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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019
By @spike_marie
#Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective in DC Makes Statement After Power Cut: sputniknews.com/us/20190509107…
🗣️‼️It is very sad to see the collapse of the so-called US democracy and freedom. Finally the US is showing the true side of their democracy and freedom and ... it's really ugly, it's horrendous‼️

By @bodhibrian
By @RaniaKhalek
A first hand account of a visit to the Venezuelan embassy in DC, where right wing opposition activists aligned with US coup plotters are trying to take over m.fightbacknews.org/2019/5/6/defen…
By @LatuffCartoons
#Venezuela embassy in Washington DC is under siege by truculent, troglodite-like, pro-🇺🇸coup🇻🇪opposition thugs, with the benevolence of Secret Service agents. These bullies try to prevent food to reach the activists inside the embassy.
Cartoon @MintPressNews
by @telesurenglish
#BREAKING | The Vice President of Venezuela's National Assembly, Edgar Zambrano, has been arrested for his participation in the recent failed coup attempt.
By @telesurenglish
On April 30, the group of opposition lawmakers joined the attempted coup enacted by Juan Guaido and now fugitive from justice Leopoldo Lopez. bit.ly/2Vqr01i
By @telesurenglish
#BREAKING | US police have cut power off from Venezuela's embassy in Washington. Concerns that a raid is imminent.

Activists inside have been defending the building from representatives of Juan Guaido.
credit: Brian Becker
By @telesurenglish
President of @VFPNational has been injured by police, he was trying to deliver food to the activists defending Venezuela's embassy from representatives of Juan Guaido.
via @RealAlexRubi
By @jaarreaza
We recognize the dignity and firmness of the Protection Collective of our former Embassy in the US. They are under siege, attacked, blocked and even had the power cut off. Sound familiar? It's imperialism's same illegal strategy against the Venezuelan people.
By telesurenglish
The Vice President of Venezuela's National Assembly was part of the recent coup attempt.

He will now face justice.
By @telesurenglish
"This unlawful, despicable and intolerable action violates the norms and principles of international law that govern the relations between civilized nations. bit.ly/2HeH1gG
"The Real News Network interviewed Anya Parampil, a journalist w The Grayzone, live from the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C. where activists w the Embassy Protection Collective are preventing the Venezuelan opposition from taking over the embassy."
By @telesurenglish
"Once again,we demand that the @StateDept to comply w the ViennaConvention on DiplomaticRelations & ProtectTheBuilding of our FormerEmbassy in Washington,avoiding AggressionAgainstGuests who are avoiding an IllegalOccupation." @jaarreaza
By @Ruptly
#Venezuela's Supreme Court rebuffs #US sanctions threat
By @aaronjmate
This report that Trump is frustrated w/ Bolton on🇻🇪will likely be spun by hawkish liberals in the most noxious way:

- Trump must've been swayed by his handler, Putin
- Trump is admiring yet one more strongman, Maduro -- "a tough cookie"

This did not happen in Russia, Iran, Turkey or Syria. This happened in the Country that spreads "Democracy & Freedom for the World" In the heart of Washington, D.C.
See thread😠👇🏼
By @kim9973
She sounds like Guaido
@MaxBlumenthal should investigate which CIA School she went to-because it is clear she is another🇺🇸trained puppet
The EmbassyOccupiers have the permission of the Legitimate MaduroGovt.(supported by 100+countries in the🌍)
Certainly, she is another 🇺🇸 trained puppet = @jguaido
By @telesurenglish
#Spain 's Foreign Minister Josep Borrell accused the #US of behaving like a "cowboy" in #Venezuela
By @PressTV
Maduro lashes out at US’s Pence for encouraging defections ptv.io/2jOg

By @RussiaConnects
Trump's lowlife neocons may well have inadvertently managed to totally rejuvenate the SpiritOfSolidarity within the majority of Venezuelans
This would be a suitable result for all their perversely evil actions

By @MarkWeisbrot
The world needs more journalists willing to report on how US economic sanctions are killing people in #Venezuela . Here are 2 minutes of truth on BNN Canada:
By @DrMarcusP
But it’s okay for🇺🇸to militarily interfere in countries which border🇷🇺& thereby threaten🇷🇺national security. What to do w Trump & Bolton? Send them both on a one-way ticket to the moon? No. Because I wouldn’t want to pollute the moon. #Russia
By @jmcevoy2
If John Prescott joined Jeremy Corbyn in an armed coup against the British state and was later arrested, do you think the Guardian would describe it as a 'kidnapping' or justified imposition of the law?

