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#ElonMUSK diye bir adam cikacak
#Neuralink diye bir
#Proje aciklayacak

#BillGATES diye bir manyak cikacak
#mRNA isimli tuhaf-#teknolojik bir #SIVI'yi
insan vücuduna enjekte edecekler..
Sözü gecen
ve kahramanlar
tamamen hayal ürünüdür,
gerceklerle ilgisi yoktur..

Brain Machine Interface
(Beyin Makina Arayüzü)

(Haberci/Vahiyci-Sentetik RNA)

Bir baska manyak cikacak
insanlara #Chip taktiracak..
Beyin Makina Arayüzü;
insan Beyni (#Chip) ile
Yapay Zeka'yi
birlestirme projesidir (#Avatar)

Fiziksel hicbir baglanti olmadan,
ikisini birbirine baglamaya yarayan
#NöroTeknolojik bir aractir

Projenin hayata gecmesi icin
insan vücuduna
birtakim #elektrotlar yerlestirilecek
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Following up on my last tweet on the masterclass by @5aitec @0xPolygon on ‘Metaverse 101’, hosted by amazing people @adityamohanty_ @abhayjani4 at @0xTPH

If you are new to the metaverse world like me, dive into my thread🧵

Here are my learnings, hope it helps🙏🏼

#Metaverse Image
The session started with defining the ‘Metaverse’
how a user being just a ‘Spectator’ in Web2 will transform into an ‘Active Participant’ in Web3/Metaverse.
The ‘7 Layers of Metaverse’ gives a detail idea of what it takes to build a Metaverse, few of them being :-

Infrastructure - GPU, Cloud, 5G-6G

Decentralisation - Blockchain

Experience - Games, ESports,shopping etc.

#blockchain #5G #cloud #esports #neural Image
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Can $FB ride the next trend of Human Machine Interface (HMI) with Virtual & Augmented Reality?

Significant value creation comes from the company that dominates HMI. It’s why $AAPL has become of the best businesses in the world.

Human Machine Interface is the hardware or software through which an operator interacts with a controller.

A HMI can range from a physical control panel with buttons and indicator lights to an industrial PC with a color graphics display running dedicated HMI software.

Since the digital revolution, we have seen many shifts in HMI trends.

The late 20th century consisted of desktop computers that gradually became smaller & faster. It changed the workplace dramatically.
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They are going into the brains Motor Cortex and eavesdropping on the neural pathways and retrieving readouts of thoughts from the target. Remotely.
#remoteneuralmonitoring #nanodust #nanotechnology #gangstalking #madscientists #5gtechnology
Eavesdropping on Brain Activity Turns Imagined Handwriting to Text. They are well past this technology if they are showing this. #remoteneuralmonitoring #Neuralink #neuroscience #5gwireless #nanotech #biofrequency #DNAbarcoding

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1️⃣Gökten gelen bir robot el,Ve bu robot el geçmiş çağların birine taş tabletler bırakıyor.Yani Hz.Musa (as)’ya verilen 10 emir. Arkasından bu robot el bazı kutsal kitaplar bırakıyor.Belki İncil ve belki Kur’an.Zaman ötesi bir yerde.Bu zaman-mekân üstü yere“#OMEGA NOKTASI”diyorlar
2️⃣İnsanlar zihinsel ve teknolojik evrimlerini tamamlayarak Tanrı’yı; yani “Omega Noktası”nda bulunanı gerçekleştirsinler diye bu kutsal mesajları yolluyor? Robot el ile sembolize edilen ve #Omega Noktası’nda bulunan yapay Tanrı.
3️⃣Bize gülünç gelse de, teknoloji bağımlısı ve teknolojiyi kutsalları olarak algılayan gelecek nesiller için bu düşünce “heva”larına çok hoş gelebilecek ve “kendi içinde tutarlı” bir senaryodur.
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Some (few) people are wondering: why is Elon Musk @elonmusk going to send a million people to Mars in the next 40 years, and why is preparing for this with such energy, which (if to leave aside the charm of achievements of this very extraordinary person) is more like a rush?
1> Image
@elonmusk We visited the Moon half a century ago and since then have done quite well without far space flights. Is it possible that such a waste of funds and efforts is simply explained by the fact that one enthusiast was carried away by the idea of giving humanity a multi-planetary?
2> Image
A fleet of 1000 #Starship, 3 launches per day, difficulties and suffering in flight and in life in the colony, losses ... Expenses with which even the Sahara or Antarctica can turn into a paradise for the same people. And all this for what? Just out of principle, let it be?
3> Image
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23 die in Norway after receiving Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine: officials…

