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Here is the daily thread for Day 281, with #Russia now 9 months behind schedule in its plan to conquer #Ukraine & kill the democratically elected President.

Thursday's already started violently. News on the latest attack on Ukraine and all the developments in one handy thread⬇️
If you missed anything from yesterday, including evening explosions in occupied #Donetsk, here's the start of Wednesday's thread - scroll through at your leisure!

A big explosion rocked #Kherson in the early hours this morning.

A multi storey apartment block's been hit. A witness reported 6 explosions. Emergency services are still searching for possible victims.

#RussiaIsATerroristState #StandWithUkraine
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JUST IN: #BNNJapan Reports.

Toru Kubota, a Japanese filmmaker imprisoned in Myanmar for nearly four months, described some of his treatment as "hell" and urged Tokyo to take a tougher stance against human rights violations in the military-controlled country. #Japan #Crime
Describing conditions in a police lockup where he was first held after being detained at a protest in July, Toru Kubota told reporters that "It was horrible. I understood the concept of hell."
He stated that the cramped, filthy, and overcrowded cell was too small for him to comfortably lie down to sleep in, and that he had seen other prisoners being struck with batons.
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BREAKING: #BNNJapan Reports.

In a poll released on Sunday, public support for Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (@kishida230) hit a new low as frustration over the ruling party's affiliation
...with a polarising religious group increased in response to a string of cabinet resignations.

The Kyodo news poll, Kishida's lowest in the agency's surveys since he took office in October 2021, showed a decrease in support for his cabinet from 37.6%...
a month earlier to 33.1%. 51.6% of people disapproved of it, breaking the 50% mark for the first time.

According to a Kyodo poll, 62.4% of respondents disapproved of the way Kishida handled the resignations of Daishiro Yamagiwa,
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I have no words, sorry ... 😅

"#Russia was going to attack #Japan in 2021, but Putin changed his mind -" Newsweek, citing an FSB source

1/5 👀👀👀 Image
In the summer of 2021, the FSB published data that during the Second World War, Japanese special services tortured citizens of the USSR. Propaganda in a matter of days began to “inflate” this topic, but by the autumn they had already forgotten about it.

2/5 👀👀👀
Russia was going to attack Japan in 2021, but Putin changed his mind - Newsweek, citing an FSB source

In the summer of 2021, the FSB published data that during the Second World War, Japanese special services tortured citizens of the USSR.

3/5 👀👀👀
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The not so secret…secret…about #decentralization in #crypto

And why the vast majority of those in #Web3 prefer centralized entities running the show rather than a true decentralized ethos like

$DOT and $BTC

Yes, this is a thread about @Polkadot…🧵
1/ The King 👑 #Bitcoin

Satoshi invented the solution to the _real_ money problem

#Decentralized verification of a shared public ledger; free from the control of centralized actors in our world like banks & sovereign govs

A never ending reflection of the world around it


The key thesis behind Bitcoin is decentralization of power to the free market with blockchain and game theory as the vehicles to accomplish this

@DylanLeClair_ is always spot on here 👇
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Hello and thanks for reading the first tweet in my daily thread covering the #Russia war on #Ukraine.

Sunday 27 November is Day 277 since February's invasion. To catch up on yesterday's developments you can click and scroll here:

A bold statement from Britain's Ministry of Defence in the daily update.

The UK has seldom made such outright predictions. Also worth adding #Russia has claimed total control of Pavlivka four times I think.

This morning a big attack by #Russia on the city of #KrivyiRih.

#Ukraine's officials are not saying much, but we do know there were two explosions at, or near, the railway station in the city in #Dnipropetrovsk region.

No photos yet.
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Japan (Wakayama): Wakayama's first new governor in 16 years will be appointed today, in an election almost certain to result in a paradox: politicking centred around two local LDP (Conservative) power-brokers resulting in an opposition MP being elected governor.
Wakayama, infamous in some countries for whaling, has deeply 'traditional' politics. Former LDP secretary-general Toshihiro Nikai and former economy minister Hiroshige Seko both have their Diet seats in the prefecture and each has a large local political structure loyal to him.
It is thought that looming redistricting has pitted the two against each other - Nikai is 83 years old - and that local politics has become their battleground, especially when the increasingly weak-looking incumbent governor announced his decision to retire.
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Compilation of world leaders congratulating @anwaribrahim on his appointment as 🇲🇾 Malaysia's 10th Prime Minister. #pm10malaysia #AnwarIbrahim

This is a 🧵

*This thread excludes wishes from foreign missions, embassies, and world bodies.
The first to congratulate, President of the Republic of #Indonesia @jokowi 🇮🇩

President Jokowi called @anwaribrahim via phone and later tweeted his congratulation wishes.

President @RTErdogan of #Turkiye 🇹🇷 called moments before @anwaribrahim starts his press conference. Anwar Ibrahim puts the call on speaker in front of the press.

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JUST IN: #BNNJapan Reports.