By @kim9973
1. Here the Official Gazette where it is expelled and degraded from the #FANB a 55 military personnel who participated in the attempted coup d'etat #30A
The US has imposed harsh #sanctions on #Venezuela and is threatening violent regime change. We know what that feels like in #Gaza. Here, @AnsaAlnaouq delivers a message: Sanctions Kill.
By @GrinchyPJ
Pence lifts US sanctions from Venezuela's defector general, hopes to inspire more turncoats — RT USA News rt.com/usa/458686-ven…
By @codepink
Looks like @AmbJohnBolton, one of the primary architects of the criminal US invasion of Iraq, is here to show his support for another US invasion—this time of #Venezuela. #HandsOffVenezuela
By @zasaria
Shame the way protesters are treated carrying out humanitarian acts. USA has become a banana Republic
By @codepink
What is a protecting power agreement?

-an arrangement between 3 countries to protect diplomatic property
-29 agreements exist today (including in *Caracas*)
-*ONLY* way to open consular services

DIPLOMACY NOW! #HandsOffVenezuela
@marcorubio is subverting the constitution of🇺🇸& taking the🇺🇸w its mafia friends into a global economic & political crisis, but because of the🇺🇸 & the 🌍being tired of a war criminal it will run out time to enjoy the millions of dollars he huddled & hid.
By @bodhibrian
This is what America style democracy looks like on display to whole world ir only msm would bother reporting it
By @LeeCamp
No Coup for the rich, no war on the poor.

End US sanctions on Venezuela. Let the Venezuelan people elect their own government.

#HandsOffVenezuela #NoBloodForOil
By @OdiseiaFerina
Primera embajada 100% carbon neutral en el mundo... Desgraciadamente no voluntariamente 😈
#VenezuelanEmbassy #VenezuelaEmbassy #Venezuela
By @codepink
The Embassy Protection Collective says: #HandsOffVenezuela!
By @codepink
BREAKING: @SecretService and DC authorities have turned off water and electricity to activists--DC residents--besieged inside the Venezuelan embassy in the Georgetown neighborhood. This is a dangerous situation and totally illegal

SHAMEFUL and unacceptable
MintPress, Grayzone Journalists Endure US Govt Blackout and Siege at Venezuelan Embassy in DC mintpressnews.com/mintpress-graz…
by @telesurenglish
🇺🇸|Clashes ensued at the🇻🇪's Embassy in #WashingtonDC between representatives of the international NGO Code Pink who have barricaded themselves in the embassy & supporters of the right-wing 🇻🇪opposition outside. #HandsOffVenezuela
By @telesurenglish
"It is a contradiction that the UN High CommissionerOffice for HumanRights has NotCondemned the AttemptedMilitaryCoup of 30A & defend the CoupLeaders who must RespondToJustice. Are MilitaryCoup d'état's set up in defense of HumanRights?"
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | President @NicolasMaduro:
"Imperialism wants to accuse me of betraying Chavez's legacy. It's because I follow Chávez's legacy that they try a coup d'etat against me"
By @telesurenglish
#LIVE | President @NicolasMaduro:
"I will never betray our commander Hugo Chávez."
By @telesurenglish
We took an in-depth look at the cost of U.S. economic sanctions imposed on Venezuela, which have left the Bolivarian government without access to billions of dollars it needs to provide food and medicine to citizens. bit.ly/2Jc6JpO
By @telesurenglish
The #US government has shut down electricity in the #Venezuelan embassy in Washington #DC
By @FortRussNews
#Maduro: U.S Accelerationism is Helping #Venezuela become free of the U.S Dollar and Hegemony is.gd/5cefBN #USD
By @FortRussNews
MAJOR: #Venezuela Begins Arrests of #Coup Leaders - MP #Zambrano first to face justice is.gd/5HxRXg #AN #ANC #Guaido #Maduro #NationalAssembly #SEBIN
By @FortRussNews
ENOUGH TO DISCOURAGE WASHINGTON: #Russia does not need to increase #Military in #Venezuela is.gd/wWCr90
By @LaFleurDelSur
Things are now totally insane in Washington DC "law enforcement":

