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What your are thinking right now is having an impact on your genetic expression and in turn your health. What you are feeling right now is having an impact on your genetic expression and in turn your health.
What emotion you are going through right now is having and impact on your genetic expression and in turn your health.
Your thoughts, feelings and emotions impact your biology! If your emotions can bring such a physical and mental change in you, you now know how it’s impacting your genes at a cellular level too! When they say genetic most people give up like there is nothing to do.
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Proud to share our new paper!! We explored recent evidence on #epigenetics #transposons and #population #genetics to look beyond the two-speed genome evolution model!! @OggenfussUrsula @danielcroll @MFSeidl…
Genomic compartments specifically benefit plant pathogen lifestyle? Well... genomic compartments occur all across the tree of life @OggenfussUrsula @MFSeidl @danielcroll Image
Then, they are a consequence of #transposon insertions and accumulation? Or a consequence of #chromatin organization? Probably both! @OggenfussUrsula @danielcroll @MFSeidl Image
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So many people are curious about their genes. These same people might get curious about their “true biological age” and companies are happy to take their money. I just wrote about it. Here’s what I found. THREAD. Image
23andMe has become the “Kleenex” of the direct-to-consumer genetic testing world. It’s short-hand for the type of product itself. You spit and get back a report about your genetic risk for cardiovascular disease, for hating the taste of cilantro and for having a unibrow.
But there’s a new tide rising: direct-to-consumer EPIGENETIC kits. Already a few companies are offering these very expensive saliva/blood/urine kits ($300-700 US) to give you tailored reports on how your body is truly aging and what to do about it.
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🥳 We are celebrating 1 year of @ECHO_ERCproject 🤩

Started on 1st of March 2019, the project lead by Alberto Palloni has as the main objective to reformulate and generalize standard theories of human #health and #mortality.
💶: @ERC_Research 🇪🇺
🗓️: 5 years
#epidemiology #ERC
@ERC_Research @sebadaza @lauracilek @mathiasvoigt2 @Demografia_CSIC @CCHS_CSIC @Europeos_CSIC @REA_research @dordanovich During year 1, Alberto Palloni has:
-moved from @UWSoc 🇺🇸 ✈️ to @CSIC 🇪🇸
-set his own team of researchers and collaborators, specialised in #sociology, #demography, #geography, #epidemiology and #epigenetics👩🏽‍💻🧑🏻‍💼👨🏾‍💻👩‍🔬
-identified suitable health #databases & #longitudinal studies
@ERC_Research @sebadaza @lauracilek @mathiasvoigt2 @Demografia_CSIC @CCHS_CSIC @Europeos_CSIC @REA_research @dordanovich @UWSoc @CSIC @IEGD_CSIC Meet Alberto's team at @CCHS_CSIC!
-Diego Ramiro: Director of @IEGD_CSIC @Demografia_CSIC
-Sebastián Daza: Demographer and Social Data Scientist @sebadaza
-Mathias Voigt: Demographer @mathiasvoigt2
-Dariya Ordanovich: Geographer, GIS Specialist and Data Scientist @dordanovich
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1/ New insights into control of #tregs by #DNAmethylation from #SingerLab. #epigenetics @luisamnMD @NMPulmCritCare

Check out our new preprint on @biorxivpreprint:…
2/ Treg cells are known to require a lineage-specific DNA hypomethylation pattern during development that stabilizes their lineage. We wanted to determine whether maintenance DNA methylation is required for Treg cell lineage development and stability.
3/ Accordingly, we bred mice with Treg cell-specific deficiency in the epigenetic regulator Uhrf1, which maintains methyl-DNA marks. These mice displayed a profound inflammatory phenotype.
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Today we launch the @ECHO_ERCproject online!🥳
ECHO is lead by Alberto Palloni & financed by the @ERC_Research #H2020 programme🇪🇺
The project started on March 2019 and will run until 2024, hosted at the Institute of Economy,Geography and Demography of @CCHS_CSIC #Madrid
@ERC_Research @CCHS_CSIC What we want to do?🧐
👉🏾 reformulate and generalize standard theories of human #health and #mortality
👉🏾propose new formal models and a systematic agenda to empirically test hypotheses that link developmental #biology, #epigenetics and adult human illness, #disability mortality.
@ERC_Research @CCHS_CSIC Together with Alberto Palloni, the team is joined by demographers, geographers and technicians:

The more, the better! @ECHO_ERCproject also collaborates with other scientists who provide knowledge and expertise to achieve the ambitious research programme
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Andy Feinberg has written a review about #epigenetics in @NEJM.

Unfortunately, it’s damaging to the field of human epigenetics research.

The Key Role of Epigenetics in Human Disease Prevention and Mitigation…
A couple of historical inaccuracies to start. Waddington was saying the opposite – cell fate (the cellular event in epigenesis) is probabilistic, not deterministic. The major point he was making was that genes have a role in influencing epigenesis, a major argument at the time
Waddington did not ignore environment at all. In fact, he treated Drosophila larvae with heat/ether to see whether he could influence cell fate. He considered the epigenetic landscape (cell fate) potentially modifiable by environment and genetic variation, see next image
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I wasn’t really expecting this tweet to get such a response. It clearly hit a communal nerve. Probably in part because I was deliberately provocative 1/
2/ Did @ryanlisterlab really show that DNA methylation has no role in transcriptional repression? Of course not. But they do show that it does not seem to be enough by itself to change the expression of genes
3/ Why is that observation important? Because it makes us think a bit more critically about something that plagues #epigenome-wide association studies, the idea that environment changes DNA methylation, gene expression and cellular memory.
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