On Friday, Tokyo prosecutors searched the headquarters of ad agency Dentsu Inc and an events company on suspicion of rigging bids for Tokyo Olympics test events, according to reports. #Japan #Tokyo #Crime
The move adds to the growing scandal surrounding the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which also saw Dentsu Inc offices raided earlier this year.
Haruyuki Takahashi, a former executive for Dentsu Inc. and a member of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics board, was detained in August in connection with that scandal on suspicion of accepting bribes from Olympic sponsors.
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BREAKING: #BNNVietnam Reports.

On November 29, a virtual and in-person international event to exchange knowledge about developing and executing youth development policies will take place in Vietnam. #Vietnam #Japan #Government #politics Image
The National Committee on Youth of #Vietnam (NCYV) made the announcement on November 22 at a press conference in #Hanoi.
The forum, the first of its kind in Vietnam, is scheduled to draw delegates from the Party Central Committee, the NCYV, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCM CYU) Central Committee, as well as those from other #ASEAN member countries, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and China.
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सबके पर "कतर" जाएंगे
जापान ने जर्मनी को हरा दिया है कल सऊदी अरब ने अर्जेंटीना को हरा दिया था दो दिन में दो "विश्वगुरु" हार चुके है सऊदी अरब ने विश्व विजेता अर्जेंटीना का विजय रथ रोक दिया है अर्जेंटीना पिछले 36 मैच में नही हारा था #Japan #ArgentinaVsSaudiArabia #FIFAWorldCup ImageImage
अर्जेंटीना में मेसी जैसा सुपरस्टार था लेकिन फिर भी हार गया जापान औऱ सऊदी अरब जैसे छोटे देशों की बड़ी जीत में भारत के विपक्ष के लिए कुछ महत्वपूर्ण सबक है
1.आप अपनी ताकत पर भरोसा रखिये तो आप सबसे ताकतवर को भी पटखनी दे सकते है
#FIFAWorldCup #ArgentinaVsSaudiArabia ImageImage
2. किसी बड़े खिलाडी पर फोकस मत कीजिए वो अच्छा करेगा या नही करेगा वो उसके ऊपर छोड़ आप बाकी 10 खिलाडी पर फोकस कीजिए अगर वो नही खेले तो अकेला एक खिलाडी भी कुछ नही कर पायेगा
3. राजनीति और खेल बिना टीम के नही जीते जाते है तो ऐसी टीम बनाइये जिसका एक मात्र उद्देश्य अच्छा खेलना हो Image
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JUST IN: #BNNJapan Reports.

The Japanese government launched an investigation into the Unification Church on Tuesday, the first step in a process that could result in the group losing its legal status due to public outrage over its ties to PM Kishida's ruling party #Japan #Crime
According to Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Keiko Nagaoka, the government will give the church until December 9 to answer questions about its finances and organization.
Following the conclusion of the government investigation, it will be up to a court to decide whether to revoke the Unification Church's legal standing and, with it, the tax exemptions that registered religious organizations in Japan enjoy.
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Post GFC, the US ran a $3.3T deficit while #China, #Japan, #Vietnam, #bagladesh, #Korea, #Taiwan, #Brazil, #Mexico, u name it, used their relatively weaker currencies relative to dollar to dump steel and other manufacturer goods onto the DM markets 2/2
2/n The biggest consumer of these dumped widgets and other goods was/is the U.S.; The #CCP had explicit intent to destroy key industrial sectors from the United States in an attempt to garner our reliance on China and did the same to Europe, Japan, & other neighbors in the region
Naturally, beggar thy neighbor currency wars in those parts of the world offer the opposite of deflation to the us economy, due to its composition: 70%+ Services (we sit around and give each other back massages), 30% the rest. And as far as imports to, we are keeping #China alive
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Japan (Ehime): Unlike the relatively dramatic Fukuoka mayoral, the race to be governor of this Shikoku prefecture is set to be very sedate - although not as sedate as the election for the mayor of its capital, decided earlier this week without a vote being conducted.
Ehime has not had a competitive gubernatorial election since 1999, and the last truly close race here was in 1971. There are already signs that three-term incumbent Tokihiro Nakamura (Ind, *) will not be responsible for bucking that trend.
Nakamura has been endorsed by LDP (Conservative), Komei (Centre-right), and DPP (Centre-right). His lone opponent, Noriko Hayashi, is a JCP (Left) partisan - a break from the usual JCP practice of presenting as a united citizens' opposition, maybe a sign of weakness for Hayashi.
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Japan (Fukuoka City): Voters head to the polls today in Japan's sixth-largest city. This part of the country is usually classic LDP (Conservative) country, but the mainstream opposition has emerged as its own force in this election, for the first time since 2010.
Incumbent Soichiro Takashima (Ind, *), who first won in that year, is officially fully independent, but has the backing of most of the local LDP - no mean feat in Fukuoka's fractious branches - and local Komeito (Centre-right). He faces two challengers.
His chief opponent will likely be former city councillor Shinsuke Tanaka (Ind, *), backed by CDP (Centre-left), DPP (Centre-right), and SDP (Centre-left). JCP (Left) and Reiwa (Left) have not endorsed, although politicians from both have spoken at a rally for Tanaka.
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JUST IN: #BNNJapan Reports.

