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With the World tipping into recession, now seems like not such a GREAT time to destroy the big British export industries. But we also need to understand what a real economic crisis looks like
Any form of Brexit is terrible for our economy, which is why the car firms are shutting down production and banks are already relocating a £TRILLION of assets to the EU.
When international investors lose faith in the UK economy they stop buying our bonds. The Tories have caused our national debt to rise by 80% to £1.8 trillion.
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There is something concerning about the group Conservative Friends Of Russia which was founded in 2012. It's been bugging me for a while. Matthew Elliot was a co-founder and of course we know about his place in the tangled web of brexit criminality. 1/ #FBPE
However, just a little research throws up some interesting names. Back in 2012 Andrew Rosindell would have meant nothing to me. However, in recent years he has revealed himself to be very much part of the AltRight machine. He was an honourary Vice President of CFR. 2/
Defence and Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind was CFR's Honorary the same time he was Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee between 2010-2015. it is somewhat concerning that the Chair of the ISC was involved in the CFR.... 3/
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So @trussliz, who herself changed her mind on brexit to be a #leavernow (perhaps for careerist reasons) claims noone has changed their minds on #Brexit. She uses it as an argument against a #PeoplesVote

Shall we look at the evidence then?


1st @trussliz let's look at polling.

Here we have:
(a) @YouGov #bregret tracker. This has been majority thinking #brexit is wrong since August 2017 and is only increasing. This does not take into account last 2 weeks shambles

(B) the 20k plus @Survation poll in Nov 18.

Now @trussliz let's move onto personal stories.
E.g. Fran from South Wales, she was on @SkyNews just yesterday saying how she voted leave, has changed her mind & is a #RemainerNow

She would love a #PeoplesVote #FinalSay for the sake of her grandkids
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Dear Kat,


none of us got into this because of PVHQ, we were already here campaigning to #stopbrexit long before the they formed. Whilst most of us support the campaign, they have after all helped to pull together influence and organise marches and big events ...
most of the hard campaigning has been done on our streets in our towns by local groups like ours and we set our own strategies where we live to reach our common goal. All the coaches organised from towns up and down the country have been put on by local pro Eu groups.
We have organised letter writing to MPs and local newspapers, stood on street stalls talking to people, organised events and invited speakers. We have done our own fundraising and been a part of a much bigger movement than the People’s Vote headquarters.
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Nobody wants this Brexit - it's time to grow up, and ditch it. Daily Mirror on 🔥🔥🔥

"If you have to blackmail someone into doing it, the chances are it's not a good idea." #Brexit #BrexitShambles…
"If you have to blackmail the Prime Minister, Cabinet and Parliament; threaten your friends; ignore the predictions of businessmen, scientists and experts; commit the grossest breach of campaign finance law in history...."
"...steal people's data' rely on Russian bots, fake news algorithms and racists; paint lies on a bus and keep Chris Grayling in a job because he was one of the people who thought this was all a great idea..."
#Brexit #BrexitLies
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Received an email from DEFRA: "We are trying hard to get a deal, but if we fail you won't be able to send seeds into Europe from the end of the month.... If this will badly harm your business, please email us". Can't sleep. Brexit cuts me off from customers.
#stopbrexit please
I built my business after my marriage fell apart, started by selling acorns on eBay, now 800+ niche heritage & unusual, wildflowers & trees, at low prices for home growers. Many customers in EU, made easy via customs union.
The DEFRA email is devastating.
#stopbrexit please
I have put everything into this, & only in the last year has it started to pay off, where I can afford to live how most would consider normal. I don't aim for wealth but why should my wellbeing & hard work be threatened by Brexit?
What is the positive?
#stopbrexit please
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Thread on today’s events. #fbpe
Despite a cold day. We had a strong turnout for a big campaigning day in locations around Chester. It took a while to get things warmed up as people were reluctant to stop. But soon it got busier and we had a steady stream of people to the stall.
We had some musical and historical accompaniment whilst we chatted to people around the town. There is often a Roman or two around the place giving historical context to the city of Chester. Help us be able to instruct the town crier that brexit is dead soon. #StopBrexit
The streets got busy as there were stalls celebrating #InternationalWomansDay and here are just 3 of our lovely key members of Chester for Europe enjoying the atmosphere.
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🎀Another thread about #cancer and a #nodealbrexit🎀
I remember when I was recalled after my mammogram, and told I had #breastcancer
Your whole world stops
Right there.
Your plans, your future, your hopes, your dreams.
Stopped in a heartbeat.
And replaced by cold fear
You go away, and you try to remember what you were told, about the treatment, what will happen, what will happen after wards, and all you struggle to do is get through the next breath ... and the next... because #CANCER is such a BIG word that it is crushing you
And you look into your partner's face, and he (she) is white, and frightened. And you phone your son/daughter, and there is THAT SILENCE for a few seconds before they speak.
That is what #cancer does: it destroys your body, & your family.
None of you walk on the same ground as BC
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Dear leave voters,

You can’t honestly say you voted for a no deal Brexit in 2016. No one did. It simply wasn’t on the table three years ago.

