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Let's roll the sequence of Event and Why #ShivSena was formed... Who was the brain behind foundation of #ShivSena. From a cartoonist to #HaftaKhori and #HaftaKhori to Political Blackmailing and from Political Blackmailing to Forming a Party..
On 11 Jan 1966, On unfortunate day We lost our PM Lal Bahadur Shashtri Ji in #tashkent ( still not known ). The PM who gave the slogan, "जय जवान जय किसान" and made Pakistan kneel down on Knees in 1965. Think who benefited from his demise...
After the unfortunate demise of #ShashtriJi, on 24 January 1966 #IndiraFerozKhan was sworn in as Prime Minister of India.

Now the political scenario :-

1- Congress as ruling party but popularity declining.

2- Communist as a major opposition but behind the curtain Dating Cong
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The whole documentary try to white wash #Pakistan atrocities on #Bangladesh and blamed Indira Gandhi for the war. #1971War #1971TruthIsOut

Documentary trailer👇

You can watch the documentary on - 1971UNTOLDSTORY.COM
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🔱THREAD: #TamilsPrideLTTE is trending today. There's actually a lot of similarity between the Tamil cause in Sri Lanka & the Sikh cause in India. Both were the result of minority persecution in a majoritarian regime. #NeverForget1984 #SikhGenocide1984 #Khalistan #TamilEelam 1/N
In Sri Lanka, the original inhabitants are Buddhists who speak Sinhalese language. There were some original Tamilians living there several centuries back also who migrated from Tamil Nadu, but most of the Tamils were brought to Sri Lanka in huge numbers by the Britishers... 2/N work in coffee/tea gardens in Ceylon (which become a British colony in 1796). The Tamilians settled & flourished after getting preferential treatment from British. The country remained a Dominion of British Empire until 1972. In 1972 Sri Lanka got status of a Republic. 3/N
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There were thousands of RW accounts who justifying 1984 anti-Sikh riots some even demanding another genocide and wanted govt to 'Repeat 2984'. But none of their accounts were withheld. @TwitterIndia @TwitterSafety @misskaul
A search for 'missing Indira Gandhi' led to several Twitter users using hashtag #shoot & tweeting that they are missing #IndiraGandhi & demanding 'action' against the protesters. Several Twitter users demanded another #1984SikhGenocide. #FarmersProtest
Typo... it's Repeat 1984*
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எமர்ஜென்சியை கடுமையாக எதிர்த்த முதல்வர் கலைஞர். எமர்ஜென்சியின் எந்த பிரச்சினையும் தமிழ்நாட்டில் நடக்காமல் பார்த்துக்கொண்டார். மற்ற மாநிலங்களில் இருந்து எமர்ஜென்சியால் பாதிக்கப்பட்ட தலைவர்கள் தமிழ்நாட்டில் அடைக்கலம் அடைந்தார்கள். அதே நேரம் #MGR எமர்ஜென்சியை ஆதரித்தார்.
எமர்ஜன்ஸியை கொண்டுவந்த இந்திராவையும், எமர்ஜன்ஸியையும் ஆதரித்தவர் எம்ஜிஆர். எமர்ஜன்சி காலத்தில் எம்ஜிஆர் கலைஞரை எதிர்த்து இயங்க ஆதரவு அளித்தவர் இந்திரா. இந்திரா ஆதரவுடன் எம்ஜிஆர் அளித்த புகாரில் கலைஞர் ஆட்சி கலைக்கப்பட்டது ஜனவரி 1976.

இப்படி தமிழ்நாட்டில் எமர்ஜென்சி எதிர்ப்பில் கலைஞர் உறுதியாக இருந்ததால் தமிழ்நாட்டில் அடைக்கலம் அடைந்த தலைவர்களில் சிலர் ஜார்ஜ் பெர்னாண்டஸ், சுப்பிரமணியன் சாமி.

