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Most have invoked Orwell when raging against draconian lockdowns & mask mandates.

It is easy to see the parallels:
Militaristic enforcement to ensure compliance, censorship, Newspeek, etc.

However, I think that we also need to consider Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".
Brave New World was published 17 prior to "1984" - yet has many parallels to our current culture - and to our government's overzealous, oppressive & unscientific response to CV-19.
Beyond Huxley's brilliant portrayal of a dystopian future obsessed with sexual gratification, mindless pop-culture entertainment, & technological advancement...
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Really good thread about the #Delta variant (#B1617) which has become the dominant variant in the UK.👇

There are some informative short videos as well for people like myself who are not science experts, but like to have a base level of understanding.
#COVID19 #ableg #abhealth
How is #Alberta handling the #DeltaVariant?

“The Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary is dealing with several COVID-19 outbreaks, including 20 cases of the rapidly spreading delta variant, or B.1.617.2, in two units.”

#abhealth #covid19ab #ableg…
A more infectious, more aggressive new strain taking hold in Alberta is a concern.

“but @calgarystampede will go ahead with #stampede2021🦠” (come hell or high fever.)…
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1/As we close a 2nd abysmal school year, this comprehensive report explores challenges in ON schools.

Fundamentally, in high-epi context, more introductions into school
= increased risk of spread in school and into community without additional measures…
2/Testing + symptom screening act as red light
= prevent introductions
BUT an individual in school during their infectious period will still lead to cohort dismissal

👆🏾 why #COVIDZero in community + health/safety measures in school needed for stable in-person instruction
3/QC kept schools open + shut down gatherings elsewhere for months; still saw cohort dismissals in high-epi settings ~GTA

Screening is a vertical strategy that seeks out 1 specific pestilence. It's hard to find cases that cannot afford to be found.

BUT horizontal measures, like
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#COVID19vaccine math update for #Quebec, May 31st:
-We've surpassed the benchmarks of 60% of the population with 1st doses and 5% fully vaccinated.
-7-day rolling average up to 82k.
-With bookings, we're on track to vaccinate 66.4% of the population.… ImageImageImage
Higher Ed minister Danielle McCann suggested that distancing may not be needed on campus in cegeps and universities if 75% of 16-29s in #Quebec are fully vaccinated by fall.

For reference, only 60% of 18-29s have a 1st dose or appointment booked so far.…
To reach this threshold, another 185k young adults 18-29 would need to agree to get vaccinated. But new bookings in this group have ground to a standstill.

Teens 12-17 are still booking, but with many set to get vaccinated in high schools, it's unclear what % will get it.
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1. Let’s play a probability game!

A few weeks ago in Melbourne during that 80+ days of #covidzero when Victorian quarantine system was solid, the chance of catching covid was lower than the chance of a blood clot from AstraZeneca vaccine.
2. As it turned out, covid didn’t come from the front door. It came through the back door, through Adelaide, that is, into Victoria.

Now that #covid19 is *everywhere*, with more than 300 exposure sites across Melbourne, guess what happens to your probability?
3. Today the likelihood of you catching a variant of concern which is more transmissible suddenly becomes higher than the probability of you getting a blood clot from AZ Vaccine. Getting a blood clot from a long haul flight is still higher too than clot from this vaccine.
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It’a time to take notice of what’s happening in Nova Scotia.

“[Anti-maskers are] nothing more than an alt-right group that wants to protest things like science.”

@IainTRankin, Premier of NS.

Why are other leaders hesitant to say this?


On May 14th, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court granted an injunction to "prevent Freedom Nova Scotia and similar groups from staging illegal gatherings in defiance of Nova Scotia's public health orders."

I'm so envious. 😭

#nspoli #cdnpoli #COVIDIOTS…
Yesterday NS was arresting people FOR ATTENDING an anti-mask rally.

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Something bothering me about the AstraZeneca messaging... I feel the communications about this have been routed in a consumerist framework that has resulted in serious anxiety, fear, and conflict that could have been mitigated with a wiser approach.

Let me try to explain.
Firstly, only a tiny minority of people have the background and time commitment necessary to have a truly informed expert opinion about vaccine safety or efficacy.

