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.@jack @FaceBook @PolitiFact censor and target conservatives - not a single one has #FactCheck, removed all the false #RussiaHoax stories written about @realDonaldTrump However these platforms go out of their way to protect Biden/Dems. Falsely charging #fakenews to justify
Censorship. But these platforms have allowed #Iran to threaten #Israel, #China to lie to the world, the #WHO to lie, @kathygriffin to share tweets threatening @realDonaldTrump for more than 17 hours before removing it. Their actions & their politics r obvious. The
Potential to interfere in the #2020election is dangerous - #Twitter, #Facebook #FactCheck operate like bias publishers - It must stop. there is more interference from these platforms in Democracy and they must not have the power to control info flow during this election, or ever.
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Me rushing to share all the reasons why ending the nuclear nonproliferation waivers in Iran is not only uncalled for, it directly increases the risk that #Iran will pursue activities that decrease their breakout timeline. #JCPOA #IranDeal
Block Russia from supplying near 20% enriched uranium in small quantities? Iran will start replacing that supply by enriching itself to much higher levels than they are doing now.
Block China and the UK from helping Iran modify its research reactor design? Iran will pursue the original design that produces more, better quality (for weapons) plutonium.
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THREAD: For @politico I mapped out which countries are doing best when both their health and economic #coronavirus outcomes are considered - see here, with @beatricezjin.

#Vietnam is the clear best performer; the US ranks just 24th of 30.… #COVID
#1 Vietnam: The easy ranking leader as the biggest country with no COVID-19 deaths (95m), barely 300 cases, and economy still set to grow 2.7% in 2020.
#2 is #Taiwan: They avoided the need for a full lockdown by taking early action in January, proving that containment was possible despite proximity and other links with China. Still, with 70 percent of GDP linked to exports, Taiwan's economy is on track to shrink 4 percent.
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Strange but fascinating and important to know!

The terrorist regime of #Iran believes that I am the person prophesied in the books from 1000s of years ago, who will strike Iran with the support of #Christians and #Jews, fight Radical #Islam and create an Islamic renaissance.
That's why they all censor us in a united act.

It's not important whether me or you believe it or not;
It's important that billions of Muslims around the world believe in these prophecies and consider them the sign of the #Apocalypse and the advent of the #Antichrist.
Iran's regime has spent $Bs for this propaganda in Iran & Lebanon's media.
The IRGC & #Hizbullah say Trump & Restartleader are Antichrist(#dajjal) but Iranians believe @realDonaldTrump is #Yamani,sent by Jesus & #Seyed_Mohammad_Hosseini the leader of Restart is #Cyrus_I (Shu'ayb)
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Ukrainian officials are suggesting new evidence shows #Iran’s regime was fully informed of flight #PS752 & yet deliberately shot down the passenger plane with at least two surface-to-air missiles launched by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).…
Ukrainian forensics chief Alexander Ruvin has suggested from evidence obtained that passengers on flight PS752 were out of their seats before two missiles hit the plane outside Tehran in early January.
"When the plane takes off, all passengers are fastened. It rose to 2,000 meters. Until the plane rises to an altitude of 8,000 meters, the announcement that passengers should be fastened, does not turn off. So, everyone had to be fastened," Ruvin said.…
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The Persian rug weaver strikes in the US’s backyard through Venezuela…

Schedule of 5 #Iran/ian tankers to #Venezuela :

1. Fortune arrived at PDVSA refinery al-Palito.

2. Forest arrived at Punta Cardón (Falcon)

3. Petunia expected TODAY at al-Palito

4. Faxul expected Thursday at Falcon

5. Clavel expected Saturday at Punta Cardón.
If you believe these 5 tankers came from #Iran to supply #Venezuela with fuel and refineries spare parts, u are dead wrong.

