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Public health warnings: “Don’t travel for Thanksgiving holidays.”

Americans: “hold my beer”.

2) we honestly shouldn’t hold any Thanksgiving gatherings. But if you must, or already committed (never too late to cancel), make sure you ventilate your home sufficiently—but this is not zero risk. The better option is outdoor gathering only.
3) Personally, I’m not gathering for thanksgiving. But if I were to, I would only do it outdoors. That is the safest honestly. Wear jackets and use heat lamps. Image
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To limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and prevent the most serious potential impacts of climate change, including increased vulnerability to #plandemics, we need systemic solutions such as hydrogen.
#COVID19 misuse 🙈… Image
The chemical site Leuna is becoming the European center for hydrogen liquefaction… Image
‘Hydrogen wars’ pit Europe against China for $700 billion business
A Linde AG #hydrogen plant in #Leuna, Germany. Governments, energy giants, automobile companies and lobbying groups say hydrogen use is pivotal for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.… Image
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Sword and Swastika (free 📚)… Image
The Nazi Roots of the “Brussels EU”
It proves that the key architects of the European Union were recruited from among the same technocrats who had previously designed the plans for a post-WWII Europe under the control of the #Nazis.
#COVID19 😉🙈… ImageImage
The #IGFarben #Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal records contained on this website consist of tens of thousands of documents.
Invest some time and study 😉… Image
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1.594.844 casos (+4.584 día previo) +12.228 tras revisar la serie
43.668 fallecidos (+1.232/7d) +537 tras revisar la serie
15.626 UCI (+286/7d)
186.346 hospitalizados (+3.551/7d)


Sigue 👇
Incidencia acumulada en los últimos 14 días (1/2)

España 362,35

Castilla y León 649,87
Asturias 579,1
País Vasco 577,55
Ceuta 536,7
La Rioja 534,09
Melilla 530,72
Aragón 468,89
Cantabria 466,37
Andalucía 433,27
Murcia 422,79
Castilla La Mancha 365,74
Navarra 361,81 Image
Incidencia acumulada en los últimos 14 días (2/2)

Cataluña 325,18
Extremadura 314,69
C, Valenciana 283,43
Galicia 275,13
Madrid 271,72
Baleares 206,71
Canarias 76,39
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¿Qué nos espera?


1. La relación bilateral tomará un giro de 180º con la llegada de Biden al poder. La plataforma política del partido demócrata marca prioridades distintas a las del partido republicano, y en particular a las de la administración de Trump.
2. Se espera que la relación bilateral retome los canales oficiales de comunicación entre ambos países.

Recordemos que Trump, utilizaba vías no oficiales para llevar la relación con México, entre ellas, fue la de su yerno/asesor/intermediario, @jaredkushner.
3. @JoeBiden ha dicho que quiere restablecer la dignidad y respeto con México, aunque se abarcarán temas que podrán causar roces entre ambos países.
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🇫🇷 French President #Macron announces changes to #COVID19 restrictions from Saturday:
🛍️ All shops can reopen, but must close by 9pm
🏃People can exercise for up to 3 hours, within 20km of their home (up from 1hr, 1km)
📲Declarations still needed to leave the house 1/
🇫🇷 More from #Macron: Second stage of lifting restrictions from 15th December, if #COVID19 cases remain low:
🏠General lockdown order will be lifted
🕘 Curfew from 9pm-7am
🎄 No curfew from 24-31 December
🎭📽️ Cinemas, theatres and museums can reopen
2/ #F24
🇫🇷 #Macron: Third stage, if case numbers are under 5,000/day on January 20th:
🏋️ Gyms can re-open
🎒 In high schools, all classes can take place in person
🧑‍🎓 In-person classes can resume in universities from Feb 3rd 3/ #F24
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Moments of crisis, like #COVID19, are moments of cultural compression...Moments when values and beliefs of a group are more easily identified and then shaped.

Moments that can tell organizations an awful lot about who we are, what matters most, and who we might become. #EDAC2020 Image
It turns out that psychological safety, the ability for team members to take interpersonal risks, is critical for groups to do their work. In moments of crisis we can clearly see when psychological safety is intact....and...when it is not.

