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How I wrote #BelisariusAndAntonina Part 20: If people are familiar with Belisarius, they know about the triumphant first portion of his career. The ending of his career is rather less known. Today, Belisarius’ last stint as General of the East. 🧵 #History #Book #Byzantine Image
During his first stint as General of the East (529-531), Belisarius fought the Persians in Mesopotamia. During his second stint (532?-542), he overran North Africa and Italy. But, surprise, he also had a third stint as General of the East, which began in 549. Image
In Spring 549, Belisarius returned to Constantinople after his disappointing second campaign in Italy. Procopius records the surprise appointment that came next: Justinian “appointed him commander of the imperial guards in his capacity as General of the East.”
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How I wrote #BelisariusAndAntonina Part 19: The most damaging allegation made against Antonina is that she had a sexual affair with her adopted son. This would make her a practitioner of adultery, incest, and maybe also pedophilia. Is it true?? 🧵 #History #Book #Byzantine Sixth-century woman, probab...
In the Secret History, Procopius alleges that Antonina was “smitten with desire and driven by erotic passion” for her adopted son, Theodosios, who was perhaps a young teenager at the time he was adopted. Belisarius, Antonina, and T...
According to the story, Antonina first seduced Theodosios in Carthage in late 533 or early 534, and carried on an on-and-off affair with him for years until the young man’s untimely death ca. 542.
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How I wrote #BelisariusAndAntonina Part 18: No surviving source records the date of the wedding of Belisarius and Antonina, but it kind of matters for a book about their marriage! Today I discuss how I calculated their wedding year. 🧵 #History #Book #Byzantine Antonina and Beliasrius as ...
We start with the one solid date we have: Procopius first attests that Belisarius and Antonina were husband and wife in the context of their departure from Constantinople to North Africa in June 533. This provides a terminus ante quem (limit before which) for their wedding.
However, I believe Belisarius and Antonina married well before 533. For me, the key evidence is the likely ages of their children Photios and Ioannina.
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How I wrote #BelisariusAndAntonina Part 8: In Rome in February 2020, I walked the circuit of the city’s Aurelian walls, as much as was possible, and photographed the gates. In doing so, I was striding in the footsteps of Belisarius. 🧵 #History #Book #AcademicTwitter The walls near the Villa Me...
Between March 537 and March 538, Belisarius and the Roman army were besieged in the city of Rome by the Ostrogothic king Vittigis and his army. For a year straight, few things were of more importance to the general than the state of the walls and gates of Rome.
Because this siege was of such importance in Belisarius’ first campaign against the Ostrogoths, 535-540 (as a bonus, Rome and its defenses were also of central during his second campaign in Italy, 545-549), I felt it was imperative to get a sense of the physical space.
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How I wrote #BelisariusAndAntonina Part 7: My research travel in Rome began on February 16, 2020. After years of daydreaming about this, I finally had a research sabbatical with an extended stay in Rome to kick off the book project. Excitement! 🧵 #History #Book #AcademicTwitter Me standing in front of the...
My plan was to live in Rome for a month. During that month, I would visit the city’s Aurelian walls and its gates, which were critical during Belisarius’ stays in the city. More on that tomorrow. When not doing that, I planned to do research and writing at the Vatican Library.
Today I would like to take you through my experiences in the Vatican Library. It is an inspiring place to work, but did you know that even a university professor cannot just get in automatically? I had to bring a letter of certification of my credentials from my department chair! My Vatican Library reader ID.
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How I wrote #BelisariusAndAntonina Part 6: Funding a book project. As a tenured professor, research is part of my job requirements, and yet there were still aspects of the process of writing my book that required institutional support. 🧵 #History #Book #Publishing Saint Jerome Writing by Car...
Before talking about my specific situation, I want to acknowledge that academic historians have *wildly* different support for their research programs, something that non-academic followers of mine may not realize.
Tenured professors at elite research universities might teach few classes and have research assistants, allowing them to pump out publications. At the other extreme, many untenured early career researchers are often paid by the class and have essentially zero research support.
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#Ukraine Banning Pro-russian TV Stations and Political Parties - #Disinformation #Overview Image

“This is a recurring #disinformation narrative by pro-#Kremlin media about the West’s purported attempts to interfere in #Ukrainian politics and set the #political establishment there against #Russia.
In reality, neither pro-#Kremlin parties nor #politicians nor #media are #persecuted in #Ukraine as long as they obey the #law.
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parliamo di #Cina #Tiananmen89 #Book #Libri

qualche libro in traduzione italiana che racconta dei fatti occorsi in piazza Tiananmen a giugno89

#GaoXingjian è Premio Nobel per la Letteratura 2000
dopo la protesta di piazza Tiananmen del 1989 rassegnò le dimissioni da membro del ImageImage
PCC e in seguito alla pubblicazione de La fuga
testo teatrale ispirato dagli avvenimenti di piazza Tiananmen
tutte le sue opere vennero vietate in Cina
e Gao fu costretto all'esilio
e dichiarato persona non grata sul territorio cinese

