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Have you ever been stalked?
I have.
I was also gang stalked by this woman in the photo below here with two cops from her hometown Elizabethtown Pennsylvania before I was arrested on a false stalking charge by her. Amber Nightingale AKA Amber Nicolette.
Have you read my Affidavit of a probable cause yet? Well if you haven't you can read it right here cuz I just shared it for you to read.

Did you know my stalker Amber Nightingale AKA Amber Nicolette majored in photography in college in Harrisburg, PA?
She sure did major in photography in Pennsylvania. The first time I went to Pennsylvania was when I was extradited there on a false stalking charge.
While she gang stalked me she was cyber stalking me with her friends on the internet B4 I was arrested on a false stalking charge.
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Gestern jährte sich das erste mal der Angriff auf unseren Genossen durch die @SH_Polizei in #Barmstedt. Bis heute wurde das Verfahren weder eingestellt, noch hat der Genosse sein Smartphone zurückerhalten. Der ganze Vorfall ist nur einer von vielen im Zusammenhang mit der
#Polizei in #Barmstedt. Aber gehen wir erstmal zurück zum 17.01.22, und schauen nochmal was genau passierte.

Ab hier TW #Polizeigewalt

Die #Demonstration der #QuerdenkerSindTerroristen lief wie die Wochen davor vom Rathaus beginnend durch die Innenstadt. Kurz vorm Ende der
Innenstadt erreichte der Genosse die #Demonstration. Zuvor hatte er einen Angreifer aus einer vorherigen Demo wiedererkannt. Er ihn natürlich auch, was dazu führte, dass der #CoroNazi unseren Genossen bedrängte, welcher sich gerade auf dem Weg zur Demospitze befand. Der CoroNazi
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Im Fall des obdachlosen Menschen, der vergangene Woche in #Dortmund von den #Cops mit einem #Taser getötet wurde scheinen sich unsere Befürchtungen zu bestätigen: die #Polizei hat den Fall quasi schon zu den Akten gelegt.…
Es scheint, dass man keinerlei Interesse daran hat, das Schicksal einer von klassistischer Diskriminierung betroffenen Person aufzuklären. Dabei gibt es auch hier so viele Fragen, z.B. warum auch hier die Bodycams ausgeschaltet waren. Wer soll das glauben, dass das Zufall ist?
Warum gelang es nicht, einen Menschen, der in einer psychischen Ausnahmesituation war und laut Aussage von Zeug*innen nach Hilfe gerufen hatte, zu beruhigen oder zu überwältigen, ohne tödliche Gewalt anzuwenden? Ist die #Polizei wirklich so inkompetent und überfordert?
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LIVE! /1. Jing Fong workers and community members started peaceful drumming to protest against the racist displacement agenda and the new mega jail. @mocanyc Museum staff started calling NYPD right away to criminalize us. Live thread update. Pls share widely.
LIVE 2/ Police came, parked by the picket
LIVE /3. MOCA museum staff greeted & spoke to NYPD officers
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Ange pulled from car by #cops. Assaulted & arrested. Had bare feet in freezing temps/snow for over an hr. After arrest & they smashed car windows out. He now has nothing but clothes he is wearing. Car impounded. A #local663's $50 donation went to Ange for medication. #labour
"We actually have the ability to confiscate those vehicles and sell them. And I want to see them sold. I don't want the return to these people..." -- #Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson

#EmergenciesAct #ClassWar…
And working women. If you doubt how critical the working class is, consider the Sheraton Hotel had no idea if they would rooms available on Sat. because it was not known if 5 cleaning staff would be allowed through #checkpoints. The entire hotel wholly dependent on 5 people.
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So, for those of you who were expecting an update after I got shot last month, here it is...

First, I want to thank Dr. Mara Schenker (@maraschenker) and her staff at @GradyHealth for repairing my shattered ulna and inserting the metal brace that is getting it healed up.
@maraschenker @GradyHealth She’s done 3,000+ surgeries at the incredible Grady Hospital, many of which involved shootings. Somehow, she maintains this very sunny disposition. Here she is showing off her handiwork (I won't show the original wound...too gross). I'll be showing it off at the next ASC meeting.
Here’s a report of the shooting. Misspelled my name (and let everyone know I'm 55 years old). Contrary to popular opinion, I wasn't out collecting ethnographic data for one of my projects studying criminal decision-making. I was shopping for potting soil.…
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MAYDAY @newsmax @OANN @RSBNetwork @FoxNews EVERGREEN CONTAINER w kids found knocking on wall. Next GASstation Addr:Chews Landing Rd and Laurel edge of Lindenwold & Laurel Springs NJ.Police #laughed/left/came back told her 2 LEAVE WARNED truckdriver We need LIFE FEED ASAP!HELP
MAYDAY @newsmax @gregkellyusa @RSBNetwork @FoxNews @LawrenceBJones3 Ruthann Bader=opposite the gas station now on the corner by the WAWA shop in a gold Toyota Van with a ladder on top! Ruthann Bader has been warned,by the #COPS,Not2set foot on the gas station for court!!!
Army=no help,Cops came back,Now they say they’re going2 open it.They had lots of time2 take people out when they sent us away.Hope newsmax gets there quick,make vid,even if it bad video!its all over fckerbook&trumps pages they've2 open it!They wldnt be able2clean the filth in it
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1. Let's try to bring some perspective to this tragic death.

