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I don't know if people realize this, but this country wouldn't be here if it weren't for nationalists.


a person who advocates political independence for a country.

#JFK #Nationalist #IndependenceDay #DeclarationOfIndependence
Yes that's right our country was founded by Nationalists and Patriots.


A person who vigorously supports their country and defends it against enemies or detractors.
#JFK reading the #DeclarationofIndepence in above tweet found at
Most people Don't know that another mysterious organization was founded just 2 months before the #DeclationOfIndependence was signed. That organization was the #Illuminati. This occulted organization persisted in one form or another til #JFK and up to now.…
Yes that's right folks. It's a "conspiracy theory" but this term should not be used as a pejorative. The facts are true just not well-known. Their goals are stated, but ignored.

A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.…
Let's go back further than 1776. The "Illuminated Ones" seek to absolve all religions, all borders, and all nations to create one world government that worships god, but it is not the God that created the cosmos, it is the god that rules this cursed Earth.
The Spirit of the NWO, did not start with the Illuminati. No, the goal of creating a One World Government was attempted a few times in history. The first time was under the rule of Nimrod in the empire of Babylon. The spirit of Babylon is still here today.…
Our nation was settled by Christian pilgrims and puritans seeking to escape a previous iteration of world government, the remnants of the Holy Roman Empire, the Catholic church. Many people in America say they are Christian, but are they aware of prophecy?…
The Bible is ~25% prophecy. Many churches do not teach #Eschatology for fear it will turn people away with a #DoomAndGloom message as opposed to a message of hope. Evangelism means sharing the #GoodNews and teaching the Bible. #TheEnd is only #TheBeginning…
No one should deny Jesus lived. Our history is separated by his birth. Tacitus, the 'most accurate' Roman historian, confirmed his existence. Josephus, a Hebrew historian recorded Jesus life also. There are more manuscripts of the Bible than the Illiad.…
Christianity has the most evidence to support it. The Bible is the inerrant word of God, Jesus was God and a man. Books written hundred of years before Jesus birth predicted his coming and his life. I recommend looking into the prophecy about his return.…
Back to American history. Those that worship Satan and crave what Satan offers have a stranglehold on this country and the entire Earth. Almost every country is owned by a Central banking cartel that gained a foothold in America early in the 20th century.…
You might be skeptical or dismiss this 'conspiracy theory' like so many have. But ask yourself, why the hell is there a pyramid with an eye on your dollar bill. Why does the Federal reserve print money backed by nothing, but interest must be paid back for that fiat money?
You might never think about this, because your perception is controlled by #TheCabal. It wishes to remain in the dark. The Illuminated ones still keep their meetings secret, but their organizations are known. Bilderburg Group, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission.
Step back and think. How does it make you feel that 6 unelected CEOs control 90% of the information that passes your eyeballs. How does it make you feel that those people meet in secret and map out their agenda. You might think it's for good, but those who worship Satan conspire.
Television programming does just that. It programs you to think a certain way, not how to think. There's no time for critical thinking on television. It's fast and flashy. There's only a few minutes in between commercials. Only certain subjects dicussed.…
The internet is a wonderful place, but again we must consider who controls the flow of information. Are Google, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and other tech giants part of these secret societies? Is the abundance of infotainment we have now a good thing?
Today we are opposed by this conspiracy everyday, all day. I am not paranoid, it is right in our face. What are we to do? Criminals have gained so much power over the little people of the world. Satan's minions have enslaved the Earth and times are dark.
If you know the Biblical prophecy, you know the story has a happy ending for the righteous. God is moving today. The Cabal that has wreaked havoc and misery on Earth for millennia is facing imminent divine retribution. God chose Trump to lead the charge.
@realDonaldTrump has stated his goals out loud and directly to the enemy. The #EnemyOfThePeople is the #FakeNews. The #EnemyOfThePeople is #TheSwamp. The #EnemyOfThePeople is #TheCabal. Our president stands bravely is defiance of their destructive agenda.
I feel so much better since I stopped watching Television news(<1hr/day). I just you want to try it. Its not good for you. Donald Trump is not lying. #FakeNewsMedia Is the #EnemyOfThePeople. It is mass mind control and is no where near the whole #Truth.
If you are a #Patriot and you love @realDonaldTrump and know the #EnemyOfThePeople, will you fight them? #FakeNews uses information as a weapon to control your thoughts. Fight them. Stop watching, Start reading. Start here: or here
If you don't understand what you are reading at, skip what you don't understand, come back later. It's not for everyone. I have some more options for you. Here is a list of books I have been reading that will help you fight the MSM.…
If you are a #Patriot you should be a #Nationalist, not a #Globalist. A Nationalist puts #AmericaFirst. If you really want to #MAGA, #FixYourself. We can help the world if we fix America. You can help others if you fix yourself. #NowWatching #PatriotsFight
#TheGreatAwakening is #HappeningNow. I see it all around. I am praying for more people to #WakeUp #WorldWide. We need each other. We need to stop fighting. Stop lying. Start thinking. Educate yourself more than you entertain yourself.… @jordanbpeterson
#America is the greatest country on earth. Be proud. Be a #Patriot. #PatriotsFight. Fight evil with love. Fight darkness with light. Fight lies with truth. Kill enemies with kindness. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. #MAGA TheEnd......
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