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#Trump says he'll ban #TikTok as a punishment for #coronovirus. What's the link between the two? That doesn't seem to be very fair. Firstly the excuse was the national security now the excuse is #Covid19.…
China's handling of the Covid19 is literally x100 better than that of the US.
If China had botched up the Covid19 response and had done to the world what the US has done, what would the international reaction be?
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As the world focuses on combating #coronovirus, @UNODC_SEAP warns in a new report, the synthetic #drug market in #SoutheastAsia is expanding, diversifying. Another concern - methamphetamine price has dropped to lowest level in 10 years as supply surges. Image
@UNODC @yasdre says organized crime groups can then supply better quality #meth at cheaper prices. This leads to greater affordability, enabling more users to have access to meth. Purity of the drugs has also increased. #UNODC calls this a "worrisome scenario" in #SoutheastAsia ImageImageImageImage
@UNODC_SEAP @jdouglasSEA points out the "illicit drug market here is at a tipping point" as region is seeing a rise of dangerous synthetic opioids & its production is "migrating into places with deep governance problems like the Golden Triangle", making region an opioids source ImageImageImageImage
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Did Feb20 #COVID19 Scare after UK Bus Industry Conference at Westminster serve as warning to UK BusCo Executives to immediately conduct Risk Assessments & take Protective Measures like #PPENow to protect Bus Drivers? AFAIK @TfL did nothing until APRIL…
AFAIK @MayorofLondon instructed Bus Contractors to take protective action ONLY AFTER Bus Drivers started DYING and started making noise on Social Media!!!
TBH when I look at this list of #Covid19 Deaths of Bus Drivers working for @TfL ForProfit Bus Contractors, I am really shocked. Most Bus Operators part of Global Transport Giants whose owners/executives would have been well aware of what their subsidiaries were doing in Q1
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The amount of Social service works done by a particular community during the National Crisis of which there is mass propaganda and targeting harassment Is done for Political benifits.

#Covid_19 #Muslim

The Masajids are being Utilized at the time of need, during the National Crisis,


NGO in Bangalore working together preparing Food kits and distributing to the Poor and those who are in need.


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Thread/takeaways on this #coronovirus (SARS 2) memo released this week by Homeland Security. Please read it for yourself (linked below). A lot of information much of our media isn't asking about each day, and most Americans probably don't know.…
-THIS IS THE BIG ONE IMO: no evidence recovered patients can be reinfected.

-All viruses are transmitted asymptomatically to some degree, this one is somewhere between 12-23% asymptomatic transmission.
-81% of the cases presented so far are "mild."

-15% of those hospitalized are "severe."

