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🔊 #Move2Earn fam! After over a year using #Stepn, I'm checking out @HibikiRunTeam. Our M2E experiences give us a head start in new games. Just a note: I'm not an ambassador, just sharing my perspective. Psst...there's a giveaway at the end! (1/17) 🎵🎮 #hibikirun
So, what's #HibikiRun? It's like your personal concert on the go, blending physical activity with music discovery. It's a new take on the 'move to earn' concept. Let's break down the key features. (2/17) 🏃🎧 #M2E @HibikiRunTeam
First off, you need an invite code to join. Then, crack open your free Gachapon (a type of capsule-toy vending machine game popular in Japan) in the collection to get your first pair of headphones NFT. (3/17) 📩🎧 #NFT #hibikirun
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#US Moves Flying #Nuclear Command Post to #Iceland (Home of TID) | March 1, 2023
- The #E6B #Mercury air command post has landed in Iceland to conduct operations in Washington’s #European Command zone…
The #US is preparing a trap for us in #Ukraine for an inevitable “#postponed war” | Feb 28
- #Nuland: seriously discussing with allies.. sending to #Kyiv fifth-generation multipurpose fighter-bombers #F35.… Image
#TikTok-#Nazis. Proxy Of #Ukrainian #Intelligence Directorate Claimed Responsibility For #Bloody PR Operation In #Russia | Mar 2
- all these crimes were committed so that Ukrainian TikTok warriors could film a seconds-long video on the Russian territory. Image
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1/ #Drugs #Building #Ecuador

In Ecuador, they began to build buildings from cocaine.

There are so many seized drugs that there is nowhere to put them.
2/ The authorities of Ecuador found a way out and decided to take the braces with coke to the treatment plant, where they are processed along with the waste.
3/ Cocaine is mixed with cement, sand and water, and the resulting mixture is used as a foundation in the construction of warehouses .
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*Golden Visas

*Golden opportunity for OCG's, spooks, middle-men, dodgy lawyers = Online payment processing 🌐

*Gold standard for fraud = offshore

*Gold smuggling/laundering

*Golden characters!


Brinks Mat ⏩️ Wirecard

@FD @mrneilforsyth
There's a #Diamond geezer pioneer;

Crime, Money Laundering ⏩️ Payment processing fraud ⏩️ Crypto...

Patrick Diamond #Gold

See also;
*Gordon Parry
*Shaun P Murphy
*Michael Levine
*Mossack Fonseca
*Christopher Samuelson (Valmet/⚽️/Oligarchs/OCG)

Crime - Middle Men - Money
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CoinDCX Launches Namaste Web3

CoinDCX announced the launch of Namaste #Web3, an initiative aimed at generating awareness and understanding of the third-generation internet, or Web3, and its potential for Indian industries.
A series of multi-city roadshows are planned as part of Namaste Web3 with Bangalore being the first stop. Other cities include Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Pune, Indore, and Kolkata.
Amongst a host of interesting topics, the forum will touch upon the role of Web3 in bringing socio-economic changes, navigating the shift from web2 to web3,
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To re-imagine search. By rejecting the ad-support model, @Neeva is building a search experience that puts the user first, does not compromise on quality or privacy, and is leading a new frontier by leveraging in house large language models (LLMs) and
refined training models with its full system search stack to bring authentic real time AI search to the masses.

Information reliability, accuracy and authenticity is going to be a problem to solve in the age of #AI.
The easier content is to produce, the harder it is to know if something is right or wrong. I’m going to follow Neeva because their mission is bold and exciting.
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1/ I am often asked by new #startup #Founders "how much should we be paying ourselves?" Nearly all the answers I've heard are WRONG!!
2/ No you shouldn't be living off this, it's unhealthy (but yummy).
3/ Here is the correct answer for #founders that are pre-revenue.
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Did u know?
True #ancient #history #Historia #christmas #Xmas
The real origin of Christmas goes back to ancient Babylon. The name 'Nimrod' is Hebrew and derives from 'Marad', meaning 'he rebelled'.…