@AmyCEdmondson:… might we shape an organizational culture that fosters psychological safety so that we can be our best during crisis, but perhaps even more importantly during normal times??? #EDAC2020 ImageImageImage
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Point sur la situation juste avant l’allocation d’@EmmanuelMacron :

1. CAS
Cette semaine on a détecté 14 400 cas en moyenne chaque jour. C’est presque 3x plus que l’objectif du président. Image
30 594 personnes sont actuellement hospitalisées. Ça baisse de façon assez constante depuis une semaine (environ -7% par semaine). Lors du pic de la première vague, jusqu’à 32 000 personnes ont été hospitalisées. #Covid19 Image
3. RÉANIMATIONS et soins intensifs
4 277 personnes y occupent un lit. C’est -11% en une semaine, mais ça reste élevé. La baisse semble un peu moins forte que lors de la première vague. #Covid19 Image
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Let’s talk children. Imagine being a 14y/o boy seeing ur dad in prison every wk of 2yrs inside except when #COVID19 meant visits stopped. You’re excited cause he’s due out Thurs - day b4 your 15th Birthday. You’ve been planning & thinking about it 4 mths #Jamaica50 (Thread 1/7)
Lockdown & visits stopping has been so hard but your parents reassure you it’s ok cause this is the day he’ll be out, he’ll be there for your birthday. So you try to keep your head down, get to grips with online learning, keep focused. It isn’t easy. #EndDeportations (2/7)
It’s been a struggle living without your dad cause he’s been there all your life. Your parents are stressed and distraught, they are scared to tell you that your dad likely won’t be coming out for your birthday. #Jamaica50 #StopDeportations #YesItsRacist (3/7)
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1/Good afternoon, Maine. Today is a somber day. @MEPublicHealth is reporting the deaths of 12 individuals w/#COVID19.

Their deaths brings the total number of individuals who have passed away w/COVID in Maine to 189.
2/In addition, #Maine logged 255 new cases of #COVID19, for a total of 10,799 individuals.

Right now, 105 people are in the hospital w/COVID. 43 of them are in the ICU and 9 are on a ventilator.
3/Our 7-day test positivity rate stands at 2.62%.

Roughly 1 month ago (10/24), it was 0.55%. #COVID19 #Maine Image
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Gute Frage!
Ich habe zwar kaum Reichweite, erlaube mir aber dennoch meine Gedanken zur Frage,
weshalb die Forderung nach #ZeroCovid nicht nur von Mediziner*innen, sondern generell wenig geäußert wird.

Ein Thread.
1/x Image
Maximale Eindämmung von #Corona wurde von Pandemiebeginn an, als nur in autoritären, die Demokratie und den Datenschutz vernachlässigenden Staaten für machbar deklariert,
der neuseeländische Weg als Sonderfall eines Inselstaats abgetan.

Die Konnotationen dazu lauteten medial im Frühjahr fast ausschließlich "harter, alle wirtschaftliche Existenz vernichtender, ewiger Lockdown", "Verzicht auf nahezu alle grundgesetzlich verankerte Freiheiten" usw.
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@BillKronoss @CatrionaColllns @FatEmperor Thread about Matt Hancock.

Hancock was a protégé of George Osborne for whom he worked 2005-2010. Elected an MP in 2010 he had several junior (Minister of State) posts in the Cameron govt. And of course was a Remainer.

Replying to @tonyseymour @BillKronoss and 2 others
@BillKronoss @CatrionaColllns @FatEmperor After the 2016 Brexit Referendum, Hancock mysteriously survived PM Theresa May's "purge of the Cameroons". In Jan 2018 he was promoted to full Minister (Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport).…

@BillKronoss @CatrionaColllns @FatEmperor The same month, Jan 2018, Hancock gave his speech in Davos ‘Reimagining policy making for the fourth industrial revolution’.…

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/24/2020…
California Exodus: An online industry seizes COVID-19 to sell the Red State Dream…

#california #COVID19 #emigration
The Comparative Impact of Cash Transfers and a Psychotherapy Program on Psychological and Economic Well-being

#EconomicWellBeing #QualityOfLife #CashTransfers #psychotherapy
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Voici un suivi des demandes de TDM thoracique pour #COVID19 dans notre centre (NHC, @CHRUStrasbourg) au cours de la 2ème vague.

