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Food Irradiation & Birx Family ties.
Debra Birx's brother & sister in law were killed in a small plane crash in 2000. He worked as a research scientist for Systems Research Labs.…
Daniel Birx designed a food irradiation product using radioactive isotopes which were dangerous to transport.
Looks like they began experimenting on food outside the US.
#MadScience #Eugenics
I don't know much about food irradiation, but this Public Health article makes me uneasy. It is discouraging critical thought.
#PublicHealth #FoodSecurity #Radiation
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1/ Is this CO¥!D Pandemic merely a Trial Run by the Cabal?

Firstly, let me to state quite clearly, this Virus is real. Of this there can be no doubt. However, what if the “Pandemic” itself is not?
2/ Allow me to explain. We know that those with eyes to see, ears to hear and noses
3/ to smell, that there is something very wrong with this Pandemic.

Nothing about it adds up or makes any logical or factual sense, unless their is a reason or agenda behind it.
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I got #redpilled and desided to join the digital battlefield by making videos from memes and ss´s w i collect and put together with themes i make learning Ableton Live
Dropping videos under this pinned tweet, feel free to add your own memes under videos and rt.
#GreatAwakening #Q
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Is wearing a mask related to an ancient ritual? ImageImage…

Covid 19 vaccine something you need to know 💉
The New England journal of medicine ImageImage
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Remember that time Rothschilds sold there property in Germany at wholesale price?!
Rothschild Family Sells Large Austrian Hunting Estate

The wooded property, known as Langau, is nearly as large as Manhattan…
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Thread on #Qanon & #GhislaineMaxwell -
Q has posted 10 posts on Maxwell, ONE exactly 1 year prior to the day and almost to the -exact hour- she was denied bail and ordered to report to prison.

Let''s have a look at the others?
Of the 10 posts #Qanon made specifically referring to #GhislaineMaxwell, #3431 and one other post, #3428 posted here, came exactly one year ago today.

#Qposts #WWG1GWA #DarkToLight Image
In #QPost #3428 above, Q directs us to an article about Victoria's Secret, owner #LexWexner and a woman who said she'd been promised modeling work there and been sexually abused by #JeffreyEpstein and #GhislaineMaxwell.…
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Don’t renew ur cloud subscription, I got you covered #chrissyteigen
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Michael Fickess - 7.07.20 @ 12:19 AM


I saw William J. Seymour in the Spirit tonight and he was holding a large key ring with golden keys on it and I heard the Lord say to me, "William J. Seymour has the keys." 1/
As soon as I heard this, I felt it was a strategy to combat the enemy's plan to sow racial hatred, fear, and division in this nation. I was immediately reminded that the Azusa Street revival that begin in Los Angeles in 1906 defied every racial barrier and ... 2/
created a diverse expression of the kingdom of heaven on earth--a testimony that stood against the prevailing segregation and racism of the time. It is clear that the enemy wants to remind us of every old wound and new wound right now to stir up fear and hatred. 3/
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1/ THREAD Wild to see opposition to "conspiracy thinking" even though we're taught it's a crazy way to think.

Broken down, the primary function of the QAnon movement - or "most conspiracy theories" - is asking questions.

#qanon #wwg1wga #greatawakening #EpsteinDidntKillHimself
2/ Even something ridiculous like "200 Proofs" is essentially a list of questions.

We're taught that speech is dangerous, that words can hurt. That certain thoughts are dangerous.

Let's be clear: words and thoughts, like guns, don't kill people. Actions kill people.
3/ People argue that words lead to bad actions, like slavery or the holocaust. But if you want to argue that, you have to admit that words ended the holocaust, and slavery.
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Here is a “brief” thread of what I detailed in the youtube video I posted earlier about occult symbolism, & the music video for “Where Are You Now” by Justin Bieber. The music video is just one piece of a very complicated web.
This really all started with me watching #OutOfTheShadows , a documentary on YouTube with over 15 million views, yet so hidden it’s almost impossible to find. After realizing the CIA is completely corrupt and has been brainwashing Americans, I came to the further realization that
#pizzagate is VERY much a real thing. Having understood that, I had to be consistent and follow the next logical conclusions, wherever they led me. Where they led me to was here. While searching the #pizzagate hashtag on twitter I stumbled upon people mentioning #JustinBieber’s
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[NEW THREAD] Share this post to educate others

Illuminati puppets have to show their allegiance w/symbolism: cloths, photos, brands, sculptures, tattoos, movies, cartoons etc.