#HaJin vive e insegna in US e dal tempo ImageImage
dei fatti scrive solo in lingua inglese
abbandonando la sua lingua e la sua patria
(cosa impensabile per un cinese)

una giovane poetessa venuta dalla campagna scampata al massacro del 4 giugno
racconta le atrocità della repressione della protesta di Piazza Tianamen ImageImage
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Attention everyone!📢

Want to ride the AI AGI wave?🌊

Then keep reading because I have the most important cheatsheet you'll ever need!🤓 Image
Artificial Intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence are the future.🤖

They will revolutionize the way we live and work. But to keep up with the times, we need to learn and adapt.📚🧠

That's why I'm offering you the best book to get you started!📖 Image
It will give you the foundation you need to ride the wave and stay ahead of the competition.💪

Like, retweet, and comment #chatgpt, and I will send you the book in your DMs!📩

So what are you waiting for?🤔 Image
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Don't remember who suggested this, but finally it's here & I'll share my thoughts

The Laws of Human Nature by @RobertGreene

#backtoreading #BooksWorthReading #books #reading #bookthread #Thread Image
"If only we understood the roots of human behaviour" @RobertGreene
in Laws of Human Nature

Do you think we would have more protection? Against falling down or being plowed over?

#bookthread #BooksWorthReading #thread #books #Reading #relationships #humannature Image
An interesting argument to understand our human nature before we as a race struggle to communicate

@RobertGreene in Laws of Human Nature

#Thread #BookRecommendations #BooksWorthReading #bookthread
#relationships #Reading Image
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1/ Ever wondered how the 4th industrial revolution (#AI, robotics, and big data) is reshaping healthcare? 🏥 🚀
Let's dive into some fascinating facts and insights I found in the #book "Deep Medicine" by @EricTopol
2/ 💻👨‍⚕️ Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are mostly designed for billing, not for physicians' ease of use, contributing to doctor burnout 😩
How can we leverage #AI to improve the EMR and serve both purposes effectively? #HealthIT
3/⏱️ Did you know? If physicians make a #diagnosis within 5 minutes, they have a 95% chance of getting it right (System 1 thinking). This rate can drop to 25% afterward!
How can we harness #AI to assist in faster, more accurate diagnosis?
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Like the author, I don’t like the term “gamification” but we’re stuck with it.

Gamification implies you can make anything fun by applying points or badges, but that’s not true. This #book expands on that.

Most fun games will remain fun even if you remove points from them.
Ultimately most games are fun because they let us practice a skill that’s evolutionarily helpful - chess (strategy), Mario (hand-eye coordination), poker (face reading).
So instead of making a product first and then thinking of “gamifying” it, study what makes games fun and apply those principles right from the start.
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Do you obsess over your productivity?

Here's why it might enslave you.

1/ After a barrage of recommendations on my twitter, I finally ended up reading @oliverburkeman's Four Thousand Weeks.

The central premise of the #book is simple:

everyone has got about four thousand weeks to live, and spending that limited time chasing efficiency is……
2/ The message seems old.

The entire self-help industry revolves around saying variations of it.

Stay in the present. Enjoy the moment. Seize the day. should have written it.
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#Thread on

#SarbatKhalsa #ਸਰਬੱਤ_ਖ਼ਾਲਸਾ

meaning of 👏🏻“Sarbat Khalsa👏🏻
“is (All The Khalsa)
it literally Translates to The entire Sikh Population

The first Sarbat Khalsa was called by the 10th Sikh guru,#GuruGobindSingh before his death in 1708
#Vaisakhi #Punjab
The first Sarbat Khalsa was called by the tenth guru, #GuruGobindSingh before his death in 1708 and the tradition of calling #SarbatKhalsa has continued ever since at times of hardship or conflict.👇
After the demolition of the #MahantSystem by the #Khalsa Panth, S.#KartarSinghJhabbar called the Sarbat Khalsa in 1920.He was not the Jathedar of the #AkalTakht but a #Sikh leader. In the resolution of that Sarbat Khalsa,#TejaSinghBhuchhar was announced as Jathedar of AkalTakht👇
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What do aluminium sulfate water poisoning, Gulf War Syndrome, World Trade Centre Syndrome, the neurological disease #ME, the post infection disease(s) #LongCovid and poisoning of Iranian school girls have in common?

A British #psychiatrist claiming ‘mass sociogenic illness’!

2/ Does the psychiatrist, Sir Simon Wessely, project his own catastrophic thinking to all ‘grey’ areas in health science transforming them into black and white?

What cannot be explained immediately can be explained through the old ‘hysteria’ hypothesis?…
3/ Thank you @LongCovidAdvoc for this summary on the knighted psychiatrist’s ‘work’!

