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Item 6 c) recommendations on possible norms, rules, and principles of responsible behaviour

Topic 1: norms, rules, and principles derived from existing international legal and other normative frameworks
#Russia continues to insist that NGOs are not permitted to make statements during the formal session.
#Canada respectfully disagrees with Russia. The matter is closed. The Chair has ruled and will not change established UN practice.

"As we tell kids in Canada, sometimes, you get what you get, and you don't get upset. It's time to move on."
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
"Since the beginning of December, the number of weekly reported deaths from #COVID19 has been increasing. In total, in the past eight weeks, more than 170,000 people have died of COVID-19. That’s just reported deaths; the actual number of deaths is much higher"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Almost exactly 3 years on from declaring a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, our highest level of alert, this week the Emergency Committee on #COVID19 will meet to discuss whether the current situation still constitutes a global emergency"-@DrTedros
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#Ukraine/#Russia 🇺🇦🇷🇺:

The 🇳🇱#Netherlands and the 🇨🇿#Czechia are currently preparing two other projects in the field of air defence and artillery for 🇺🇦#Ukraine.

Thread🧶 1/x

@oryxspioenkop @Rebel44CZ @secretsqrl123 @ukraine_map @OSINTua @UAWeapons @LivFaustDieJung
I think the projects will go in the same direction as the current rebuild of 90 T-72 tanks or the production of 115 MR-2 systems. That is, the production and coordination of the projects will be done in 🇨🇿#Czechia, while the 🇳🇱#Netherlands will largely finance the projects.

Now let's see what anti-aircraft systems the 🇨🇿#Czech Republic can offer:

1) Production of additional MR-2 systems.

The MR-2 is a very short-range anti-aircraft system designed primarily to shoot down 🇮🇷#Iranian Shahed-136 (Geran-2) drones.

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OG: @pandanaiksapi:
#Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world with a daily volume of over $15 billion, 10x bigger than the second. It's considered the safest for trading and storing #crypto assets, but is it truly #SAFU? #crypto #trading
A 🧵from a stupid trader (1/?)
Binance, founded by @cz_binance in 2017, has its origins in China. Due to the government's ban on #crypto, it had to move its headquarters to Japan. However, as Japan also started to implement stricter regulations for #crypto, Binance had to move again, this time to Malta. (2/?)
On Feb 21, 2020, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) announced that @binance does not have an operating license. Binance has also been investigated multiple times by the IRS and the US Department of Justice on charges of money laundering.

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JUST IN: #BNNIndonesia Reports.

The Ministry of Law and Human Rights' Correctional Directorate General awarded special remissions for 26 inmates practicing the Confucian faith during the occasion of Chinese New Year.

#Indonesia #Social
"One of the 26 inmates received the special type II remission (automatically ends his term of imprisonment) after receiving a one-month remission," the directorate general's Coordinator of the Public Relations and Protocol Department Rika Aprianti said.
The remission is given to those who have strived to show good conduct and behavior, she said. Nine of the 26 inmates are from West Kalimantan, seven from Bangka Belitung, and three from Banten while seven others are from Central Java, Jakarta, Jambi, East Java, and North Sumatra.
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JUST IN: #BNNIndonesia Reports.

The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission has asked television broadcasting institutions to choose selective viral content from social media that they plan to air.

#Indonesia #Social
"KPI expects that the television industry will not use viral content solely as material for broadcast programs.
As in, it is permissible to show viral content, but one must be selective in choosing," Commissioner of the Central Indonesian Broadcasting Commission Nuning Rodiyah said.

Broadcasting institutions must consider whether the content is beneficial for the public or not, she added.
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1. #China has been involved in illegal fishing in #EEZ of over 80 countries with over 10 million hrs of fishing.

This is a mega report and tweet thread on #Chinese illegal fishing in world's oceans and its impacts.

Read/download the complete report:…
2. The #Chinese fleet is often found guilty of #overfishing,
killing protected species,
falsifying licenses and docs,
seizing territories &
producing tons of sea #waste.

Read/download the complete report:…

3. IUU: #China has been consistently ranked num. 1 on various parameters of illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU) rankings.

According to the IUU rankings report 2021, over 60% of its vessels are involved in IUU fishing worldwide.

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Σήμερα είναι η επέτειος του πραξικοπήματος στην #burkinafaso, ημέρα υπουργείου θρησκευτικών υποθέσεων στην #Indonesia και #tamaseseri φεστιβάλ στην #japan.