By @LandoFree
Since🇺🇸negates all international laws #humanright laws,diplomatic treaties,our constitution & every empathy,moral or decency nothing can hold us back.
When will people learn to stand up & fight4 a🌍w ethics & w/o domination of global elites?
By @southfronteng
The Saker: "A week in the life of the Empire" southfront.org/the-saker-a-we…
By @southfronteng
Vienna Convention? US-Backed Opposition Lays Siege on Venezuelan Embassy in Washington For 8th Day southfront.org/vienna-convent…
By @MaxBlumenthal
Juan Guaido controls no institutions of government and his DC coup lobbyist, @carlosvecchio, has no power to issue a passport.

Yet @Google has decided that Vecchio is Venezuela’s ambassador even though he can’t even get into the embassy he wants to invade.
By @MaxBlumenthal
Meanwhile, @Wikipedia ignores international law as well as the facts on the ground in Caracas in referring to the ambassadorship of Venezuela as “contested.”
🇻🇪Cx simply doesn’t permit what🇺🇸Pres.Trump is demanding,which is overthrowing & replacing the elected🇻🇪Pres. by the second-in-line-of succession. It's comparable in🇻🇪to,in🇺🇸removing Trump & SkippingOver the VicePres. & appointing Nancy Pelosi as🇺🇸’s Pres.
"There is a lot of negative press lately in the🇺🇸concerning🇻🇪& the country’s current financial crisis.This article is intended to clear up some of the common lies spread in the🇺🇸media & shed some light on the real causes of the current turmoil in Venezuela
In support of legit🇻🇪Govt CodePink has legally protecting the🇻🇪embassy in DC. w permission of legit🇻🇪govt.
The electricity & water has been turned off by🇺🇸@SecretService & DC authorities. Now they know what life is like for the people of #USA under #Trump
VENEZUELA 🇻🇪teaches democracy to the USA🇺🇸👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💯💯💯💯

By @TravelGov
Meanwhile the US embassy in Venezuela had an occupant !
Venezuela govt could have besiege the US embassy in Venezuela but didn't .
Very important Thread see here😉👇🏼
By @bodhibrian
@SecPompeo has meldown over Venezuela govts arrest of coup backer Zambrano
By @bodhibrian
Says the backer of an illegal coup in Venezuela . The Venezuelan people have had justice served against those who tried to overthrow the legit govt
The persecution, the abduction of JulianAssange who was exiled at the🇪🇨the attempted extradition based on lies, is yet another desperate act of a tyrannical regime. The🌍people demand justice,as all🇺🇸political prisoners deserve to be free. #EstamosUnidos🌍
By @maduro_en
I send solidarity greeting, full of deep admiration & gratitude to the Protection Collective of our Embassy in Washington, who with brave have faced the aggressions of a sick right and a criminal empire. That's the worthy people of🇺🇸#Love4EPC
By @anyaparampil
Was just in position to hear @SecretService shift change at🇻🇪embassy.

Quote from senior officer: “on this side of the street are the pro-Guaidó people. They’re essentially🇺🇸gov. On the other side of the street are the anti-war protestors, paid by🇷🇺or whatever.”
By @bodhibrian
'Essentially US gov' = paid by usa , secret service left that out
By @MarkWeisbrot
To the vast majority of the🌍, the sight of a🇺🇸Admiral who heads the🇺🇸Southern Command deciding who should be president of another country --in this case #Venezuela & openly encouraging a military coup, looks like 19th century colonialism.
By @Georgiemutt
Considering we have over 800 military bases in 150 countries (out of 195 countries) I think we’ve blown passed imperialism and are now at straight up world domination.
When invited by @SpeakerPelosi & the legitimate🇺🇸govt.🌍are ready to discuss how we can support the FutureRole of the @USArmy who make the RightDecision,put🇺🇸people first(instead of figh for🇮🇱)& restore constitutional order.We stand ready! #EstamosUnidos🌍
🗣️‼️"If wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth."‼️
-Julian Assange-
See Venezuela thread 26🔼@TulsiGabbard @Miami_Rebelde @WarNuse @BitarDeen
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