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ANYBOOKS -Best Alternative 📚

If you are a book addict like me, it's no doubt that getting the best, yet free books library like the ANYBOOKS app has been difficult since they brought down their server. Good news, I've got an alternative for you. #BookTwitter

Open thread!
There are arguably 100s of book libraries out there, which are mostly tied to subscriptions or do not allow unlimited downloads. E.g, Chapter 1 is close to any book 📚 but is limited to 3 free downloads, and to access the unlimited library, one has to subscribe.
I mean, I would recommend Chapter 1, if you have money for subscription , max of 4k naira annually.

But, If you are in need of unlimited access to books and downloads and I do not mean "Gutenberg books", #booktwt
I found Libby, by overdrive 📚
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We have less than 5 days left on the #Folklore #Bestiary for #DnD 5e and #OldSchoolEssentials!
Creators from ALL AROUND THE WORLD are adapting their favorite creatures from their cultures to their favorite #TTRPG!

I was lucky enough to be included!…
Being a Brazilian writing in English in a community that is predominantly US/Europe centered, was always hard.
Having a #TTRPG #Monster #Book inspired by the #Folklore of other people, being made in collaboration with people all around, was great!
We have a rich and varied #Folklore in Brazil. We have stories that trace all the way back the native people and their rich culture. Legends that came all the way from Africa. Stories and fantasy tales from Europe too. All mixed up in our imagination. To adapt that to #TTRPG? YES
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Anti-authoritarian and anarchist Visions. Tweets, Texts, books, debates sources... Thread
#anarchism #anarchy #thread
What is anarchism? - Alexander Berkman…
What Is Anarchism? An Introduction

Donald Rooum and Freedom Press (ed.)…
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Here’s an interesting problem regarding the #aesthetics in reproduction of #digital #image|s. (Interesting to me, at least, and also, maybe, to people like @_menkman, @jbirken, @Sierra_Offline, @kevindriscoll and @GIFmodel). 1/38
What I’ll say is true for all digital images, in a way. (And more generally, for all works of art.) But I want to focus on one type of images and on one set of aesthetic qualities in particular here. 2/38
The problem that’s bothering me is this: What is the proper way to show an early digital #screen image in #print? (Reproduced as a figure in an academic monograph, for example.) 3/38
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Thread on #Magnesium and why it is fundamental for our #health. #micronutrients
..many people debate the various ratios of #macronutrients like #protein, #fat, and #carbohydrates in their diet to find their optimal health. Which is great as we are #bioindividuals but most miss out on #micronutrients like #vitamins and #minerals.
The way our bodies are able to use the #macronutrients is fully dependent on how our #enzymatic pathways are influenced by various #micronutrients. One of the most important amongst is #magnesium.
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Finished this excellent #book by @JusticeHarvard.

My notes in this 🧵
1/ The topic of the book is what is the right thing to do.

This seems like perhaps the most subjective question ever.

How can someone answer it for you?
2/ The author does an excellent job of not giving answers, but rather tease out implications of different schools of moral thought.

Primarily he explores three moral traditions.
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#Free #Book #Day (For the Inquisitive)

Breaking the Mind

The Mechanics of Indoctrination, Brainwashing and Thought Control (302 Pages)…

By William Sargant
I came across that book while researching the use of intramuscular injections of camphor oil to provoke seizures in the mentally ill which seemed to have been popular in the 1930s and 1940s & earlier

Camphor-Induced Epilepsy – Remedy for Manic Psychosis…
Laszlo´ Meduna’s Pilot Studies With Camphor
Inductions of Seizures -The First 11 Patients…
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Who thought a scientific book could be a page-turner!

This wonderful #book by @GZuckerman traces how multiple covid vaccines were developed in record time (1 year).

My notes and musings in the 🧵
1/ The BIGGEST insight was that all development of a covid vaccine within one year is sort of a misnomer.