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103 years ago this day on 19 Nov 1917 (the same year in which John F Kennedy was born), in Allahabad, India (now known as Prayagraj), a daughter was born to the most illustrious political families of the time
#IndiraGandhi became India's First woman PM
#JFK became the 35th #POTUS
The #FarRight remember Indira Gandhi for the #Emergency she declared in 1975 - the suspension of Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. But not because they are champions of citizens' rights and freedoms. On the contrary they are taking away our rights and freedoms silently
The liberal secular left remembers Indira Gandhi's Emergency because the experience taught them the value of Constitutionally-guaranteed #Rights and #Freedoms.
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Is the #MVA government in Maharashtra replaying #IndiraGandhi’s Emergency? Where are self-appointed guardians of #FoE in this #ArnabGoswami episode, which goes above & beyond ideological/political differences with a fellow journalist? No media ‘guilds’/Associations/Unions today?
The ‘LeftLib’ brotherhood, which spawns itself in media outlets abroad is quick to comment on the @BJP4India central govt + @PMOIndia. How much longer will they ignore worse attacks on #FoE by provincial governments run by @INCIndia & their allies?
@WSJ @nytimes @FinancialTimes
Despite over a decade of vile abuse, which also stooped to cheap & personal, against @narendramodi from some sections of media, has he or the @BJP4India done anything remotely comparable? Shame on @INCIndia.
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@RahulGandhi: India Needs You !

#Nehru: His great grandpa chanted #HindiChiniBhaiBhai and lost miles and miles of Indian land to China. He claimed, "Not a blade of grass grows there." He lost Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to Pakistan and turned Kashmir into hell on earth.
#IndiraGandhi: His grandmother was planted as PM of India by USSR by eliminating Lal Bahadur Shastri. It was KGB that lorded over India during all those years of the Iron Lady's rule. Emergency was clamped USSR backing and Indira did not utter one word against interference.
She kept blaming the "Foreign Hand" of America but was the de facto foreign "Hand" of USSR in India.

#RajivGandhi: Wasn't even able to stand up to the bullying of #AIMPLB. He was such a miserable failure that he sacrificed the interests of Indian Army...
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#Thread: #VeerSavarkar - From the eyes of #MahatmaGandhi, #NetajiBose #IndiraGandhi & #Communists.

#Swantantryaveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, popularly known as Veer Savarkar was an Indian patriot, independence activist, poet, writer and a social revolutionary.

(1/21) Image
Post 2014, several allegations were made to malign the image of #VeerSavarkar.

Despite the availability of several documents in the public domain, some people chose to believe the blatant lies spread about him by #Communists/#Islamists and vicious politicians.

In this thread, let us try to understand #Savarkar through the eyes of some eminent and revered personalities throughout India.

🔸#MahatmaGandhi: Contrary to popular perceptions, #Gandhi was not at loggerheads with Savarkar.

(3/21) Image
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#UmarKhalidArrested is proof that #India is now under an undeclared #Emergency. In 1975, #IndiraGandhi suspended #Constitutionally guaranteed civil and human rights by a Presidential ordnance. 45 years late #ModiSarkar's police goons are ignoring the Constitution.
"A slightly less confrontational, slightly more liberal BJP could make India much more successful on the world stage."…
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He @CitiznMukherjee definitely took the #Bose secret with him. He tried to coerce[…] #SubhasChandraBose's wife to a) accept Bose's ashes (kept in Japan's Renkoji temple that time) and b) confirm crash-theory. She declined!
I will NEVER FORGET him for that!
Despite his heroics:
a) with #IndiraGandhi #SanjayGandhi during #Emergency
b) in many scams/cover-ups during #UPA
Mr @narendramodi gave him #BharatRatna!

A chief-troubleshooter of #AntoniaMaino & Modi was his biggest fan as opposed to any @INCIndia slave!
Perhaps but PVNR (along with Chandraswami) was involved in many bribery-scandals. Bribe 4m:
a>Lakhubhai Pathak
b>Harshad Mehta (briefcase shown in PC, in which cr was carried to PMO)
Besides #JainHawala was perpetrated to defame BJP folks during his time!
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Pb CM should consider it a warning against compromising on State's principled stand on Riparian Principle regarding river waters. SYL issue stands closed forever after SAD-led govt returned acquired land to original owners. Punjabis & SAD will never allow this canal to be built. Image
.@capt_amarinder's arguments in yesterday’s meeting with Haryana CM were shocking. He must imm correct the dangerous distortion he introduced in Punjab’s strong case with the poor articulation of Yamuna water argument or he will face strong resistance from people led by the SAD.
He should have told Union Minister for Water Resources @gssjodhpur that massive injustice had been done to Punjab by successive @INCIndia govts especially by #IndiraGandhi in looting the State's waters and giving these unjustly to Rajsthan and Haryana.
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.@capt_amarinder's response to advice against abuse of #UAPA & indiscriminate repression of innocent #Sikh youth is an archival reproduction of the old #IndiraGandhi narrative, describing every innocent Sikh youth as a potential terrorist. Image
Captain is walking a dangerous path for petty political gains putting at stake communal harmony in this sensitive border state. But we won't allow anyone to disturb the sentiment of fraternity, specially among Hindus & Sikhs.
People are fed up with @capt_amarinder's mis-governance & he is distracting their attention with sensational statements. CM Sahab when was it last that you spoke about governance, development, employment or economy of the state?
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1482 #UrbanCooperativeBanks&58 multi State Co-op Banks,to come under #RBI control now💪

