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La colonizzazione -illegale- israeliana procede a passo di carica e impunita almeno dall'inizio del secolo.
Da Stati Uniti e Unione solo vaghi moniti.
#Israele ha licenza di fare quel che vuole, ingabbiare la #Palestina,bombardare la #Siria, darsi al terrorismo contro l'#Iran
Il problema non è #SheikhJarrah, il problema è un paese dominato da una destra ultranazionalista, suprematista e razzista che non ha mai smesso di comportarsi come tale e di perseguire la pulizia etnica dei palestinesi e l'espansione territoriale a danno loro e dei paesi vicini.
Le notizie da #Israele cominciano sempre nel momento in cui Israele, POTENZA OCCUPANTE "reagisce" agli attacchi degli occupati.
Che di solito partono dopo che Israele innalza il livello di repressione fino a che qualcuno non decide di tirare qualche inutile razzo da #Gaza. Image
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The two computer models which are known for their prowess in predicting cyclones continue to forecast cyclone formation in the Arabian Sea in coming days.

The question of whether these cyclones will form hangs over today's #MiddleEast and #HornOfAfrica rainfall forecasts.
This image shows the Arabian Sea area where the GFS and ECMWF models are both expecting cyclone formation within the next 10 days, at different times and in different places.
Here's the GFS 9th May model forecast for today showing formation starting on Friday and landfall five days later.
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May 9—Tehran, #Iran
Graduate teachers rally from across the country in the capital and outside the regime's Majlis (parliament), protesting the Education Ministry's refusal to employ them into schools.

Protests by people from other walks are life are also reported.
May 9—Karaj, west of Tehran, #Iran
Pensioners and retirees rallying outside the regime's local Social Security Organization branch, protesting low pensions, delayed wages and prices of basic goods/necessities/services increasing across the board.
May 9—#Iran
Pensioners and retirees rallying in various cities across the country, protesting low pensions, delayed wages and prices of basic goods/necessities/services increasing across the board.

Sanandaj - Kermanshah - Isfahan
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Ein neues #Nahostquartet beginnt sich zu formieren: #Ägypten, #Israel, #SaudiArabien u die #Türkei werkeln an einer Sicherheitsallianz als Rückversicherung für den Fall, dass die USA aus Nahost „aussteigen“. Die Rolle v #Iran in diesem Projekt ist noch unbestimmt. Zugleich —> 1/3
... soll diese Allianz der Absicherung einer neuen reg. Wirtschaftsintegration dienen, durch die Nahost zu einem globalen Player in der Postfossilen Zeit werden soll. Interessant, dass Israel spekuliert, langfristig regionalpolitischen Ersatz für die USA in Erwägung zu ziehen.2/3
Fraglich ist, ob solche Planung die Eskalation v kurzfristigen Konflikten wie zurzeit im Zusammenhang mit der Zwangsräumung v Familien in Scheich Dscharrah in #Jerusalem eindämmen kann u in wie weit sie überhaupt politisch bei den Entscheidungsträgern verankert ist. 3/3
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U.S. Navy seized a shipment of weapons from a "stateless dhow" in int'l water of North Arabian Sea on May 6-7

-#Iran uses dhows to support for the Houthis in Yemen
-U.S. State Dept. revoked Houthis' terror designation as an olive branch to Tehran
"The cache of weapons included dozens of advanced Russian-made anti-tank guided missiles, thousands of Chinese Type 56 assault rifles, and hundreds of PKM machine guns, sniper rifles and rocket-propelled grenades launchers."…
Some background:
Feb 13 - US Navy intercepted a shipment of #Iran-made weapons in Arabian Sea

Weapons cache aboard a "dhow" seized on Feb. 9 included 150 anti-tank guided missiles, three surface-to-air missiles, thermal imaging weapon scopes, UAV components & more, via @CENTCOM
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Today's Rainfall Forecasts for the #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast follow in this thread.

Below you see the Ethiopian Highlands from this morning and including most of the #BlueNile #GERD #Abay watershed . The large storm on the left is mostly over Sudan. On the RHS is #Lalibela.
Here you see an animation of the storm starting up this morning.
This satellite image (@NASA Modis ) shows the area in the Arabian Sea which computer models indicate could generate two cyclones in coming days. You can see the latest GFS forecast runs for those cyclones in the attached thread.
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Alireza Fazeli Monfared, 20, was murdered by his own family in an "honor killing" for being gay. They slit his throat & dumped his body.

The regime ruling #Iran encourages such bigotry as homosexuality is punished by execution under law.

#Iran defends execution of gay people

The US and Germany have condemned Iran after its foreign minister defended the policy of execution for homosexuality.…
#Iran's cruel regime barbarically executes the most people in the world per capita for crimes which include being gay.…
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We have a shift to on-shore westerly wind in the Horn of Africa region today, which, I confess means little to me beyond being a new thing in the data. But it seems significant, as there is more water over the sea.