This is much more: Skilful Iran is honest with its friends and allies but has also waited 40 years to lead the world uprising against the #US imperialism+
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Más preguntas que respuestas de los 244 millones de litros de gasolina de los barcos iraníes: Si se toman las cifras de 2018 (4,1 millones de vehículos), con el 40% del parque automotor inactivo, entonces estarían activos aproximadamente 2,460,000 vehículos. Un promedio de
20 litros por vehículo. 244 millones de litros a razón de 20 libros paca un parque automotor de 2,460,000 vehículos, la gasolina alcanza para sólo 4,96 días. En definitiva, la llegada de los 5 barcos iraníes a #Venezuela no cambia el actual racionamiento porque la cantidad no es
representativa. Para lo que sí sirven los barcos iraníes es para alimentar la propaganda de los regímenes de #Irán y #Venezuela. Ambos utilizaron sus poderosos aparatos propagandísticos para hacer ver esta travesía como una victoria sobre el imperio, un elemento de provocación
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Tomorrow is #Venezuela Eid.

A flotilla of 5 #Iran tankers w/ gasoline & alkylate (to improve the quality of domestic gasoline) for 1,800 gasoline stations starved, is approaching the Caribbean, with the 1st vessel expected to reach it tomorrow Sunday. Image
US sanctions prohibiting the sale of oil products to #Venezuela. US oil service providers ceased their operations in the country, contributing to the country’s oil collapse. Only 10% of #Venezuela capacity of 1.3 million barrels per day is delivered due to lack of refineries.
#Venezuela fuel produced is low octane as most of the country's alkylation units are out of service. Imported alkylate could improve the quality of domestic gasoline.
Venezuela has not only lost access to the US oil market but has also lost access to the US financial system.
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The #US Navy has also sent a combat fleets to the Caribbean (white arrow) :
USS Detroit (LCS-7)
USS Lassen (DDG-82)
USS Preble (DDG-88)
USS Farragut (DDG-99)

The ETA is 25 May
Iran: Seizing any of the tankers will definitely have a response from Iran in the #Persian_Gulf and the Sea of Oman.
Remember #StenaImpero the British oil tanker detention by #Iran in the Persian Gulf just few miles from the British and French warships...
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While Khamenei was hailing #Iran's supply of arms to Palestinian terrorist groups with money stolen from #Iranians, workers were on the streets demanding months of unpaid wages.
- Municipal workers in Mahshahr, SW Iran, say they have 5 months of unpaid wages. #IranProtests
Hamedan, W #Iran
Workers and employees of the Ali-Sadr Cave gathered today to protest being kept in a state of limbo and not receiving unemployment insurance despite the closure of the popular tourist destination due to #COVID19. #IranProtests
Report: The managers of the Lamerd Cement Factory in SW #Iran sacked workers who had protested and demanded their unpaid wages. The workers have at least 3 months of unpaid wages. #IranProtests
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US Treasury Sanctions Iran’s Interior Minister, Senior Law Enforcement Officials in Connection w/ Serious Human Rights Abuses…

-Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli
-Police chief Hossein Ashtari Fard
-Deputy Police Chief Ayoub Soleimani
-Mohsen Fathi Zadeh, head of state police Defense & Intel Organization
-Yahya Mahmoodzadeh, Deputy of state police Planning & Budget
-Hamidraza Ashraq, Deputy of state police Legal & Parliamentary Affairs
-Mohammad Ali Noorinajad, the Deputy Coordinator of state police
“The Iranian regime violently suppresses dissent of the Iranian people, including peaceful protests, through physical and psychological abuse,” said Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin.
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@IlhanMN’s tweet about terrorism is quite interesting.

#Iran has long been described as the “world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.”

But don’t be surprised by Omar deliberately neglecting this fact. She parrots Iran’s talking points & has ties to Tehran’s lobby.
Connect the dots:

-Omar has ties with @NegarMortazavi.
-Mortazavi has ties with Iran's lobby group @NIACouncil, launched by Tehran's chief apologist @JZarif.
-Mortazavi also has very close ties with Zarif.
-Is Mortazavi feeding Omar with Zarif's talking points?
I believe so.
Omar’s latest tweet is not the first example of her parroting Zarif’s talking points.

