Amy Webb | The Startup | Medium…

Covid-19 and climate change: Why we need to remember what we’ve lost - Vox…

#COVID19 #ClimateChange #TippingPoint
Can HVAC guidance help prevent transmission of COVID-19? | McKinsey…

#transmission #COVID19 #coronavirus #hvac
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This is pretty interesting. The article lays out an existing intellectual divide or siloization between medical professionals/researchers (& the engineers working w/ them) vs aerosol scientists (& the engineers working w/ them). 1/

#covid19 #masks…
When I first started reviewing the research on influenza to evaluate the potential for developing a tool to estimate risk of infection reductions via ventilation, filtration, etc., I got some pushback. Engineers steeped in hospital/healthcare design told me... 2/
influenza wasn’t airborne, or at least not enough to present any real threat. Which contradicted what was being said in the aerosol research literature.

So I had the opportunity to experience this intellectual divide first hand. 3/
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