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1. News: TODAY Sen Ted Cruz Chairs Hearing to Investigate Groups like #ANTIFA


Speakers: Ken Cuccinelli, Andy Ngo & Jonathan Turley-Thread 8.4.20… #Riots #Hearing #BLM
2. News: Portland Antifa Cries Out For Police Assistance After Woman Stabs Her:

.… #Riots #violent #Antifa #BLM
3. News: Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best Implores Council to do What is Right After "Aggressive" Protesters visit her Home

The crowd wasn't able to trespass or engage in illegal behavior, Best said, despite their ATTEMPTS to do so… #Riots #Antifa #BLM
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1. News: President Trump Must Investigate How Inflated Our COVID-19 Death Count Is - Thread 8.3.20… #TRUMP #INVESTIGATE #COVID #NUMBERS
2. News: The Lessons from History on Masks: It’s Kabuki Theater All the Way Down… #Masks #HISTORY #LESSONS #COVID Image
3. News: CDC Director Says 'It Is in the Public Health Interest' to Reopen Schools for K-12 Students… #CDC #SCHOOLS #OPEN
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Don’t miss the Sunday 8/2 edition of @ProgNewsDaily! Today’s version contains over 100 articles & videos of #PEACEFUL #Portland protests, the shameful behavior of Congress in the face of 20m+ #evictions,

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#Biden delaying his #runningmate announcement once again, @Greg_Palast’s insight on mail-in voting & #disenfranchisement, #COVID cases still spreading across the US, attacks on the #PostOffice,

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Tom Cotton being generally horrible, Andrew Cuomo acting like the corporate Democrat he is & dozens more stories… Click to read them all!

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1/ Delighted to see that firm actions planned following launch of national survey results… well done to all involved @PMacneela @LouiseCrowley2 @Lornafitz3 @NWCI
2/ Very happy @DCU @DaireKeogh (our new President) has already taken steps to address #Sexualharassment #Sexualviolence on campus @DCUSU @DCU_EDI @annelooney @SanHealy @ItStopsNow_EU
3/I want to share the story of one lecturer’s experiences in her involvement with getting #Consent on the agenda at 3rd level- one of the backstories behind this progressive movement
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1. News: Portland City Officials Order Feds to Remove Protective Fence from Court Building to AID Rioters In Ransacking & BURNING it...

Colluding w/ Same Rioters Who BLINDED Fed Police w/ Lasers! - Thread 7.26.20
.… #democrats Image
2. News: Bernard Kerik: Police face coronavirus, riots and now a funding crisis – Congress must help in next relief bill… #BackTheBlue #BlueLivesMatter
3. News: NY Assemblyman Mike LiPetri: Disrespect of police — last summer it was pails of water, this summer it’s worse… #BackTheBlue #BlueLivesMatter
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1. News: Report: Portland Rioters Barracted Federal Agents in Courthouse, Tried to Burn it Down [Attempted Murder.]

- PEACEFUL protests, huh? - Thread 7.24.20… #RIOTS #TERRORISTS
2. News: President Trump Sends Personal Letter to Widow of Charlie Daniels: ‘A True American Patriot’… #Condolences #Prayers #RIP
3. News: Tucker Carlson: Democrats Using Coronavirus, Protests to Make Americans Unhappy for Election Advantage — ‘Unhappy People Want Change’…
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Bonjour à tous !
Thread sur la violence gratuite en France, grâce au travail du Dr Maurice Berger, à lire !
#violence #psychiatrie #justice #racaille
1/C'est un psychiatre qui s'occupe d'enfants et adolescents ultraviolents dans des structures type CENTRE ÉDUCATIF RENFORCÉ. (CER) où les jeunes ne restent que qq mois à ~ 500€ par jour de coût.
2/ Les causes de l'ultra violence gratuite (vols, incendies, dégradations, agressions, viols, tentatives d'homicide) chez les 10-18 ans sont diverses. Une seule étant suffisante. Plusieurs mêlées sont explosives.
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#sheith #age_gap #omegaverse #familysecrets

Shiro walked up to the figure over looking the mountainside lake, it was a cool night, he should be in bed, snuggling beside Keith. Not out here. But inside, he knew that this moment was a long time coming.
"Kuro, how have you been?" Shiro spoke calmly, maintaining his distance.

