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Hier der etwas längere Teil 3 der #Maidan Vatniks Verschwörungen. Was ist mit der Rolle der #Rechtsextremen? Ist es zutreffend zu sagen, dass die Proteste von "#Nazis" dominiert, angetrieben oder lediglich angestiftet wurden?
#RussiaIsATerroristState #StopRussia #Orcs #Euromaidan
1/1 Die meisten Experten sehen das nicht so. Einige wenige, vor allem Volodymyr Ishchenko und Serhiy Kudelia, argumentieren jedoch, dass die Rolle der extremen Rechten auf dem Euromaidan bedeutender war, als oft angenommen wird. Wir müssen diese Argumente ernst nehmen.
2/1 Wir können uns jedoch von der Annahme verabschieden, dass die Rechtsextremen die Mehrheit der Demonstranten stellten. Daran glaubt kein Experte. Laut Wjatscheslaw Lichatschow, einem Spezialisten für die 🇺🇦Rechte, machten diese Personen lediglich 1 % aller Demonstranten aus.
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Nun zur 2. der 3 Behauptungen - dass der #Euromaidan von der #US-Regierung inszeniert wurde. Wenn #Vatniks dieses Argument vorbringen, gibt es ein paar "Beweise", die die Befürworter dieses Bullshits gerne aus dem Arsch ziehen.
#Ukraine #FreeUkraine #The_Revolution_of_Dignity🔥 Image
1/1 Erstens verweisen sie darauf, dass prominente US-Politiker wie John McCain und Victoria Nuland nach Kiew gekommen sind, um ihre Solidarität mit den Demonstranten zu bekunden, und in Nulands Fall so weit gingen, dass sie... zusätzliche Backwaren verteilten.
2/1 Abgesehen von der Verteilung von Millionen von mit Meth versetzten Keksen gibt es absolut nichts, was McCain oder Nuland hätten tun können, um 8,5 Millionen Ukrainer dazu zu bringen, auf die Straße zu gehen und einen Präsidenten zu stürzen.
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It is #DignityAndFreedomDay in #Ukraine. Ukrainians celebrate the beginning of the #EuroMaidan mass mobilization (Nov 21, know in its aftermath by some as #RevolutionOfDignity). Here are a selection of my & other folks Research
1️⃣ who protested & why?… 1/24
This @monkeycageblog piece is about the different cycles of contention (with @GwendolynSasse) during the #euromaidan… 2/24
Next up a short reflective article one year after:… (a summary based on of survey work over 100 on-site interviews, 50 in-depth interviews, more than 8 focus groups and thousands of digital documents). 3/24
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Welcome along to the daily thread covering #Russia's invasion and war on #Ukraine.

The new week starts with Day 271 of the illegal conflict.

For a recap on yesterday's news (though it was quieter) click here:

The daily update from Britain's Ministry of Defence concentrates on what's happening in east #Ukraine, particularly #Svatove.

I must point out we think more of #Russia''s troops are arriving from #Kherson to bolster an aggressive push rather than just defensive.
#Russia:s estimated daily losses remain steady.
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Welcome to Sunday's thread with all the news of #Russia's illegal war - updated live, throughout the day.

All of #Ukraine has been under air raid warnings for an hour with 🇷🇺planes in the sky

Here's the link for yesterday's thread if you missed anything:
It's Day 263 of this war.
In 8 days it's the anniversary of the start of #Euromaidan protests in #Ukraine and subsequent Revolution of Dignity when the corrupt pro-#Russia president fled.

It's also 18 years since Moscow poisoned pro-West future President Viktor #Yushchenko.
The UK daily update focuses on the news about kids getting military training in #Russia's schools.

Will it increase patriotism?

#RussiaIsATerroristState #StopRussia
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Chissà che fine hanno fatto, i ragazzi di #Euromaidan.

Chissà se sono vivi, se hanno lasciato l’#Ucraina per raggiungere l’Europa che sentivano scorrere nelle loro vene. Sentivano, ma non toccavano.

Chissà se sono al fronte, con barbe lunghe e cicatrici sul corpo. Chissà
se la notte, prima di dormire, baciano le foto di donne e bambini.
Chissà se sognano un futuro di Indipendenza, come il nome della Piazza delle loro proteste. Chissà come guardano al passato, alla sfida ad un governo così filo-russo che quel "filo", pensandoci bene, poteva
pure non essere scritto. Chissà se, dopotutto, il filo, si erano illusi di averlo reciso.
Perché sì, nonostante gli arresti, i cecchini sui tetti, la repressione, il bagno di sangue (ah, non vi fa pensare all'Iran?), gli ucraini, questo popolo coraggioso,
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1. 🇺🇦🇷🇺|👉 Inicio #Hilo sobre #Ucrania y la #NuevaRusia. Y las razones que alega #Putin para anexionársela

➡️ La semana pasada se realizaron #Referéndums en las tierras ocupadas por #Rusia #Zaporiyia, #Jersón, #Donetsk y #Lugansk 🗳🇷🇺


Hilo 🇺🇦🇷🇺🇪🇸⬇️⬇️ Image
2. 🇺🇦🇷🇺|👉 Actualmente #Rusia ocupa aproximadamente el 12% de #Ucrania. Las últimas regiones en anexarse han sido las provincias de
#Zaporiyia y #Jersón, junto con las #Repúblicas de #Donetsk y #Lugansk.


