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Do you think politics can save lives??

If you think "yes" is the answer, the opposite is also true. #ph260720 #HPVV #JAPAN 

#HPV is a common virus that infects the reproductive tract and can cause #cancers in males and females. This would have a serious impact on our lives. #ph260720 #HPVV #JAPAN
In 2013, the #Japanese government issued a statement stopping the active recommendation of #HPVV and implemented a policy of not including it in the routine vaccination. #ph260720 #HPVV #JAPAN

Do you imagine the impact???
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Golden hour at Ginkaku-ji's (銀閣寺) Kōgetsudai (向月台) and Ginshadan (銀沙灘), representations in white sand of (possibly) Mt. Fuji (富士山) and China's Lake Xi (西湖 'West Lake').

#Ginkakuji #銀閣寺 #Jishōji #慈照寺 #Kyoto #京都 #Japan
And what better sweets to enjoy with a trip to the 'Silver Pavilion' than Tawaraya Yoshitomi's (俵屋吉富) 'ginshadan' (銀沙灘).
Flavoured with hama-natto (浜納豆), the higashi (干菓子) have a sweet and salty taste that pairs perfectly with matcha🍵🙌

The sand mound has a small depression at its summit to give it an even more Mt. Fuji-like appearance, and indicating that the garden was best viewed from the upper floor of the pavilion. White Shirakawa sand (白川砂) was chosen to best reflect the light of the full moon.
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It may be small, and is perhaps not as attractive as other nearby shrines, but Seimei-jinja's (晴明神社) grounds are filled with interesting monuments and memorials to Abe-no-Seimei (安倍晴明 921-1005) and his mysterious life.
#Japan #Kyoto #晴明神社 #京都

Shikigami are somewhat unruly spirits summoned by onmyōji (陰陽師) to serve them. Invisible to almost everyone but the summoner, they would -for the most part- act like normal servants, performing household chores or secretarial duties.
#Japan #式神 #folklore
Fearsome in appearance, the shikigami's powers were connected to the strength of their master. Thus it is of no surprise that Seimei (安倍晴明) was said to have had 12 'shikijin' (式神), mostly performing simple tasks such as guarding his residence or opening gates.
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Abe-no-Seimei (安倍晴明 921-1005) is often thought of as the 'Merlin of Japan'.
Celebrated as Japan’s most successful onmyōji (陰陽師), Seimei served 6 emperors, & thanks to a prominent career and long (sickness free) life came to be viewed as a magical figure. ImageImageImageImage
Long after he had died, Seimei was the subject of countless stories and miraculous legends.

As an onmyōji (陰陽師) Seimei worked in the palace's onmyō-ryō (陰陽寮 'Bureau of Yin-Yang Divination'), responsible for geomantic and spiritual matters.
#folklorethursday #Japan #Kyoto ImageImageImageImage
Amongst his many tasks was onmyō (Yin-Yang divination), tenmon (天文-astronomy), koyomi (暦-calendar making), & rōkoku (漏刻-time keeping).

Seimei was charged with protecting the court by predicting future events, something he became so adept at that he was in constant demand. ImageImageImageImage
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Relaxing at the spot Murasaki Shikibu (紫式部 ?973-1031?) likely wrote part of 'The Tale of Genji' (源氏物語).

#Kyoto #京都 #Rozanji #廬山寺 #MurasakiShikibu #紫式部 #kyototemples
The lady herself.

Murasaki Shikibu (紫式部 ?973-1031?), for some reason rendered in gold.
#Kyoto #京都 #Rozanji #廬山寺 #MurasakiShikibu #紫式部 #kyototemples ImageImage
Rozan-ji's (廬山寺) 'Genji-no-tei' (源氏庭) was designed in 1965, inspired by Heian period gardens. Kikyō offer the only real colour.
White gravel is shaped into a pattern known as Genji Kumogata (源氏雲形), imitating the gold clouds seen on 'The Tale of Genji' scrolls.
#Japan ImageImageImageImage
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🌊✨🙏AMABIE (アマビエ)🖌️🤒🙌
In Kyōto and many parts of Japan the pandemic revived a half forgotten deity, dusting her down & repackaging her for a new generation.
'Amabie' (アマビエ) has gone from being the savior of small, rural communities, to icon of the COVID-19 age.
Occupying the grey area between 'yōkai' (妖怪) and 'kami' (神), Amabie (アマビエ) was a 3-legged, mermaid-like creature said to protect against disease.

As the pandemic unfolded, her image was once again seized upon and popularized as a protective charm🙏
The most famous sighting of Amabie (perhaps the only sighting) was in Higo Province (肥後国 Kumamoto), mid-May 1846.
An official went to investigate a mysterious glowing by the coast and was confronted by a long-haired, beak-mouthed, 3-legged, scaly being from the deep sea.
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A straw raincoat hangs beside the door at Rakushisha (落柿舎), indicating that the host is home.

