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1. What a mess these two #SEC lawsuits have created: first, the one filed yesterday against #Binance, and second, the one today against #Coinbase! What are the reasons? The SEC has deemed 12 #crypto tokens as securities, namely: Image
2. BNB, BUSD, SOL, ADA, MATIC, #FIL, ATOM, #SAND, #MANA, #ALGO, AXS, and COTI. Because of this, the SEC is accusing both crypto exchanges of running illegal exchange operations. How might this affect the broader crypto market? First of all, we have an increased risk associated Image
3. with #altcoins. Therefore, building a crypto portfolio using blue-chip coins like #Bitcoin and #Ethereum would be much more sensible under these circumstances (however, please bear in mind that ETH is not entirely outside the possible #SEC regulatory purview). Image
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One of the backbones of the #MultiversX ecosystem is the #ESDT token standard.

Let's explore its unique features and how its capabilities stack up against the most popular token standard out there: the ERC20 token.
#Ethereum Image
1/11: The main difference is that ESDT is pre-coded, non-programmable, and with a fixed set of functionalities. #ERC20, on the other hand, requires developer expertise and auditing for robustness and security.
2/11: Here are the key functionalities of ESDT tokens:

⚗️Minting: Mint new tokens after their initial release.

🔥Burning: Users can burn a certain amount of their tokens.

⏯Pausing/Unpausing: Prohibit all operations except mint and burn.
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[1/🧵] I believe @bob_way has already gone way overboard with #ILP and all the complexities of explaining all that needs to be expressed. ❤️

Still, let me make a few remarks on the following topics 👇
• Infrastructure layers of #ILP
#XRPL Payment Channels
• "Ledger Graphs"
[2/17] — Infrastructure Layers of #Interledger

When it comes to the most recent version of the open #ILPv4 suite in universal mode (high volume, low value payments), the layering is as follows:

1⃣ Application
2⃣ Transport
3⃣ Interledger (Core Layer)
4⃣ Link
5⃣ Ledger
[3/17] — 1⃣ Application Layer —

This is the suite's first layer, and it contains the following protocol:
➡️ #SPSP (Simple Payment Setup Protocol)

📝 This is for #identifiers, which are comparable to email addresses and are used to make addresses readable.
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ABD #enflasyon verisi açıklandı geçen veriye (6,4) göre beklenti dahilinde geldi 6,0 (Yıllık bazda) göre Çekirdek Tüketici Fiyat Endeksi (TÜFE)(Aylık) beklenti üzeri 0,5 geldi.Çekirdek #tüfe yüksek çıkması hiçte iyi değil :) #Bitcoin ani hareketler yaşanabilir ama dikkat etmekte…… Image
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The 1-year US Treasury paper returns are nearly 5% (see image).

Add 3%-4% rupee depreciation (against the dollar) to this.
Investors could make an 8%-9% return

To let investors make use of this opportunity, @bandhanmutual has launched a new fund

Is it worth investing in?

A🧵 Image
Bandhan MF (erstwhile known as IDFC MF) has launched a new scheme.

The new fund - Bandhan US Treasury Bond 0-1 year Fund of Fund - is now open for subscription & will close on March 23.

Here’s how the fund works 👇
When you buy units of this fund, the fund house takes your money (in rupees) and invests it in overseas funds (after converting it to dollars).

The overseas #funds, in turn, invest in one-year US Treasury bonds.

Where will Bandhan Mutual Fund invest your money? 👇
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The #AdaniGroups Saga- For Naive #Investors. A thread

I, Mr A(#Adani) have 100 chips. By #Law, I cannot own more than 75, so I hav 73 chips. 27 chips r sold in d market. Anther 15 Chips: My uncle buys them by pretending to b normal people. This is illegal, bt who will catch me?
So there are 12 chips left in the market. Out of these, #Funds like #LIC buys 9 chips. 3 chips are now left on the open market.