Such rapid progress with the vaccine happened on the back of decades of work by the same companies/researchers towards making vaccine platforms.
2/ It was also fascinating to read both Moderna/BioNTech and many other companies that produced vaccines started with an ambition to cure cancer.

It seemed like every biomedical researcher starts with a dream to cure cancer but pivots in between to something more tractable.
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‘What is it like to do #book research’ —a historian’s thread about the perils and joys of the archive.
I am in Berlin almost exclusively because of a single document. It exists in only one place: Humboldt U rare books. It has not been digitized. Thus, I took a flight.
Arrived at the library today. I’d been warned I just pre-register and have a covid test, bring vaccines. No problem. Brandy rocks up to the check in with her nihilist Matrix black suit and is ready to rock. Like many archives, you are prohibited from being in outside bags.
You usually are assigned a locker. You can bring your phone and PC. Except this library required you to have your own lock. I can buy one on site! Oh. Only with coins. No card or paper cash. I go in search of cash of the coin variety. Done. Lock acquired.
Then it goes wrong.
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#Book Chapter:

Foreign Policy Maturity and Grand #Strategy: The Way Forward for the Republic of #Cyprus.

Issues covered

What's Foreign Policy (Maturity)?
What's grand strategy?
How r they related?
Grand strategy for small states?
How's Cyprus special?>…
This chapter concludes the book. It takes the rest of the chapters into account to assess the maturity of the Republic of #Cyprus’ foreign policy, and examines whether the RoC has—or is able to develop—grand strategic capacities.

I argue that the #Cyprus Problem has been inevitably and negatively affecting grand strategic formulation in the RoC even as it complicates and hinders the country’s day-to-day foreign policy and diplomatic practice.

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.@AustinCreedWins , NINTENDO 64/Regular …

Kong & Zilla, United as 1 for the time being … Common enemy, MECHA Zilla ..

Matrix Resurrections — 🌈 Time !!!
Mortal Kombat — Winning Time !
The Mandalorian
Home Sweet Home ..
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#BookOverview The Science of Medical Astrology by Ramesh Rao N & Alex Hankey

This #book Science of Medical Astrology examines astrology on a full scientific basis

@IndicaBooks The book in short, narrates the gripping story of many scientific experiments of testing and verifying astrological predictions; and simultaneously provides a physical theory of science behind it
@IndicaBooks Written by a rare combination of supremely skilled individuals, one a top expert in veterinary science, with a reputation that takes him for private consultations all over India, & the other a scientist with top qualifications from two of the world's best scientific universities,
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Recently finished "The Spike: An Epic Journey Through The Brain in 2.1 Seconds" by @markdhumphries

a 🧵 with my notes on the #book Image
1/ As the book's subtitle suggests, it's about the neural code our brain uses for doing what it does.

The book is rich with details and I learned a lot of new facts and ideas about the brain. I highly recommend the book to anyone who has an interest in neuroscience.
2/ Since writing about an object as complex as the brain can fill encyclopedias, I will focus my notes on what I know now that I didn't know before reading the book.
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One of the most famous text editors is #emacs. It's especially famous for being used for programming.

But that's not all it can do. Here are some tasks I use it for that are not about code.
1. #Screenwriting.

I took a #comedy writing class where all sketches had to be formatted as a screenplay. There's a text-based file format called fountain; those files are converted to pdf.

Luckily, Emacs has fountain mode (…) for authoring fountain files. Image
Fountain mode is a seamless experience: while editing the files in Emacs, the pdfs are instantly generated, professionally styled, and ready to go. Image
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Using this thread to record books I read in 2022. More to come.
First book of the year.

A conflict of visions by Thomas Sowell.

分析框架类似于性本善或恶之辩,但用人的认知能力的 constrain 表述,更符合认识论/epistemological 范式。 Image
Second book 📕 of the year: Narrative and Numbers. Image
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Notes from the #book "Dreams of a final theory" by Steven Weinberg, who won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1979 for unifying electromagnetism and weak nuclear force.

a 🧵
1/ First, a brief on Steven Weinberg.