...December 25th was the birthday of #Nimrod:
Here we have the real origin of the #ChristmasTree
They celebrated this famous birthday over most of the known world for centuries, before the birth of #Christ (#Jesus)
#WakeUp #humanity #evil #ancient #elite #RULER Then&Now
#Nimrod is said to be the founder, the king of the 1st empire after the #Flood
His realm includes #Babylon (Babel),Uruk,Akkad and Calneh.He's known to be a king that brought #tyranny to the #people while seeking to eliminate #religious #beliefs Story of Nimrod &Tower of Babel appears in numerous texts of ancient cultures including Hebr
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Importance of Cost Planning Your Building Project.

A Thread 🏛🏗🧵

1. Construction projects are dynamic and continually changing.

✍🏿 You need to be able to anticipate challenges

✍🏿 Identify potential risks, and

✍🏿 Manage costs so you don’t get caught off guard when the unexpected happens.
2. Do it BEFORE ground breaking.

✍🏿 If you’re in the planning stage of a construction project, cost planning will help you set a budget for all project expenses that come with it.

✍🏿 Consider material costs, labor, subcontractor costs, and specialist services like Electricity
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"Get our coverage for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, NC, Indiana, & Florida Insurance (HOME BUSINESS AUTO #Insurance), at "Lunova Insurance":
Lunova Insurance
14A Winthrop St Marlborough, MA 01752 1-508-258-7195…
Learn more about finding our #LunovaInsurance business, auto, & home owners insurance rates:

Lunova Insurance
14A Winthrop St Marlborough, MA 01752 1-508-258-7195……
#Lunova #insurance #agency #business #auto #home #coverage #quotes
More "ABOUT" our local MA #LunovaInsurance business, auto, & home owners insurance agency:

Lunova Insurance
14A Winthrop St Marlborough, MA 01752 1-508-258-7195
#HomeInsurance #AutoInsurance #CommercialInsurance #LunovaInsurance #insurance #quotesandprice
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Our Fireseal Class 0 Foam has the highest possible level of fire resistance of any flexible acoustic foam product, making it great for #construction applications amongst many others. Image
Each #Fireseal sheet measures 200cm x 100cm and comes with the option of a self-adhesive backing solution.
Want to know more? Visit our dedicated Class 0 Foam page at GB Foam Direct or get in touch with the team.…

#class0 #firesafety #foam #building
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A quick one stop shop for @chikn_nft strategies before Forgaging drops

This ecosystem keeps surprising me with the differing approaches.

All thanks to the double interloopoing trifecta engineering in the background

#NFT #NFTengineering

@chikn_nft Owners Only

Chikns lay $EGG, buy a chikn let it lay $egg and sell it for Avax, USD or single side stake it for feed.

Or Sell $egg for $Feed, feed your chikn and it grows to lay more egg, repeat.

Buy more chikn, roostr or farmland with profit.
@RoostrNFT Only

Roosters will only squirt $Fert if you feed them $egg. 1 egg gives 24 hours of squirting.

They also grow when fed $egg, they will squirt more $fert the bigger they are.

You could sell $fert for $egg to keep them fed or sell into Avax or USD.
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🏆 The 9 Principles of #Bitcoin Maximalism 🏆

A thread on the values that unite us and why the movement can be a force for good / 🧵
1. A Commitment to Safeguarding #Bitcoin for Future Generations
2. A Commitment to Running the #Bitcoin Software
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So since i dont sleep, and im not super patient,😂 i decided im going to build a 6Lpm Hydrogen Fuel Cell system to mine #Bitcoin, while also doing the wood gasification unit.🤪

Im doing 2x projects at once now pleb life + Science =🧡🌍 🥰 ImageImage
Only memes can express 😂🧡 ImageImage
SynGas Biomass mining update:

Reactor pieces cut, ready for Insulation and 🔥 Tube.