The small cottage was home to Mukai Kyorai (向井去来), chief disciple of Matsuo Bashō. It was here Bashō composed 'Saga Nikki' (嵯峨日記) in 1691.
Mukai named his hermitage 'Hut of the Fallen Persimmons' (落柿舎 'Rakushisha') in the autumn of 1689.
40 persimmon trees stood in the cottage grounds, & he sold the fruit in advance to a merchant. Shortly before harvesting a storm struck, & Mukai awoke to find the trees stripped.
master of persimmons
so close to the tree tops
Stormy Mountain

Mukai Kyorai (向井去来) wrote this haiku to commemorate the fallen persimmons event, something he considered a humorous lesson in the pitfalls of pursuing worldly gain.
#Kyoto #Japan #京都
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"All my friends are dying.",
I realized as I lay on the floor contemplating how to live to 100.

I am dramatic
and obsessed with longevity.
Dramatically obsessed with #healthspan
not #lifespan.

I'm on a quest to live well for a century.

Here's the problem:
The problem:
I have no idea what health actually means.

Do we eat meat or not?
Does dairy actually cause cancer?
What about mercury in fish?
Is coffee good or bad?

There's too much conflicting information,
too many buzzwords
and @instagram was making it worse.

Frustrated, I decided to look at the places where people DID live to 100.
At least I could begin there. These places are called @BlueZones.

Dan Buettner's work studies the world's longest-lived populations and finds best practices.

Turns out, there are only 5 blue zones:
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I didn't quite have the temple to myself, but near enough.
A little bit of the magic, mystery and history of Kinkaku-ji (金閣寺) emerges in the absence of people, and I appreciate how lucky I am to experience these moments.

More about the temple⬇️

Kinkaku-ji's (金閣寺) 600 year old Rikushū-no-matsu (陸舟之松 lit. 'Ship-shaped Pine on the Shore') is said to have been Ashikaga Yoshimitsu's (足利義満) favourite bonsai (盆栽).
After his death the Japanese white pine (ゴヨウマツ) was planted in the ground.
#Kyoto #Kinkakuji
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The Rinzai Zen temple Hōrin-ji (法輪寺/臨済宗) is famed for its huge collection of Daruma (達磨) dolls, statues, scrolls and paintings, and because of this it is better known as Daruma-dera (達磨寺).

#Kyoto #京都 #daruma #Darumadera #達磨寺 #Japan ImageImageImageImage
Daruma (達磨) is the Japanese name for Bodhidharma, a 5th or 6th monk credited with establishing Zen.
Daruma dolls, typically red and made from papier-mâché, are modeled on the story of Bodhidharma wall-gazing in a cave (close to the Shaolin Monastery) for 9 years.
#だるま #Japan ImageImageImageImage
In the 7th year it is said Bodhidharma fell asleep. Furious with himself, he cut off his eyelids and tossed them away to prevent it happening again.
Legend has it that the first tea plants sprang from those eye-lids, later helping Zen students stay away during long meditations👀 ImageImageImageImage
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1/ #THREAD: #Submarine rescue ships in the Pacific

HQ-927 Yet Kieu sub rescue ship of the #Vietnamese Navy is the latest one

It supports #Vietnam's 6 Kilo-class submarines, it was just commissioned this year

Only Vietnam, #Singapore & #Malaysia have sub rescue ships in #ASEAN
2/ The Yet Kieu is designed to rescue submarines & surface ships, survey the seabed & search & recover undersea objects.

Built by the #Vietnamese 189 military owned shipyard.

It measures 94m long x 16m wide and has a displacement of 4,000 tons.
3/ The Republic of #Singapore Navy (RSN) operates the MV Swift Rescue, submarine support & rescue vessel (SSRV).

It is equipped with the deep-submergence rescue vehicle Deep Search and Rescue Six (DSAR 6)

Displacement: 4,290 tons
Length: 85 m
Completed on April 2009
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1. Better headline: "Will Common Prosperity Make Japan Great Again?" MJGA!😂 We have deep expertise and top indexes on Japanese equity, particularly currency hedging. Below is the list of some under appreciated things of Japanese equity.
2. Underappreciated: If US fiscal/monetary response to the pandemic is large, Japan's is even a larger share of GDP. Lay person language: money money money for the economy.
3. Our colleague reviewed how Warren Buffet's Japanese investment last September has turned out. Following Mr. Buffet, global investors have been putting money there quietly for a while.…
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Patriots from around the WORLD, Australia needs your help, can we get #IStandWithTradies Trending number 1, Aussies are fighting a huge battle and it’s far from over. Let’s go! Together we are strong divided we are weak WORLD UNITING #IStandWithTradies 🙌
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1/3 A short thread of an #Belgian/English children's book with today in Chinese history, Tin Tin & Blue Lotus #丁丁历险记(蓝莲花). My kids (7&10) had loved it for years. I just had a sweet moment of talking about Chinese 9.18 history and kids today.…
2/3 My kids had read Tin Tin Series by Belgian artist at least 20 times, each time exclaiming on funny passages, particularly the Blue Lotus. Today(9/18) I casually mentioned that there will be sirens in Chinese cities as is unofficial start of WWII there.…
3/3 War can be so brutal and random. Mukden Incident started by low level Japanese soldier but moved countries #China and #Japan toward 14 yrs of war(1931-1945) When I mention 9.18, kids instantly said, yes, that railroad thing, it was in Tin Tin! I laughed. Make laughs, not war.
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#Taliban terrorist hits the jackpot once again. Their blackmail with stranded western citizens paid off. At the UN today, the following countries announced humanitarian assistance to #Afghanistan