-5% have required admission to ICU.
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1/I had flulike sx over wknd-fever, cough, body aches-& am scheduled tonight thru Thursday in hospital w/ confirmed #COVID19 cases. I’m better & well enough to work tonight. Got #coronavirus swab yesterday but turnaround is 1-3 days. Lab trying for <24 hrs so I can work tonight.
2/I anticipate that, given how common #coronovirus sx are, this scenario will play out frequently w/health workers & could make staffing difficult. Pending rapid test, we need ways to accelerate testing for HCWs @sherifink @AbraarKaran @Craig_A_Spencer @estherchoo @JeremyKonyndyk
No result yet so can’t work tonight; have to pull sick call to cover me. Even w/expediting, turnaround needs to be better. Hoping for a result tomorrow so I can jump back in.
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For those who will host workouts, remember that as soon as ONE athlete tests positive for #COVID19, everyone who trained in close proximity to that athlete may need to self-quarantine. Here are few recommendations that I've picked up through collaboration with my colleagues.
Following these recommendations will not guarantee prevention of #coronavirus transmission during workouts. These are meant to promote a productive training environment while reducing germ circulation. Please contribute by sharing your ideas as well:
- Athletes must take responsibility to stay home if they have the slightest signs of illness.
- Require and observe athletes using hand sanitizer before entering the weightroom. Require hand washing and full drying if sanitizer is unavailable.
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In 2017 I was honoured to deliver a @TEDTalks in which I spoke about how we could face the future without fear, together. Faced with the sudden challenge of #Coronovirus, this talk seems all the more pertinent. You can watch or read it in full at Image
In the @TEDTalks, I argued that the simplest way to safeguard the future 'You' was by strengthening the future 'Us' in three dimensions: the 'Us' of #relationship, the 'Us' of #identity and the 'Us' of #responsibility. Never has this seemed more true than in today's world.
I also offered a suggestion of how this could be done. Do a search and replace operation on the text of your mind and wherever you encounter the word "self," substitute the word "other."
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5. #Coronavirus wakalarynyn Hytaydan basga yurtlarda kopelisi. via @YouTube. Bu yagday in kop yagdayda Italyany, Eyrany we beyleki Yewropa yurtlaryna tasir etdi. We kopusi okuwlar isleri yapyp yokusan saherlerem karantinada goydylar.
6. Bu #coronavirus bilen sowesmegin bir nace basgancagy bar. 1) Virusdan goranmak. Muny kopcilige kan cykman, cyksanam caltyrak otaydan gacjak bolup, hic bir zady elleman (virus degen yerinde 3 gunlap yelmesip galyp bilyar!!!), we ellesenem ellemesenem eli tirsegine cenli yuwup. Image
7. Eger dasaryk gok-onum almana gidyan bolsanyz, dasy yapyk (paketli) harytlary alsanyz gowy bolar. Yone pakedigini oye baryp zynyn, oyde goyman kan ellemejek bolun. #turkmenistan #coronovirus
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Some Quilted Northern looking at me with puppy dog eyes #coronovirus Image
Plot twist! Charmin has arrived. It really IS the people’s choice Image
A nice woman I met shopping tonight waved goodbye and said have a safe quarantine! So sweet
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#EXCLUSIVE: #Thailand #DPM & #Health Minister #AnutinCharnvirakul denies any inconsistency/confusion in #COVID19 #Coronovirus policies/#quarantine measures. But adds if visitors have no critical need to come to Thailand, best they defer trip. Country has 59 confirmed cases now ImageImageImageImage
#EXCLUSIVE: #Thailand #Health Minister #AnutinCharnvirakul on criticisms that he's unqualified/incompetent to deal with #COVID19 & would he consider #coronavirus as biggest challenge since he became #DPM 1 year ago? Full interview to be aired on March 18… ImageImageImageImage
#EXCLUSIVE: #Thailand #DPM, #Health Minister #AnutinCharnvirakul under spotlight/scrutiny due to #COVID19 #coronavirus #โควิด19 #ไวรัสโคโรนาสายพันธุ์ใหม่2019. Does he take responsibility for quarantine confusion? Does he believe he has failed as minister?… ImageImageImageImage
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Can you imagine the racial, religious and political hate India would have been subject to if the #Coronovirus had come from India?

Would be blamed on Modi, there’d be calls for his ouster, Hindus would be called dirty, all manner of attack.

Because we have no narrative control.
Hindus have become political and media whipping boys in the world, with #Hinduphobia normalized. The Christian Right, the Islamic world and the Western Left are aligned in attacking Hindus assisted by an entire army of Indian sepoys.

And the BJP/Govt is clueless about narrative.
Yes it is ironic that the Christian Right in India can at present be labeled the least antagonistic while the “liberal left” is the most racist and #HinduPhobic. Off the charts in their hate.

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#BREAKING Iran reports 49 new coronavirus deaths, raising toll to 194
#BREAKING Iran Air says suspending Europe flights indefinitely
#BREAKING Pope voices support for virus victims in first livestream prayer
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I know we are all paying close attention to the health and safety of our community — and I am committed to providing you regular updates.