My #media, #political and PR management and #connections are excellent. There are whispers that I am related to the #king and #Government.
My uncle, disguised as a common man, #buys and #sells chips again, creating an impression of great demand. A plastic chip worth Rs 2 is given for Rs 10.
People compete to buy at Rs 12, 13. Then my uncle increases price and buys chips fr Rs 100 making me one of Investors Fav scrip
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[1/🧵] @DigiEuro interviewed @moderndosh and @AntonyWelfare on the @Ripple #CBDC-Manager software.

The underlying private #CBDC-ledger based on #XRPL was also heavily discussed.

I summarized the most of the interview for you, along with my personal comments. 🧵👇 Welcome to the Ripple Digital Currency Manager
[2/19] To begin, if you are completely unfamiliar with #CBDCs and the #Ripple solution, here is a nice place to start:
[3/19] One important reason for using a private version of the public #XRPL is that a central #bank needs to be able to control the #money supply.

Why use a private ledger ❓
▶️ Central banks and #governments must be able to mint and destroy #currencies. CBDC Hierarchy of Needs
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1/19 @ttmygh of the wonderful Things That Make You Go HMMMM newsletter just wrote a scathing piece on the emerging #pension fund disaster in lagged marks from private #equity.
2/19 As he explains:
#PrivateEquity is taking down Pension Funds as they struggle to keep the game of hot-potato going. “Hot potato” being the business practice of selling slices of companies back and forth to one another at ever higher #valuations.
3/19 The “solution” appears to be PE firms building funds to buy #assets from themselves at possibly fraudulent valuations set by themselves.
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Ethnic #Germans are ‘#dying out’ and #migrants ‘will #inherit#Germany | Jan 18
- An Iranian celebrates the “dying out” of ethnic Germans in a controversial hate-filled article in one of the country’s largest newspapers…
#Replacement. ‘Ethnic #Germans Are #Dying Out And #Migrants Will #Inherit Germany’ | Jan 27
- An Iranian refugee in Germany wrote a piece celebrating the demographic replacement of Germans in Germany's largest newspaper.…
#Iranian #Muslim celebrates the “#dying out” of ethnic #Germans in a hate-filled article in #Remix | Jan 24
- “We are here not just for your #pension #funds - we make sure that the #Aryan nightmare never becomes a reality in this country,…
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.... the FCD scheme that allowed
#Pakistanis to convert illegal or undeclared income into #dollar accounts, without fear of legal retribution, started in 1991 and ended in 1998. Its demise occurred when the government froze hard currency withdrawals and repaid everyone (1/13)
the value of their deposits in Pakistani #rupees to deal with the foreign currency crisis created by sanctions imposed after Pakistan’s #nuclear tests in 1998.

Other schemes to deal with diminution in concessional flow of foreign #funds have veered from the dangerous to (2/13)
the comical. In early 1991, soon after the US invoked the sanctions under the Pressler Amendment, ‘Pakistan’s army chief and the head of its intelligence agency proposed a detailed “blueprint” for selling heroin to pay for the country’s covert #military operations.’ The (3/13)
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🎯Alexis Tsipras: Έδωσαν 19 δισ. ευρώ εγγυήσεις για το σχέδιο "Ηρακλής", για να πάρουν τα funds τα κόκκινα #δάνεια στα 3/5 της αξίας του
Ξεκινήσανε τους #πλειστηριασμούς με έναν νόμο του 2003, που δεν προέβλεπε υποχρεωτικά στάδια ρυθμίσεων και δίνει πλήρη φορολογική απαλλαγή
σε όλες τις πράξεις που διενεργούν τα #funds.
‼️Να μην καταβάλλεται δηλαδή φόρος υπεραξίας στην πώληση, να μην πληρώνεται #ΦΠΑ, να μην καταβάλλεται φόρος για τους τόκους που εισπράττονται από την εξυπηρέτηση των δανείων.
Αντιθέτως, ο νόμος του 2015 που έφερε ο #ΣΥΡΙΖΑ προβλέπει ότι κάθε πράξη και κάθε ενέργεια φορολογείται.
🔺Γι' αυτό και επέλεξαν τα funds το παλιό πλαίσιο. Για να κάνουν πλειστηριασμούς και να βγάζουν χρήμα εύκολα και γρήγορα. Ποια είναι τα αποτελέσματα; 44.000 #πλειστηριασμοί
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📢#MiCA is complete!