First, if anyone ever wanted a better illustration of the #doublestandards applied to cases where a police officer is injured or killed, compared to when a #Police officer injures of kills ...…
2. ... a member of the public, look no further. The investigation was not even complete (and still isn't) when, within hours, @CalgaryPolice, presumably with the agreement of the Crown, laid 1st degree murder charges against the driver AND the passenger. #Cops and jail ...
3. ... guards were given special status by deeming murder to be 1st degree if they were the alleged victims but still the prosecution has to prove each of them intended to kill or meant to hurt him, knowing it would likely kill him & despite that acted recklessly. That's ...
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Miami on the ground: 1/

Four years ago at this time, the only REALLY enthusiastic Trump voters in Miami I knew were the older Cuban population, plus the Pro-Lifers. This year, there is wild energy for Trump.

My assessment is that the Dem's hard-left turn, with
@JoeBiden signing up to commie @BernieSanders
plan to downgrade America scares the pants off Hispanics.

Hispanics have a strong survival instinct and they KNOW what a crappy life it is, when one lives in a socialist state where the only people who get ahead are the well-connected. Everyone else waits for the water and electricity to come back on.
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You said you would never forget. But judging by your actions, you forgot. These men and women will recklessly abandon any version of self-preservation for the protection of their community. They are still the same men and women that stand in front of you today.
They are not perfect but I know they care. I know they’ll do anything to include giving their own lives to protect you. They will die excruciating deaths from the most torturous forms of cancer from running into chemical dust clouds of falling buildings.
They’ll run into a burning building only to have it collapse on top of their heads in an effort to save your life. They haven’t changed.... You have. They still love you and are at the other end of the phone anytime you are in need.
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DULUTH MN: DPD grabs man by the neck and pulls forward while another officer kneels on his legs. The officer uses his knee on the man’s head and neck. July 25
from video: officer’s hands around the man’s neck, officer’s knee on his neck. it’s the officer standing center in the 3rd pic. 4th pic shows seatbelt marks where the man was still buckled into the car ImageImageImageImage
On July 23, Duluth Chief of Police Mike Tusken spoke with mayor Emily Larson about the movement to defund the police. Quote from Tusken: “the things we’re doing are best practices”

Neck restraints have been banned for 20 years.… ImageImage
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TH13584(224🔵🔵)hatte Frust an diesem Tag
20min Gewalt
TH 13584:
- 17 Jährigem ins Gesicht geschlagen und gedemütigt (abschätzige Kommentare zu dessen Minderjährigkeit)
- selbigem Minderjährigen erneut ins Gesicht geschlagen, da dieser mutmaßlich Bastard zu ihm gesagt habe.(1)
(2) eben jener TH13584 führte die darauffolgende "Maßnahme" durch und durfte sich in dieser Situation weiter an dem 17Jährigen vergreifen und austoben. Auf Versuche den wild auf den Jugendlichen einschlagenden Bullen von diesem abzubringen und zu deeskalieren, gab es Pfeffer
(3) TH10611 (links) wurde an diesem Tag im Vorfeld tätig, als er einen Demonstranten, gewaltsam an der Abreise hinderte. Er war ebenfalls an der Maßnahme gegen den Jugendlichen beteiligt.
Die im Haupttweet geschilderten Situationen fanden 1min nach dem hier zu sehenden Bild statt Image
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"Shallow displays of solidarity... represent the insidious drive to gaslight us into apathy, to bury violence beneath a fleeting veil of showy concern."

"It’s the ultimate abusive relationship: the people and the state..."

by @ActivistEleanor… #protest
#DC cop wears a #facemask bearing the words, #ICantBreathe…still.”
Photo by @ActivistEleanor is an example of #StruggleTheater, where people in power are #Gaslighting us into feeling like will make systemic changes to #policing… #protests #PoliceBrutality Image
#BlackLivesMatter painted on the street means nothing when "DC’s newly proposed budget seeks a 3.3 percent increase in the #MPD budget, totaling $578 million plus $5 million for a new DC jail."…

#PoliceReform #PoliceBrutalityPandemic #PoliceBrutality Image
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#OuryJalloh #HansJürgenRose #MarioBichtermann #LiYangjie
Der #Mord an #OuryJalloh war nicht der Einzige, der in einem direkten Zusammenhang mit der Polizeidienststelle #Dessau #Roßlau steht.
1997 starb #HansJürgenRose. Er wurde am Morgen des 07.12.97 schwerverletzt
in der Nähe der P-Wache im Schnee gefunden. Die herbeigerufenen Polizisten ließen sich Zeit und den Verletzten im Schnee liegen. Tagsdarauf stirbt er an einer Lungenfettembolie. Die beteilligten Mediziner*innen sprechen von "stumpfer Gewalteinwirkung wie durch Polizeiknüppel“
5 Jahre später, stirbt #MarioBichtermann auf der selben Dienststelle. In der Nacht vom 29.10.2002 rufen 2 Passant*innen die Polizei, weil der alkolabhängige Mann hilflos auf dem Boden liegt. Am nächsten Tag wird er tot und mit einer Schädelfraktur in der Zelle aufgefunden
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The past week has been shocking: #DaytonShooting #ElPasoShooting #GilroyShooting #BrownsvilleShooting. We've all got to do our part on #gunviolence in America. That starts by learning about the problem and solutions. Over the past year & a half, I've devoted myself to this cause.
Season 3 of my podcast @ISIHpodcast has covered #gunviolence in America. In our first chapter, we tackled the unique history that produced America's gun culture. In our second chapter, we delve into how race and gender intersect with guns and gun violence.
@ISIHpodcast In the third chapter of Season 3 of @ISIHpodcast we focused on #guns themselves: do more guns lead to more vs less crime... what does it look like when people use guns in self-defense... instrumentality... & the impact of Australia's gun buyback.
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