But throughout the pandemic we have seen the limitations of single-discipline thinking across the board.
Airborne transmission is one example. At the start of the pandemic it was "stay in your lane" this and "you're not an expert" that.

Long megathreads about how masks don't work were the norm.

And it was 100% wrong. It took a year of cross-disciplinary collaboration to prove it
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What if @bcndp @CDCofBC are approaching this pandemic all wrong?

Drs Henry & Gustafson say fear of “stigma” is the reason for not releasing data.

Boom. There it is. The underlying driving force behind many #Covid19BC decisions.

But does it have to be this way?

A thread:
Attaching stigma to an illness is a social construct. That means we have control over whether we do that or not.

There are many illnesses, even communicable ones, that have no stigma attached. Flu, colds, chicken pox, measles.

No one is “at fault” for catching/spreading.
We also have illnesses where stigma *has* been attached. The HIV virus comes to mind. And that stigma proved to be damaging in so many ways. It’s taken many years of activism to reduce the stigma there.

How is it that public health has not learned from that experience?
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Informative thread on B1617 in England. I disagree that the only thing that matters is that vaccines protect against severe outcomes. If vaccines are less effective against non-severe illness, the vaccinated can spread it to the unvaccinated and that has important consequences.
In this other thread on Seychelles’ failed reopening, he explains that the surge they’re experiencing despite a 60% vaccination rate can be partly explained by the 50% efficacy of the sinopharm vaccine against mild illness + the surge is occurring mostly among the unvaccinated.
In other words, the ability to reopen safely depends on the vaccination rate *and* transmissibility of the virus *and* the efficacy of the vaccine against even mild illness since it impacts transmission. B1617 could move the goalposts for a safe reopening further out of reach.
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I'm going to live-tweet tonight's panel, "Charting the Strategic Path Out of COVID-19: A Public Panel Discussion," sponsored by @SFU_Science & moderated by @a_longhurst. It seems to be sold out but I believe the video will be available later. #covid19BC…
The hashtags for tonight's panel will be
and #COVIDisAirborne, #bcpoli and #cdnpoli where applicable.
"Charting the Strategic Path Out of COVID-19: A Public Panel Discussion"…
One of the topics tonight will be an "elimination" strategy to #Covid19 which is aggressive suppression of transmission (#CovidZero) like NZ. This isn't eradication but strong policy. Vs the mitigation approach we see in BC/Canada. #COVID19BC
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Attending a talk by the fabulous PM of New Zealand @jacindaardern right now, thanks to the @USChamber. She says her best jobs in the past are the ones that helped her get insights into people’s lives. She referenced a job she did working with people with disabilities. Says we ...
...can learn from each other re the pandemic. (Eg vaccine rollout & economic recovery). Says NZ had their 1st case of COVID started later than other countries (Feb 28/20). They had the advantage of learning from other countries. Because their healthcare system would’ve been ...
... overrun by cases, they chose an elimination strategy (ie #COVIDZero). They were the first to try this approach. Big part was a closed border strategy, and daily communication being honest about what they knew and didn’t, to get buy-in from people.
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BC - We're just going to let variant infection 'run its course'? What is BC PHO, #bced & @bcndp leadership doing? We are close behind ON & AB.

Posted with permission from Dr. Russ Bader, Internist at North York General Hospital, Lecturer, Dept of Medicine, University of Toronto.
These are your lungs on COVID. The images on the left are a CT scan of a normal lung (from the internet). The images on the right are a CT scan of my patient’s lungs (the patient gave consent for me to share his story).
#bced #bcpoli @CDCofBC @BCNDPCaucus @BowinnMa @adriandix
He’s in his early 50s and is healthy. He has the variant of concern from the UK (the predominant strain in Ontario). He has been in hospital for almost 2 weeks and he requires high-flow oxygen to breathe.