Fumio Kishida @kishida230, the Japanese PM, struggled on Saturday to move past domestic scandals that have lowered his approval ratings while also emphasizing the need for bold leadership in the face of escalating global upheaval. #Japan #Politics
Kishida, who is in Thailand for APEC summit, is under pressure to fire his internal affairs minister, Minoru Terada, after the minister admitted that one of his support groups submitted a funding document allegedly signed by a dead person.
When asked about the scandal, Kishida said at a news conference in Bangkok, "Cabinet members must fulfill their obligations to explain." He also stated that he would make a decision as prime minister as necessary.
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1/25.📜It’s day twelve of #COP27 and here is your daily #LossAndDamage focused thread. The intense negotiations on “funding arrangements" continue today after the release of a new text which contained a set of three options for a decision on a fund to address #LossAndDamage. 🧵
2/25. As summarised by @YebSano of @GreenpeaceSEA during @CANInt press conference these options equate to: “Option 1, we have a fund here. Option 2, we have a fund next year, Option 3, we don't have a fund, let's talk some more.”
3/25. However, it is very important to note — as we did earlier in an extensive thread— that “option number 1” is not in line with the G77 and China’s current proposal for an operating entity (be it a fund or facility) under the financial mechanism of the @UNFCCC.
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JUST IN: #BNNJapan Reports.

Japan's defense minister, Yasukazu Hamada stated that a missile fired on Friday by North Korea had sufficient range to reach the United States mainland, and was capable of flying as far as 15,000 km (9,320 miles). #Japan #War
Hirokazu Matsuno, the chief cabinet secretary, had earlier said that the projectile, in the class of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), reached an altitude of 6,000 km (3,730 miles), covering a range of 1,000 km (622 miles) on a lofted trajectory.
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida @kishida230 condemned North Korea on Friday for firing a ballistic missile that landed within his country's exclusive economic zone (EEZ)
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BREAKING: #BNNJapan Reports.

Fumio Kishida, Japanese Prime Minister condemned North Korea for firing a ballistic missile on Friday. Kishida said that, the missile landed within Japan's exclusive economic zone (EEZ).
According to what the Coast Guard said, it was roughly 210 km from an island in northern Hokkaido.
Kishida told reporters in Thailand that, "We naturally lodged a strong protest against North Korea, which has repeated its provocations with unprecedented frequency. We have told (Pyongyang) that we absolutely cannot tolerate such actions".
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PM Kishida: At the #G20 Bali Summit, in the context of Russian aggression continuing against #Ukraine, we face the important issues of food and energy security and global health, among others. I conveyed to my counterparts #Japan's stances on these critical issues and (1/4)
our measures to address them. Based on these discussions, the G20 Bali Leaders' Declaration was released. This is a major step forward that also ties into the #G7 Hiroshima Summit. At the emergency meeting of the leaders of the G7/ #NATO member countries, hurriedly convened (2/4)
in response to the explosion in Poland, in addition to expressing my condolences to the families of the victims, I condemned the missile attack by Russia on various locations in Ukraine. At the meeting we agreed to providing full-scale support for the forthcoming (3/4)
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BREAKING: #BNNJapan Reports.

Fumio Kishida (@kishida230), Japanese Prime Minister and Xi Jinping, Chinese President met in Thailand on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.
This is the first top leadership-level talks between the two countries in the past three years.

Fumio Kishida said, he conveyed his concerns over regional security to Xi Jinping on Thursday in the midst of increasing tensions in Asia over China's maritime ambitions.
Xi was quoted by media as telling Kishida that China and Japan should deepen their trust, areas of cooperation and regional integration, and resist "conflict and confrontation".
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BREAKING: #BNNNorthKorea Reports.

South Korea's military reported on Thursday that North Korea fired an unspecified ballistic missile off its east coast. This is the first missile provocation by North Korea in a week. #NorthKorea #SouthKorea #Japan #War #US
The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) announced the information about the firing of missile. But, no further details were provided in this regard.
The latest missile is fired after North Korea giving a warning on Thursday that, it will take "fiercer" military actions if the United States tries to strengthen its extended security presence along with its regional allies in the region.
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BREAKING: #BNNJapan Reports.

Japan's Princess Nobuko has been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer and is scheduled to undergo surgery this weekend, the Imperial Household Agency has announced. #health #japan
The 67-year-old princess will be admitted to Keio University Hospital in Tokyo on Wednesday, with the operation to be performed on Saturday, according to the agency.
The princess underwent a MRI and biopsy when she was hospitalized for an examination of a lumbar vertebrae fractured in 2019. She was diagnosed with cancer of the right breast last Friday, but has no noticeable symptoms, agency said.
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