Read my latest update regarding #coronovirus:…
If you are in King County & believe you were exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19, or if you are a healthcare provider with questions about COVID-19, contact the King County novel coronavirus call center: 206-477-3977. The call center will be open daily from 8 AM to 7 PM PST.
If you do not live in King County or if you have general questions about COVID-19 or Washington State’s response, please call the Washington State Department of Health call center: 1-800-525-0127 and press #.
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🦠Would you pay $3,000 for a #Coronavirus test so that you could be sent to a quarantine facility run by Caliburn International, the military contractor that houses migrant children in prison like conditions⁉️John Kelly is on the board⚠️ #COVID19…
🦠 Caliburn is the parent company of Comprehensive Health Services, which was under scrutiny for its operation of medical services at a detention site for migrant children for NOT providing SOAP or toothbrushes but charged taxpayers $750 per day per child😳…
🦠The press reported on HORRID allegations of ABUSE and NEGLECT inside the migrant children shelters, that were compared to "concentration camps" or "torture facilities." Why would they be any different for #Coronovirus patients w Trump, Pence & Stephen Miller in charge⁉️
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Are you looking for a reliable & fast online bad news source? Per its profile, @livecrisisnews might be what you're after, as long as what you're after is a Twitter account that tweets about #coronavirus continually (often without linking actual news sources.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@livecrisisnews @ZellaQuixote The #coronovirus has a somewhat unique trait among the crises that @livecrisisnews reports on: it actually exists, unlike the April 2019 massive radiation cloud over Salt Lake City, UT and the February 2019 Bridgewater, NJ tornado.
@livecrisisnews @ZellaQuixote Other past emergencies @livecrisisnews tweeted about despite them not having happened: an EF5 tornado that hit New York City in April 2019 and a February 2019 eruption of Mount St. Helens. (The volcano was last active in 2008 per Wikipedia.)…
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Learning points from @ESICM webinar on #COVID19 (based on experience in China)

- 10% of all cases had GI symptoms in the first week


- 5% of all cases were 'critical' and needed ICU (respiratory failure on air, shock or other organ failure)
- In ICU patients, prolonged steroid course may lead to longer virus shedding time.

- 50% of the ICU pts had high Troponin related to myocardial virulence of #coronovirus. They saw some sudden, resistant cardiogenic collapse
- They have not seen an increased risk of illness in pregnant or lactating female. This is different from what we know about influenza

- The most associated co-morbities with ICU admission were diabetes and hypertension. (Hypertension was associated the most)
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1. Some basic thoughts on #coronovirus. It is not clear how bad #COVID19 will be globally, but in this moment of uncertainty, the most important thing is to have a government that tells the truth.
2. Economic problems are guaranteed; Apple has already revised its revenue guidance for the quarter, citing its impact on the company's supply chain and sales.
3. Eighty percent of the generic drugs that Americans use originate in China.…
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To UN, more than 2 hours before noon briefing to be run by @UN_Spokesperson Eri Kaneko, banned Inner City Press has submitted 11 Qs including #Cameroon Ngar, UN #Coronovirus preparations (or not), #SriLanka Shavendra Silva, UN rapes, NYPD, #Pakistan - thread
@UN_Spokesperson @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @Dream_LivesOn @Goddygo1 @itjpsl @CathyCathyFox @CelesDon @simonateba Banned Inner City Press has asked @UN_Spokesperson Eri Kaneko On #Cameroon, what are the belated comments and actions of SG Guterres on that on Feb 14 soldiers stormed Ngar in the Donga Mantung division, NWregion, killing dozens and burning several others alive?
@UN_Spokesperson @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @Dream_LivesOn @Goddygo1 @itjpsl @CathyCathyFox @CelesDon @simonateba @CMRNewsAgency @NeverAgainGC @starclinz @NjobehPatrick @dakarlbkk @CaspaChris @BaliNyonga Banned Inner City Press has asked @UN_Spokesperson Kaneko, on #Coronavirus, now that #MWC2020 in Barcelona has be canceled due to the virus, immediately this morning state precautions the UN is taking, including with respect to both diplomats and tourist busses
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We looked at automation in tweets linking seven news sites that get between 40K and 200K tweets per week. Sites included:

The Daily Caller
Huffington Post
The Epoch Times (English)
The Intercept
The Nation