Hilo 🇺🇦🇷🇺🇪🇸⬆️⬇️ Image
3. 🇺🇦🇷🇺|👉 La #Ocupación de #Ucrania por parte de #Rusia se basa según #Moscú en la defensa de los #Rusos que viven en tierras ucranianas

➡️ Solo en #Donetsk y #Lugansk los rusos parlantes son mayoría entre las nuevas tierras ocupadas


Hilo 🇺🇦🇷🇺🇪🇸⬆️⬇️ Image
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1. 🇷🇺|👉 Inicio #Hilo sobre la #Rusia gobernada por #Putin. Intentaré #Acercar de forma #Amena y #Didáctica la esencia de la #PolíticaRusa 👥🇷🇺.

#RusiaSegúnPutin #GeopolíticaDeEuropa #Europa #Gas #Ucrania #StandWithUkraine️ #UniónEuropea #EstadosUnidos #China

Hilo 🇷🇺🇪🇸⬇️⬇️ Image
2. 🇷🇺|👉 La #ConstituciónRusa es del año 1993 📕🇷🇺. Su característica principal es un #EjecutivoDual con un #Presidente fuerte y un #PrimerMinistro subordinado.

#RusiaSegúnPutin #GeopolíticaDeEuropa #Europa #FederaciónRusa #Putin

Hilo 🇷🇺🇪🇸⬆️⬇️ Image
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“Gujarat #SIT confirms Teesta Setalvad was “honoured” with Padma award for maligning PM #Modi’s image.”— CNN News 18

Are we shocked?

This is exactly what #HilaryClinton had done against Modi ji when he was the CM of Gujarat. Ws there a connection between Teesta & Clinton?
2/4 So what did Ms Clinton do? The plan was to malign Modi! While in power she had sent several expert teams in the guise of #NGOs to Gujarat to try and find mass graves, to “get Modi”. Rest of the story in my article frm Dec 2021. 👇…
3/4 By now we all know about Ms Nuland (part of Biden admin) visit to any country is followed by a wave of civil unrest in the country. Ukraine #EuroMaidan is an example. Had covered it here. 👇
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Ukraine is an EU candidate! How did we get here?

Since @EuromaidanPress was born on Euromaidan, a thread 🧵 about Ukraine's most recent history 👇
Ukraine was always part of Europe. Geographically, historically, linguistically.

After the USSR broke up, 🇺🇦 started looking west, though pro-🇷🇺 forces also rode to power on Soviet nostalgia. But even pro-🇷🇺 Prez Yanukovych was on track to sign 🇺🇦🇪🇺 Association Agreement...👇
Enter Putin.

“[His] great anxiety was that Ukraine could become economically & politically successful so Russians would eventually ask themselves ‘Why are our brothers doing so well, while our situation remains dire?’” as advisor to Merkel said.

His fears grew w/Arab Spring👇
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Thread - Part 3 – “How Ukraine provoked the war”

#Russia #NATO #Mariupol #Azov #Donbass #Bucha #Putin #USA #SPD #Germany @TimothyDSnyder @anneapplebaum #dielinke #Panzer #Waffen #Scholz @MelnykAndrij #Klitschko #WEF Image
33/ Assumption is that the «mental dynamics» of Putin’s appeasers to large extent follow the MATRIX in Fig. 12 attached. For more background you should familiarize with the parts 1-2.

#Maischberger #Lanz #Annewill #Ukraine #Russia #NAto #Donbas #Zelensky #EU #imperial #colonial Image
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Informative summary of #Azov history and role in #UkraineRussiaWar. Based on other information the "#Azov-spirit" is really a reflection of a broader nationalist base that includes most of @ZelenskyUa's closest advisors - so needs no "Nazi party" - it's a pervasive #deepstate.
@ZelenskyUa ... and here's a very enlightening article covering an even larger period (from WWII till #UkraineRussiaWar ), showing how #fasism of a specifically #Ukraine kind could establish itself as a #deepstate within #democracy but outside it's processes.
#Ukraine #deepstate settling old scores from 2014 #Euromaidan-coup. Remember: Yanukovich was democratically-elected president - the LAST to represent both ethnicities, which implied good relations to #Russia - and that was his crime, in the view of ONE:
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At the #presidentielles2022 debate last night Marine Le Pen showed a print-out of an old tweet.