The Epoch Times: Hundreds Sent to Emergency Room After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines.…
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Es wurde wieder Zeit ein Video zu analysieren.
Wir hatten die Wahl zwischen Schiffmann, Eckert oder Heiko #Schrang.

Und heute war uns nach maximalem Schwurbel.

Sein neustes Meisterwerk trägt den Titel "Corona: Was noch keiner gewagt hat zu sagen.."

Mal sehen worum es ging.
"Behaupte ganz frech und selbstbewusst, dass das heute die wichtigste Sendung ist, die ich im Bereich #SchrangTV gedreht habe, weil die Infos so brisant sind."

Na da sind wir mal gespannt.
Wer hat JFK getötet?
Warum heißen alle Aliens Ralf?
Besteht der Mond aus Käse?
Schrang holt den Leserbrief, der schon in ziemlich jeder Telegram Gruppe geposted wurde, aus dem Ärzteblatt hervor.
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Wir haben uns das neuste Video von Heiko #Schrang (#SchrangTV) angeschaut, damit ihr es nicht tun müsst.

Schrang verkündete vor kurzem das er eine "Auszeit" nehmen würde.

Anscheinend haben seine Anhänger Panik bekommen und die muss er natürlich erst mal wieder beruhigen.
"[...] das ich in ein Aufbaucamp, mein meditatives Aufbaucamp gehe. Mich spirituell auflade [...]"

Oh oh. Er lädt sich spirituell auf.

Frage ist ob eher Dragonball Z oder Duracell Hase?
Thema Elon Musk und #Neuralink

"Das wir einen schönen Chip eingesetzt bekommen [...] das andere ne Cloud bei uns im Kopf drin haben. Das wir das denken was das System denkt."

Wieviel Speicherplatz man wohl im Schrangs Kopf bekommt? Schätzungen sind gerne willkommen.
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31/08 > Démonstration de #Neuralink : “c’est comme une Fitbit dans votre crâne”, d’après @elonmusk via @futurasciences #LaMethSci Image
[#Vidéo] 29/08 > La démonstration en direct de #Neuralink par @elonmusk via @YouTube #LaMethSci
[#Podcast] 12/2018 > Implants cérébraux : demain, tous pucés ? un #LaMethSci a réécouter sur @franceculture Image
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Brain-to-machine interface is the latest idea from the Tesla CEO- Elon Musk.
A startup company called Neuralink.

A colossal look at the film (Concussion) wrapped around the life of Mike Webster (the NFL legend) would give a clear understanding of what Neuralink is building.
I took my time to read up on the actual story of Webster. What Dr. Bennet Omalu (a Nigerian pathologist) discovered has a linkage with what Musk is about to do for brain injury patients who can now communicate with machine with the help of this implant.
I have a very detailed report here. Kindly check the below link. And don’t hesitate to share your feedback about this new development by Elon Musk.
#Neuralink #Hive #blog #ArtificialIntelligence #technology…
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I do love how @aral doesn't mess about and gets straight to the relevant point ... our system is skewed towards existing capital not effort nor ability nor potential ->
This is also the problem with the idea of philanthropy of the wealthy ... the wealth that funds it is based upon inequality and distortions within the system and the only way to maintain such "philanthropy" is to maintain that inequality and distortion.
Again, as with the pandemic, as with so many aspects of life ... we need (as a collective, as a nation, as a world) to have that conversation on the balance betweem "Me" and "We".
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Having long ago dabbled in the area of experimental psychology (and specifically concepts of brain interfaces) then I'm impressed by 1024 channels of #Neuralink, the use of industrialised components, the durability, the size, the signal analysis ... but ...
... even at mass produced scales, at a cost of a few thousand $ then this opens up a whole new world of inequality. Some tough questions for society going forward.
X : You seem negative?
Me : The opposite. I just want us to think beyond the benefits to how rewards are distributed. Imagine a world with no books or universities where one could download the knowledge of a lawyer if you could afford it ... what happens if you can't?
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Here we go. Is THAT Neuralink?
So the Neuralink is definitely an implantable device and may be used to address these problems
Musk: "There's wires and a box in your head so there is some infection risk"
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$100 Milliards de capitalisation ! La société pèse aujourd'hui autant que les plus grands groupes du secteur automobile.

