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Mauvais départ pour #Trump à peine lancé dans la présidentielle 2024
#McConnell, son ennemi juré, dont il voulait la tête, est réélu haut la main- 37 à 10- chef de la minorité républicaine au Sénat contre le sénateur conservateur radical de Floride, Scott…
2. Ce "putsch" raté contre #McConnell fut incité par #Trump depuis plus d'un an mais lancé à la hâte après les #midterms et alors que les quelques trumpiens "entrants" au Sénat (Schmitt, Budd, Vance) ne sont pas encore investis, il échoue piteusement.👇🧵
3. Cela signifie de fait que #Trump, candidat à la présidentielle, devra composer avec #McConnell toujours en place, comme patron de la minorité républicaine, et farouche opposant interne voué à sa perte, prêt à passer des (petits) compromis avec #Biden. La reconquête débute mal.
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[A LA UNE A 18H]
Ethiopie: les rebelles tigréens ont salué un "nouveau départ", après l'annonce d'une cessation des hostilités au Tigré, région du nord de l'Ethiopie en conflit depuis deux ans, lors de pourparlers à Pretoria sous l'égide de l'Union africaine #AFP 1/5
[A LA UNE A 18H]
Les députés LFI ont annoncé le dépôt d'une nouvelle motion de censure contre le gouvernement, après le déclenchement d'un quatrième 49.3 par Elisabeth Borne pour faire adopter sans vote l'ensemble du projet de budget 2023 de l'Etat en première lecture #AFP 2/5
[A LA UNE A 18H]
Le continent européen est celui qui se réchauffe le plus rapidement, enregistrant une hausse des températures plus de deux fois supérieure à la moyenne planétaire au cours des trente dernières années, selon l'ONU #AFP 3/5
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Early morning thunderstorms forced a 30-minute delay to Thursday's start of the opening round of the 86th #Masters, pushing back the return of Tiger Woods to major golf #AFPSports #TheMasters
#UPDATE Honorary starters Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and newcomer Tom Watson struck ceremonial tee shots on Thursday to signal the start of the 86th #Masters golf tournament at Augusta National #AFPSports #TheMasters
#UPDATE Tiger Woods, 14 months on from a car crash that left him with injuries so severe he feared he might lose his lower right leg, was set to launch his boldest #Masters bid yet Thursday as play began at Augusta National #AFPSports #TheMasters
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4641: Tiger Woods re: "Do you think you can win the Masters this week?"
#BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #Tiger #TigerWoods #Masters
2/ Does Tiger Woods *really* think he can win this years Masters? His Body Language tells the truth.
3/ A split-second after the reporter says, "You've said countless times throughout your career that you don't enter a golf tournament unless you think that you can win," several nonverbal displays occur rapidly.
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Tiger Woods says he plans to tee it up at the #Masters on Thursday, gunning for a record-equalling sixth green jacket in what would be the most miraculous resurgence of a career studded with epic comebacks #AFPSports
Tiger Woods is on course to make a major comeback at #TheMasters -- here's a look at a few other amazing sports comebacks #AFPSports
Augusta National's iconic "Amen Corner" trio of holes promises to pose even more of a challenge to Tiger Woods and the rest of the field at #TheMasters after changes to the par-four 11th by @rebeccabryan #AFPSports
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Title: Aerostructural Wing and Fuselage Optimization for Hydrogen-based Aircraft

Background: Currently, aviation is undergoing a large shift towards more sustainable, eco-friendly, and efficient aviation to meet the International Air Transport Association (IATA) ambitious Image
targets to mitigate CO2 emissions by 50% from air transport until 2050. Hydrogen technologies have emerged as a potential energy source represent a long-term option as a fuel for aviation. Beyond the purely technological issues, a holistic assessment requires looking at the
integration of hydrogen into the aircraft design towards hydrogen-powered aircraft. The development of the necessary systems to store and distribute hydrogen fuel on the aircraft for flight is a mandatory step toward such a system. Since liquid hydrogen cannot be reasonably
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Today’s #Masters final between John Higgins & Yan Bingtao could be a cracker - & also a seminal moment in #Snooker history. Higgins is 45, he turned pro in ’92, & he’s won 4 world championships & 30 ranking titles. He was born in Wishaw, Scotland, then a coal & steel town. (1/3)
Yan, 20, was born 8 years after Higgins turned pro, & has already won a ranking title (2019 #RigaMasters). He’s from Zibo, a city of 4.5 million inhabitants & the birthplace of ancient Chinese Qi culture. Today, China is where #Snooker is growing fastest, & by some margin. (2/3)
Who’ll win? My money is on Higgins, whose long experience of big tournament finals will be hard to beat, but let me put it this way: I wouldn’t be too surprised if, by the time Yan is Higgins’ age, he’ll have won more than 30 ranking titles. He’s that good. Attaboy! (3/3)
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Someone I know will soon become a F1 parent! (F1=student visa in the US).

So I offered to share a few pointers I had put together year ago for students moving to the US for higher studies.

Figured why not share it here.