#bced #bcpoli @mikefarnworthbc @JM_Whiteside @jjhorgan @geoffmeggs
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As we speak our @CMOH_Alberta and health minister are betting on vaccinations to temper hospital and ICU admissions despite our exponential case numbers. That is a high risk wager if they get it wrong. Based on current hospitalizations and past experiences we should lock down.
This is a similar situation to last wave. Though I hold optimism that vaccines will save lives, using lagging indicators just means we wait for young people to start overwhelming the system. Even though they tend to have better disease outcomes, this remains a percentage game.
This is predictable math. To make infection control an all or nothing game is naive and irresponsible. Lock down now. Continue aggressive vaccination. Open up at 80% vaccine uptake, regardless of how low case counts are. Better yet push for #CovidZero.
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The Covid situation in Ontario is making people pretty jumpy, so let’s focus on some positives.
- GenX showed up like crazy for their vaccination
- Our elderly are vaccinated
- We have had a 2 week head start
- Our population is younger
- We have lower population density.
Now let’s focus on what we can do about it in the short term.
- don’t let your mask slip.
- support and advocate for racialized and essential workers
- enjoy spring while following the rules
- push for #covidzero
- help curb vaccine hesitancy (be nice about it)
- take the jab.
When your brain isn’t overloaded, in those quite moments, think about long term solutions.
- wage disparity
- marginalized populations
- health and social equity
- socialized healthcare and health prevention
- mental health and addictions stigma
- political polarization
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1/7 My sister-in-law, an RN in the GTA looking after COVID-19 patients every day, told me most of her patients are in their 20s and 30s. Most are sent to the ICU within 12 hours of being admitted. In each case, their entire family is sick with COVID, sometimes 8 or 9 people.
2/7 A veteran RN with 3 kids, she wasn't scared during the 1st, or even the 2nd, wave. But now, like her colleagues, she is terrified. Leaders need to listen to their science advisors, not lobbyists. Decisions need to be made according to public health, not political ambitions.
3/7 This pandemic is inequitable. Some can stay home, but those who are unhoused, elderly, lower income, or those considered “essential” workers are dying. Many of them take public transit on their way to their workplaces in factories, grocery stores, hospitals, and LTC homes.
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Dear @BCNDPCaucus,
✴️By now you may have heard that BC has not been following what peer reviewed science is saying.
✴️You may have also learned that the @CDCofBC is deliberately not contact tracing or collecting data in #bced so they can say that schools are safe.
#bced #bcpoli
✴️Review my twitter feed for past year & you will see all the scientific studies that show that BC is not following the science.
✴️Key facts we are ignoring: the virus is aerosolized and Health Care workers and essential workers need N95s to stay safe, particularly with VoCs.
✴️BC is also ignoring how the virus is largely spread. 50% of spread comes from people who have no symptoms. The @CDCofBC has ignored warnings from around the world and REFUSED to mass test asymptomatic people. This is negligent.
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Our #COVID19 Webinar has begun!

Our CEO @DorisGrinspun will lead a dynamic discussion on the third wave of COVID-19 and advise on the necessary next steps.
"We'll move from wave three to wave four unless Premier @fordnation restricts the movement of people," our CEO @DorisGrinspun says.

She also urges the premier to fully engage primary care and home care nurses to accelerate the #COVID19Vaccine rollout. We need all hands on deck.
"This was and is preventable.

What we need is strong public health measures that are reinforced every single day and vaccination, vaccination, vaccination!" - RNAO CEO @DorisGrinspun

@fordnation @celliottability @HomerTien #onpoli #COVID19
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We haven’t been dealt a bad hand. What we did was loosen restrictions despite rising variant cases, allow out-of-province travel, stall in-school mask mandates, & did not enforce orders or tailor the message. The 3rd wave is the outcome of that inaction.1/ #bcpoli #COVID19 #bced
Neither the methods nor the messaging is working. It cannot only be up to individuals to deal with this crisis. We need coordinated response from gov’t that shows they are taking threat of COVID & #LongCovid seriously for healthcare workers and people. 2/ #COVID19 #bcpoli
As #VariantsOfConcern rise, modelling predicts they will become the majority of cases in our immediate future. Some modelling predicts they currently make up 40% of cases in BC. #Ontario is at >60%. Instead of bracing for impact, let’s mitigate it now. 3/ #COVID19 #bcpoli #bced
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As we wait for today's #COVID19 numbers, here's the new cases announced today in the other five provinces with big outbreaks in Canada — except they're adjusted to B.C.'s population:

Alberta: 1031
Ontario: 1027
Saskatchewan: 952
Quebec: 754
Manitoba: 250 (average of two days)
What's the point of this exercise?