In Millions:
#Japan 200 $
#US 64 $
#France 100 €
#Germany 5 €
#UN 25 $
Video executions by the #Taliban in the #Panjshir Valley. The Taliban told the BBC based on our report they will launch an investigation. @hrw has told me that our report correspondents with a pattern of such executions they've documented #Afghanistan
This is #Afghanistan under Taliban rule:

Videos of Taliban purportedly kidnapping young Panjshiri men in #Kabul

Videos of Hazara men in Daikundi saying Taliban will seize their properties

Videos of a woman being publicly whipped by the Taliban in Herat
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@BillHog15360397 Fall😂Empire😂fall😂

Brilliant pre-Obama lecture by my fav historian @WebsterGTarpley

@BillHog15360397 @WebsterGTarpley I recommend this beauty. Obama death count 1,2,3,. incl. Larry Sinclair testimony

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#GaneshChaturthi2021 @LevinaNeythiri @changu311 @jkd18

-Lord Ganesha is not just loved in #Hinduism but #Buddhism & #Jainism too
-In addition to #India #Ganesha is revered in many SE Asian countries
-World’s tallest (90ft) Ganesh near Kolhapur, Maharashtra Traveltwosome
-#Ganesh in #Indonesia
-#Javanese manuscript known as Smaradahana narrates Ganesha’s birth
-Ceremony ‘Rishigana’ is performed to appease Ganesha
-During economic meltdown of 90s Lord Ganesha appeared on #Indonesian currency notes
-Ganesha in #Cambodia
-Lord Ganesha is known as Prah Kenes
-Many temples & manuscripts dedicated till 13th century
-Ganesha images in Cambodia are mostly two-armed
-In 1 description he appears with Lord #Shiva as his attendant & called Shri Vinayaka
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#China TV overhaul announced today banning mass "vote him/her off the island" type voting. Only a live audience can make selections. Shows training young performers to be stars: banned. Actors with "incorrect" political views: banned. "Effeminate" style male actors: banned.
There was a popular idol talent show here in #China which required fans to buy sponsored products in order to vote for their favourite young star. This led to some fans buying and then throwing out massive amounts of yoghurt. This type of voting is now prohibited.
"Sissy" men, "vulgar influencers" and those with "lapsed morals" have been banned from television shows in #China. Programme makers have been urged to steer away from "abnormal aesthetics" and inflating the pay of stars.
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Ivermectin as early treatment for over 500 covid patients had almost 100% success rate.

Reported on Japanese TV by Dr. Nagao, director of the #NagaoClinic

The problem with drugs like #Ivermectin & #HCQ, is that they're cheap and they work really well.

(Part 1)
#Japan #IVM
Dr. Nagao, director of the #NagaoClinic (Part 2)
@BIRDGroupUK @drsimonegold @PierreKory
Dr. Nagao, director of the #NagaoClinic (Part 3)
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Wenn #Covid19 Inzidenzen kein relevanter Steuerungsindikator mehr sind, dann scheint es auch folgerichtig, Masken und TTI insgesamt zu reduzieren oder ganz abzuschaffen. Riskieren wir damit einen neuerlichen Kontrollverlust?
What could possibly go wrong? Wellen in anderen Ländern weisen auf den Pandemieverlauf in Deutschland hin, den wir in den kommenden Wochen erwarten dürfen.
Trotz 51.1% Bevölkerung mit vollem Impfschutz schießen die #Covid19 Neuinfektionen und Hospitalisierungszahlen in den USA in die Höhe (für Daten siehe CDC…)
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@GVDBossche "A new study has found that fully vaccinated people have their risk of infection from the COVID-19 Delta variant reduced by 50-60%."… Image
@GVDBossche "The COVID-19 delta variant is driving up infections among children in California and across the country, many of whom are too young to be vaccinated against the disease, just as they prepare to head back to classrooms this month."… Image
@GVDBossche "Covid infection rates among kids have risen and children’s hospitals are seeing a spike in medical care needs among the young patients"… Image
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There's a new #maritime incident off the #UAE coast. Appears to be related to the #GoldenBrilliant, a #Singapore-flagged chemical tanker signaling it's unable to maneuver due to exceptional circumstances.
A drone last week attacked a #Japan-owned, #Israel-managed tanker off the coast of #Oman, killing two crew members. #Iran is blamed for the attack.
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