#F1visa #America #Masters #students #India #Pune
Before you leave:
1.Scan every single certificate (mark sheet degree cert, birth, aadhar, Pan etc) and save in a secure place. Easiest is to open an email address only for documents. Make 4 sets of copies, 2 with your parents 2 with you.
2.Spend AS MUCH time with your parents as possible. It still will feel inadequate once you are there.
3.Buy multiple sweaters, jackets, scarves, wollen caps, gloves, wollen socks etc.
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This is my first time teaching our new #online topics in #biology course for #masters students. Our focal theme this semester: #UrbanEcology & #urban #evolution.

We are on our 4th seminar & paper discussion (fascilitated by @perusall !) and some of the side-convos coming up are excellent! Like...

🏙️#CitizenScience: how to standardize, do it ethically, and communicate with the public?
(Prompted by…)

🏙️#Sex biases in the individuals studied in the lab & field. Why is it more often males of a species? What data are we missing because of that bias? 🤔
(Prompted by:…)

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OK. It's happening, and I can finally talk openly about it (a thread).

I have decided to transfer from my #PhD into a #Masters degree. I'm currently writing my thesis - I'm due to submit in October.

And I want to talk about it, because we don't talk about this enough.
This isn't a decision I've made lightly, or impulsively. It's due to a plethora of factors, including personal, project and professional reasons. It's something I've been thinking about for a long time, and something I should have thought more about before I even started my PhD.
I like studying. I like learning. I loved university, honours was challenging, but a PhD was the next logical step. I took a little time off (not enough)-but getting a scholarship early pretty much confirmed I'm be moving on to the next part of my academic life.
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25 Full scholarships available for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Please check our list and apply. Kindly retweet for others who are looking to study abroad. #scholarships #masters #PhD #studyabroad #freetuition #WednesdayMotivation #WednesdayWisdom
1. Western Sydney University
Range of scholarships available for international students seeking admission to postgraduate programs. Scholarships valued at $7,500 or $5,000 and 50% of tuition fees are awarded on academic merit.…
2. NYU school of law
All students admitted to the JSD program receive a scholarship equal to the amount of tuition & fees in addition to a stipend of $25,000.00 USD per year for 3 years.…
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1/ Earlier today, Tiger Woods won fifth Masters - his first since 2005. Woods has not been victorious in a Major since the 2008 US Open.
2/ Tiger, has who has fifteen Majors wins to his credit - is second only to Jack Nicklaus' eighteen. Some are already calling Tiger's comeback the greatest in sports history.
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And Tiger Woods, whose career seemed to be over, earns the green blazer in his first-ever come-from-behind Major win.
They're interviewing other golfers who were in the chase -- guys who just LOST the Masters -- and every one of them seems sincerely happy for Tiger. That's class. #Masters
Career Masters wins:
Nicklaus 6
Woods 5
Palmer 4.
Arnie's still my all-time fave, though. Unlike Tiger, he was down-to-earth, signed autographs, never played it safe, was at his best coming from behind. I would have loved to see him and Tiger in their prime playing a skins game.
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Roundup, Monsanto, cancer, golf courses, hidden secrets...…
Ground War: just how safe are your athletic children on the green playing fields?

A must watch documentary.

Follow @GroundWarDoc and @AndrewNisker to learn more. #GroundWarDoc #Monsanto #Roundup #Glyphosate

#Masters ⛳️ hidden secrets...
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I was born and raised in the beautiful city of #Curitiba, southern #Brazil!
This region is famous for being cold and cloudy (yes it can be cold in Brazil!).
It is also famous for its very endemic and beautiful #Araucaria pine trees. #voicesIWS @IWS_Network @500womensci /1
#Actions speak louder than words! I am thankful for my parents for being who they are. Both always showed love for Nature, different interests and #curiosity! So no wonder by observing them I grew up to be a very curious girl who really loved Nature. #voicesIWS @IWS_Network /2
During High School I became fascinated by the #mendelian #genetics classes and the work of #gregormendel! I also loved studying animals, ecosystems and climate so the obvious choice for me in University (@PUCPR_oficial ) was BIOLOGY!! @IWS_Network #womeninscience #voicesIWS /3
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A Thread for Men: When your #woman is #emotional, #crying or #stressed out, do not hold it against her. One of the lies of #feminism is that men and women are the same, including that we should process #emotions the same way. Reject the lie. Listen and learn in the posts below.
#Women have much greater #hormonal fluctuations each month than #men do. Simply put, a woman's thought life and #emotions are more prone to high highs, and low lows. This isn't a "design flaw" but rather how #God made a #woman to be in touch with the needs of small #children.
Nothing is more short-sighted as a #man than viewing a #woman as an "overly emotional" or "flawed" version of a man's thought process or #emotions. A woman that does not let her emotions out will become very #passiveaggressive, #depressed or #angry. Your job is to be an #outlet.
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En "La sexualidad humana" ed. De 1982, Masters y Johnson se aventuran a prever cambios en la sexualidad a 25 años vista.
Sobre la homosexualidad: una tolerancia progresiva. #Masters&Johnson Image
Un contexto (futuro?) sin discriminación sexual y donde los hombres no deban demostrar su masculinad #Masters&Johnson Image
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