- Manitoba, the only one to put in stronger travel regulations months ago, remains an outlier

- The other provinces that eschewed a #COVIDZero strategy are all going through a big surge right now
But this is the first time in the pandemic, except for a few days right at the start of the first wave, that B.C. can't look at other places in Canada and say "well, at least we're doing some things comparatively well."

I think that's adding to the anxiety at the moment.
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ITT: An open letter I wrote my MLA, which is really just an open letter to @Alberta_UCP and @UCPCaucus. You may find it cathartic to read.

If you want to write your MLA:

#FireShandro #FireLagrange
#FireKenney #FiretheUCP
#ableg #abpoli

Dear @UCPCaucus,

I am writing to you today because I’d like to know if you can think of any reasons why I should remain in Alberta. I’m going to make a sincere effort to maintain a courteous tone but personally I feel @Alberta_UCP is engaged in political malpractice.</p>

I’m a [early 30s] year old Pakistani man with an Arab name. I have a BSc in psychology and after uni I was underemployed in the service industry for 5 years. Before COVID I was going to @sait where I aced the Database Administration program!

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Seriously though, the same people that are so quick to point out all the differences between Canada and Australia/NZ/*4 Canadian provinces!* don’t seem to have reflected at all on the differences between us and Israel. We just want it to be easy. It’s more magical thinking.
Besides the fact that they tackled vaccine hesitancy far more aggressively than we have and had a reopening that was based on full 2 dose, not 1 dose, vaccination. There’s also a huge fundamental core difference in our responses:
Israel has definitely decided NOT to let covid spread among “low risk” kids and teens. They have a passport immunity system in place that includes *all* unvaccinated people, even kids and teens.…
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For us to feel “we’re in this together” we need leadership that brings us together, shows respect & trust for people, & is willing to acknowledge mistakes are inevitable, but that they can be corrected. Humility, compassion, and empathy are needed right now. 1/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC
With rising case numbers and variants, and after yesterday’s press conference that left many feeling deeply frustrated. There are many actions @bcndp could take to build trust - but it largely comes down to transparency... 2/ #bcpoli #COVID19BC #bced
Share with the public all studies that are informing decisions made by the PHO and gov't. If there are studies being rejected, explain why. It’s not enough to tell the public what decisions are being made - show the evidence for making those decisions. 3/ #bcpoli #COVID19 #bced
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If I were @jjhorgan, I would:
1. Create an ind panel of experts from across 🇨🇦 (Epidemiologist PhD, ICU MDs, Stats, Eng, Aerosol, etc).
2. Ask Fed Govt for Emerg support
3. Ramp up testing & Sequencing
4. Use Prov, & municipal govt employees for contact tracing. #bcpoli #bced
5. Install @DrVictoriaLeeFH as the new PHO.
6. Fire P. Daly, R. Gustafson and DBH for endangering the lives of BCians and dereliction of duty.
7. Develop standards that are clear and based on science.
8. Hire new a new comms team.
9. Adopt #COVIDzero
10. Revise #bced guidelines.
11. Legislate data transparency. Tell the truth at all times to win back trust.
12. Revise vaccination schedule so that those in LTC homes get their second shot within two months.
13. Vaccinate front line workers immediately.
14. Acknowledge virus is aerosolized & adapt mask plan
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1/Feeling a bit reflective today. Bunch of us have been advocating for better safety measures for #bced since last May. We were attacked by our own Prov union, our own locals refused to press for science, SDs hauled teachers in, & the media belittled us for asking to science.
2/ We haven’t changed our stance since last May.
We’ve been right about:
✅Schools ⬆️ transmission with ⬆️community spread
✅Asymptomatic spread
✅Virus being airborne
✅GBD in BC
3/ The Unions now realize they backed the wrong horse and hung members out to dry, the media seems to have realized how bad things really are, SDs are realizing about Long-Covid, and our govt is still MIA. They have let all BCians down. What are we going to do about them? #bcpoli
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