What amazed me was that he kept working as a professional scientist until the very end.

His last paper uploaded on Arxiv was in Jan 2021 and he passed away in July 2021 at the age of 88.

Huge respect!
2/ I came across this book as a recommendation by Nima Arkani-Hamed who said this is the book on physics that he would gift to everyone if he could.

My notes from Nima's interview are here:

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#BookReview Isavasyopanishad, An English Commentary By Nithin Sridhar

In this #Thread, we shall take a deep-dive into the book through the excellent review of the book by Shivakumar GV @SaamaanyaJ

@IndicaBooks #book
At the outset, it seems like a shift in his focus, a leap into the Paramartha. However, from this review it will be clear that a singular focus and concern is driving all his writings. The ‘Paramartha Chintana’ is very much part of ‘Purushartha Chintana’.
Bharateeya Parampara does not see the two any differently. The ‘Iha’ and the ‘Para’ are always together.

The former is organized towards the latter. The latter shapes the former.

The Upanishad he has chosen is ‘Isavasyopanishad’
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A rogue, thieving U.S. Postal Service employee is in illegal possession of two books from 1899, "Paradise Lost" and "Paradise Regained" by Milton, published in Boston by Henry Alrumvs, stolen from a package entrusted by me to the care of the @USPS.

The @OIGUSPS has an open case. Image
The package was mailed from my home to a valid Southern California address, but returned "undeliverable, no forwarding" and missing the contents. It had been opened, and the inner envelope containing the books ripped open. It was returned by my mail carrier, sans the rare books.
I am offering a modest #reward upon the return of these books, and hope to see a successful apprehension and prosecution of the @USPS employee who committed what appears to be felonious theft by a Postal Employee.

CC: Every Rare #Book Store
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What happened during the first three minutes of the Big Bang?

A 🧵 thread with my notes from the #book
1/ It’s mind-blowing that we humans are able to talk about what happened in the first 3 minutes of The Big Bang.

This book was written in 1976 which was quite a while back but while there have been extensions in the ideas presented, I’m not aware of any idea being rejected yet,
2/ This should perhaps be unsurprising because most scientific ideas that are accepted as truth are consilient, i.e. they’re supported by multiple lines of evidence.…
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'Am I overthinking this' ~ @TheRialMichelle

💫What an awesome quick picture #book with relatable quips. It’s about searching for answers for things that don’t change !

Perfect for a coffee table!
Sharing my favorite learnings!
Grab your ☕️or🍵 for an easy read...
🧵...(1/10) Image
→ Its never too late to Start !! Image
→ "In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail” Image
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This #book talks about how meritocracy shouldn’t be the goal of a society.

It’s a controversial idea but arguments that the author makes are worth analysing.

My notes and thoughts in 🧵
1/ The core argument is that meritocracy creates a society of losers and winners.

Winners feel they deserve what they get, but the role of contingency (luck, genetics, background conditions) isn’t acknowledged.

Losers, on the other hand, feel humiliated.
2/ The argument is two fold:

- There’s no such thing as perfect meritocracy

- Even if there is a perfect meritocracy, it isn’t moral to let less meritocratic suffer because merit may not be controllable by an individual
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This poem is from a sequence—“Black Vespers Pageants” started on September 13, 2001 as a way to process what I had seen from my office building’s rooftop in midtown on the 11th and durning my subsequent walk down to @parrishgriggs apartment in the west village later that day.
“Inventory C” from that same sequence.
“Change Coming At Hour Mark”
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Finished reading The Mind is Flat by @nickjchater and here are my notes from the #book.

(brace yourself for 50+ tweets 🧵)
1/ The core idea of the book is that our thoughts are not reflections of a deeper self.

Rather they're real-time fabrications of the mind trying to be consistent with previous fabrications.
2/ In this sense, the book advocates quite successfully, there's no "unconscious".

There are no deep motivations guiding your conscious self.

The conscious, real-time thoughts are all you've got.
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