Despite Wessely repeatedly #blaming media for fueling the affected persons’ ‘mass psychogenic illnesses’ #media has seemingly been satisfied reporting this instead of performing #journalism
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How to host great parties.

This short #book talks about how networking sucks and why throwing parties is a much better alternative to it.

My notes in 🧵 Image

Host it on weekday (Tuesday or Wed), as people have commitments on weekends

Set a 2 hour window (7:30-9:30pm types), the short duration allows you to ensure party ends on a high note when everyone is together.

Call it cocktail party with snacks (no dinner, that takes energy)

Aim to have 15 people in the party, 5 core people and 10 new ones.
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CREATING CHARACTERS - Ten tips for writers who want great characters.

1. Characters are the heart of your story. Take time to get to know them as if they were real people. Where did they come from? What motivates them? What do they want? What do they need?

2. Make your characters memorable and different. You can do this by giving your character a distinctive:
*speech pattern

#amwriting #authors
3. How many perfect people do you know? Don't be afraid to make your characters flawed. Perfection can be dull. Give your characters imperfections that make them relatable and interesting.

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📚 The Selfish Gene

by Richard Dawkins

Worth reading for its thought-provoking and influential perspective on #evolution, which challenges traditional views and highlights the importance of genes in shaping life.

🧵 1/17 #biology #book Image
"The Selfish Gene" argues that genes, not organisms, are the fundamental unit of evolution.
According to Dawkins, genes are "selfish" because they seek to replicate themselves, even if it means sacrificing the well-being of the organism.

🧵 2
This perspective challenges traditional views of evolution, which often focus on the survival of individual organisms or species.

🧵 3
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This introductory #book on Internal Family Systems (IFS) by the founder of IFS gives a new perspective on what it means to “fix yourself”.

I highly recommend reading about IFS, if not from the book, maybe an online article.
1/ The core idea of IFS is that we are composed of several parts, and that some of the parts are stuck in their childhood.

In short, all issues in adulthood can be traced back to what we experienced as a child.

(IFS is a type of psychoanalysis).
2/ An example of a part being stuck in childhood.

As a child you want attention from your parents and felt abandoned when they didn’t give you that.

As adults, the same part may come to expect the same from relationships and react negatively when the partner is distracted.
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1_ Since the end of #WorldWar 2, the stockpiling of nuclear weapons has proliferated worldwide; many countries now have the capacity to destroy all life on Earth many times over;
2- and while World War 3 fears ignite across the globe after #Taliban fighters take over the capital of #Afghanistan, many #Christians are wondering what the #Bible says about World War 3. So, what does the Bible say? Will there be another world war?
3_ The Tribulation Period
In the days of #Noah, #God poured out His judgment on an unbelieving world in a great flood (Gen. 6:17). The Bible makes it clear that God is going to judge the world again in the end times; only this time the world will be judged by fire, not by water
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📚 The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything

by Stephen M.R. Covey

This bestselling #book discovers the essential role of trust in all #relationships and ways how to improve #trust in your personal and professional life.

🧵 1/22 Book Cover: The Speed of Trust
Trust is the foundation of all relationships and is essential for success in both personal and professional endeavors.

🧵 2
Example: A team leader who is consistently reliable and honest creates an environment of trust within the team, leading to improved communication and increased productivity.

🧵 3
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Build only what needs to be built

This is one of the most common mistakes people seem to make when jumping into Tana (or other similarly powerful tools)

You don't need to start with a fully built out, high-modernist, top-down system. Start small! 🧵
I've been using Tana every day for over 90 days now – and I'm still building my systems.

Sure, you could take that and say "see, Tana isn't for getting work done – it's a hobby for people who like to fiddle with their systems!"

But that's not the case. At all.
Instead, I've opted from the get-go to only build the minimum of systems that I need _right that moment_.

Just the bare necessities to get the job done I'm working on right now.

Nothing more.
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📚 The Art of War

by Sun Tzu

A classic treatise on military strategy and tactics. It is relevant to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of conflict and competition in any field.

🧵 1/32 #BusinessStrategy #Competition #book
Chapter 1: Laying Plans

A key point is to have a thorough understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of your enemy.

Another key point is to choose the right moment to engage in battle and to choose the appropriate terrain.

🧵 2
Example: A general who knows their own soldiers are poorly trained and equipped should not engage in a direct confrontation with a well-trained enemy.

🧵 3
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📚 Why We Sleep: Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

by Matthew Walker (@sleepdiplomat)

This best-selling #book explores the importance of #sleep for optimal #health and well-being, and delves into the latest scientific research on the subject.

🧵 1/41 Image
Sleep is essential for optimal health and well-being. Lack of sleep can lead to a variety of negative health consequences, including an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

🧵 2

A study found that people who slept less than 7 hours per night were more likely to gain weight and develop obesity compared to those who slept 7-9 hours per night.

Sleep helps to consolidate memories and facilitate learning.

🧵 3
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