The landmark #crypto regulation sets out uniform 🇪🇺 requirements for offerors of #cryptoassets and service providers (#CASPs) to apply for authorisation in the Single Market.

👀🧵for a full dive on #MiCA and what it means for the #cryptoindustry.

Even though a better agreement was close last week, 🇫🇷 vetoed it during the 🇪🇺 MS intervention period & raised concerns on USD-denominated #stablecoins used as a "means of #exchange", suggesting a return to their restriction when used for #settlement purposes ❗️

The compromise was to at least clarify that USD-#stablecoins used for spot #trading would NOT be captured.

The final text was approval by #COREPER yesterday and @EP_Economics will do it on 10/10. Final adoption by Ministers and the Parliament’s Plenary will be end of Oct.

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#Tether - Let's take a look at the team that created USDT and their strange connections - #illegal ones. 🧐

➡️ Origin, core-team and shady connections/frauds

This is a continuation of the last thread, which you can find below ⬇️

[2/x] CHAPTER ONE - #NYAG INVESTIGATION - In the Bitfinex and Tether fraud case

Tether claimed at the outset that it would cooperate with the NYAG, after which it obstructed the handing over of relevant documents and prolonged the process.
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4 Common Mistakes to avoid while investing in Mutual Funds in a volatile market 🚫

Retweet (🔃) to spread awareness.

#investing #stocks
1) Sector-specific bets 📍

In bull market, it may seem unwise to diversify your portfolio, when you are seeing some segment of the market is performing exceptionally well, but one gets the importance when the tide of the sector goes out and the prices start tumbling.

The extraordinary returns of sector funds may lure you but remember they are also vulnerable to high losses.

So, it's always advisable to invest in a diversified portfolio, instead of taking concentrated bets on some sectors, especially in a volatile market.
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It was evident. Interest rates would rise as #inflation started spiralling.

To ride through the rate hike cycle⬆️, #FloaterFunds were touted as an ideal #investment option.

But, so far, they haven’t done well.

A 🧵on why #FloatingRateFunds haven’t delivered yet.
First, some basics.

When #InterestRates rise📈, bond #prices fall📉. Why? Investors would rather buy new papers at a higher rate than old ones with lower yields.

#FloaterFunds are not impacted by interest rate movement. There’s a simple explanation.👇
As the #InterestRates rise, the yields on floating-rate bonds also increase.⬆️

So, #investors don’t need to sell them to buy new papers offering higher interest rates.

But the converse is true, too. So, when interest rates fall📉, #FloaterFunds become unattractive.
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Mutual Funds - The Future of Investing

A decade of pension fund growth in Nigeria has prepared the ground for a boom in the country’s mutual fund sector.

Investments in carefully constructed higher performing risk-managed funds now outperform interest on bank deposits and... Image
...even land.

In 2020 alone, for example, assets under management in Nigeria’s Mutual Funds grew by 50% - topping N1.6 trillion.

Mutual funds are investment funds that pool money from many investors to purchase securities, like stocks, bonds, money market instruments,....
....and other assets.

Mutual funds are operated by professional money managers who seek to assemble the right mix of funds, balancing risk with growth according to investors’ risk appetite, growth needs and investment horizons.

