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Democrats constantly slam America as a country founded on racism, colonialism, slavery, exploitation - and as the irredeemable home today of racists, sexists, misogynists, homophobians, Islamophobians, and smelly Walmart shoppers. Other than that, they "love" America!
Democrats were cleverly able to navigate this hypocrisy - "loving" the country while loathing its citizens - until Trump came along with the slogan that triggered them, allowing the collective escape of their true sentiments from their own mouths.
There's no better example of the cunningly effective Trump technique of getting rivals to overplay their hand and thereby unwittingly unmasking themselves in the process than the NFL's #TakeAknee debacle.
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Trump rallies and much of Trump’s support have always been about unleashing rage; at loss of a sense of security and scapegoats (non-whites, immigrants, women, educated people...). The crisis doesn’t end until the rage is put out. 👉
2/ These are ways to help end rage: a. Acknowledge the underlying grievance; b. Don’t meet rage w rage, stay calm; c. Be respectful, don’t use belittling language or curse; d. Offer a constructive solution to whatever the real grievance is. Not easy! But it’s got stop. 👉
3/ Know who’s good at this? @BetoORourke - just watch him address hostility towards #TakeAKnee here:…
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I really want to make this a thread. Can we make this a thread?
The land belt where #VoterSuppression is at its highest is one of the most remarkable situations in the history of politics and culture and nature. @stevesilberman pull up a seat.
When I was writing The Cooking Gene I was confronted with something that was really startling. The Black Belt. There are two. One is the demographic region where enslaved people formed a plurality and the other is a swath of l
Counties in AL &MS where the best cotton grew.
@BreeNewsome you here? I'm looking up to you on this one. The Black Belt didn't start in the 1800s. It's actually the ancient seashore and seabed. From Prince George's county MD to east Texas there were voter suppression efforts or difficulties where large Black pops voted.
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Dems should refuse to participate in what they've called "sham" #KavanaughHearings. They should release a joint statement that if #MerrickGarland was blocked FOR NO REASON, the #lodestar insurrection bars Trump from making lifetime appointments.
Yes, @KamalaHarris asked good questions. But that only sets up the narrative that #Kavanaugh was confirmed "despite a tough nomination process." He's being legitimized by this process. The GOP is pushing him through no matter what Dems do, so TAKE A STAND. Refuse to play along.
#TakeAKnee is a symbolic gesture, but an important one. #DemWalkout would be equally extraordinary. It would leave a permanent stain of illegitimacy on #Kavanaugh. Trump could be found guilty of obstruction, why are Dems participating in a hearing that could seat his defender?
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WEAKNESS. By not walking out after raising objections about the hearing, Democrats are giving the #KavanaughConfirmation legitimacy. Trump has taught Republicans that the more power they grab the more they'll get. DEM LEADERS JUST SHOWED THEY'LL FOLD.
I'm honestly baffled by the response that Dems shouldn't walk out because "it won't accomplish anything." Then why EVER protest? Why #TakeAKnee? If #Kavanaugh is getting confirmed no matter what, why not refuse to go along with this power grab? Why not call for a #generalstrike?
For a brief moment this morning, I thought Dem leaders had finally realized that the GOP's unprecedented assault on our democracy required an extraordinary response. Instead, they folded and telegraphed that their objections to #Kavanaugh have no teeth.
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In a blow to the N.F.L., an arbitrator has ruled that Colin @Kaepernick7's collusion case can proceed because he has produced sufficient evidence that the league and its owners colluded to keep the free-agent quarterback off the field #takeaknee
Arbitrator sends Colin #Kaepernick's grievance against the NFL to trial, denying the league's request to throw out the quarterback's claims that owners conspired to keep him out of the league because of his protests of social injustice #takeaknee…
"N.F.L. teams have signed players who have beaten their spouses and run operations that killed dogs for sport, but protesting during the national anthem may prove to be the unforgivable sin, it seems."

Colin #Kaepernick is not going away #TakeAKnee…
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BREAKING: Without uttering a single word, Queen Elizabeth professed her belief in social justice today when, during the American National Anthem, she gracefully took a knee. Trump later commented, "It made me angry, but it was ballsy and kind of sexy, too." #TakeAKnee #VoteBLUE
To the followers who expressed disappoint about this tweet, saying it disrespects Queen Elizabeth: I respect everyone's opinion. Here's mine; It's just satire, not much different than @TheOnion & @BorowitzReport I'm not a Brit, but I respect QE. The tweet stays. I hope you do too
*disappointment (Obviously) I've gotta slow down.
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“If you have burglaries that are not solved, if you see anybody black walking through our streets and they have somewhat of a record, arrest them so we can pin them for all the burglaries”

Police chief told cops to frame random black people to boost stats…
“You’re not supposed to be here. This is a good neighborhood"

White woman calls cops on black man for listening to yoga CD in his car
University of Louisville announced that the school's football stadium will no longer carry the Papa John's name after founder John Schnatter admitted to using the n-word during a conference call…
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Stop the lie that #TakeAKnee is about the flag—it’s about police brutality like this:
•33 year old Robert Johnson was unarmed & non-violent—he never committed any crime
•Yet @MesaPD Officers beat him unconscious & gave him a ticket after knocking him out
•Another angle of the video shows the 30 seconds before cops started mercilessly beating Robert Johnson unconscious
•For all the people who claim cops don’t abuse people who comply—this is what you’re defending
•This state violence must stop
Flashback to the same @MesaPD in 2017 as they executed Daniel Shaver