Opportunité ou bulle ?

#Thread⬇️ Image
1. Brève synthèse du CV de #Musk

#Paypal : Co-fondateur
#Tesla : Développe de A à Z une marque auto
#SpaceX : Récupère des lanceurs. La NASA avait échoué
#Hyperloop : Un TGV sous vide à 1 200Km/h
#Neuralink : Obj : Connecter le cerveau à un ordinateur
2. #Musk est factuellement un génie des temps modernes entrepreneur dans de multi-domaines.

Or, #Tesla est un des titres les plus vendus à découvert.

Explications ⬇️
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PING @UQ_EAIT. This semester I've had the opportunity to tutor '#Biomaterials in Medicine' (CHEE4305) & today was the most fun I've ever had in a class at UQ!

The topic was @elonmusk's revolutionary tech startup #Neuralink, aiming to develop implantable brain devices.
So what makes Neuralink so revolutionary?

Historic Biomaterial revolutions - pacemakers, hip implants, bionic limbs - have changed what humans are capable of doing. However, Neuralink has the potential to change who we are as a species!…
How can a Biomaterial change the identity of the human species?? What exactly is Neuralink?

This video from @ColdFusion_TV is the most accurate & succinct summary of Neuralink that I've come across:
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Hey Elon,

You say your (as in Tim Hanson & Michel M. Maharbiz's) electrode causes less damage.

Then, why don't you show us evidence for your assertion?

Just a simple study of tissue damage. Nissel, TUNEL, FJ, you know, the basics.

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Neuralink
Be sure to include something you can use to quantify morphology of the surrounding cells.

Just do a simple time-course study, maybe a dozen time-points from 30 min to 2 yrs?

Compare to normal tissue & other implants.

Quantify them & publish.


$TSLA $TSLAQ #Neuralink
You've already done some of that, right?

Otherwise, you wouldn't think of sticking your electrodes into people's brains, would you?

Can you be sure they don't cause epilepsy & such w/o long-term testing?

$TSLA $TSLAQ #Neuralink
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1/6 Here's my quick take on last night's #neuralink announcement...
2/6 There are obviously massive challenges with the whole thing: many of the neuro people I talk to are (of course) extremely skeptical, and lots of the stuff they showed isn't necessarily novel... though laypeople's minds are blown 🧠🤯
3/6 BUT I do feel like the whole field needed a shot in the arm, and that's what someone like @elonmusk can bring: big vision, big money, big recruiting power, and a new way of thinking about a giant problem.
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Elon Musk vil koble kunstig intelligens (KI) direkte til hjernen. I dag tidlig holdt han og hans team i #Neuralink en presentasjon. Spennende, men på forhånd var jeg svært skeptisk. (Se fra 1 t 30 min.)…
Siden 2001 har jeg jobbet med elektriske felter som oppstår rundt hjerneceller (nevroner) når de er aktive. Disse feltene skal være input og output i Neuralink. Senere har jeg jobbet med KI. Jeg er mao i målgruppen for presentasjonen.
Målet til Musk er "To solve brain disorders/damages , cure diseases, ultimately secure humanities future as a civilisation relative to AI."
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#Neuralink is amazing, incredibly concerning.

Some thoughts

I specialize in human-machine interaction, so I am interested in any developments that might influence how we communicate with machines (especially autonomous vehicles), computers, other humans via machines etc.

Naturally, @Neuralink is of interest & I’ve tweeted about it a lot
The livestream today/tonight was exciting, and many are saying that #Neuralink gave even more answers than they were expecting.

I agree. And I think we would agree that it raised even more questions than we were expecting😅
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.@neuralink big reveal thread
3/ #neuralink
threads inserted into brain are very tiny, and robot's needle very tiny too
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