#Bitcoin & POW is the way ✊🧡 ImageImageImageImage
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#Data is the driving force of many fields in the future. Its industry is fresh, untapped and full of possibilities.

This is where @oceanprotocol comes in to explore the benefits of data to its full potential by catering for a seamless exchange of data.


A #thread
This year, @oceanprotocol plummeted into adoption with the release of serial updates:


These programs focus on incentivizing the community and #building talents.


The 'Data Bounty Program' is a special one:

@Oceanprotocol leverages on existing #data to provide real world solutions, and accelerates adoption by incentivizing #data-driven insights.…

First Bounty is live with @dimitratech
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During my 21,000 kms walk, I clicked these two pictures randomly in two different cities and interestingly around the same time of two different days.

The first picture I clicked in Vellore when I was crossing a bridge and found it this clean.

When I was in Ahmedabad few weeks
ago I saw this bridge and due to its condition I clicked it.

Now, if you see in terms of GDP, Literacy, Population, Income, Ranking etc Ahmedabad leads in comparison with Vellore.

But literacy is completely different from education, people in south are more “educated”
as they understand the value of public property.

Their educated mind gives them sense of ownership and make them more responsible towards public property.

That’s why you will find roads, toilets, Schools, Building, lot more cleaner anywhere in southern states.
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It’s that time of the week!

Sit back, stay calm and spend a minute for our handpicked #Polkastars news 💆‍♂️

This is the #Building time. Let’s do this 🧵👇

Plant, Spout, Reveal your Mojo at on June 23rd 🔥

🌱Get ready to play @WeArePlanetMojo games in Q3

💡Reminder: holding your Mojo = airdrop of your 4 Champion #NFTsImage
@WeArePlanetMojo #2 The @CryptoverseVIP Marketplace is here 🆕

Learn how you can trade your #Cryptoverse LAND and assets.

Get all the details now ⤵️ Image
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In the @cosmos ecosystem and need a faster way for developers and node operators to acquire #testnet tokens to test out and use the functionalities of your network?

Tired of the operational overhead of sending tokens?

We've got you...

The latest repo we've #OpenSourced is a simple app we built for @cheqd_io

This is a self-serve site that allows users to enter their #testnet address and seamlessly request tokens so they can test out the @cheqd_io network's identity functionalities
We built this using @Cloudflare pages as it provides a fast way to create serverless applications which are able to scale up and down dynamically depending on traffic, at a low cost.

Essentially when a request is made, a tiny server runs for the time needed to process it
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Don’t take God out of your matter. I am a full time lawyer and as an immigrant, I would have lived in the UK for 32 years by the 8th of February 2022.

In finding my feet, getting married, having children, raising children, building my career and my ministry,
I can see the hand of God in my matters. Even at the height of attacks to destroy me and my ministry, God showed up.

If you are discouraged, tired, weak, betrayed, jilted, going through family or career issues, I believe I am well positioned to help you through counseling
online or face to face meetings. As a professional, I believe I can help fellow professionals. Don’t die of depression or die of stress. I was inspired to reach out to you wherever you are today. I have helped millions through my daily TV programmes for the past 17 years and
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Does #Soundproofing Work Both Ways?
Everyone who has thought of #soundproofing does have this question at some point in time?…
If I soundproof my #room, does it offer #soundproofing to both sides, like keeping the #voices inside and blocking the noise from outside?
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The findings show an absence of a systematic and coordinated plot to take over these schools and an absence of any concerted and deliberate plot to promote radicalisation and violent extremism of Muslim children in these schools or elsewhere

language used to talk about the issues of “radicalisation” & “extremism” is itself the subject of considerable debate (Kundnani 2012; Lynch 2013). There is also a difficulty in understanding fully these issues cos there is a lack of an objective or universally accepted definition
As soon as the media took hold of the allegations, there was huge publicity about the promotion of extremism, radicalisation & terrorism.
At the time, the press also expressed many irrational anxieties about these Muslim majority schools (Arthur 2015). Even though, from the
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