En rouge le nombre journalier de demandes, en vert le nombre de scanners qui sont compatibles avec un #COVID19 (pointillés= moyenne lissée sur 5j)

⬇️ Image
On constate :
1/le pic est clairement dépassé
2/le plateau a été atteint + lentement que lors de la 1ère vague
3/le plateau est moins intense que lors de la 1ère vague
4/le plateau a duré plus longtemps
5/le pourcentage de scanners positifs est moindre que lors de la 1ère vague
On a donc fait entre 20 et 30 scanners journaliers pour suspicion pendant environ 3 semaines. Avec une dizaine de cas positifs chaque jour.
Par contre c'était bcp + "dur" que la 1ère vague, car les autres urgences n'ont pas diminué. Du coup ça nous faisait 100 scanners/j au pic
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#COVID19 in #Ontario [Nov 24]:
1009 new cases*, 14 deaths, 1082 resolved
27053 tests/day, 29316 pending, 3.7% pos
534 hospitalized (159 in ICU)
See THREAD for more graphs📈⬇️
#onhealth #COVID19ontario #onpoli Image
Hospitalizations/ICU for #COVID19 in #Ontario🏥

Hospitalizations non-ICU: 375
ICU non-ventilated: 68
ICU+ventilator: 91
= Total hospitalized: 534

#COVIDー19 #COVID19Ontario #onpoli Image
#COVID19 Hospitalizations & deaths in #Ontario
Deaths in the past week: 136

Line = 7 day moving average. #COVIDー19 #onhealth Image
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El Gobierno presenta la Estrategia de Vacunación #COVID19.

Su principal objetivo👉🏻Disminuir la morbilidad y mortalidad causada por el virus mediante la utilización de vacunas, en un contexto de disponibilidad progresiva y protegiendo a los grupos más vulnerables.

Más detalles⤵️
La Estrategia será coordinada por el Consejo Interterritorial del SNS, con representación del Gobierno y CC.AA.

@sanidadgob adquirirá las dosis correspondientes para España en el marco de la estrategia europea.

✅Las vacunas se administrarán de forma gratuita a través del SNS. Image
➡️Ante la disponibilidad gradual de dosis se debe fijar el orden de prioridad de los grupos de población a vacunar, en base a un marco ético y criterios de riesgo.

El Consejo Interterritorial SNS acordará la priorización final de la vacunación a determinados grupos de población. Image
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The 5th #EbACommunity of Practice workshop, connecting 300+ people working on ecosystem-based adaptation as a type of #naturebasedsolutions, is now online. Follow @Adapt_Community for updates, I’ll add news from thematic tracks, marketplace and other features in this thread. 1/x Image
Arno Sckeyde, head of the Global Project on Mainstreaming ecosystem-based adaptation, is introducing some of the knowledge resources, e.g. the thematic community on #EbA @Panorama_Planet…
More on the Global Project at…
#EbACommunity Image
Our first input at the #EbACommunity WS is by @iki_bmu, a strong supporter of #EbA for years. After a portfolio overview – 200 mio € so far! - by Birte Derrix, Lukas Hach from #biodiversity highlighted the importance of EbA for the post2020 Global Biodiversity Framework ImageImage
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The best COVID questions I got yesterday: 
1. Why did AstraZeneca give volunteers a half dose of vaccine followed by a full dose a month later? And why did that group do so much better than those who receive two full doses? (90% effective vs. 62%) 1/
2. Should prior #COVID19 infection affect your place in line for a vaccine?
3. If a healthcare worker gets vaccinated and develops a fever, does that person stay home from work the next day?
Answer to #1: It was an accident. Researchers were confused when side effects were much milder than expected, so they checked & realized they'd mistakenly given volunteers half of the predicted dose. We don't know why that worked better, but it did.…
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So @TuckerCarlson finally gets its, most of us already knew, and in plain sight so will you.
#Voting #Manipulation #Democracts & #BigTech
1. Electronic Voting is not as secure as hand counting. Voters can see it and it makes them nervous. Leaders given every reason to not trust the technology.
2. #Tucker "The people who are now telling us to stop asking questions about #VotingMachines are the same ones who claim our phones weren't listening to us, they lie
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📍BAD UPDATE—14 morgues—El Paso has to expand another 5 mobile morgues & plan to build a new refrigerated warehouse w/ **3000 square feet of refrigeration** to handle the surging of deceased bodies that need medical examination, amid the #COVID19 surge. 🧵… Image
2) “I don’t know what else we could do. I’m really focusing on a moral appeal to our community,” El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego said.

