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#celebratethevictories #DefeatTheVirus
🔆Crónica de una victoria “atípica”

Ella es mi nonna, se las presento. La mujer más increíble que conozco.
Le dieron su alta médica después de derrotar a este terrible virus.
Tiene 99 años y está historia #Covid
Todo empezó con una visita al médico para tratar un tumor de piel en la nariz.
Fue un miércoles, fuimos con todas las precauciones posibles.Esto fue por allá del 18 de marzo
4 días después de la nada,fiebre ligera y tos.Pensamos que podía ser una infección urinaria ¿pero la tos?
⛔️Al día siguiente, el lunes 23 mucha tos y mucha fiebre. La llevamos con mucha angustia a consulta con un excelente Dr. Neumologo
Los rayos x mostraban una neumonía complicada, con infiltraciones bien definidas.
TODOS los síntomas clínicos coinciden con #SARSCoV2 #Covid19
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LIVE at 4:00 PM🕓

Daily media briefing on #COVID19 situation in the country


#IndiaFightsCorona #Lockdown2

Watch on PIB's🔽

Collection, harvesting and processing of Minor Forest Produce / Non-timber Forest Produce by Scheduled Tribes and other forest dwellers in forest areas have been exempted from lockdown restrictions - @HMOIndia

➡️ #IndiaFightsCorona
.@IndiaPostOffice has transported more than 100 tons of medicines and medical equipment to hospitals and other institutions. Domestic and international post during #lockdown has been delivered by adopting special measures. - @HMOIndia ➡️ #IndiaFightsCorona
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In the @CNN timeline, ▪@WHO noted a "pneumonia cluster" of unknown cause on Dec 31, 2019
▪Jan 7: China confirms identification of #novelcoronavirus
▪Jan 14: @WHO press briefing signals human-to-human transmission
▪Jan 21: 1st confirmed case in WA state
Mid-January is when @ewarren puts out her plan for #coronavirus, as was reported by Reuters, AP and CNN. No other candidate had a plan.
▪On Jan 29 Biden published an op-ed about the virus.
▪Jan 30 @NEJM publishes a letter on asymptomatic transmission.
▪In the first week of February the @CDCgov announced human-to-human transmission.
▪THIS was the point at which there needed to be massive mitigation efforts--as were urged by Drs. Fauci and Birx. But because there were so few cases, Trump decided it would "wash over" US.
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Let me share one of the #COVID19 solutions in 🇯🇵Japan, using existing Japanese 【pancreatitis drug】, Nafamostat, which is expected to 【prevent】 the transmission of the #NovelCoronavirus infection.


【The University of Tokyo (March 18, 2020)】

★Identification of an 【existing】 🇯🇵Japanese pancreatitis drug, Nafamostat, which is expected to 【PREVENT】 the transmission of the #NovelCoronavirus infection (#COVID19 ).


★Both Nafamostat and Camostat were developed in #Japan as treatments for pancreatitis and some other diseases.

★These drugs have been prescribed in Japan for many years and have adequate clinical data with regard to safety.

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Quien no pueda permanecer en su casa y tenga que salir DEBE DE USAR CUBREBOCAS!!!! Úsenlo!!

Hay consenso mundial, que el principal riesgo del #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 es la transmisión entre asintomáticos
el principio aceptado globalmente es que la gente haga cuarentena en casa ante el altísimo riesgo de ser portadores asintomáticos del #CoronaVirus
Ante esa circunstancia uno de los métodos más efectivos para quien tiene que salir a la calle es evitar la diseminación de microgotas
De una enfermedad en la q se sabe poco, y que aún es muy pronto para tener evidencia científica irrefutable sobre tratamientos y mecanismos de prevención, la experiencia empírica internacional es el mejor soporte.
Los #cubrebocas #facemask #barbijo #tapabocas son INDISPENSABLES
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#CoronavirusOutbreak | The health ministry said on Wednesday that 32 people have died and 773 persons have tested positive for the #novelcoronavirus in #India since Tuesday, taking the death toll to 149 with 5,194 cases. | Follow LIVE updates here:
#CoronavirusOutbreak | #Mumbai's #BMC would be using the #NSCIstadium in #Worli as an observation facility for people who may have come into contact with coronavirus patients. | Follow LIVE updates here:
#CoronavirusOutbreak |The #UnitedStates recorded nearly 2,000 novel coronavirus deaths for the second day in a row, according to a tally by #JohnsHopkinsUniversity. | Follow LIVE updates here:
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#CoronavirusOutbreak | WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that a nationwide shurdown, which is being implemented by India to curb #COVID19, will not be enough to fight the outbreak. | Follow LIVE updates here:
#CoronavirusOutbreak | A three-year-old Indian girl was among the 73 new #COVID19 cases that have been reported in #Singapore in a day, taking the tally to over 600. | Follow LIVE updates here:
#CoronavirusOutbreak | Three persons, all with travel history abroad, tested positive for the novel in #Goa, health department officials said, as the tourist haven joined the states which have reported #COVID19 cases. | Follow LIVE updates here:
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My husband and I have experienced a traumatizing event in the past 24 hours #covid #personalstory #threadstorytime
A few days ago, we made arrangements with my husband’s sister to have their travelling mom live with us for a bit during the quarantine period immediately after her arrival. My mother in law “officially” lived with my sister in law. And the latter has an immunocompromised child.
My MIL left the country to go to France in mid January this year. She usually arranges this type of trip yearly to be with her retired sisters who live there. This year they planned to go to a pacific island with a group in early March.
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Floods, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes,Volcanic eruptions, nothing stpped humans from disrespecting, exploiting & challenging Nature!
Then He devised this tiny organism #CoronavirusPandemic to teach us a lesson, STOP & HOUSE ARREST all humanity..
वैदिक शिक्षा
यतो यत: समिहसे ततो नोsभयं कुरु
शत्र: कुरु प्रजाभ्योsभयन: पशुभ्य: सुशांतिर्भवतु ।