#PMCBank crisis was partly due to multi-tier regulation,as seen below

Direct Supervision by RBI is a bold move-@narendramodi govt buries yet another jaded,#NehruvianRelic that fed corruption
Cooperative banks came partially under RBI in 1966 but faced problem of multiple regulation

Registrar of Cooperative Societies(RCS)is in control of management elections& administrative issues

Today's #CabinetApproval to bring #CooperativeBanks under #RBI is,therefore historic💪
Despite changes in 1966,in spirit,most #CooperativeBanks, operated as per Cooperative SocietiesAct,1955

#BankNationalisation in 1969,by #IndiraGandhi,compounded the banking-bureaucracy-politico,nexus

It took a @narendramodi,to finally rid #CooperativeBanks,from greedy #Babudom
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45 years since the Emergency: How the electoral practices case against Indira Gandhi progressed in the courts - writes Namit Saxena

@namitsaxena2007 #indiragandhi…
The Allahabad High Court held then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to be guilty of corrupt electoral practices and disqualified her from contesting elections for 6 years.
By this time, overturning of executive decisions by the judiciary at various intervals had orchestrated a struggle on the issue of custodianship/guardianship of the Constitution. Indira Gandhi was trying hard to craft a ‘committed judiciary’ of judges favouring the government.
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#HistoricInformation #GoldenTemple
5 times Shri Darbar Sahib ji was attacked:
1) On 3/8/1740 by Massa Ragad and hewas killed on , 2/1/1741
2) On13/11/1746 by Jakhir Khan and he was killed on 13/4/1747.
3) On 18/1/1757 by Jahan Khan and was killed on 19/6/1757 .....
4) On 5/2/1762 by #AhmadShahAbdali and he was killed on 8/7/1762.
5) and the last attack took place on 2/6/1984 by #IndiraGandhi and she was killed on 31/10/1984........
On calculation from the date of attacks and the time when attackers were killed is exactly a gap of #153 days. Why all attackers were killed after 153 days ? #Waheguruji knows well #neverforget1984 #AttackonHolyShrine #attackonhumanity #satnamwaheguruੴ
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Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Choudhury calls #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019 regressive,anti-minority. @AmitShah hits back: says Bill not even .001%anti minority. Says will respond to every point raised by Congress but tells them not to `Walk Out' when he is responding. @IndiaToday
@AmitShah @IndiaToday TMC's Saugata Roy says #Constitution in danger. As MPs oppose, Prof Roy says: will you hit me now. Come hit me. Claims #CitizenshipAmendmentBill discriminatory. One Nation,one law BJP says but leaves Sixth schedule areas & inner line permit with citizenship Bill. TMC opposes bill
@AmitShah @IndiaToday AIMIM MP @asadowaisi comes out all guns blazing, says #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019 violates Constitution, fundamental rights & SC order. Targets home minister @AmitShah says if this Bill is not stopped then his name will be taken along with Hitler & Ben Gurion (former Israel PM)
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such accolades sicken me. flip side of the bhakts. this day only marks the endgame of the betrayal of democracy that begins with her selection, promotion & patronage of bhinderanwale. the culmination is an act of mass murder by her party, guided by her son.

'Indira’s son, Sanjay, “knowing how extra-constitutional matters worked,” suggested a “sant” be put up to challenge the Akali Dal...Kamal Nath said, “Bhindranwale, strong in tone and tenor, seemed to fit the bill. We would give him money off and on...'…
'“Lalit Suri of Lalit Hotels...dropped by. He was the errand boy for Rajiv Gandhi ... He came to me in the ministry and said, ‘Clearance has been given by Arun Nehru for the killings in Delhi and the killings have started. '…
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#IndiraGandhi Today marks #Indira35thDeathAnniversary. Like any important leader of south Asia, she was a complex person. She is still remembered in certain quarters with enormous love & affection for her support 2 Sri Lankan Tamil militants in early 1980s. @Inc @RahulGandhi 1/3 Image
In 1972, when her close friend and Sri Lankan counterpart Sirimavo Bandaranaike was busy with framing the1st republican constitution,
she should have & could have very easily persuaded Mrs B not to make life extremely difficult and painful for Tamils. But, it was not to be! 2/3
But, her son Rajiv Gandhi was genuinely interested in resolving the larger problem including clearing the mess that his mom had left behind.Those who want 2 know my position more, pl read "Ore Inapirachinayum Ore Oppandhamum" (An ethnic conflict & an accord)
@Inc @RahulGandhi 3/3 ImageImage
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The rot afflicting PSBs had started in 1976 when the #SBIAct was amended to authorise the Govt to remove the SBI Chairman w/o citing any reason.

