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Adam Lovinger, Former Defense Dept Analyst & #Whistleblower Now Battling to Save His Career After Pentagon Suspended His Top-Secret Security Clearance May 1, 2017, When He Exposed #StefanHalper Had Received $1M in Taxpayer Funds▫️


“What Lovinger during his final months at the Pentagon stumbled on would expose an integral player in @FBI ‘s handling of President Donald Trump’s campaign & alleged “Russia Collusion”

“Lovinger raised concerns about Halper’s role in conducting what appeared to be diplomatic...
meetings with foreigners on behalf of the US govt because of his role as contractor forbids him from doing so, according to US federal law”

“Halper, being a close confidante of Hillary Clinton - was the reason for the sustained assault on Mr. Lovinger”
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A minute ago I stopped by @TrevorFitzgibb1's timeline. Now Im back from brushing my teeth, but the puke bile is still there. He is an alleged serial abuser of women and if you accept him in the transparency movement you are non grata with me. See sources:…
With friends like this who needs enemies.…
Mr Fitzgibbon has surrounded himself with wanna be spooks, spooks and trolls. As I have stated before he, and his enabling supporters, is a danger to Mr Assange, @Wikileaks and the transparency movement as a whole. Not only that, but he has launched a vicious lawfare ...
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#Democrat #MichaelBloomberg #Bloomberg News article quotes newest version of laughable #Russia Hoax, aimed at gullible #Democrat Base.

Ultimate goal not as funny, and not censorship. It funds and weaponizes anti-#Trump response as national security issue. Note #NCSC link #DNI
National Counterintelligence and Security Center (#NCSC) co-leads the #NITTF with the #FBI, to "mitigate actions by insiders who may represent a threat to national security".
It has close ties to #DNI which has been a hotbed of opposition to Pr #Trump…
Topic of late, #Whistleblower link to #AdamSchiff's #ImpeachmentHoax directed against unexpected #Swamp drainer Pr #Trump.

All involved are socially cohesive #Ukraine gang from #Obama Admin: #SeanMisko #AbigailGrace #JoeBiden #EricCiamarella w/#VictoriaNuland #GeoffreyPyatt
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“He's (RR) sold info to foreign govs, hacked recorded tons of people, manipulated cases and blackmailed judges, fabricated evidence to do so, and to frame people, much more, he also had a dear friend of mine killed (Molly Macauley) just to prove he could get to my wife.”
Molly K Macauley, an economist specializing in satellites & the US Space Program & VP at Washington-based think tank - Resources for the Future - lost her life July 8, 2016▫️

#Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp 3/17/19

@POTUS @GenFlynn
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@NSAGov #Whistleblower Karen Stewart Exposes Biggest False Flag Operation in History: FBI/Fusion Centers▫️

Fusion Centers have been creating hundreds of thousands of FALSE DOSSIERS on INNOCENT AMERICANS📑

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @ArmyChiefStaff…
“(Targeted Individuals) to justify secretly bloating the Terrorist Watchlist, for a fabricated enemy to rally resources against & keep the population frightened & accepting of a Police State”
“This is expressly forbidden by law from targeting US citizens with PSYOPS within US borders”

“Secret UNCONSTITUTIONAL ARMY of Neighborhood Watch-Type Civilian Mercenaries like INFRAGARD were trained in covert & overt surveillance techniques”
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CIA Sientist #Whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan Along With Consortium of Scientists Are Reporting Abuses of Science: “There is a Mind-Hacking Strategy Group” Using “Top Secret Technologies, Mind Control Technologies”▫️


“Dr. Duncan has written a book ‘Project SoulCatcher’ revealing secrets of cybernetic warfare; hacking into individual minds.”