My team at @article7news have been looking into Rassamblement National officials' tweets over the last few years...

There's a lot in there she wouldn't want us to see 🧵
2/ Let's start with ones on Ukraine. Here's Jean-Michael Cadenas, calling #Euromaidan a coup - on 24 February, as Russian paratroopers were trying to seize Hostomel airport
3/ And here is Thierry Mariani, an MEP from the RN, with the same Kremlin line
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A @cnnportugal acredita q "descobriu-se agora um terreno onde estão centenas de carros destruídos" em #Bucha, #Ucrânia...
E se descobrissem quem são os incompetentes q não verificam o q é emitido? É terreno onde depositam veículos recolhidos das ruas:… Image
Nem esse vídeo da @AP, nem vídeos/fotos de outras agências mostram (até agora) 'centenas de carros':……………
(q este #factcheck ñ sirva para minimizar aquela barbárie)
Ñ tinha visto, mas vi comentado no FB: como é q @RTPNoticias passa 1m15s a ilustrar cerco a #Mariupol e guerra na #Ucrânia com imagens do exército alemão num exercício da @NATO em 2017, em Pabrade, #Lituânia? Bastava #verificar (deixo apenas 1 exemplo): ImageImageImageImage
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"#Ukraine's army was undermined by the corruption of its the March/April 2014 recall of reservists, 70 percent did not show up for the first session, 80 percent for the second, 90 percent for the third, and 95 percent for the fourth."…
"In Oct/Nov 2017, 70% of conscripts did not show up for the recall campaign. This is not counting suicides & desertions (often over to the autonomists)...Young Ukrainians refused to fight in the Donbass & preferred emigration, which explains...partially the demographic deficit"
"The Ukrainian Ministry of Def turned to #NATO to help make its armed forces more 'attractive.' I was asked by NATO to participate in a program to restore the image of the Ukrainian armed forces. But this is a long-term process and the Ukrainians wanted to move quickly." #Ukraine
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1/2 #US under sec,Victoria Nuland met “Indian THOUGHT leaders” incld Karuna Nundy.

Ms Nuland: Part of LEAKED tapes(2014) #Euromaidan protests, #Ukraine

Nundy: Supported SHAHEEN bagh protests & Disha Ravi, was against Triple Talaq decision

Nuland & Nundy hv PROTESTS in common!
2/3 This is the embarrassing LEAKED TAPES in which Ms Nuland is heard talking to US ambassador to Ukraine about who all should be part of the next Ukrainian govt….after usurping the democratically elected govt.
3/3 Ms Karuna Nundy found standing on the “left” side of every argument had said getting rid of Triple talaq is against the Freedom of speech. Watch her say that at time stamp 2:01 & 2:30>>>
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"Dite ai vostri politici di chiudere il cielo sopra l'#Ucraina agli aerei e ai razzi russi", ha enfatizzato il presidente #Zelensky dallo schermo in Piazza Santa Croce.⬇️
Una parte della piazza, durante la manifestazione, lo ha applaudito, forse senza rendersi conto che il divieto di sorvolo per gli aerei russi da parte della #NATO porterebbe subito a uno scontro militare e alla Terza Guerra Mondiale, con il conseguente olocausto nucleare.⬇️
Ecco gli effetti incoraggiati dalla propaganda mediatica che continua a fomentare le posizioni più irresponsabili.
Il centrosinistra guidato dal PD "con l'elmetto in testa" e CGIL, CISL e UIL hanno manifestato in sostegno a un governo, quello di Kiev, molto poco democratico.⬇️
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Mar 12, 2022: 1.1 million following 55 accounts curated by Twitter.

Batch 1 of 3 (12 screenshots in total).