We were promised a deal in 2016, and that is what leave voters voted for.
Not one leave campaigner spoke in favour of no deal during the referendum campaign. No one. Not UKIP, Farage, Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Gove etc. Even Vote Leave was clear that we’d leave with a deal.
Be honest. All talk of a no deal Brexit emerged after Maybot’s terrible deal was published, over two years after we voted. At least something unites us: we agree her deal is awful. It’s far inferior to our current terms, not least because we’d take rules without making them.
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The Department for International Trade states that the EU-FTA agreements account for 11% of UK’s trade. However, according to @uk_tpo, these agreements account for at least 14%. (1)
So far, @LiamFox has signed 9 Trade agreements with: Chile, Faroe Islands, Switzerland, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Zimbabwe, leaving 80% of the UK’s goods trade with the FTA group still at risk come 29 March! (2)
Fox has confirmed we won’t have agreements with Turkey, San Marino, Andorra or Japan for 29 March.
Trade with these 4 countries alone is more than the 9 countries we have agreements with.
Seems like all the past 2 years have amounted to is one big holiday for Fox. (3) #StopBrexit
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I'm gonna be releasing a record. You know me, I don't believe brexit is the will of the people. I don't blame many Leave voters for their vote. Many thought they were helping the NHS. They were lied to. I believe that most people are united in not wanting to hurt the country 1/
I believe the ref was all about a small group of people engineering an ideological takeover, to take control of the country, and concentrate wealth and power in the hands of unelected boardrooms because believe that it's better that way. They care little for democracy 2/
This group used their influence and wealth to essentially con many voters into unwittingly backing their coup. They used fraudulent, covert and illegal methods which the voting public was not aware of. We have seen masses of evidence of that 3/
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Just read this on Facebook, worth repeating here anonymously (thread):
"Imagine moving to a country because you can and have the right to. Fall in love with the country - and a person. You put down roots. Add Marmite to the shopping basket. 1/
Your kids have different accents to yours, but you embrace life in a country you've chosen.
You start a business. Invest money and energy. The roots become firmer. Yorkshire puddings.
The Brexit vote happens. You don't get a say: you're an immigrant. 2/
It feels unfair, but that's how it is. A divide created. People vote 'no' to a question nobody understands.
Later a guy calls you 'fucking foreigner's on the streets of London. You tell yourself it's maybe because Iceland just beat England at football, but your stomach turns. 3/
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About 6 years ago I was diagosed with rare genetic blood #cancer called polycythemia. Since then it’s progressed & become post-polycythemia vera myelofibrosis. 36 months ago I was also diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

I have fought every single day to stay alive. I’m alive bcos we belong to #Euratom European atomic energy community - it also deals with medical radiation treatments.

For more on Euratom see here:…

I also rely on the British participation in the ERN’s. These are European Reference Networks which allow collaboration across EU member states and they do essential work on #rarediseases making my, & many other ppl’s, treatment possible.

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A roundup of what some of our members were up to today.
We had a small group in Ellesmere Port near the Asda. There was a brief moment of excitement as our Emma thought she had spotted some unicorns. Unfortunately she just had the wrong glasses on at first. 😉
It was a tough day on the stall getting better as the day went on. The overwhelming feeling from the passers-by was brexit fatigue. There were fed up of it and they just want it all to stop.
We were told by one worried person that a local pharmaceutical firm is moving some jobs to Berlin thanks to the uncertainty of Brexit. I think we can safely assume this has no connection to a drop in diesel sales in Europe. 🤔
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1/7 Lord Stunnel reckons that itll take about 18 weeks for a Peoples Vote to be enacted.
2/7 That's 10 weeks to allow for the Electoral Commission minimum campaign period for a referendum and 8 weeks for Parliament to argue about and actually pass the legislation required.
3/7 If this was started TOMORROW on 11th February then the result of the referendum wouldn't be known until 3rd June, after the European Parliament elections in May.
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What the hell is @jeremycorbyn doing?
Why is he enabling #Tory #Brexit?
Is this the final betrayal?
No, it isn't.
It's the predicted effect of decisions taken 2-3 years ago. All things considered, it's not as bad as it could have been (thanks to #StopBrexit crowd).

To understand why, I need to outline 2 important mechanisms that most people, politicians and commentators seem to ignore, dismiss or simply don't get. They have different and somewhat opposite consequences, but are both decisive in the current & foreseeable predicaments.
1st and foremost: the biggest constraint that applies to political decision-making comes from the past decisions & policies.
It is a massive constraint.
Cameron COULD NOT convincingly campaign for #Remain, because his own policies CREATED the discontent channelled by #Leave.
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John Bercow calling Peter Bone a delicate flower is a thing of joy, and Joanna Cherry ensuring Donald Tusk's words are registered in Hansard tops it all off beautifully

Solid British humour ftw, even in the face of the Unbearable Shiteness of Brexit

#MakeItStop #JustMakeItStop
Very pleased that Donald Tusk's heartfelt reaction to the Unbearable Shiteness of Brexit is now recorded in Hansard for posterity 🤣

Well done to all of those continuing to speak plain truths
#StandUp2Brexit #MakeItStop…
I know everyone's gone straight to fighty biting about @eucopresident's fervent hope that those *responsible* for Brexitshambles will be rewarded with suitable punishment (#NotAllLeaveVoters)

but think it's important to read the full extent of his remarks…
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1/ This week I took a phone call where someone asked me, in earnest, "I'm interested to know what do you do when you're not on the streets protesting?"