She runs the same narrative about “sanctions depriving Iranians of medicine.”

@tparsi is the founder of NIAC
@AssalRad is a NIAC member
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Seyed Sajjad Shahidian, the founder and CEO of Iranian financial services company Payment24, was arrested & extradited to the US from the UK & charged with violating US sanctions, identity theft, money laundering, and fraud conspiracy.

#Iran #IranSanctions
Also charged were Payment24 and another Iranian named Vahid Vali, who was the COO of Payment24. Vali is still at large, though.
The main reason that Payment24 was set up was to help Iranian citizens conduct illegal financial transactions with US businesses & they even charged a fee to get around US sanctions.
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++Brief History of Kurdish Contras and their ethnic cleansing campaigns++ #Syria #Iraq #Iran #Turkey (a thread) 1/
If you are really interested in the issues of Kurdish future, please begin by reading about history of the region. You have to understand the roots of Kurdish presence in the areas we are talking about in northern Syria and Assyria. 2/
I will take a moment here to explain geographic names for you. Syria geographically, is the land bordered by the Taurus Mountains in the north, the Kurdish Mountains in the east, the Mediterranean Sea in the west, and al-Hijaz and Najd in the south. 3/
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#Libya #AlWatiya #GNA #LNA #Turkey
1/The GNA has managed to break through defences and capture the Al-Watiya airbase...a major victory for them & probably means the LNA will no longer be able to seriously threaten Tripoli
#Libya #AlWatiya #GNA #LNA #Turkey
2/ few more pics from Al-Watiya airbase
#Libya #AlWatiya #Pantsir #GNA #LNA #Turkey
The GNA has reportedly captured a Pantsir AD system as well...although the below pic is pretty blurry...will update as more info becomes available
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There is new talk about the war in Yemen. Pro #Iran voices are parroting Tehran’s talking points to score cheap political points & blame Trump, while safeguarding away from Obama & Iran.
Tehran supports Yemen’s Houthi militias. Obama knew & did nothing.
Neither these individuals, nor The New York Times, will ever shed light on the fact that Iran’s regime is the main reason why the scene in Yemen remains a bloody stalemate.…
Let’s take look back.

Dec 14, 2014—(Obama years)

“…Reuters has details — from Yemeni, Western and Iranian sources — of Iranian military and financial support to the Houthis before and after their takeover of Sanaa on Sept. 21.”…
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#Iran-ian oil tankers #Fortune #Petunia #Forest #Faxon #Clavel are en route to #Venezuela despite #US sanctions!

We have an interesting week ahead! 😉

Fortune, Petunia and Forest passed the Gibraltar, Faxon is near the Gibraltar and Clavel is in Mediterranean Sea. Image
The #US Navy has also sent a combat fleets to the Caribbean (white arrow) :
USS Detroit (LCS-7)
USS Lassen (DDG-82)
USS Preble (DDG-88)
USS Farragut (DDG-99)

The ETA is 25 May
The Iranian tankers are heading to Venezuela while the oil sectors of #Iran and #Venezuela are under US heavy sanctions!
However,the tankers sailing with IR flag proudly.
If the tankers reach their destination,once again the US hegemony and its sanction effectiveness will fall
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The Islamic State published a new video a few days ago, entitled "Smite at the necks", through which it documented the organization's attacks within the Iraqi geography in the so-called battle of attrition which began two and a half years ago.1/15
#ISIS #USA #Iraq
This video carried many messages to us as researchers in the affairs of jihadist groups, which I will present in the form of points that may clarify the scene further to the reader on what is going on in #Iraq in particular and what may happen later.2/15
#ISIS #USA #Trump #PMU
First, the organization, through this video, tried to confirm the strength of its network, the strength of its institutions, and its ability to rise once, twice, three times, which was presented by recalling the period between 2009 and 2013.3/15
#ISIS #USA #PMU #Iraq #Syria
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Meet @yarbatman, a known #Iran apologist/lobbyist.