#σανΣημερα τo 1521 o παπάς #leoX αφορίζει το #martinLuther. Ξεκινάει η #protestantReformation.

Tο 1749 εκδίδεται το πρώτο τεύχος της εφημερίδας #berlingske στη #danemark. Είναι η αρχαιότερη σε συνεχή κυκλοφορία της χώρας.

Το 1957 η εταιρεία #hamiltonWatchCompany κυκλοφορεί το πρώτο ηλεκτρικό ρολόι.

Το 1976 ο #un υιοθετεί τη διεθνή συμφωνία οικονομικών, κοινωνικών και πολιτιστικών δικαιωμάτων.

Το 1977 δημιουργείται η #apple.

To 1993 υπογράφεται από τις #usa και τη #russia, η συμφωνία #start.

To 1999 εκτοξεύεται η αποστολή #marsPolarLander της #nasa.

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#ChocolateProduction thread!

1/ #Chocolate is a beloved treat enjoyed by people around the world, but did you know that a few countries dominate global chocolate production?
2/ The top chocolate producing countries are the Ivory Coast, #Ghana, #Indonesia, and #Brazil. Together, these countries account for over 60% of the world's chocolate production. #ivorycoast
3/ The Ivory Coast is the largest chocolate producer in the world, with over 1.5 million tons produced annually. Ghana is a close second, producing around 1 million tons per year.
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#CoffeeProduction thread!

1/ #Coffee is a popular beverage enjoyed by millions of people around the world, but did you know that only a few countries are responsible for the majority of global coffee production?
2/ The top coffee producing countries are #Brazil, #Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. Together, these countries account for about 75% of the world's coffee production.
3/ #Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, with over 2.5 million tons produced annually. Vietnam is a close second, producing around 1.5 million tons per year.
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#NeoMarxist Radicals and the Subtle Culture War to Fundamentally Transform the United States of America

(Obama Netowrks)
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#Indonesia’s new criminal code is absolutely illiberal, but it is not anti-legal. It serves the interests of some #elites, but not others.

So, how do we best parse its impact on #law, #politics, or #society?

A short 🧵based on ideas from:…

Fundamentally, it pushes Indonesia’s criminal law system toward what I call a mobilizational legal regime, and away from being more of a ’rule by law’ order.

This is due to a reason many might find counter-intuitive: it’s actually empowering previously excluded groups.

In a mobilizational legal regime, the set of politically empowered actors (what I call the ‘polity’) is open and contested. In some other arrangements - including rule by law - it is closed and fixed.
The constellation of politics shapes how law is made and deployed.

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#Ramayana-Hindu Culture spread throughout Asia via the Rama Story.
It travelled by sea and land to China, Tibet, Turkestan, Java, Sumatra, Malaya, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Japan
#Thread Repost

Most countries have adapted Rama Story acc. to their own culture with a local setting; the Indian names are used for important towns, sites, mountains, rivers, and lakes.
The adoption of Valmiki Story in Asian countries was selective and influenced by local values

The Buddhist work Mahavibhasa (150ce) is oldest record of Ramayana. Hsuan Tsang stated "There is a book called the Rāmāyaṇa...[it] explains only two topics:
1. Rāvana carrying Sītā off by violence
2. Rāma recovering Sītā and returning."

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What is #BatikAir flight 7583 doing? It's trying to land at #Malang airport, but there is an ash NOTAM.

#volcano #eruption #EastJava #Indonesia Image
It has made one go-around and is returning to the airport for a second chance I think.
It just flew over the airport at 13.000 feet. Weird.

#volcano #eruption #EastJava #Indonesia
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The original sin of tech boosters and critics is an undue focus on what a technology *does*, rather than who it does it *to* and who it does it *for*. When it comes to technology's effect on our daily lives, the social arrangements matter much more than the feature-sets. 1/ An altered version of J.C. ...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
This is the premise behind my idea of the #ShittyTechnologyAdoptionCurve: if you want to do something horrible to people with technology, you must first inflict it on people without social power. 3/
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Indonesia Darurat Udara Bersih!

Harusnya kita prihatin dengan kondisi udara kita yang semakin tercemar. Padahal, kota-kota besar seperti Jakarta dan Surabaya biasanya ada Car Free Day.

#polusi #polusiudara #indonesia
Menurut @CNNIndonesia, kendaraan bermotor adalah alasan utama kita mudah terserang penyakit bernama polusi udara. Padahal, polusi udara itu mahal untuk kesehatan kita, teman-teman pecinta lingkungan.