“Militarized application, weaponized application”

“Major technological paradigm shift”

“Signal processing”
“Human experimentation began before WW2..1st documented case of mind control used on individual 1959..huge increase 1973”

“Human consciousness has been deciphered for the most part”

“These weapons used to control voting, mass opinion”

“Tampering with soul, free will itself”
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Let me say after Hepz!bah Nanna spent 96hrs in my home in Sept 2018, I can honestly say it's not IF SHE Commits a VIOLENT crime, it is WHEN & against WHOM! She goes to extreme lengths to create her fantasies in disgusting graphic details; she's capable; it's just a matter of time
Sent me threatening letter after I asked her to remove defamatory, libelous posts she publicly posted about me because I began EXPOSING HER SCAM. She isn't crazy, she's well AWARE of her actions, crimes, & is a VERY DANGEROUS SOCIOPATH, REMEMBER SHE STAYED IN MY HOME 96 HRS 🙄🛑
Her parent's FULLY AWARE THEIR DAUGHTER SCAMS elderly women, disabled & home bound folks, #Veterans with #PTSD. They KNOW she asks for $$$ as they pay for her POSH hotel room @WillardHotel in DC. Many low income folks have gave her $$ believing she's a Federal witness. She's NOT
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“They’re trying to start a war, allow evil to rise on a level that hasn't been seen since WWII. An all-out war with Iran that allows them to attack any allies of US including Israel & with the weapons & technology that Obama & Brennan gave them.” @Johnheretohelp 6/21/19

“Initially they transferred enriched uranium hidden inside medical equipment to disguise it. Once they figured out how easy it was and they kept getting away with it they flat-out transferred nuclear weapons capable of launch.” 4/27/2019 #Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp
Shadow Government Still Working Overtime To Undermine Our Country & Pres. Trump▫️

“A lot going on. Dems pushing for military action against Iran so they can fulfill Brennan-Obama plan about first islamic super power.” 6/21/2019 @Johnheretohelp
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The #whistleblower said: "Over the past four months, more than half a dozen U.S. officials have informed me of various facts related to this effort."
#EugeneVindman should be subpoenaed to determine if he was among the seven or more U.S. officials, or if he just heard from them.
#Whistleblower: “I was not the only non-White House official to receive a readout of the call. Based on my understanding, multiple State Department and Intelligence Community officials were also briefed on the contents of the call as outlined above.”… #DNC
The #whistleblower states clearly in his report his conclusions were based on direct collaboration with “more than half a dozen U.S. officials” who had been feeding him the same "fact patterns" since April, 2019, three months before the July call.
It was synchronized collusion.
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The below tweet is pro-Trump political spin, but not supported by law or facts.

DOJ did not analyze 50 USC §3234, the applicable #Whistleblower protection statute for intelligence community employees, which Trump is required to enforce.

Read the law and try again.
It’s absurd for anyone to argue that a federal employee who reports wrongdoing to an Inspector General is not protected by the #Whistleblower statute. Read 50 USC §3234.
It’s equally absurd to argue that because the law says that if you request confidentiality when you submit a #Whistleblower disclosure the Inspector General will keep it confidential that it’s okay for the POTUS or anyone else to breach confidentiality.
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Update to #SethRich Original Thread dated 6/21/2019:

8/7/2019 #Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp “When “Rosie” took his wife's car & drove down there to deal with the two shooters, his wife had one of those automated toll paying transponders on her car & it registered it going...
“through there. It went through the toll going south & we have the time. If we get any Court action we can have them pull the photograph records for that time & see who was driving.” 8/7/2019 # Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp

@POTUS @GenFlynn @ArmyChiefStaff @RudyGiuliani
“Photograph record. It did not register coming back the next day so he must have come back a different direction. His wife called out of work that day as well.” 8/7/2019 #Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp
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Before Trump started his tweet storm against the #whistleblower, 3 federal appeals court judges considered the constitutionality of the obstruction of justice law designed to protect #whistleblowers & witnesses. They upheld the criminal conviction.…
Our opinion column was published on Dec. 17, but it’s even more timely now following President Trump’s recent use of twitter to retweet posts by his campaign & supporters that attempt to “out” & harass the #Whistleblower.
3 federal judges on the 6th Circuit affirmed the conviction and they agreed that the defendant’s social media postings attacking the #Whistleblower violated 18 USC §1513(g).
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1. #QAnon Our tax dollars have been funding high-end criminals (corrupt politicians).
Pearson Publishing $$$$$$$$--> [HUSSEIN]
$65 million for a book? Corruption is
Disguised under book deals.
Follow the money.
2. #QAnon Add Pearson Chief Executive John Fallon to the list of 11,046 RESIGNATIONS since President Trump was elected and issued EO allowing seizure of corrupt assets.…

