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1. My First Thread - It is time for review…

A message from Father God for Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump and #PizzaGate

Listen carefully My Children, because I want to discuss Heavy and Serious topics with you today.
2. The Trump/Pence (Trumpets) Presidential election victory is My judgment on the whole world. Billions of people worldwide have found themselves checking their feelings and mindsets with regard to what a Trump presidency in America means to them.
3. Whenever a person embarks on self reflection there comes a golden opportunity for Me to make Myself known to him/her.
4. Regardless of whether a person is pro Trump or not, he has been obliged to make an assessment of his viewpoints and change himself from who he was before this momentous development.
5. In these regards, I, Myself, in answer to many worldwide prayers resulting in the Trump win, have orchestrated judgment on all governments and the peoples. The prayers of many who did not want to see Hillary Clinton and her criminal cabal take over the united states, ...
6. increased my mercy and made this judgment softer than it would have been, based on the darkness that enveloped the world, and its grave sins that had reached Me in Heaven.
7. My prophets were right in warning of the deserved great judgments, including natural cataclysms, to awaken the people of Earth to their Creator and only living God, whom I am. Now, instead My need for judgment to reach the people has been ameliorated.
8. Instead I have witnessed much more people turn to Me and thank me for answering their prayers, and thus giving Me even more license to bless them with My Goodness, which leads to Repentance and a desire for Right Living.
9. I cannot emphasize enough to you all, how much this new development pleases Me. To have more of My Children take notice of Me, than before, has caused a Paradigm Shift in the entire world.

Now I want to discuss President-Elect Donald J. Trump.
10. Some in Christian circles have said that Trump is a King Cyrus figure. Cyrus was a man whose name I prophesied long before he was born, to be my anointed servant. (Isaiah 45:1)
11. Cyrus was a Persian King who ended the Babylonian captivity and made the decree for the Jews to be released to go back and rebuild Jerusalem.

So, indeed, see Trump as a type of this King Cyrus.
12. I have anointed Trump to set the captive peoples of the whole world free from the grips of the New World Order and Satan's plans. If you are one of the people who are experiencing a new hope because of what Trump might bring, do not be ashamed.
13. I have made Trump:

A Father figure.
A King figure.
A Saviour figure.

I do these things and I only admonish all of you, do not make Trump, a God figure.
14. Do not make him into an Idol to take My place in your heart. Remember, Trump is still, only a mere man. It is not wrong to love Trump and allow yourselves to have hope for a brighter future.
15. Pray for Trump and his team and I will cover him and grant him great wisdom in governing.

There has been a great swell of organic populism and nationalism which causes man to turn his heart back to God, family, and country.
16. Everywhere people will demand new governments that truly respect righteousness and the rights of the people.

Do not deny or diminish these truths. These changes in consciousness are very real and are happening with a rapid progression.
17. I ask the Christian peoples to consider all these things and ask of Me, that I might show them the truths of these matters.
18. Now I want to discuss #PizzaGate.

If you do even a preliminary amount of research then you will find that this issue surrounds cults of Satanic ritual and sexual abuse of children worldwide, within high offices of government and even heads of state.
19. These pedophile rings are real and the destruction of them is one of My highest priorities at this time.

I want to explain to you what is happening. When a person discovers these crimes, a swell of Righteous Indignation rises within him.
20. He becomes Angry and demands Justice. This "feeling" is actually Me within the person, expressing My and his outrage. In this manner, the person is actually making contact with Me by allowing Me to express My anger and My demand for Revenge.
21. I do not want you to go out and take justice into your own hands and do harm to any of these people. Instead, ask of Me what you can do to help end this atrocity. For most of you, this will mean spreading awareness through social circles and on social media.
22. Do not let your voices die out until My justice is served on the perpetrators. I am in full control and will see it through to a just conclusion.

“Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”
23. Again, you will see that this phenomena is also raising the consciousness of people worldwide and turning them to righteousness.
24. Between the Trump and #PizzaGate supernatural developments, the light is increasing and pushing back on the darkness represented by those who planned to control the world for Satan.
25. All of this is GOOD NEWS for mankind. As I work through you, you will be empowered to break through the strongholds that protect these pedophile rings and see law enforcement, of whom some are also involved, ...
26. overcome obstacles and begin prosecuting everyone involved, including the practitioners and the child kidnappers and smugglers.

Some have warned that prosecution may bring down governments and so it may, ...
27. but that would be a good thing and the people will then reconstitute their governance along more righteous lines. We must, together, weed out the Satanists and stop the brutal oppression and murder of My precious little ones. #littlelivesmatter
28. This entire process will not take long as some have speculated. I, Myself am pushing the crusade to stop pedophilia and its Satanic practices. I will open doors for all who are with Me in this endeavor. Your weapons in this battle, are EXPOSURE and PRAYER.
29. Remember that although you are rightly Angry, do not let your anger turn into Hate or Fear. Do not allow hate to fill your hearts. And also, do not click on any links to actual child pornography or post such, but instead report them.
30. My will in this matter will lead to open protests and marches against #PizzaGate. Yes, I DO want you to take to the streets over this crucial issue. In this manner, great unity of purpose will envelop the peoples and more will turn their hearts to me, thus pleasing Me.
31. Finally, I will add, that in America, please embrace those whom you call "Liberal". Love them. Be patient with those with this mindset, much of which has been taught by schools and the MainStream media (MSM).
32. I Myself do not judge them as wrong, but somewhat mistaken and deceived. They still have their balancing viewpoints about all matters, but if you love them then they will come around to more efficient and godly approaches to governance and issues.
33. It is up to both sides to STOP the DIVISION which has been orchestrated by the NWO and people like the evil George Soros. See beyond your differences and focus on your diversity of opinion, leading to unity. Allow Trump to unite the country.
34. Altogether see that the movements arising worldwide caused by the Trump win and the efforts to stop pedophile rings, as what will unite the world in more light and righteous behaviors. I remind you that you ARE still in the last days.
35. This age is still slated to end. The Antichrist will still arise, but because of the free will of mankind, his power will be weak, limited, and shortened. What I want you to see, alongside Me, is a vision of a glorious finish, ...
36. instead of one, of Gloom and Doom, which has been foretold by most prophets over the years.

The end of the age does not have to look like the domination of MOST peoples by evil forces.
37. Instead, there may be a futile attempt by TPTB to implement their NWO under Satan's Antichrist, which appears to succeed for a short time, but will end with the Glorious and bright coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
38. Choose to be on the side of Christ when this all unfolds. Show Me how you can be filled with My Glory and go about doing great miracles like Jesus did. My people, will then be delivered from their sins, healed of their sicknesses and see their dead raised.
39. Yes, Judgment is still on the table, for the times are ripe to finish all My prophecies. And yes there will be natural disasters to help wake up even more people, ...
40. but all these hardships can be offset by your great love for your fellowman by going out and providing assistance and building great cities of refuge.

Very lastly, I have given you clues to what is happening with mankind on a deep spiritually consciousness level.
41. The warnings of the end still stand true, but how it happens is up to you and Me. My word will fullfill itself automatically. See yourselves collectively creating a more righteous world governance in preparation for the establishment of Christ's 1000 year Kingdom reign.
42. Jesus asked, will I find FAITH on the Earth when I return?

The answer now looks like, emphatically, YES!

I love you all, both saved and unsaved, and you should know that by now, most truly. I am helping all of you and will see you through intimately, to the very end.
43. Love,

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