"I've been better...busy but not as busy as you it seems." Kuro took out a cigarette, flicking his lighter and taking a long puff, "Getting older is rough."

"It is, I'm happy that I made it this far."
"You were always the most stubborn."

"I would like to think of it as determination." Kuro looked at Shiro with a smirk. Then extended his cigarette which Shiro refused.

"Oh...when did you quit?"

"When I last saw you...23 years ago."

"Well shit...I guess I owe you an answer."
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Remember the version of the #Cleveland #Police Department that showed up at the #Republican National Convention in the summer of 2016? That was then, this is now. Appalling images from the #GeorgeFloyd protest show officers are far from reformed.…
#Reporter @LeilaAtassi writes: "They were the picture of #constitutional #policing, representing #Cleveland when all the world was watching. Working alongside law enforcement officers from across the country, Cleveland #police managed even the most volatile demonstrations..."
"... on downtown streets with #professionalism, #civility & respect for the rights of citizens. Observers worried that the embattled #police department – then operating under its first year of a federal consent decree governing use of force – would overly restrict protests..."
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Today @Arnold_Ventures is releasing a new report by @UMSL_CCJ's Richard Rosenfeld and I on #violence and #COVID19. Links and takeaways below.
First the links. You can find the report here:…
And our interview about the report here:…
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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@DigMedEvidence @BenRosnerMD_PhD @JHabboushe Great citation of @Ted_Melnick work by @JHabboushe -- a stellar example of integration of #informatics & #digitalhealth to improve treatment of patients with opioid use dx.
@DigMedEvidence @BenRosnerMD_PhD @JHabboushe @Ted_Melnick And yes.... i use @mdcalc every shift 🙏🏽
@DigMedEvidence @BenRosnerMD_PhD @JHabboushe @Ted_Melnick @mdcalc Very cool data from Dr Blaufeux of @NorthwellHealth on use of automated EHR workflows to improve care & health outcomes for emergency dept patients.

(Hey @MichaelJDowling.... let's talk about this for #violence prevention!)
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Africa's 1st #nobel laureate Wole Soyinka explains how the church created the African version of the devil from the Orisha God Eshu. #distortion #destruction #violence of Xtianity.
Watch the SELL-OUT #ricebag or #cassavabag priest on the right with no AFRICAN pride
This is the majestic Eshu of the Orisha religion who became the devil in Africa. SOUND familiar? Ma Kaali has this unique designation as well.Tried and true methods
#missionkaali #SleepingHindus need to learn and combat #conversionmafia spread the word by RTing #Africa #African
Some #African s are fighting back by bringing back the majestic Eshu of the Orisha religion
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𝗜𝗔𝗡𝗦 𝗚𝗹𝗼𝗯𝗮𝗹 𝗘𝘅𝗰𝗹𝘂𝘀𝗶𝘃𝗲: #Tablighi and #violence are the very antithesis of each other: #MaulanaSaad

#TablighiJamaat #COVID2019
Q. Since news of the #Markaz issue came into public domain, it is being alleged that you have hidden yourself from the law enforcement agencies & have been avoiding them from Mar 28 &that is why the #crimebranch has added a new sec 304 to the charges against you.

𝗜𝗔𝗡𝗦 𝗚𝗹𝗼𝗯𝗮𝗹 𝗘𝘅𝗰𝗹𝘂𝘀𝗶𝘃𝗲

Q: Is this correct that #Markaz has told the local Police Stations and the SDM concerned that since Mar 23, people were stuck in the compound due to #JanataCurfew and then the #lockdown?

#TablighiJamaat #COVIDー19 #MaulanaSaad #Tablighi
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1/9 La Banque Centrale Européenne, pressentant l’effondrement du #capitalisme face à la #pandémie, fabrique plein de billets pour que les capitalistes puissent engranger leurs dividendes, le #Medef exigeant des travailleurs des efforts pour combler les déficits liés au virus.
2/9 Depuis 2016 la #BCE propose aux banques des prêts à taux négatifs, les payant donc pour qu’elles empruntent, avec l’espoir, mais sans contrôle, que ces prêts profitent aux entreprises et aux particuliers, et pas à la #spéculation où sont pourtant les meilleurs gains !
3/9 La #BCE s’est engagée par ailleurs à #racheter sur les marchés financiers des #dettes d’entreprises et des dettes souveraines pour donner de l’oxygène aux banques avec encore l’espoir qu’elles prêtent de l’argent pour soutenir l’économie.
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#chloroquine, #Hydroxychloroquine or #Mefloquine?
“Particularly among military veterans, in whom these drugs have been widely used for decades as prophylactic antimalarials, these symptoms can mimic and be mistaken for those of #PTSD and traumatic brain injury.”