Pearson Publishing $$$$$$$$--> [HUSSEIN]
3. #QAnon "Pearson PLC said Wednesday that Chief Executive John Fallon plans to retire next year, and that it has agreed to sell its remaining 25% stake in Penguin Random House to Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA for $675 million."… #Q
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Everyone, stop asking the president or anyone else,

"Who is Q?"

Ask "Q" to reveal themselves.

If you can't. Then question that.
P.S. - I support all the people of the #Qanon #famalam #truthers #whistleblower community, I just don't trust a single letter without an identity. Because I know you all know, good people can do bad things and so, bad people can do good things as well. The good HIDES the bad.
Don't block me only because I suggest #thinkforyourself, just like Q says, and actually QUESTION YOUR SOURCE. Question "Q" and question me and decide for yourself. But know, I am not here to fight Q. I am here to stop cults and "group think" that pulls people in.
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Give family & friends the gift of truth.🎄

Tell them the ONLY organization protecting 🇺🇸Americans in #Ukraine showed what the #Whistleblower was ACTUALLY doing in Ukraine.

Dems freaked-out about @POTUS investigating Biden/Ukraine. Why?

⤵️The #impeachment hoax is to hide that
@POTUS Remember when we promised to release more #Burisma / #HunterBiden material?

We obtained materials relating to lengthy meetings between the crime boss owner of Burisma and #MarieYovanovitch.

Burisma tried to destroy these materials.

Merry Christmas!🎄@POTUS & America!🇺🇸
@POTUS 3/ In case anyone is wondering if that's really #Burisma's guy with #Yovanovitch: He's the man on the bottom row.

What does that have to do with the neo Nazi stuff on the 1st post? They employ those people as enforcers; How do you run a crime syndicate without street muscle?💡
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In honor of the the D's #minibus surrender & NARA decision allowing destruction of documents about abuse in ICE detention centers, #FOIA documents we recently received for a single detention center -- currently the deadliest in America -- in Stewart County, Georgia. 1/
2/ A man calls to report suffering a neck injury at the hands of a detention officer and then not receiving proper medical care.
3/ An allegedly 2-year campaign of discrimination and harassment that includes retaliatory solitary confinement, denial of access to mail, and a failure of ICE to respond to prior complaints
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BREAKING 💥HUGE #Whistleblower

Lookie-Lookie Someone Brought us a Cookie!

#Ciaramella was on the team to bring Ukraine's neo Nazi militia leader to power. The team included: #Nuland, @USAmbPyatt, @ChrisMurphyCT, @joebiden, among many others.

Ciaramella top left.
@USAmbPyatt @ChrisMurphyCT @JoeBiden If you don't understand how the words "Nazi" and "Ukraine" and "Impeachment" relate, which admittedly sounds very weird, go to this thread.

Ukraine's police & army are controlled by Neo Nazi militias. They provide muscle to oligarchs also.

Read it now.

@USAmbPyatt @ChrisMurphyCT @JoeBiden Nuland at a mtg w/ the man that controls Ukraine's neo Nazi thugs. Remember: Street Power is everything if you want to control a gov. or protect corruption scams.