स्वर्गलोक,आकाश,भूमि,जल,औषधि,वनस्पति, अशेय देवताओं-निराकार ब्रह्म में यथार्थ रूप में विद्यमान सर्वत्र शान्ति, सभी के लिए शान्तिकारक हो, सभी स्थानों में हम व पशु भय रहित हों। 2/n
Environmental ethics- living in harmony with plants-animals & cleanliness is inherent part of #SanatanDharma
World mocked us when we worshipped animals instead of eating almost everything that moves #NovelCoronavirus !
They called it ‘ill practices of untouchability’ when
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THREAD (1/n)👇👇👇

Is it reasonable to call #coronavirus the “Chinese virus” or "Wuhan virus"?

Chinese Americans & refugees I queried are saying yes. But others are saying it's racist.

It originated in #China. Why is African swine fever virus named so?

But let's go deeper…
(2/n) After having massively mishandled #coronavirus in #China & hiding it for at least a month & a half, the Chinese communist party has gone into overdrive with pro-#CCP and anti-American propaganda.

Here's our own @EpochTimes thread documenting this:
(3/n) According to the #CCP, it's a savior both internally and globally. In reality, the CCP's #coronavirus statistics are highly suspect; it's questionable has actually been contained; draconian measures were taken internally; & the #CCP's secrecy has cost thousands of lives.
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#NovelCoronavirus to Survive Indian Summer, Reappear After: Researchers…

📸: (Tejal Pandey/TOI, BCCL, Mumbai)
Despite many hoping that the deadly novel #coronavirus disease #COVID19 would fade away as the summer sets in, it has continued to spread across the globe in March.
Now, researchers involved in the study of the virus suggest that it is likely to survive the summer in India, and reemerge after mercury levels fall.
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Presscon @KemenkesRI sore ini tidak menjawab:

Mengapa pasien yg menurut Info Depkes baru masuk Bali 4 hari, artinya sdh terkena Corona, koq di Bandara bisa diterima masuk? Bagaimana protokol pemeriksaan WNA di bandara dijalankan efektif?
Kmatian krn #Covid19 di semua ngr mayoritas mnimpa pasien usia lanjut, yg umumnya sdh pny pnyakit lain. Krn itu BUKAN pnyakit lain pasien yg jd fokus presscon @KemenkesRI utk tenangkan masy, tp sjauh mana protokoler pncegahn efektif di daerah2, terutama kedatangan WNA di bandara.
Berulang2 mjelaskn kematian pasien no.25 krn pny pnyakit lain sm spt jelaskn org diabet mati kena serangan jantung. Shrsnnya logika dibalik, @KemenkesRI justru smpaikan bhw corona sgt bbahaya bg org usia lanjut, lbh beresiko kematian. Krn itu mrk djadikn prioritas dlm pencegahan.
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Kerala govt will let the largest gathering of women in the world take place tomorrow in the midst of what could be a pandemic. The Attukal Pongala is a critical religious & cultural phenomenon. However, it poses a risk to participants this year...…
It is not that the Kerala govt does not know this. Kerala is among the few success stories so far of the #NovelCoronavirus/#COVIDー19 outbreak, having cured its first 3 patients on the back of a robust health system....…
...An outbreak would be disastrous for Kerala, the state whose population density is comparable to Palestine's. If Kerala were a country, it would be the 13th most dense in the world....
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WHO (World Health Organization) shows they knew about #CoronaVirus as far back as 2012?? Even #NovelCoronaVirus. In Saudi Arabia.
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Chinese National Health Commission has changed their definition of #WuhanCoronavirus "confirmed case" in their latest guidelines dated 7/2. Patients tested positive for the virus but have no symptoms will no longer be regarded as confirmed. This inevitably will lower the numbers.
The new rule has triggered provinces to find cases that can be deducted from the total no. of confirmed cases. Heilongjiang has axed 13 cases from their tally stating the new definition. #Hubei has deducted 87 cases today, but authorities did not explain why.
Over 100 cases have been deducted over the past 2 days. The concerning problem is that authorities do not disclose the no. of symptom-less infected patients after they count them separately. There will be no way of knowing the exact magnitude of the outbreak.
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Actualización al cierre del 07/02 del análisis de la evolución de la epidemia del #NovelCoronavirus para #BIADN40.