Given that I have spent nearly every waking moment of every day for the last 2 and a half years thinking about #StopBrexit...
2/ and campaigning to promote the EU - I thought it might be worth writing a list of everything that "being an activist" involves. (Not because I feel like I need to justify myself to critics but because it might be interesting for people to know the work #EUsupergirl does)...
3/ I have also spent a huge amount of time travelling (and sorting all the expense forms) to get to events and protests across the UK & EU. And these are the places i've been to campaigning to #StopBrexit or to promote the #EU. (Sorry anywhere I have forgotten -it's a long list!)
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A short thread on things I am NEVER going to subscribe to as a #remain campaigner. & why
#peoplesvote #FBPE #Stopbrexit #RevokeA50
7/10 - no - not this one - I give the EU 10/10 - we have been lied to for years about what the EU does for us, from Freedom of Movement (which is excellent for us) to money for deprived areas.

"Remain and reform" - not this message either. "This is a brilliant house to buy - just needs the back wall rebuilding". Wrong message. Untrue message. The EU is constantly reforming & evolving, the so-called democracy that isn't doing so is the UK parliament 2/n
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A 'no deal' Brexit, which nobody voted for in 2016, could mean the following:

- UK law firms barred from giving legal advice in 5 EU member states
- Complication in selling British chemicals to Europe from outside its REACH regulatory system
- A significant drop in house prices
- Disruption of cross-border services like credit card payments
- Spoilage of perishable imported goods due to increased waiting times for new paperwork and customs checks
- Great uncertainty regarding the status of 4 million European and UK citizens living across borders
- Staffing issues for firms using highly skilled migrant labour
- Contraction of the economy by 1-8% within a year
- Tariffs on up to 90% of UK goods exported to the EU

When people voted for Brexit, I doubt this is what they wanted. They wanted good leaving terms. #StopBrexit
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A Brexit Analogy...

I currently have a company car, last year I decided I would opt out of the company car scheme and keep the money for myself so I could find a better deal.

#StopBrexit @mrjamesob
The lease on my current car ends next week and so far my wife and I have been unable to agree on a new car that offers our family the exact same benefits for less cost!

I am heading towards a no deal car scheme exit!
In a weeks time I wont have a car, I wont be able to go shopping to buy food, I wont be able to get to work and the money I spend on taxis or hire cars to get around will wipe out my car scheme exit dividend...
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1/ war paint on & we're ready to #EURockNRoll 🇪🇺🇬🇧👊

Protesting outside Parliament today over the #MeaninglessVote

Your deal is dead @theresa_may! Plan B is Plan A - and it's not good enough for #Britain!

It's time for the people to demand a #FinalSay on this mess
2/ there appears to be massive @UKIP and @LeaveMnsLeave #WTO rules protest and march occurring.

Not enough Remainers on the ground to counter & the atmosphere is very toxic.

I was immediately called every name under the sun and told I am a disgrace. 🙄
3/ I had to take a photo of this dude.... I'll give it to him - his costume is great! 😂🤣😂 #LeaveMeansLeave
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1. #Brexit sec: EU may not agree to #ExtendA50

ME: to prevent this #BrexitShambles protect Rights & stop the haemorrhage of wealth & jobs we need to #RevokeA50 #StopBrexit & #Remain in Control in the EU with our current Best Possible Deal. #FBPE…
2. And B4 you spout the usual #Brexit BS. It was not the largest vote in History if you consider the proportion of the Electorate.
Either way the opinion of 51.8% Voting still =
37% Voters
26.5% of the Ppl
Compound that with
Lost Mandates
3. #Brexit is a Far Right Tory CON the tragedy is that too many Labour MPs are making themselves COMPLICIT.
Any version of #BrexitShambles
#Lexit doesn't exist..
The ECJ protects US from THEM
#LeaveLies #ABTV
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Many of us have lived, slept & breathed Brexit for almost 3 years (unlike most of our politicians) & we are weary. I feel like I've been ignored, screaming into a void, begging for some crumbs of reason & in a permanent state of anxiety & frustration. But why?
Let's go back a few years. Since Thatcher, there had been a core of (mainly Tory) Eurosceptics, but they were kept in check until Farage & UKIP started to gain ground in traditional Tory seats. As the EU expanded, the right-wing press had a field day & stirred up resentment.
This created a xenophobic groundswell in both Tory & Labour heartlands and, whilst they weren't losing Parliamentary seats, their share of the vote (GE & Local elections) was being lost to UKIP. Cue Cameron trying to show he was getting tough on the EU.
3/ 21
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