Prior to this, chairman couldn't be removed before completion of his term, w/o giving "sufficient ground".
This amendment to SBI Act is commonly known in banking circles as #theTalwarAmendment as it's sole purpose at that time was to remove #RKTalwar, the most illustrious chairman of #SBI, who refused to bow to a diktat of #SanjayGandhi, the most powerful politician at the time.
The complete story behind this amendment is given in a booklet "R K Talwar: Values in Leadership" by #NVaghul, the illustrious chairman of #ICICIBank, who started his career in SBI and had been mentored by none other than Talwar himself. The story briefly goes as under.
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Today, 50 years ago, PM #IndiraGandhi, also India's first woman Finance Minister, nationalized 14 of the country's largest private banks.

Journalist Inder Malhotra wrote of that momentous day in 1969: "[Many] who had never seen the interior of a bank...danced in the streets."
This was K Shankar Pillai's cartoon of #IndiraGandhi the week after #BankNationalization. Indira holds in her hands the keys to the 14 nationalized banks along with the FM's briefcase.
To be sure, there was strident opposition to #BankNationalization, largely from within the PM's own party, the @INCIndia, and the liberal Swatantra Party. But as these other cartoons by Shankar reveal, #IndiraGandhi pressed on with skill and determination.
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🇮🇳 #Inde : investi aujourd'hui pour son deuxième mandat, @narendramodi souhaite mettre en place des réformes économiques et sociales qui feraient de lui le Reagan indien.…
🇮🇳 Cette focalisation sur les enjeux économiques et sociaux aux dépends des enjeux identitaires, si elle se confirme dans les mois à venir, pourrait créer des tensions au sein de la vaste famille des nationalistes hindous, le #SanghParivar. A suivre donc.
🇮🇳 Le nouveau cabinet de @narendramodi compte 58 membres. L'entrée la plus importante est celle de l'ancien dirigeant du @BJP4India @AmitShah au poste de ministre de l'Intérieur. Cet organisateur de génie a largement contribué aux victoires de #Modi.…
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९ जून १९६४, स्वतंत्र भारत को बड़े भाग्य से देश को एक लाल मिला, द्वितीय प्रधान मंत्री के रूप म, जिसका नाम था लाल बहादुर शास्त्री!
११ जनवरी १९९६, को वह प्रधान मंत्री की कुर्सी ही क्या, दुनिया छोड़ गया.. क्यूँ और कैसे??
क्षमा कीजिए, *११ जनवरी १९६६🙏🏻

Two weeks apart, 2 unnatural deaths happened outside India, #LalBahadurShastri & Dr. #HomiBhabha in January 1966??

Who was responsible, who would benifit from their death, who became 🇮🇳’s PM after Shastri ji?

#IndiraGandhi of #CongressFraudParty ?
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#Harsimrat_Jhoothi ਸਚ ਖੰਡਿ ਵਸੈ ਨਿਰੰਕਾਰੁ ॥ Bibi Badal- You have exposed yourself today by siding with Khalistani Militants. Go and ask your father-in law whom they gave safe haven inside the Golden Temple-- innocent people or deadly Khalistani Militants led by Bhindrawale..
#Harsimrat_Jhoothi Bibi Badal- let me explain you the dark history of Punjab in which your family played a role. In October 1983, a gory holocaust of Hindus by Bhindranwale’s militant brigade forced #IndiraGandhi to take immediate steps. She put the state under President’s Rule.
#Harsimrat_Jhoothi Bibi Badal, Many Hindu temples were desecrated and innocent Hindus and Sikhs were killed in cold blood by Khalistani Militants. It was obvious that the terrorists' ranks had been infiltrated by Pakistani agents, smugglers, Naxalites and dacoits.
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