Asap setebal itu kalau dihirup bisa sesek!

Kalau sesek, kita harus keluar uang lagi buat obat dan perawatan ke dokter. Padahal, polusi udara juga hasil aktivitas sehari-hari kita.

Coba motoran dari Sarinah, lewat Blok M, sampai Lebak Bulus. Habis waktu, bensin, keluar asap.

Apalagi kalau kendaraannya segini. Buset!
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I've been studying various aspects of #protest & contentious #politics in #China for 25 years.

What's happening now is novel, interesting, & potentially quite important. But we need to be careful about drawing conclusions or making predictions. A🧵:
@CamGeopolitics @NCUSCR
Since 1989, we've seen 5 main strands/repertoires of contention in China:

1) labour protest
2) rural protest
3) student protest
4) urban governance protest
5) systematic political dissent

Each of these has usually been disaggregated locally and separated from the others.

Labour politics has seen millions of laid-off (xiagang) SOE workers take to the streets, as well as many hundreds of thousands of their counterparts among migrant workers in export-processing manufacturing industries.

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Compilation of world leaders congratulating @anwaribrahim on his appointment as 🇲🇾 Malaysia's 10th Prime Minister. #pm10malaysia #AnwarIbrahim

This is a 🧵

*This thread excludes wishes from foreign missions, embassies, and world bodies.
The first to congratulate, President of the Republic of #Indonesia @jokowi 🇮🇩

President Jokowi called @anwaribrahim via phone and later tweeted his congratulation wishes.

President @RTErdogan of #Turkiye 🇹🇷 called moments before @anwaribrahim starts his press conference. Anwar Ibrahim puts the call on speaker in front of the press.

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12. Bhagwaan Kartikeya (Murugan) mandirs which every hindu should visit

1. Sri Muthumalai Murugan Kovil
Ethapur, TamilNadu

2. Sri Subramaniar Mandir, Batu Caves, #Malaysia
3. Arulmigu Subramaniya swamy Thiruparankundram, #TamilNadu
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#Earthquake (#gempa) possibly felt 49 sec ago in #Indonesia. Felt it? Tell us via:
⚠ Automatic crowdsourced detection, not seismically verified yet. More info soon!
Eyewitnesses reported shaking in #Indonesia 3 min ago (local time 13:21:30)⚠
At present, we have no seismic data confirming this crowdsourced detection.❗
More info soon!
#Earthquake (#gempa) confirmed by seismic data.⚠Preliminary info: M5.4 || 7 km E of #Sukabumi (#Indonesia) || 9 min ago (local time 13:21:11). Follow the thread for the updates👇
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#Earthquake (#gempa) possibly felt 47 sec ago in #Indonesia. Felt it? Tell us via:
⚠ Automatic crowdsourced detection, not seismically verified yet. More info soon! Image
Eyewitnesses reported shaking in #Indonesia 6 min ago (local time 21:22:52)⚠
At present, we have no seismic data confirming this crowdsourced detection.❗
More info soon! Image
🔔#Earthquake (#gempa) M4.1 occurred 20 km NW of #Mataram (#Indonesia) 9 min ago (local time 21:21:57). More info at:
🖥… Image
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Congratulations to #Indonesia on successfully hosting the #G20 meeting in Bali this week. I hope the world knows Indonesia a little better now. However, just in case – here’s a thread...

There’s a lot more to Indonesia than Bali. 1/25
On Monday President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and First Lady Iriana Jokowi hosted a spectacular gala dinner for leaders of the #G20. 2/25

If like me your invitation went missing in the post. Don’t worry you can watch it all here:
Indonesia is the 15th biggest country in the world covering a total area of approximately 1,904,569 km2. Argentina is the 8th covering 2,780,400Km2. Russia is by far the biggest covering 17,098,242 km2. From east to west Indonesia stretches over 5,000 kilometres. 3/22
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "I’m joining you from Bali, 🇮🇩, where the @g20org Summit has just concluded. Over the past 2 days, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with several 🌍 leaders and to address the Summit itself"-@DrTedros #G20

@DrTedros @g20org "My message was that, as #COVID19 has demonstrated, when health is at risk, everything is at risk. Conflicts around the 🌍, #ClimateChange, & global crises in food and energy security have now overshadowed the pandemic as the most pressing issues for world leaders"-@DrTedros #G20
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