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Coroner: Could I ask you please to turn to p8 of your bundles, this is another little document you may find useful referring to as we go along, it sets out the various parties involved, the key witnesses, who they are and what they do
Coroner: p11 then pls, let's work our way through the chronology.

Again, this is an agreed chronology, so again it is, it may be useful to you as you hear evidence about events on a particular date, you can refer back to remind yourself what happened immediately before or after
Coroner: Sasha had review w Dr Shuttleworth and decision made prescribe propranalol

30 Sept she took her first propranalol and paracetamol overdose
2 Oct she took second propranalol and paracetamol overdose and presented at Frimley Park

< other instances - missed >
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I want to talk about what it's like to be the sibling of someone "unwanted" in society & the parent of a kid with #ASD. This is a thread about neuro disorders; how cruel society is; why parents of kids with #autism fight like they do and how this fighting impacts family dynamics.
My sister, Jen, is Developmentally and Mentally Delayed (DMD). She's 46. She is my parents' retirement. And my parents are tired. At 71 and 72, they spend each day ensuring Jen's mental, medical & physical needs are met. It's exhausting.
I am my mom's rock.
I listen to her cry.
I'm crying as I type this out because I feel so many people don't fully, nor want to understand why parents of #autistic kids are so angry at the government. My whole life has been spent watching my parents fight. Fight for inclusion. Fight for funding. Fight for support.
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My autistic brain can only track 2-3 complex tasks at once.

Because of all the emergencies the past two weeks, I am tracking five major categories with several sub-categories of tasks in each.

This causes me to freeze up, locked in cycles about what to start on.
The aspect of the brain that figures out how to do tasks is called "executive function," and mine is impaired both by autism and PTSD.

If I had 3 tasks to focus on, I'd be in the flow today. But 5 is too many and I'm stuck.

Which is partly why I'm on Twitter so much.
There are actually only two choices of task I can work on in the next hour. (Another task is waiting for someone else, at 4:30, which is very distracting!) But the overwhelm of the other tasks is still bleeding in, and I therefore am still stuck on which of the two tasks to start
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Every person exhibits behavior. Everything we do is behavior. Everything we don’t do is behavior. Behavior is a form of communication. For nonverbal individuals diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, behavior may be their only form of communication.
I know this because I communicate with my six-year-old son based on his behavior, every day.
We take a clinical approach to his mental health all day, on a daily basis. We are constantly observing his behavior in hopes to figure out what he is trying to communicate to us.
He attends Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for 2 to 3 hours a day, after his full day of school. There, he is learning to learn, learning to be motivated, learning to follow instruction, learning to toilet himself. This is a list of behaviors that are innate to most people.
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