•Shaver was unarmed, peaceful, compliant,& inebriated
•Cop shot Shaver in the back & neck 5x as Shaver lay face down
•Cop acquitted Not Guilty
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Translation: The new anthem policy was approved by White team owners who literally think they own the Black athletes on their teams.
Be careful what you wish for, @NFL. The game CANNOT be played without the players and you’ll learn it the hard way when they #TakeAKnee on your whole football season.
The irony and unmitigated gall of White conservatives lamenting how “disrespectful” kneeling during the anthem is to America when they voted for a fucking TRAITOR and still wholeheartedly support every corrupt, anti-American, treasonous thing he’s doing. GTFOH.
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Jackie Robinson when he no longer had "appropriare posture for a Black man".

His words below are strikingly relevant to Kaepernick & other NFL players like Eric Reid being punished 4 their posture #TakeAKnee on #JackieRobinsonDay…
“I think most white Americans have their head in the sand. White America is saying ‘law & order’, but in their hearts, law & order simply means holding Black men down”

#JackieRobinsonDay #TakeAKnee
“The amazing thing for me about all of this is that White America is allowing a Bull Connor to be their spokesman”

- Jackie Robinson 50+ yrs before 58% of white voters chose Donald Trump.

#JackieRobinsonDay #WhiteFolkWork
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I suspect the Instagram account "american.veterans" aka "God Bless Our Military" was an IRA account #Trumprussia #Russiaps://
to many things it posted link back to known accounts, and it is suspended.…
the account constantly re-posted from known accounts. veterans_come_first, back.the.badge, mericanfury, defend.the.second & being patriooiig
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Retired general calls out Trump’s ‘shameful’ command of military: ‘The president lied’ about Niger ambush…
Mother of slain soldier confirms Trump lied: He “did disrespect my son and my daughter”… via @shareblue
Get back to us when @realDonaldTrump's ready to sit still and answer questions about the #Niger ambush for 11 hours like HRC did w/Benghazi.
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We're honored to work with a diverse group of women. Here's a small selection of their reporting. #WOCAffirmation #Thread
Here's How the NFL Could Make #TakeAKnee Mean Something by Tiffanie Drayton… #WOCAffirmation @draytontiffanie
The Pathetic Reason White Supremacists Hate by Stacey Patton… #WOCAffirmation @DrStaceyPatton
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Based off this list lets start with "Secured Borders"…taUjXfKjAa
for some reason this was archived using yandex
the URL for the Facebook page WAS
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The cops shot #PatrickHarmon in the back. The cops were in no danger. Harmon was no threat. This is cold-blooded lynching.😓
The ppl who worship an anthem that literally says "Land of Free & Home of the Brave" fear unarmed fleeing Black men so much they kill them.😐
FLASHBACK: Just 1 month ago the same Salt Lake City PD who killed #PatrickHarmon arrested a nurse for doing her job
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Anyone care to let me in on why Iranian state TV was stoking racial tensions on @youtube before the election?
From the Wikipedia page on "
seems as though the @adl has done some research on them, David Duke listed he loves Russia and Trump.
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The sports/politics world is so wild right now I can't keep up with the sports stories posted on TP! But there are many good ones. #thread
From @MelsLien: How the NFL sold patriotism to the U.S. military for millions… #takeAknee
Fun column from @SamFulwood: Why Trump’s trash-talking of professional athletes backfired…
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28 of 32 NFL owners criticized President Trump for his comments on the #TakeAKnee protests.
Some of those same NFL owners made financial contributions to the Trump campaign and presidency. Here are a few:
Cleveland @Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and his family gave $500K to President Trump's inaugural committee.
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Just really, really, really not in the mood for people using immigrants as model minority wedges against kneeling black athletes today.
"Immigrants love America so much they flock to our shores. These athletes should learn to see America the same way." #wedgepolitics anew
Just not here for the new "success story; immigrant style" version of the Model Minority Myth.
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1. This @washingtonpost piece on Kaepernick's vs. Tebow's Christianity unfortunately decolves into false equivalence…
2. Meaning that WaPo, once again, ends up coddling toxic Evangelicalism, b/c that is what WaPo does. What's with the "come together" appeal?
3. Michael Frost's analysis starts to go south when he suggests that the social justice Christianity of Kaepernick lacks personal piety.
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America for black people is black civil war soldiers fighting for this country only to come back & be terrorized by the Klan. #TakeTheKnee
America for black people is black World War I soldiers coming back from Europe only to be lynched by their fellow citizens #TakeTheKnee
America for black people is black World War II soldiers fighting for this country only to be treated worst than German POWs #TakeTheKnee
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3.5M Americans are enduring one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history & the President is acting like a fussy 6 year old.
What's happening in Puerto Rico is just as much a product of racial injustice as it is the aftermath of a weather event.
#TakeAKnee is a way for people to say: The way things are isn't the way things should be.
Puerto Rico should not be suffering like this.
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1. THREAD: We're told #TakeAKnee is "disrespecting our flag." But let's get real about what it REALLY means to disrespect the American flag.
2. "Disrespecting our flag" is GOP policies that target the most vulnerable Americans.… #TakeAKnee
3. "Disrespecting our flag" is stealing a Supreme Court pick from America's first Black president.… #TakeAKnee
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