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How did we speculate on the market based on information appearing on the anonymous #web3 platform?

We check if the information in #bigshortbets is reliable!


It was a very high-profile case, for several months we were talking about the potential demise of LUNA in many media, even @dokwon engaged in insulting @rafal_zaorski.
We started in January, there are some baits about.…
[2/x] During the #depeg at the beginning of the year, we warned the community about #Terra problems and the high yields needed to capsize the project. They called us FUDsters then.

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1. Another defense against a clawback attempt: #Voyager may not have been insolvent until June 27, the day when 3ac defaulted on its loan.

Disclaimer: I am not a bankruptcy lawyer!

#VoyagerDigital #VoyagerBankruptcy
2. Everyone talks about the 90-day preference period, but the trustee can’t always void payments made during that full period.
3. Under Section 547(b) of the Bankruptcy Code the payment must be made while the bankrupt entity was insolvent.
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#USDC thread!

I felt left out with all the unsubstantiated rumors flying around; considering i'm known for using other people's data against them, and crypto's... Opaque.

Buuuut, i'm stubborn. And i remembered i hadn't heard anything about the Circle SPAC for a while.
That's the cleanest dirty shirt when it comes to Circle's inner workings, considering they legally have to disclose everything some way or another, even if it's buried.

So i went looking for the SEC filings on the SPAC. Found em here:

There are updates!
It's the last few updates that are of interest to me. Most recently in June, Circle filed to extend their deal date to December, so it's highly likely we won't see the SPAC this year (they can extend until January), if ever.

Below that, is an amended S-4 filing, from May 6th.
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🚨🚨🚨@investvoyager joins @Hoo_exchange, @Aexglobal, @CoinSwitchKuber, and others in #TheClosening,

there is officially no more money (or $BTC) left to give back to unsecured creditors (they call themselves "depositors")

1st major exchange in North American market to do so.
@investvoyager has fallen.
#TheClosening claims another victim.
Apparently the intervention of God Emperor #SBF was only able to keep @investvoyager out of the jaws of #TheClosening for 9 days. May the #Voyager monster at last find peace in the void, inshallah.

historical 🧵 from last week's events:
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#ThreeArrowsCapital Has Defaulted On a $670 Million Loan

#3AC Is One Of Crypto's Most Prominent Hedge Funds & This Has a MAJOR Knock-On Effect 👇🧵
1/ #VoyagerDigital announced on Monday:

#3AC Failed to pay back 👇

- $350 million in $USDC
- 15,250 #BTC

The total amount stands at more than $670 million…
2/ Weeks of turmoil & negative price action have increased pressure tremendously & a number of reputable leading blockchain groups have started to buckle under the pressure..

The media narrative makes it seem like insolvency is on the horizon for #3AC

Other signs include..👇
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@investvoyager looks like its headed for #deathspiral because of its exposure to #3AC.

tweets about locked funds coming fast and furious right now.…
@investvoyager Looks like @investvoyager, another #DeFi (#CeFi?) "bank" like #BlockFi, has halted customer withdrawals and Twitter is freaking out. $VGX token has crashed.
more details w/r/t Voyager (@investvoyager) loan book, another crypto "bank" circling the drain because of the #3AC situation.
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Seguimos con las aplicaciones de la #tecnología #nuclear más allá de las centrales. ¿Sabías que en la actualidad hay hasta 5 vehículos espaciales que funcionan gracias a baterías nucleares? Te contamos qué son y cómo han ayudado a la exploración espacial 🚀
¡Dentro hilo!
Estas baterías se llaman generadores termoeléctricos de radioisótopos (en inglés, Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator o RTG) y desde los años 60 se usan para suministrar electricidad a las sondas y vehículos que exploran los confines del sistema solar 🪐 Fuente: Robert D. Abelson. Thermoelectrics Handbook: Macro t
¿Y cómo funcionan? 🤔 Un RTG se basa en el fenómeno físico de la desintegración radiactiva, por el cual un núcleo atómico inestable libera parte de su energía mediante la emisión de partículas (electrones, fotones, neutrones, etc.) a las que llamamos #radiación
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Voyager livestream starting now! Will live tweet highlights...

5 Year Partnership!!!

Mavs fans get 48 hours to deposit & trade to get $100 in crypto. Voyager's largest offering to date! $BTC
Also includes naming rights to the arena that they are sitting in
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Ancient temples have always been one of the most amazing threads in the tapestry of Indian culture, and Gujarat surely has an spectacular array of temples to consider when charting out your next trip to the state.

The Modhera Sun Temple was made by King Bhima I of the Chalukya
dynasty in the early 11th century.
It is a temple made to honour the Sun God in Modhera village of Mehsana district on the bank of River Pushpavati. The temple complex is divided into three parts – Gudha Mandapa (the shrine hall), Sabha Mandapa (the assembly hall) and
Kunda (the reservoir).

The temple is designed in such a way that during every equinox, the first ray of the rising sun would fall on a diamond placed on the head of the Sun God. This would also light up the shrine with a golden glow.

The Sabha Mandap stands on 52 pillars,
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Now that I introduced you to how science communication can go wrong, let's see why it goes off course sometimes. There are multiple factors, but I think the greatest pitfall in the translation from scientists to journalists and then the public is: The Habitable Zone. A thread:
Because the Habitable Zone is, in fact, NOT what is shown in the GIF before. It doesn't encompass ALL the things that make a planet "liveable" for humans. What it means is that the planet is situated "right" in relation to its host star to have liquid water, in a crude sense.
As you can see by the quotation marks, it's more complicated than that. @ravi_kopparapu published a paper in 2014, taking into account many more factors, like CO2 and H2O dominated atmospheres, planetary mass, stellar type, etc.
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In 1977 two gold-plated copper records designed to teach aliens about Earth were launched on the #Voyager space probes. Thanks to indestructible #gold, the records are expected to last forever, making them the longest-lasting objects ever crafted by human hands.
#nspoli #cbpoli ImageImage
Last-minute concerns about Jupiter's radiation potentially frying the #Voyager spacecraft led to #NASA solving the problem the way any of us would - buying lots of #aluminum foil from the grocery store! They wrapped all exterior cabling in foil to protect it.
#nspoli #cbpoli Image
The #Voyager spacecraft have flown beyond all the planets in our solar system. Voyager 1 is now the most distant human-made object in space. It's 14 billion miles from Earth and moving at 38,000 miles per hour.
You can track it at
#nspoli #cbpoli Image
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The original matte painting of the First City of the Klingon Empire, painted by artist Syd Dutton for "Sins of the Father" in 1990.

Measures 96" X 48".

#StarTrek #Qapla #Klingon
The original matte painting of the Tower of Commerce and surrounding swamps on Ferenginar, the homeworld of the Ferengi.

Painted by artist Syd Dutton for "Family Business" in 1995. Measures 96" X 48".

#StarTrek #Ferengi
The original matte painting of the underground home city of the Ocampa, deep in the Delta Quadrant.

Painted by artist Syd Dutton for "Caretaker" in 1995.

#StarTrek #Voyager
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