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote Twitter traffic linking most of the news sites is roughly 3-5% automated, based on software used. Outliers are Sputnik at 13.4% and Daily Caller at 1.4%.
@ZellaQuixote Overall volume for the three right-wing sites. ZeroHedge is unique among all 7 sites in that the official account (@zerohedge) uses a custom app ("Zero Hedge Publisher II", apparently a sequel) as opposed to a service such as Buffer (used by both @DailyCaller and @EpochTimes.)
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Questions/Réponses de l'OMS sur le #Coronavirus [SubFR]

Enfin des vraies informations données par une épidémiologiste spécialisée dans les maladies respiratoires

Non à la désinformation et la peur alimentée par certains médias

"3-4% that's a very early number of percentage" of mortality

"It just means that everybody that is infected will not necessarly developped severe disease and die"

#coronavirus #coronovirus
#WHO "Transmission occurs through a respiratory route which means droplets. These are small particles.. that either transmitted through a sneez or a cough

But transmission between people occurs very close contact" (between family members or health care workers)

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#Myanmar has so far not reported any cases of #coronarvirus but it has stepped up its health screening at airports & asking arriving passengers to declare health status (Pics not mine. From FB). #SoutheastAsian nations like #Thailand #Singapore #Vietnam already reporting cases ImageImageImageImage
So far, #Thailand has reported 8 known #coronarvirus cases. 5 have already been treated & discharged. #Thai #health ministry has put out educational materials to inform/warn people. But some citizens feel government not doing enough/slow to respond to this fast-moving situation ImageImageImageImage
#Malaysia has temporarily suspended issuing visas to some #China visitors due to #coronarvirus. Will #Thailand consider the same move? #ไวรัสโคโรน่า #ไวรัสอู่ฮั่น It's believed #Bangkok doesn't see the need at this stage. Nation saw almost 11 million #Chinese visitors last year. ImageImageImageImage
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عالمی وبائی مرض

موجودہ چینی وبائی مرض کا حالیہ وبائی امراض سے کوئی تعلق نہیں ہے جیسے #سارس #ایبولا #اینتھریکس حیرت انگیز طور پر اسکا تعلق انیسویں صدی کے شروع کی مشہور بیماری (Spanish flu) سے گہرا محسوس ہوتا ہے یہ بیماری سن (1917/1920) تک 50 ملین لوگوں کی موت کا سبب بن گئ تھی.. +
جنگ عظیم اول کی وجہ سے Spanish flu کی اموات اور اسکے عالمی پھیلاؤ کے حوالے سے عالمی سطح کے پرنٹ میڈیا میں کافی حد تک سینسر شپ قائم رہی جسکی وجہ سے یہ وبائی مرض انتہائی خاموشی سے دنیا کی ایک فیصد آبادی کو موت کے گھاٹ اتار گیا جو جنگ اعظم اول میں ہونے والی اموات کے مقابلے دگنی تھی
اسپن کا نام اس بیماری میں کیوں اور کیسے استعمال ہوا..؟ وجہ یہ تھی کہ تمام یورپی ممالک جنگ اعظم اول میں مصروف تھے اس وقت ایک تنہا اسپین ہی تھا جس نے اس بیماری کے حوالے سے عالمی سطح پر شعور اجاگر کیا بلکہ اس ہونے والی اموات کو دنیا بھر میں رپورٹ کیا. جبھی اسکو Spanish flu کہا گیا.
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🚨BREAKING: @CDCgov confirms that a 2nd US patient has #coronavirus: the 1st is in #Seattle, the 2nd is a woman in #Chicago who had traveled to #Wuhan.

#China quarantined 14 cities, affecting 48 million people.

This is just the beginning...

@CDCgov @thespybrief I spent years developing an #Ebola treatment. Experts are concerned about this #coronovirus, because it's VERY contagious and appears to cause severe disease. Reports from #China a lagging indicators: the virus is spreading quickly, and people are still hospitalized/critical.
@CDCgov @thespybrief Expect this "Novel #coronavirus" to be named soon (perhaps #Wuhan-Cov?). Other recent #coronavirus outbreaks were caused by SARS, MERS-CoV.

Excellent resources to monitor the #CoronavirusOutbreak:

@WHO👉🏼 (all outbreaks)
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