He compares:
-Trump supporters to Iran’s paramilitary Basij members who support the regime & attack innocent people for a living;
-President Trump himself to Iran’s dictator Ali @khamenei_ir.

cc: @bopinion
Let’s take a fair look.

Batmanghelidj used President Trump’s tweet thanking the people of Pennsylvania for their reception upon his arrival.
So Batmanghelidj is comparing several hundred or more Americans seen in this 30-sec video to members of Iran’s paramilitary Basij.

For those not informed, the regime launched the Basij for the specific purpose of social crackdown & safeguarding their dictatorship.
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After dining with #Iran's chief apologist @JZarif & calling for a $5 billion loan to the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, @SenFeinstein's is now further pushing Tehran's talking points by demanding sanctions relief from the U.S.…
Feinstein calls for a return to the Obama years of appeasement:
-high-level meetings w/ Iran (like Kerry)
-oil/banking sanctions relief
-Supporting Iran’s request for $5 billion
-U.S. should engage in a full diplomatic push

And what does Feinstein demand from Iran?
Now, let’s put all politics aside & ask some simple questions from Sen. Feinstein:

If you truly are concerned about the Iranian people, why do you not call on Tehran to tap into the billions of dollars controlled by the regime’s dictator @khamenei_ir?…
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#FunFact #Iran

Iran is on terms of szeis a super power in the area and is the Shia power against Saudi Arabia as Sunni. Iran is on of less countrys that never got fully invaded threw its history.
Approximately 14.2% of Iranians are obese, making it the 41st most obese country in the world. American Samoa is the largest, with 75% of its population obese.  Iran’s capital and largest city, Tehran, has some of the worst air pollution in the world.
An estimated 27 people die a day from air pollution-related diseases. The polutiom is so bad since Tehersn is surrounded by a big mountain chain. The Persian Gulf holds 60% of the world’s oil reserves. Iran alone has reserves of 125 billion barrels of oil,
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The #ValiAsr billboard in Teheran is designed to change its image with frequency. This flexibility allows it to diversify its messaging and to employ a subtle style of soft propaganda in #Iran. K Schwartz @Orientalniustav and I wrote this:⤵️ via @jadaliyya
The #ValiAsr billboard has the capacity to respond to rapidly unfolding events. It lives in the moment and can go one day from venerating the martyrdom of #Soleimani to displaying a call for unity in the face of #corona the next. We discuss this style of #propaganda in our piece. ImageImage
With its capacity to toggle between divergent types of messaging, the #ValiAsr mural mixes thematically controversial images associated with the regime's hard #propaganda with more mundane ones like innocent holiday greeting for the winter solstice (shab-e yalda). See link above. ImageImage
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Brian Hook is Trump and Pompeo's #Iran guy at the State Department and here's a short thread on what a shameless liar he is (just like his bosses) 1/
Hook wrote an op-ed in the @WSJ calling on the UN to maintain an arms embargo on Iran. @jarretblanc has a run down on all the BS contained within (see here: ) but I want to focus on these three graphs at the end: 2/
Hook claims that if the UN fails to act, Trump "retains the right" to impose the embargo unilaterally. But Hook never mentions where this "right" comes from: the Iran nuclear deal. 3/
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"Iranian oil tankers en route to Venezuela despite US sanctions"

Let’s dig into why #Iran’s mullahs will forever be grateful to Obama for the windows provided to establish ties with the Chavez/Maduro regime in Venezuela.

Recently, Iran has been bailing out Maduro by sending:
-blending components used for producing gasoline
-workers, equipment for oil refining
-and discussed sending gasoline cargoes into Venezuela

(And Iran says it needs money to address COVID-19.)…
IRGC-affiliated Mahan Air’s (terrorist-designated) has direct flights between Iran and Venezuela.

a. Flight W5138 from Tehran to Las Piedras

b. another Mahan Air Airbus A340-600 from Iran to Venezuela

c. April 27—Mahan Air A340s landing in Caracas
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