El corte de los datos para todas las gráficas fue a las 21:30 hrs.

1) Núm. de casos confirmados: 34,875 | ⬆️ diario de 11.1%
2) Número de muertes: 724 | ⬆️ diario de 13.5%
3) Tasa de letalidad: 2.08 | Aunque la magnitud es pequeña, nuevamente se incremento respecto al día previo
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New pre-print by myself & @mandl:

Early basic reproduction number estimates for #nCoV2019 range from 2.0 to 3.3 (based off of publicly reported confirmed cases through 1/22/20 & subject to change) […].

Short explainer & several caveats in the thread below.
@mandl The basic reproduction number (R_0) is a measure of transmissibility that aims to describe the average number of people a new case *in a fully susceptible population* will infect. (Most of the time, this number isn’t actualized thanks to interventions as simple as hand-washing.)
@mandl Today, the @WHO reported their own estimates (though I haven't seen the methods yet), which were R_0 = 1.4 to 2.5. Their estimates are within the bounds of those we obtained on 1/18/20 (as shown in Panel B of the figure above); our estimates skew slightly higher by 1/22/20.
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Enveloped , single stranded RNA viruses.
Corona - crown like structure (as seen in image below)

Causes diseases in mammals like cats, bats, pigs, camels, cows and also in birds.

Almost all of these are eaten in #China
#Coronavirus strains known before latest epidemic :
1.Human coronavirus 229E (HCoV-229E)
2.Human coronavirus OC43 (HCoV-OC43)
4.Human coronavirus NL63 (HCoV-NL63, New Haven coronavirus)
5.Human coronavirus HKU1
6. Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)
The new strain of #coronavirus is named -
#NovelCoronavirus (2019-nCoV),
a.k.a #WuhanPneumonia or #WuhanCoronavirus.

This new strain though initially spread from animals to humans, now the human to human transmission is suspected by chinese authorities.
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Risk assessment, latest news on confirmed cases, #preparadness checklist, geographical distribution and information on coronaviruses.

Find all relevant latest news on the outbreak of the #NovelCoronavirus #nCoV2019 on our dedicated page.

Info ➡️ Image
#RiskAssessment 22.01
• potential impact of #nCoV2019 outbreaks is high;
• further global spread is likely;
• moderate likelihood of infection for EU/EEA travellers visiting #Wuhan;
• moderate likelihood of detecting cases imported into EU/EEA;
Report: Image
@WHO @WHO_Europe @ECDC_EU @EU_Health @EU_Commission Daily update of the #nCoV2019 situation - 24.01
• 897 lab-confirmed cases
• 26 fatalities
• imported cases in: #HongKong, #Macau, #Taiwan, #Thailand, #Japan, #SouthKorea, the #US, #Singapore and #Vietnam
More: Image
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เกิดการระบาดของโรคปอดบวมจากเชื้อไวรัสที่ไม่ทราบชนิดที่เมืองหวู่ฮั่น (Wuhan) มณฑลหูเป่ยในประเทศจีน มีผู้ป่วยทั้งหมด 44 ราย ผู้ป่วย 11 รายมีอาการรุนแรง ไวรัสที่ระบาดนี้ไม่ใช่ไข้หวัดใหญ่ ไข้หวัดนก หรือไวรัสทางเดินหายใจที่พบบ่อย ส่วน SARS กำลังรอผลตรวจอยู่
สิงคโปร์ ไต้หวัน และฮ่องกงเริ้มมาตราการสแกนอุณหภูมิร่างกายปชช.ผู้ที่เดินทางมาจากหวู่ฮั่นแล้วนะครับ เราไม่ควรตระหนก แต่เตรียมมาตรการไว้ก็น่าจะดี ถ้าไม่มีอะไรอะไรก็เป็นการซ้อมใหญ่ แต่ถ้ามีอะไรขึ้นมาจะได้ไม่เกิดการแพร่เชื้อในประเทศ #Wuhan #ViralPneumonia #vigilance
มีเคสผู้ป่วยต้องสงสัยจากอู่ฮั่นรายแรกที่สิงคโปร์แล้ว ส่วนที่ฮ่องกงมีเคสต้องสงสัยเพิ่มขึ้นอีก 6 ราย (1 ในหกราย ตราจพบไข้หวัดใหญ่)
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