No muscle = No power.
No power = No oligarchs.
No oligarchs = No Grand Corruption.
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1/ With all this talk about #impeachment many of us are forgetting who the real #whistleblower is.
2/ You see, the real whistle blower is not someone inside Washington DC, not a Deep State bad actor, not C_A analyst working for the same cabal that put together #CrossfireHurricane, not an Obama regime holdover. The real whistle blower is an outsider, a renegade, a patriot,…
3/ …who looked on for decade after decade as his beloved country continued to be driven into chaos and lawlessness, and when he could no longer witness America being pushed ever closer towards the abyss or globalism, political correctness, corruption, human trafficking, and…
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@HouseJudiciary @JudiciaryGOP @RepJerryNadler @RepDougCollins
Would be mindful to remind all House Congressional Judiciary members, I as one American, heard what I heard w my own ears, saw what I saw w my own eyes.
As drafted, AoI are clearly succinct, exacting.
@HouseJudiciary @JudiciaryGOP @RepJerryNadler @RepDougCollins

Bottom line, dear #HouseJudiciaryCmteMembers the obfuscation, deflection, distraction, detraction is expounding RF talking points that too many @GOP [Repr/Sen] are putting into the stratosphere.
@HouseJudiciary @JudiciaryGOP @RepJerryNadler @RepDougCollins

@Jim_Jordan’s amendment is tantamount to allow an indicted #Individual1 to run for public office.
It’s personal in that #DonaldJohnTrump isn’t serving the American People well, not for the public good.
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For The Record:

Everything posted is firsthand account by #Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp June 2019

“It's complicated you can't pick Republicans and Dems anymore it's just good and evil”

“Trump is doing what he can but he is set on all sides. Their plans haven't stopped...
”they're just on hold and some are still progressing behind the scenes”

“I provided a video deposition to Devin Nunes & just after that to Joe di Genova. That was specific information about how Rod Rosenstein & what they were doing as well as some information about Seth Rich...
“& what he had gotten his hands on & what it would expose. I’m not working “with him now I wish I was. We are still supposed to be waiting for them to get back in touch with us. Nothing ever came of helping them or providing that information. I wish it had. They did use it & ...
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For The Record:

Everything posted is firsthand account by #Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp March 2019 - June 2019

“Lot of different things landing at Mena Arkansas, the Military was using that as well...”

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @ArmyChiefStaff
In 4th photo “too far and” should be “to foreign”
“That’s one reason charges were brought against Person G, to keep it under control because he seriously irritated Rod with that little trick. All of this was done online with your various people that Person G was accepting that money that they were offering...”
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1/5 Donald Trump, aka John Barron, aka David Dennison, is telling us "do not believe any article or story you read or see that uses “anonymous sources” having to do with trade or any other subject."

This is more than an attack on the #FreePress.

#GeeksResist #DemCast #OneVoice1
2/5 It is an attack on facts.

On reality.

And on the #whistleblower.

Trump famously spreads disinformation with phrases like "people are saying", invoking phantom polls and friends and "everybody knows" when he wants to lie.

So he has no problem with "anonymous sources."
3/5 His problem is when others use REAL anonymous sources, like the #FreePress, law enforcement, or Congress, for all of whom these sources are vital to preserving our Democratic liberties by obtaining information people would otherwise not share for fear of reprisal or censure.
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Ukrainian Oligarch Headed To US To Testify On Biden Corruption Arrested by Soros-Controlled NABU In Germany

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @ArmyChiefStaff
Ukraine Fires Prosecutor, Konstantin Kulik, Who Was Investigating #Burisma Case & Biden Family Criminal Activities, Transfers 99% of Corruption Cases To Soros-Controlled ‘National Anti-Corruption Bureau’ (NABU) Linked To #Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella▫️…
Former Ukrainian MP, Oleksandr Onyshchenko, Alleges Biden Family Received $12Million Kickback From Transaction With #Burisma Owner To Stop London Criminal Cases, Provides Details To @TheJusticeDept…
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Ukrainian Prosecutor Konstantin Kulik Was Fired From Investigating #Burisma Case & Biden Criminal Activities

All Corruption Cases Were Turned Over To Soros-Controlled “National Anti-Corruption Bureau” (NABU), Group That Assisted HRC 2016 Campaign

NABU officials met with alleged #Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella in the White House in 2016

Ukrainian Oligarch Headed To US To Testify On Biden Corruption Arrested by Soros-Controlled NABU In Germany…
Former Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Onyshchenko Alleges Biden Family Received $12Million Kickback From Transaction With #Burisma Owner to Kill London Criminal Cases, Provides Details to @TheJusticeDept…
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