“As soon as we get one solution, it’s not sufficient,” Judge Samaniego said.
3) “The deadly impact of COVID-19 on El Paso reached an all-time high on Monday, with more than 250 bodies now being held at the county morgue, part of over 480 total deaths under investigation for the coronavirus.”
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#CoronaInfoCH #Coronavirus #COVID19
24.11. Thread mit zusätzlichen Auswertungen zu den heutigen Zahlen des @BAG_OFSP_UFSP
Meldezeitraum: Letzte 24 Stunden (seit Montag).
Die 4'241 neu gemeld. Fälle setzen sich zusammen:
- 3'947 aktuelle Fälle Fr-Di
- 20 Korr. 14.10.-19.11. (+294)
Die Fallzahl ist tiefer als an den letzten zwei Di, wo 5'980 und 4'560 gemeldet wurden.
Es wurden 20'794 neue Tests durchgef., Positivität 20.4%.
Quelle: BAG, bis 24.11. ImageImage
Die 238 neu gemeld. Spitaleintritte (neue Hospitalisationen) setzen sich zus.:
- 177 aktuelle Meldungen Di-Mo
- 27 Nachmeld. 22.7./2.10.-16.11. (+61)
- Keine Meldungen ohne Datumsangabe
Die aktuellen Zahlen sind wegen den kommenden Nachmeld. unterschätzt.
Quelle: BAG, bis 24.11. Image
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My take—I personally think the Oxford AstraZeneza #COVID19 vaccine at 90% efficacy (with its half-then-full dose regimen) simple refrigeration vaccine that costs $2.5-4/dose is superior. Cheaper + much easier to ship ➡️ means save more lives worldwide.
2) For the record, we need to stop quoting the 70% efficacy number. It’s a mix of regimen 1&2, which is not possible in the real world. You only take either 1 or 2, not both. Thus it’s either 90% or 62%. Many new outlets made this error, which I myself at first read. 90% folks!
3) Eventually, I think all 3 vaccines might be in the 90% ballpark for efficacy once more data comes out. Also Oxford vaccine reported also asymptomatic infections. While Pfizer did not—only symptomatic. Because asymptomatic can also spread it, I think that is key.
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Some new data came out today on the “other” #covid19 vaccine, Russia’s Sputnik V:
Press release claims efficacy of
91,4% - 28 days after 1st shot
95% - 42 days after 1st shot

Apart from usual caveats it is important to note that this comes from analysis of just 39 infections: Image
My colleague @sciencecohen wrote about the first batch of results earlier this month and why they didn’t pass the “smell test"…
@sciencecohen In press conference Kirill Dimitriev, CEO of Russian Direct Investment Fund, says vaccine will be produced in lyophilized form to be stored at 2-8 degrees C.
Vaccine to be delivered internationally from January 2021 for up to 500 million people that year. Less than $10 per shot.
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THREAD: Translation of remarks from #Sweden’s Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) on the country’s #Covid19 elderly care. Of the over 6000 deaths here, most were elderly patients.
"IVO notes serious shortcomings in the regions with regard to medical care and treatment ...
... of people in dedicated homes for the elderly during the covid pandemic.
IVO's assessment is that none of the regions has taken full responsibility for ensuring individual needs-based care and treatment.
IVO has examined the regions, which are responsible for medical care ...
... and treatment, with the aim of seeing if the elderly who live in dedicated homes have received care and treatment based on their individual needs in case of suspected or confirmed Covid-19.
IVO's assessment is that no region has taken full responsibility for ensuring ...
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