Chloroquine (US Brand Name Aralen Phosphate) was discovered in 1934
#chloroquine is a medication primarily used to prevent and treat malaria in areas where malaria remains sensitive to its effects.
Hydroxychloroquine (brandname #Plaquenil )
Approved by FDA 1955, is being studied as an experimental treatment for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). As of March 23 the benefits versus harms of treatment with hydroxychloroquine are UNCLEAR.
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Since pretty much everyone under quarantine has to use digitized primary sources, I thought it might be useful to point to #digitalarchives that *explicitly* acknowledge & caution users abt #archivalsilences in their contents, and describe their work to rectify them.

A thread.
1/ A note: Most people appreciate the easiness of online access to archival material, but tend to forget that all #digitization is selective.
2/ This means that what you see online is usually not “everything” that an institution holds abt a topic. It's important to understand the digitized together w the physical. Even if you can't access physical records now, you'll be able to better contextualize what you see online.
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Wow!! One of the most outstanding books I’ve ever read.

Sand Talk: How #IndigenousThinking can save the World

A great recommendation for these days!!

Thanks Tyson Yunkaporta. Your book is a gem to be discovered: #wisdom #values
A few years ago, I wrote a post about the #philosophy of Good Living or Living Well from Indigenous People…

I talked about #biomimicry, learning from Nature with humility, and then we could also learn from the wisdom of indigenous people
I've decided to start a month-long project where I'll tweet a “wise” tip about "Sand Talk" every day during April. 30/30

#WiseBoomerang #1 This will be the 1st one.
It's about #humility the antonymous of #hubris. #Communication #DialogicalEthics #Connectedness
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(1/n) A list of about 150 residents of Nagpur city was openly shared on several WhatsApp groups last night. It contained tabular data that consisted of names, addresses, phone numbers of home quarantined individuals, organized by zones and police station. #covid19india
(2/n)This list did not mention a header or footer or any source or owner responsible for this sensitive data. It did not mention whether consent was sought from home quarantined individuals for sharing their private information openly over digital or offline media. #covid19india
(3/n) This immediately triggered vigilantism on groups where the list was shared. A lot of those listed on the set of home quarantined individuals started receiving calls. #covid19india
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"Minors in pornography is not an issue separate from the adult porn industry. There have always been teen girls and boys in the adult porn industry." 2)
"I was one of those. I was 14 when I was trafficked in porn ... the violence, the torture, and the fear and pain in my eyes and in my screams were 100% real." 3)
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Shameful! Chuck Schumer should be censured. All the more reason Republicans must take back the House and keep the Senate. They must be defeated once and for all. #SCOTUS #Schumer #Violence
Someone has to call out the violence on the left. #Schumer #AbortionIsMurder
Chuck Schumer meant what he said and said what he meant. Schumer was threatening the Supreme Court associate justices. He must be and should punished as an example that this behavior is reprehensible. #SCOTUS
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The House can pass S1 like McConnell suggests
This bill authorizes assistance & weapons transfers to Israel, extends defense cooperation with Jordan, establishes additional sanctions related to the conflict in Syria, & allows states to divest from entities boycotting Israel
S1 Strengthening America's Security in the Middle East Act of 2019…
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#JNUVioence , Late #JJ and #Dravidians - this tweet may not be appreciated at all - more than sometimes truth hurts and it is bitter too; the comparatives which i am quoting may not be palatable to many - but then it is my view on the subject which is #Violence and that alone 2/3
2. i have seen late #JJ at close quarters for over 2 decades, both as a star and as a politician - she was mentored by a legend #MGR and he had his own doubts whether she will be handle the mantle - she did great credits to her mentor and teacher - and out did his 3/4
3. his achievements in more than one area - but alas she fell to an emoitional quotient and that was her nemesis, indeed; she was one who was not scared of political reprecussions at any given point of time - 1.2L government servants - know this in reality - 4/5
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