Lets break down a handful to train our eyes. 🙏
I will be sharing an explanation along w/examples of different ways the elites show their allegiance w/these symbols

Also I will be attaching a video (about symbols) created by "A Call For An Uprising" he's AMAZING! I highly recommend you subscribe to his channel
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Astral projection
You may have heard the term in the past, and you know meditation is idea to leave your body.

That seems to be a supernatural act. But in fact it is much more than that.

It can be called the dream body, the astronomical body, the energy body, the Buddhist light body, the Taoist diamond body, the Egyptian ka ka, the delicate tanrich body, the Hindu bliss body,
and in Christianity, the experience of different heavens."

This is part of the human world, and apparently part of our standard human design, such as toenails and kidneys.

it's a is an "out-of-body (OBE) experiment in which an Astral body leaves a physical body and
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This is by far the biggest validation yet that QAnon is real, despite all the people that called it a hoax and its followers QTards or worse. @GenFlynn not only used the slogan WWG1WGA from Q, the entire #taketheoath movement is from Q post 4510
Sidney Powell denied that her client's video had anything to do with QAnon. “The slogan comes from an engraved bell on JFK'S sailboat — acknowledging the unity of mankind. The oath is obvious — the federal oath in support of our Constitution.…
"He wanted to encourage people to think about being a citizen. Don't read anything else into it," she told the Washington Examiner.
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!!Decode — (7/05/20)

This Decode is based on a POTUS Tweet (T-17779), and a Repost of the same Tweet (T-17781) 13h 15m Later

TimeStamps: 11:48, 1:03
TimeDelta :06, 11:29, 13:15

Keywords: FREEDOM, History, July, Everyone


The Tweet:
On this wonderful day, we celebrate our history, our heroes, our heritage, our flag, and our FREEDOMS. Happy Fourth of July to Everyone!



The TimeStamp 11:48 Clue
Leads us to Q-Drop 1148

Here we find ...


SC/LL deal drop.
POTUS Tweet.
Coming soon to a theater near you.

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Blue bird is suppressing it so here it is again
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This is murder. Genocide! @NYGovCuomo! #ArrestCuomo
Death By Killing Old People, Not By COVID—The Basic Deception…
Don’t even think of saying, “Well, you see, those old people put on ventilators were already very sick and close to dying.” NO medical treatment that kills 97.2 percent of patients in a well-defined group is continued, unless there are orders mandating it. Unless there are...
...are orders mandating it. Unless there is added insurance money to be made from it. Unless the doctors are willing to keep using the treatment, despite the results.

New York—the “epicenter of the pandemic”—is an epicenter of killing old people...
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A letter to [THEM].....thread incoming!

#QAnon #GreatAwakening #wwg1wga #wednesdaymorning #WednesdayMotivation
Thank you Deep State... Thank you liberals... Thank you democrats... Thank you MSM... Thank you Hollywood... Thank you elites... THANK YOU!
Truly, THANK YOU!!

Because of YOU, my worldview has changed for the better.

Because of YOU, my eyes have been opened.

Because of YOU, I am no longer a slave.
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The Vril Association, or Luminous Lodge, was the first German nationalist group to use the swastika symbol as a symbol of Eastern and Western cohesion.

The Viril Society presented the idea of ​​an underground socialist utopia run by superior beings who controlled the mysterious energy called the Viril force.

The novel Bulwer Lytton The Coming Race (1871), a novel, states that the Vril ya civilization lived in caves in
the center of the earth and that they would soon appear to reign over us.

The vril Association believed that whoever became a vril Master, would be his own master and the others around him and the world.
It was believed that the world would change and that "owners" would
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old friends want to save the world

(رشته توييت از تصاوير و ويديوها)

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New Human Update:

Friends, if you remember and read my tweet about the great solar flash,
In that tweet, I mentioned that with the arrival of this flash to Earth,

in a short time the Earth and we humans, who were in dimension 3, will enter dimension 5.
(What's the difference between 3, 4, and 5? Please read my tweet about the great solar flash.)

Researchers say Saturn and Uranus' solar flares have been affected, Jupiter has been
affected, and Neptune has been affected.
Mars shows signs, and we who live on Earth feel affected in many ways, and the Earth shows signs of being involved in the collision .
Friends , the poles are changing, and climate change, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes
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The Plan To Save The World = INTRODUCTION
Preview questions

* Do you have a good OVERVIEW of what 2016 election was about?
* Do you have good OVERVIEW what Q Team is about?
* Do you sense something BIGGER than “the news” is happening in the world, but you can’t put your finger on it?
I challenge you to set aside THREE HOURS - yes, 3 hours -
& watch this video:

You can break it into SEGMENTS - there are 10 PARTS...
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