It is in the management of these funds that...
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A severe tightening of Chinese firms is taking shape in the U.S: is #Washington planning to catch two birds 🐦 🐦 with one stone ❓
More than 80 U.S.-listed Chinese #stocks, including and #Pinduoduo, have been included in a new list of pre-delisting (i.e., forced exit from the exchange), with a total of 105 #Chinese stocks on the list.
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parachute or #lifeline bonus because of its ability to support players with additional funds in case they haven’t hit a win with their real money.

The bottom line is that you can withdraw winnings at any point in your play provided you still haven’t tapped into the bonus #funds… However, the moment you start using your bonus balance, all wagers and eventual prizes are considered bonus money, being subject to wagering requirements. You can often hear punters say that they don’t claim welcome deals, giving preference to cashback… options. Well, the truth is that the great bulk of sign-up bonuses are sticky, which means they are non-cashable. You can use them for playing your favorite online slot but once you request a withdrawal, the bonus amount will vanish from your balance.
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Thread about trading strategy and fund performance analysis. #tradingstrategy #funds

Advanced performance analysis is fine but nothing beats common sense. Below are some common sense ways of analyzing strategy and fund performance.
1. Annualized return

The strategy must offer an acceptable annualized return subject to constraints. Very low annualized return is undesirable but also high annualized return that comes at high risk is also undesirable and even more so.
Note that even if annualized return is low, the strategy may be acceptable due to the leveragability it offers. Often is better to leverage 2X a strategy with a smooth equity than use one w/o leverage but with volatile equity.
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Thanks to @GeoffCutmore, @cnbcKaren & the #SquawkBox team for having me on this morning's show.

We discussed #bonds & #centralbanks, touched on #supplychains & talked of #Growth's vulnerability, #commodities' appeal.

Slide deck follows:-

Is your box still backed up in port? How much does the onward haulage cost? What happens to #freight rates after #LNY/#Beijing2022?
The bet is that #energy cannot *possibly* rise as far and fast this year as last, but what about all the other inputs? To what extent are these and other costs yet to be passed on?


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The IPO Hype!

A Thread.

#IPO #StockMarket #investing #strategy

IPOs have been all the rage this year. We’ve seen 98 IPOs from January 2021 till date. Are they worth this hype? Let’s take a closer look.

#IPO #IPOUpdate

Also known as ‘Going Public’. An IPO is when a company invites the public to invest in its shares. This is usually followed by a lot of fanfare.

#stocks #ipoallotment #markets

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Does It Make Sense To #Invest In The National Pension Scheme?

A thread 🧵👇
National Pension Scheme is a defined contribution scheme launched in 2004.

There are two vehicles to make your investments in:

1️⃣ Tier 1
Tier 1 is primarily for retirement where you get the tax benefits as well.
2️⃣ Tier 2
Tier 2 is for those who want to make voluntary contributions with an option withdraw at any time.

You need a tier 1 account to open a tier 2 account.
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The crypto boom is taking off like crazy! Everybody now wants to own digital money. People are using Exchanges/P2P to buy them. However, exchanges are currently the most popular choice for many! So it's high time we talk about them & understand "How they Work" in this 🧵 #thread! Image
Table of Contents: 📝
▪️What's an #exchange & how it works?
▪️Who are #MarketMakers & why we need them?
▪️What's #liquidity & why it matters?
▪️Types of Exchanges:
- Centralized Exchanges #CEX
- Decentralized Exchanges #DEX

#Retweet if you like the content! Let's get started! 🚀
What's an #Exchange?
It's just a platform that matches #buyers & #sellers. They say what price, they are willing to buy/sell any particular asset, the exchange matches these 2 orders & the trade happens. The price at which the trade got executed becomes the "Last Traded Price".
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"Do you even need to raise #funds?"

@RajanAnandan talks about the basics first while addressing the 192 finalists of @startupindia's National #Startup Awards 2020 at a fundraising bootcamp. Highlights 👇
1/ To begin with...
2/ “Understanding the objective of a fundraise is more important than the actual amount raised during the round. Some times founders are misled to think that raising as much funds as possible is the right answer. That's why the objective is key."
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