Starting w/ 1st chosen (Lokot: affiliated w/ School of Communication, Ireland & Global Voices) & MacDonald ("New Voice of #Ukraine" which joined Twitter Jan 22, 2022). ImageImageImageImage
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Das erste Video mit Warnschüssen gegenüber unbewaffneten Demonstranten. Das Problem - wir hatten das bei einer Übung auch mal - hierbei:
Querschnittlich haben #Soldaten wenig nicht-letale Eskalationsmöglichkeiten, um "Störer" zu vertreiben. Hohes Gefahrpotential für zivile Opfer.
Trotzdem - oder gerade deswegen - sehe ich aber für #Russland immer noch kein Endgame. Ich bin skeptisch gegenüber dem Narrativ eines ukr. Partisanenkampfs, aber allein das Potential eines #Euromaidan 2.0 ggü einer russ. Besatzung. Wie sollen die damit umgehen?
Es bräuchte eine Besatzung in Größenordnung Afg/Irak (and look how that turned out) um ein #PuppetRegime zu stützen - für die #NATO ein absoluter Gewinn, die russischen Streitkräfte wären effektiv auf Jahre hinaus overstretched.
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O passo de reconhecer as repúblicas populares de #Donetsk e #Lugansk nom é menor. Mas em absoluto significa que a #Rússia queira a desapariçom física da Ucránia, como algum comentador está já assegurar com superabundáncia de dramatismo. Vai mais um fio sobre a falsa guerra 🇺🇦-🇷🇺.
Em 2014, na sequência do estado de terror que seguiu ao golpe paramilitar da extrema-direita (#EuroMaidan) na Ucránia, várias regions (oblasti) do país proclamárom a sua independência. Tratava-se, fundamentalmente, de ficar fora do novo poder de Kiev e de se auto-proteger.
Convém lembrar que na maioria dessas regions, no leste do país, vive umha maioria russa (ou minorias muito significativas) que se converteu no principal alvo de ataques do novo poder.
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❗️Blitzkrieg or Minor Incursion: The debate has shifted from IF to HOW #Russia will invade #Ukraine: “one massive nationwide attack; a series of bites that dismantle the country, piece by piece; or a cobra-like squeeze,” ⁦…
🚨‼️Pentagon & US intel officials describe the “worst-case scenario” they now believe is likely in #Kyiv, #Ukraine:
1/ Terror: 1-2 weeks of constant rocket attacks
2/ Street fighting
3/ Hunt: for anyone who supported the democratically elected govt of Zelensky (ie, kill lists)
❗️The “hunt” (presumably the kill lists reported by @ak_mack) is to prevent mass protests in #Kyiv, a la #Euromaidan 8 yrs ago. “Putin remembers… he is determined not to let street protesters interfere with his strategy to control the country, and the region, for a second time.”
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Angesichts des 🇺🇦/🇷🇺-Konflikts läuft in der deutschen Debatte vieles schief. Einige der gängigsten ⁉️ Argumente der selbsternannten #Putin- & Russland-Versteher aus Politik & Medien sollen im Folgenden analysiert & entkräftet werden. Ein #SiPo-Thread 🧵
⁉️“Im Gespräch bleiben”
Strohmann-Argument: Keine westliche Regierung hat erklärt, nicht mit 🇷🇺 sprechen zu wollen. Im Gegenteil: Der #NATO-🇷🇺 Rat hat sich - nach zeitweiser Aussetzung infolge der völkerrechtswidrigen Krim-Annexion (2014) - seit 2016 elf Mal getroffen. 2/25
Hinzu kommen u.a. #NormandieFormat, #MinskerAbkommen & zahlreiche bilaterale Treffen mit 🇷🇺.

Um #Putin nach der einseitigen Eskalation (Truppenaufmarsch von 100.000 🇷🇺 Soldaten an 🇺🇦 Grenze) zurück an den Verhandlungstisch zu bringen, braucht es aber eine Kombination aus 3/25
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Onze Research, waarschijnlijkheid van 75%:

Begin 2022:
Provocatieve #Aanval van het inmiddels door
de #NAVO versterkte leger van #Oekraïne
op de Oostelijke provincies die niet wilden meedoen
met het #Staatsgreep bewind van #Maidan, feb. 2014: via @NOS
#Euromaidan, Feb. 2014 Ukraine.
Democratic Revolution or Coup D'état ?

The Ukrainian nationalist-fascist salute
"Glory to Ukraine" became a slogan of the
Euro-maidan protesters in their fight against the Yanukovych government:

PDF👉…👈by Researchgate
Het plan, uit de NAVO-DiepStaat, is hoogstwaarschijnlijk (65%) als volgt:
Olkraïne begint een bombardement met een groot aantal Kanonnen en Raketten op de Donbas provincies die het regime in Kiev niet erkennen.
Donbas vraagt steun aan Rusland.
Rusland reageert en geeft aan
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Vor 8 Jahren: Beginn der "Revolution der Würde" in Kyiv. Aus einer kleinen Kundgebung für das Assoziationsabkommen mit der EU wurde ein millionenfacher Protest gegen das autoritäre + korrupte Yanukovych-Regime. Das Leitmotiv - für Demokratie, für Europa! - gilt immer noch. /1
Es ist auch eine Verpflichtung für die EU, die #Ukraine auf ihrem schwierigen Weg zu einer europäischen Demokratie zu unterstützen - auch gegen den anhaltenden unerklärten Krieg, den #Putin gegen sie führt. /2
Der Kreml hat sich mit der ukrainischen Unabhängigkeit nicht abgefunden. Eine demokratische, moderne, wirtschaftlich erfolgreiche #Ukraine ist eine Gefahr für das System Putin. Für die EU wäre sie ein Glücksfall. /3
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