Today's rainfall/cyclone forecasts for the region follow.
Here's a view from this afternoon & the direction of travel is pretty stable. For me onshore winds bringing wet air towards mountains means lots more rain. If anyone is aware of the usual timing of this switch I would be interested.
Here are African 10-Day Accumulated rain forecasts. All of which now show the impact of the two Cyclones which are now in the forecast window.
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Hi Twitter,
This account is affiliated to #Iran's dictator @Khamenei_ir.

He is using this platform to incite violence.

No flag? No warning?

Does he enjoy certain privileges?
#Iran’s dictator on Friday called on Muslim nations to keep fighting against Israel, which he said was not a state but a “terrorist garrison” against the Palestinians.…
"#Iran Can Destroy Israel In 24 Hours, Khamenei Representative In IRGC Says"

The IRGC is designated as a terrorist organization. More reason why the U.S. should not revoke this or any other terror designation from Tehran's regime.…
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#Iran is pushing the Biden admin to nix nearly all sanctions applied by the former Trump admin, including those targeting the regime's nuclear program, terrorism operations, banks, and oil trade.

This is very dangerous.…
This is an important reminder that western intelligence agencies recently reported Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.…
Periodic reminder of how #Iran used the $152 billion in credit & cash from sanctions relief provided by Obama:

developing their weaponry, including suicide drones.
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#Ethiopia the #RedSea coast of #SaudiArabia #Yemen #Somalia and #Oman all experienced spectacular thunderstorm activity today.

Today's #HornOfAfrica and #ArabianStorm rainfall forecasts follow:
First up today, long range @NOAA forecast models are now forecasting a cyclone may form in the Arabian Sea, providing a timely warning of the risk to those in the region. See thread here >> Image
The most important thing about these forecasts is to understand they are an early warning system about the possibility of a cyclone forming, not a forecast that one will do so.

If a threat materialises you will see official advice and warnings here >>
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THREAD | (1) Since 2015, a bipartisan consensus has prevailed: members of Congress across the political spectrum support non-nuclear sanctions—including terrorism sanctions—on #Iran.

Six years later, the #Biden admin appears to be on the verge of going against this consensus...
(2) @TzviKahn's memo compiles statements from the #Obama admin expressing support for terrorism sanctions on #Iran.

These quotes highlight the bipartisan support of terrorism and other non-nuclear sanctions—and the importance of maintaining them should the US reenter the #JCPOA:
(3) First up, President Barack Obama 👇
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Latest attempt to end the Yemen war failed due to #Iran-backed Houthi militias rejecting a political solution.

Senator Murphy tweeted a thread, not mentioning Iran once.

Iran continues to support the Houthis, who love to shout: “Death to America!”

Let me explain.
A U.N. team holds the #Iran-backed Houthis responsible for launching an attack on Aden airport in Yemen back in December 2020, leaving 22 killed & many injured.
Reuters report:…

@IntelliTimes reported Badr-1 missiles were launched from a multi-barreled mobile launcher from a distance of 150 kilometers.

Iran-backed Houthis have a history of using such missiles.…
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The Horn of Africa this morning @NASA worldview, got a great view and more pictures will be included in today's rainfall forecast thread for #Ethiopia #HoA and the #MiddleEast.

Today's forecasts follow.
Here's the first. A view mostly of #Sudan, capturing both the #WhiteNile and #BlueNile as well as part of the Nile below Sudan on its way to Egypt. On the right hand side Lake Tana can be seen through the clouds.

If you look very carefully you may be able to see #GERD.
This view which captures the area below that in the previous image has borders on it to make it easier to see where the abundant green in the firsy image in this thread is located. The rains of the past few weeks appear to be doing God's work in the region.
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An Iranian diplomat, Assadollah Assadi, sentenced to 20 years in prison for planning a bomb attack in France has dropped an appeal in Belgium and will serve his sentence.…

This is #Iran's regime. Using diplomats to carryout terrorist bombings.
"It was the first time an Iranian official was tried for suspected terrorism in Europe since Iran's 1979 revolution."

Read this thread from prior to the trial of Assadi & his three accomplices to learn more about #Iran's regime.
Reuters: "Belgian authorities have said they will oppose any potential swap deal w/ Western prisoners, prosecution lawyers said... judges had ruled that diplomatic immunity didn't protect [Assad] from charges that he used his post as cover to carry out state-sponsored terrorism."
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Israeli airstrikes hit targets in northern Syria
-Large explosions heard, fire caused in port city of Latakia
-Targets also hit in Hama
-State media says air defenses engaged missiles
-1 dead, 6 reported wounded…

Video from Latakia
Israel has bombed sites connected to #Iran’s missile production & arms depots in the areas of Latakia & Hama before.

Syrian state TV claims the site was a plastic factory.

More video from Latakia
Israel has launched hundreds of strikes in Syria since the start of the war in 2011 against moves by #Iran to establish a permanent military presence in the country & transport advanced weapons to terrorist groups like Hezbollah.

More aftermath footage
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#Iran made multiple attempts in 2020 to obtain technology for its weapons of mass destruction program & has not stopped its drive to develop atomic weapons, intelligence agencies from the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany recently reported.…
Put this alongside a new @TheGoodISIS report indicating that #Iran is constructing a new "Centrifuge Assembly Center" in Natanz.

And its all underground.

If the regime's nuclear program is "peaceful" as they claim, why go through all this trouble?
As we focus on Natanz, remember the July 2, 2020, explosion at this site?

#Iran immediately moved equipment underground afterwards.

Again, why underground?…
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A @NASA WorldView Modis satellite image from this morning of the #Sudan #Ethiopia Border with a closeup of the #GERD Dam.

Today's rainfall forecasts for #Ethiopia #HornOfAfrica and the #MiddleEast follow. ImageImage
CMC (Canada) and KMA (Korean) weather model forecasts of 10-day accumulated rainfall in North Africa. These two models have been forecasting a stronger than normal West African Monsoon. ImageImage
And to complete the set of three negotiating parties looking for an agreement on the filling and operation of the #GERD, here's an image, also from this morning ,of the Nile Delta in Egypt, showing also the Sinai, Gaza, and Southern Israel. Image
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Today's #ArabianStorms were mainly over the Arabian Gulf. #Qatar #Bahrain and the in the middle of the gulf. And the day also saw a storm begin before dawn.

Today's #Ethiopia and #MiddleEast forecasts follow:
The latest CMC and GFS North Africa 10-Day Rain forecasts.
Today two streams of monsoon energy appeared to come together over the south end to send a stream of atmospheric moisture to Oman and on to India.
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May 3 is #WorldPressFreedomDay

This thread is a reminder about how the regime in #Iran treats journalists.
Iran ranks 174th on RSF’s 2020 World Press Freedom Index.

And yet the @StateDept made no mention of Iran in its annual report
@StateDept @mikepompeo @jakejsullivan @USEnvoyIran @RichardMNephew @RichardGrenell @skb_sara @SaraCarterDC @rising_serpent @CarrollQuigley1 @ProfMJCleveland 2)
"At least 860 journalists and citizen-journalists have been prosecuted, arrested, imprisoned and in some cases executed since the 1979 revolution."
#Iran: Execution of journalist Rouhollah Zam a ‘deadly blow’ to freedom of expression

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İran’ın nükleer silah macerasında son durum…

Aydınlanacağınızı düşündüğüm bu yazıda İran’ın #nükleer silah macerasındaki son durumu ve sürekli duyduğumuz uranyum zenginleştirmesinin anlamını ele almak istiyorum.
Biraz teknik gibi gelebilir ama eminim ki yazı sonrasında birçok haberi daha iyi anlayacaksınız.

Nükleer enerji santral yakıtı, uçak ve gemi yapımı, zırh kaplama gibi birçok alanda kullanılan uranyum, nükleer patlayıcıların da temelini oluşturur.
Uranyumun zenginleştirilmesindeki amaç ise nükleer fisyon sırasında en iyi sonucu veren U-235 atom miktarını artırmak. Bunu da en az %2-5 seviyesinde zenginleştirerek nükleer reaktörlerde kullanılacak seviyeye getirmek gerekiyor. Bu oranlarda da şöyle bir fark var.
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A 2nd theme of today's weather observations is the awesome power of atmospheric water transfer.
Here we can see how a stream of water originating in the Central African Republic is fueling storms in Saudi Arabia & India.

Today's forecasts follow.
The latest GFS North Africa 10-Day Rain forecast.
Here we see atmospheric water leaving north across the Sahara for Europe this afternoon.
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May 2—Qom, central #Iran
Massive blaze erupted at a local industrial complex & reports show a chemical factory was the center of the fire.
-Several factories were burning
-A number of firefighters suffered injures; one fire truck engulfed in fire
-Blaze under control
May 2—Qom, central #Iran
Considering the fact that the entire area is filled with heavy smoke it is highly like that the industrial complex will be shut down & evacuated.
The smoke could be very toxic and the local fire department has said the status quo is critical.
May 2—Qom, central #Iran
The fire led to explosions at the site that resulted in highly flammable chemical substances spreading to various areas and even under a fire truck that was then engulfed in the fire.
Authorities are asking for help from other entities.
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There is something glorious about the images that @zoom_earth captures. I especially like the large symmetrical and fairly stationary area of cloud in the North Atlantic in this image.

Today's May 1sy Forecasts for #Ethiopia and #MiddleEast rainfall follow.
The main action today was in Europe where the strengthening #WestAfricaMonsoon #WMA has today had a spectacular impact on European Weather.

A detailed thread covering those events can be found here.
Today's North African long range (12 day) rain forecast is taken from the Korean KMA model as it looks to be a lot closer to what we are seeing in the skies today.
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